Wednesday, 2014-09-24

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #47 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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gebreselaisihi guys05:48
gebreselaisiI get this error05:49
gebreselaisi"QtQuick.Controls" is not installed05:49
gebreselaisiwhere exactly in qt is that control?05:49
gebreselaisiwhich lib?05:49
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #49 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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b00^wk tried making qemu arm image in Build Appliance, i get warning  Nothing PROVIDES syslinux  ... incompatible  with host arm-poky-....  .   So there is no bootloader for arm here ?06:37
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eshuI need some help for in yocto06:42
eshuanyone there ?06:42
eshuI created a layer for my project and kept kernel patches in that layer06:44
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eshuI created a layer for my project and kept kernel patch in that. Kernel patches are getting applied. Now i want to run a shell script to apply patch on other component. How to do that ?06:47
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b00^wkafter I get Hob Found an error,  in the Hob cannot build your image top window, I cannot click Edit Image, Open Log, or File a bug (want that one...) buttons06:53
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b00^wkand after you click Close on that "hob found and error' window, the top window with buttons is also gone, so , no way to proceed from this really06:55
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bluelightningmorning all07:24
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b00^wkhow do i look inside packagegroup ?07:34
b00^wki'm in Hob,  Step 1 of 2 : Edit recipes07:34
b00^wkwant to see what them put into packageroup-core-boot07:34
b00^wkgees, must be early .. yocto guys sleeping ?07:40
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #48 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
b00^wkoh wow, nightly-qa-systemd message ..07:45
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Guest51825hello everybody07:52
Guest51825I've got a question: I have two recipes for a package with different versions (e.g. mylib_1.0 and mylib_2.0)07:52
Guest51825I want to use a specific version in my image (1.0). how can I do that?07:52
Guest51825I don't want to do it in machine.conf as both versions are for that machine07:53
Guest51825and i just want to create one image with 1.0 and one with 2.007:53
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b00^wkhow much fs space realistically i need for using Yocto?08:05
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b00^wki got an Issue warning ! :P   building nativesdk-eglibc-2.19-r008:11
b00^wknscd has relocation in .text08:11
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ivanstojanovichi guys08:25
ivanstojanovicI am trying to register for the Yocto Project Developer Day in Dusseldorf. Do you know if there are no more places left or what's the problem? If I try via, I can't do it, neither via Yocto web-site.08:27
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b00^wkivanstojanovic, is there also a user day ?08:59
b00^wkhavent seen any yocto events for october there ...08:59
ivanstojanovicI see you are from USA...this is in Europe, Dusseldorf09:01
b00^wkoctober 16, ah09:01
b00^wki 'm thinking i'm in october already09:01
b00^wkhey, no i'm in Europe09:01
ivanstojanovic:) sorry...your info says Chicago :)09:01
b00^wkdo you think that event is good for starters ? is it worth a trip ?09:02
b00^wki'm evaluating Yocto for our future projects09:02
b00^wkbefore now, i was building all these small images from scratch09:02
ivanstojanovicaccording to the schedule, there are few trainings for the beginners in the forenoon and a bit more advance in the afternoon09:04
b00^wki should go through some docs and play roud before that, so want to do both09:04
b00^wkbegin and advance09:04
ivanstojanovicin the afternoon, two main topics are "toaster" and "coping with build errors"09:05
b00^wkmy friend summed up Yocto for me as "just another abstraction layer"09:05
b00^wki want to see more of it09:05
ivanstojanovicduring the ELCE 2014 (13-15. October), there will be a lot of lectures about Yocto, so you might check it as well09:06
stumble"coping with build errors" - hmmm...09:06
stumbleI'm trying to build a Gumstix image through Yocto but making life harder by building offline. Most of it seems to work, but I'm seeing the fetcher trying to access git rather than my mirror for prelink-cross.09:06
stumbleI can't fathom why it's ignoring what appears to be a good wget from the mirror and then doing  git branch ..., git remote rm origin, git remote add --mirror=fetch orgin git://...09:06
xerentI'm getting no login shells on my virtual console (ctrl+alt+f2), what did I do wrong?09:07
stumbleAny suggestions on how I debug this? I've got into the python for the fetcher but am struggling to see what happens after the wget succeeds for the git stuff to be necessary. I'm not getting any checksum errors that would cause this and am not sure what to look for next.09:07
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ivanstojanovic@stumble: so, you changed prelink recipe and you want it to use your git mirror now?09:10
xerentI need to start a getty client that listens to /dev/tty1 right09:12
stumble@ivansojanvic: no, I just mirrored everything I thought I needed (then grabbed the stuff I forgot) onto a local server, pointed the local.conf at it using PREMIRRORS_prepend and BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY. Everything seems to be building fine grabbing what it needs from the mirror until it gets to prelink-native which sort of ignores the rule to convert git:// to http:// and grab from the mirror. I've not changed the prelink recipe09:14
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rburtonCrofton: in the matchbox-terminal readme?  its so feature-free does it need documentation :)09:21
ivanstojanovic@stumble: you might try changing it manually to use your mirror and see if that will help09:24
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stumbleah, that's not a bad plan to isolate things. I'll give that a go.09:28
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b00^wkivanstojanovic, hmm, don't see many, just some had yocto mentioned in topics ..10:41
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eshuwhere BUIDLDIR is defined at top level ?10:42
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eshuBUILDDIR variable is defined where in yocto ?10:42
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stumblethink I might have narrowed my problem down a little. anyone know what _contains_ref in bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/ is supposed to do?13:04
TuTizzrburton, hi, if you remember i had trouble with glic with eGtouchD, the manufacturer finaly sent me a correct version (eglibc compatible) and its working. Thank you for your help13:06
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j8can i call bb.fatal from a shell function in a recipe?14:20
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rburtonj8: no14:23
rburtonyou can exit 114:23
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gebreselaisihi everybody14:33
gebreselaisianoyone played around with qt and qtwayland from yocto?14:34
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Croftonrburton, I have a marketing guy wanting to create compelling demos breathing down my neck16:15
CroftonI suppuse I need to install xterm16:16
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pmcit seems like BSPs for older versions of Atom processors are old and don't build properly anymore17:34
pmcis it "correct" to use newer BSPs to build for older Atom processors?17:35
pmcfor example does Valley Sand BSP (E38XX) work for Cedar Trail (N26XX)???17:36
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paulgRP, zeddii tells me you are talking to him about the basename failure.18:15
paulghere is what it looks like for me, with verbose/debