Wednesday, 2014-03-26

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #14 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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Marexhi guys02:55
Marexcan someone explain me the commit message to this ?02:55
MarexI don't quite understand the reason from the high-quality commit message ;-)02:55
* Marex gives JaMa an evil eye ;-)02:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #15 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning07:44
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blitz00volker-, ping07:57
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blitz00nvm, wrong tab and tab-tab08:04
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diego_rHi guys. I see receipes in for python-autobahn and python-twisted are pretty outdated. Can I try updating to latest releases and submit patches, or is upgrading python receipes part of some bigger "monolitical" upgrade policy?08:49
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florinhi everybody09:10
florinI am experiencing some build error at do_rootfs09:10
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Guest32885 UnboundLocalError: local variable 'new_arch' referenced before assignment09:10
Guest32885I see it also here
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Guest32885any body else getting this?09:10
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vicky_Hi yocto. I am facing a problem when packing the final rootfs. Any ideas?09:36
alexVaduvavicky_: maybe your recipe exposes more then one package and you need to offer to rootfs all of them. Have a look at:
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #17 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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zeckesorry. I am confused. So with dora one should not change PR? But neither changing CONFFILES_${PN} nor EXTRA_OECONF appears to re-build my application?10:49
vicky_I am facing a problem with libiconv while bitbaking. the log at
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Net147khem: is there a reason we opted for systemd v211+ rather than systemd v210-stable?11:02
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erbozecke: there's some way to tell bitbake that your recipe needs to be rebuilt if a certain variable changes, I just can't recall how11:34
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ronanguirecHi all, is Richard P. or Paul E. around and  is available for discussion? Thanks.11:40
JaMazecke: do you have something like BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER = "OEBasic"11:42
JaMazecke: somewhere in your config (local, distro, ..)?11:43
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zeckeJaMa: it doesn't look like it. Should all PRs already be r0.0? Or when is the .X added to the PR? I have now added INHERIT += buildstats and I am rebuilding.12:06
zeckeJaMa: BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER="OEBasicHash", and it is with dora (i am not using master yet)12:08
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JaMazecke: OEBasicHash is correct and you should see different signature for do_configure after changing EXTRA_OECONF (so it should rebuild for you)12:12
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JaMazecke: buildstats are independent from this12:12
JaMazecke: .X is added to PR by PRSERV (maybe you already have it, unless you see r0.0 in recipe with INC_PR)12:12
zeckeJaMa: yes, I read that wiki article. I added the PRHOST variable to my build. I see that the bitbake-prserv is started. Looking at the prserv sqlite3 db I see entries for the software I built. But still the final PKGR remains set to r0. :}12:19
zeckeJaMa: I have no idea idea how I can inspect/check PKAUTO or increase debugging12:20
zeckeJaMa: NOTE: Started PRServer with DBfile: /home/ich/source/openembedded/poky/build/cache/prserv.sqlite3, IP:, PORT: 47201, PID: 10503 and 0: qtbase-5.2.1-r0 do_populate_sysroot_setscene (pid 10612)12:20
zeckeso I assume it should already be r0.0?12:21
JaMazecke: initial PRAUTO should be .0 you should see .1 only after rebuilding it with different signature12:21
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zeckeJaMa: yes but in the above case it is -r0 and not r0.0? is this already wrong?12:23
zeckeJaMa: is my entire config. It is dora building "poky" as distro. PRs don't appear to be "locked"12:25
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JaMazecke: it's not shown in build log, check created .ipk file if it has -r0.0 or just -r012:34
zeckeJaMa: okay. I cleaned my build dir and started from scratch. My laptop is not the fastest so it will take a bit...12:36
JaMaheh I thought that laptops are good only to connect to some more powerfull machines to do builds there :)12:39
JaMawell I use mine only as VPN gateway :)12:39
zeckeJaMa: it is lazyness and to some degree to have a build tree even without internet.12:41
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #3 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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shadowI get a problem when I use hob13:49
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Guest96311I got a problem when I use hob to build my image13:50
Guest96311it always crashed with information like Nothing RPROVIDES libgstinterfaces-0.1013:51
Guest96311Does anyone knows how to fix it?13:51
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mago_Guest96311, i think that indicates that the image you are trying to build depends on libgstinterfaces during runtime, but bitbake/hob was unable to find such recipe13:52
mago_it perhaps even requires v0.10 of that recipe13:53
Guest96311but I'm ok building my image with bitbake command13:53
Guest96311do you know how to fix it?13:54
mago_i do not, sorry13:54
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magdehi, I have problem when I start . ./yocto-autobuilder-setup. I get this error:
magdecan someone help me?14:43
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blitz00magde, you need to install some host package15:06
blitz00I guess it's python-zope15:06
blitz00 rpm -qa | grep zope15:07
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scei would like to install .mount systemd service in yocto, is there a hack for that ?15:08
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magdeblitz00: thanks. that helped15:33
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kergothyow, forgot how long it takes to fetch poky-contrib :)15:52
* kergoth taps foot15:52
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codinhoerbo, hi, just read your email about the meta-qt5, its really helped to bring hdmi working for me, thanks a lot!16:35
codinhoerbo, according your email I know that you built it for nitrogen6x machine, what image did you use?16:37
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pidgekergoth: you can join me in the semi-annual "clean up your dead branches" rant!17:09
kergothsounds like a plan17:10
pidgekergoth: I'll probably go through after 1.6 and archive a bunch of stuff if people don't pull it out.17:10
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ant_workzeddii: ping17:26
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zeckeJaMa: okay. packages end with .X now. What is the easiest way to see why the AUTOPR has not been bumped? Can I easily list the checksum for my recipe?17:34
Croftonhalstead, ping17:35
JaMazecke: bitbake -S17:35
JaMazecke: and compare it with entries in sqlite17:35
halsteadCrofton, pong.17:36
Croftondid you see the email I copied you on?17:36
Croftonmickeyl still seems to get admin messages17:36
CroftonI thought we fixed that17:36
halsteadCrofton, I just opened it. Hrm..17:36
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Croftonand can you approve the email on the meta-xilinx, I need to re-cache the pw :)17:37
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dv__hello every one17:37
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halsteadCrofton, It's odd because I deleted oe-announce. Those mails must be coming from else where. I'm double checking.17:37
CroftonI am wondering if there is a listed hosted somewhere else he forgot about17:38
halsteadCrofton, And oe-issues only has you and listmaster as owners/mods.17:38
CroftonI am going to ask for an exmaple with headers17:39
halsteadCrofton That would be very helpful. Send them along if you can.17:39
Croftonthanks for your help17:40
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volker-"bitbake-layers show-recipes" lists me recipes. Now I can't find them in any meta* folder of poky HEAD. Where can I find the code of them?20:32
kergothsorry, i left my crystal ball at home20:32
kergothwe don't know what layers you have configured in your bblayers.conf20:33
kergothso there's not much we can do to tell you where something is on your hard drive20:33
volker-kergoth: poky HEAD, so the default ones20:33
volker-kergoth: I am more confused how this recipe is found when a grep through meta* only finds it in a packagegroup20:33
kergoththat really doesn't make sense. the fact tha tyoure using poky master doesn't mean you haven't added 42 bsp to your configuration20:33
kergoths/bsp/bsp layers/20:34
volker-I didn't add anything to it, plain git clone20:34
kergothwhat exactly are you looking for?20:34
volker-I am looking for the code/recipe of the *shadow* packages20:34
kergothagain, the fact that you cloned doesn't mean anything. every layer is cloned20:34
kergothfrom a quick find command, see oky/meta/recipes-extended/shadow20:34
kergothgrep is going to search the contents of files, not the filenames20:35
volker-kergoth: yes, but find meta* -name "*nativesdk-shadow*" wasn't successful either20:35
kergothit wouldn't be20:36
kergoththe shadow recipe provides it20:36
kergothsee BBCLASSEXTEND20:36
volker-My understanding is that every available recipe is available as "<name>.bb"20:36
kergoththat understanding is incomplete.20:36
kergothVia BBCLASSEXTEND, a single recipe can emit target, native, nativesdk variants20:37
volker-hm, confusing20:37
kergothit greatly simplifies matters, no need to duplicate metadata across a number of differnet recipe files when they're 99.9% identical20:38
volker-makes it then difficult to find the configuration of a recipe20:38
kergothnot when you know what you're dealing with20:38
kergothnot that i've told you this, you know to look for *shadow*, not *nativesdk-shadow*20:38
kergoths/not that/now that/20:38
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volker-so how does "bitbake-layers show-recipes|grep shadow" not showing "shadow" but shadow-securetty and shadow-sysroot?20:50
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*** zecke <zecke!> has joined #yocto21:29
zeckeJaMa: I am about to sleep. I just got a build breakage on tufao. Somehow my qtbase while DEPENDS on openssl it didn't include SSL in QtNetwork. :}21:30
JaMazecke: see meta-qt5/master branch, there were some fixes in this area21:31
kergothI really need to wrap my head around both qt5 and gl stuff nowadays. how the proprietary drivers get used is pretty much voodoo to me at this point21:32
kergothone of these days21:32
kergoths/stuff/stuff in yocto/21:32
zeckeJaMa: and my tufao1/libsystemd-qt patches lack proper DEPENDS21:34
zeckeIs there an option to always wipe sysroot before building a package?21:34
zeckekergoth: entering the egl business? it is a mess. :)21:34
kergothafaik if something changes, it'll automatically uninstall the current bits from the sysroot and then install the new ones, if that's what oyu mean21:35
kergothheh, so i hear21:35
kergothat the moment our omap5-evm machine is buildin gboth libgbm-glsdk and mesa and stepping all over one another21:35
zeckekergoth: libegl == Vendor x Technology21:35
zeckekergoth: I meant. totally emtpies the sysroot and populates it based on all the DEPENEDS. E.g. to find missing DEEPENDS more easily.21:36
zeckeanyway. It is night and I am tired. :)21:36
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC21:36
kergothiirc we do have some scripts to test that21:36
kergothalso other related things, like building everything, then rebuilding everything one by one to check for greedy deps (the opposite problem)21:36
zeckekergoth: technology (X11, wayland, directfb, pure framebuffer, kms)21:37
kergoththere's something along these lines in oe-core/contrib21:37
kergothi have some scripts for such things too21:37
* kergoth nods21:37
zeckethanks! have a nice day guys!21:37
kergothwayland is something else i need to brush up on, one of these years21:37
*** zecke is now known as zecke|away21:37
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zecke|awaykergoth: i think the boys will lose interest in wayland before it is anywhere near being completed21:37
kergothHaven't seen zecke on here in a while :)21:38
kergothzecke|away: haha21:38
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto21:38
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JaMazecke|away: there is script which does that21:38
zecke|awayJaMa: thanks21:38
*** Marex <Marex!~Marex@> has joined #yocto21:39
zecke|awaykergoth: yeah, I am mostly doing GSM stuff. Maybe I will get myself a consumer electronics project this year again. :}21:39
kergothJaMa: ah, thanks, i thought there was something :)21:39
kergothzecke|away: ah21:39
* kergoth continues sstate reuse testing madness21:41
JaMakergoth: maybe you could be interested in
yoctiBug 5970: enhancement, Medium, 1.7, richard.purdie, NEW , sstate signature generator issues21:41
JaMakergoth: I would be interested in your input for sure :)21:41
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*** belen <belen!> has joined #yocto21:44
kergothJaMa: ugh, 2) makes me sad21:44
* kergoth continues reading21:44
*** cetola <cetola!> has quit IRC21:46
kergothJaMa: damn, there are even more corner cases in this stuff than i thought, i'll re-read and add my $0.0221:48
kergothJaMa: heh21:48
kergothJaMa: what bugs me most about the currnet signature handling is that it cares too much about the intermediate state rather than the end result, in some cases21:49
* kergoth ponders21:49
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kergothRP: what does -S printdiff require, from the previous build? SSTATE_DIR? STAMPS_DIR? both?22:01
* kergoth pokes at it22:02
JaMakergoth: including -native deps in general or just the 32bit/64bit difference we currently have?22:06
kergotha bit of both, honestly :)22:10
kergothbut the latter is most unpleasant22:10
kergothbloats up our sstate we need to ship22:10
JaMaI hope that we'll be able to fix 2nd part22:23
*** agust1 <agust1!> has quit IRC22:23
kergothsigh, I'm not getting 100% reuse between two build environments with identical metadata, and the local.conf/bblayers.conf hard linked over, so thats identical too. all thats different is SSTATE_DIR/SSTATE_MIRRORS, so one of them writes, and one of them reads what the other wrote, sstate wise22:24
JaMabut including them is still imho good thing, because without them I cannot really persuade people that sstate is "reliable" and that we don't need clean builds22:24
kergothI just hate how sensitive it is22:24
JaMaespecially with some home-made -native tools we have and someone says, I've fixed our -native tool for localization generator22:24
kergothlook at it funny and everything rebuilds from scratch, including quilt-native, it seems like :)22:24
kergothahh, yes, that's a good point22:25
JaMaand in built image I still see broken localization in target packages22:25
JaMacan you do in both dirs and compare sstate-diff/*/list.M files?22:26
JaMaI see reasonable reuse here22:26
Croftonzeddii, zeddii_home you around?22:28
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!~jwhitmore@> has quit IRC22:29
kergothsstate-diff-machine goes by STAMPS_DIR i assume, as bitbake-whatchanged does?22:29
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC22:29
JaMakergoth: it even hard codes ${tmpdir}/stamps :/22:30
* JaMa blames himself22:30
*** Queeniebee <Queeniebee!~Queeniebe@NYUFWA-WLESSAUTHCLIENTS-02.NATPOOL.NYU.EDU> has joined #yocto22:30
kergothah, right. in the case i'm testing, COREBASE/TOPDIR/TMPDIR are all different, but machine+distro is the same22:31
JaMabut if you still have stamps directory somewhere then you can set tmpdir to parent dir and sstate-diff-machine will probably work OK22:31
* kergoth checks bitbake-whatcahnged -v22:31
JaMait just calls bitbake -S to create stamps and uses tmpdir/stamps only to find them22:31
kergothah. bitbake-whatchanged pulls STAMPS_DIR, either from the env or bitbake, and then writes to ${STAMPS_DIR}.bbs, and compares that vs ${STAMPS_DIR}22:33
kergothgah. whatchanged says everything changed ,just about, but says no variabels changed, just tasks. what? how can no variables have changed?22:33
kergothmy head hurts22:33
RPkergoth: printdiff relies on SSTATE_DIR22:34
RPJaMa: btw the 32/64 bit difference should be fixed in master22:34
kergothRP: k22:34
RPJaMa: I did run some deeper investigation and fixed the issues found, the aclocal changes had regressed things but that is fixed now22:35
JaMaRP: wow thanks, I'll check that22:36
RPkergoth: the printdiff thing is still a bit experimental, I have some other "strategies" for printing good results in odd branches. If I get some time I may be able to get them into the release, at least having the option to -S should help and allow us to experiment more easily22:37
kergothI wish it showed the detail whatchanged shows, we'll have to think about dding the equivalent of whatchanged -v, to show actual changed variables22:38
*** Marex <Marex!~Marex@> has quit IRC22:38
RPkergoth: I thought the second part of the code did22:38
kergothhmm, maybe this particular example is just hokey, i'll try again later22:39
kergothI seem to be getting most everything rebuilt, but no variables changed according to whatchanged and -S printdiff22:39
*** Marex <Marex!~Marex@> has joined #yocto22:39
* kergoth may give up on today :)22:39
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto22:40
kergothyeah, in this case -S printdiff is dumping recipe/tasks, but no variables at all. huh22:40
RPkergoth: is just some random output I just printed22:40
RPkergoth: so it found the end of the chain, then printed the differences there22:41
*** ajtag <ajtag!> has quit IRC22:42
RPThe biggest "fuzz" is what constitutes a "closest matching task", delta size, time or something else...22:43
RPkergoth: At a guess that means it found no overlap :/22:43
RPkergoth: mismatched do_fetch is always a bad sign22:43
kergoththese two build dirs use identical metadata, just two poky clones. one writes sstate, the other reads from the first's SSTATE_DIR with SSTATE_MIRRORS and writes to its own SSTATE_DIR22:44
kergothwanted to test the case where COREBASE and other layer paths differed22:45
RPkergoth: what does bitbake-diffsigs show if you run it between the do_fetch sigdata file from each build ?22:45
* kergoth scratches head22:45
RP(for quilt-native say)22:45
RPJaMa: FWIW I also checked that the target sstate signature doesn't depend on the nativelsb string of the system its running on. So target packages from any build should be reused on different OS systems22:47
kergoththe siginfo files are identical, same checksum. yet if i change the second to point STAMPS_DIR at the first directly rather than through SSTATE_MIRRORS, and run bitbake -S printdiff, thats the gist i posted22:47
* kergoth is rather confused22:47
RPkergoth: bitbake -S printdiff cares about SSTATE_DIR, not STAMPS_DIR22:48
kergoththats what i meant22:48
RPah, ok22:48
kergothfingers typed the worng one, due to moving back and forth between whatchanged and -S :)22:48
RPI want to teach that code how to interrogate an http mirror but one step at a time...22:49
kergothheh, indeed22:49
RPkergoth: is one of these in a chroot with a different LSBNATIVESTRING?22:50
kergothboth using the same chroot22:50
kergoththe build configuration summary is identical22:51
RPkergoth: It should work :/22:51
RPThe external toolchain is one part I wouldn't know much about in this context but for your tests I can't see how that would differ22:52
JaMaRP: I don't know how I could miss such changes in git log :)22:53
kergoththe strangest thing is the first and second both run the identical # of setscene tasks. then the second re-runs fetch/unpack/etc anyway, but the first doesn't, afaict22:53
RPJaMa: I just had to fix aclocal in autools.bbclass and it started working properly22:54
JaMaah :)22:54
JaMaautotools: Exclude variables from autotools_copy_aclocals22:54
kergothyet there were no errors from the setscenes22:54
JaMathat's the one, right?22:54
RPJaMa: yes22:54
RPkergoth: it sounds very odd :/22:55
JaMabtw in one of last experiments I've removed all .siginfo files in my sstate-cache and all setscene tasks were failing to "fetch" them (trying whole FILESPATH to find them)22:56
JaMaIt's probably OK, but a bit surprissing that it's using FILESPATH here22:56
RPJaMa: kergoth and I keep meaning to fix that22:56
RP(unset FILESPATH in the sstate code)22:57
kergothyeah, there's an open bug to address that preferably in a cleaner way than the hack i'm using in meta-mentor22:57
kergothiirc anyway22:57
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*** zarul <zarul!~zarul@ubuntu/member/zarul> has quit IRC22:57
JaMabtw: does someone remember if the issues why we made libav-9.10 D_P -1 are resolved already?22:58
Croftondo we still need INR_PR?22:59
JaManewer mplayer2 which is compatible with current live555 needs libav-9* but libav-8 is still default version22:59
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RPCrofton: no, its being killed off23:03
Croftonthought so23:03
RPJaMa: not offhand23:04
CroftonI may send in a stupid patch for swig to help with a silly gnuradio cmake issue23:04
Croftonbut I can use this to kill PR in the recipe23:04
Croftonwill that annoy pr server23:04
RPCrofton|work: we're killing off PR values when PV changes23:05
* RP -> Zzzz23:06
* kergoth switches his test to the internal toolchain to try to simplify his testing even further23:06
Croftonthats right23:07
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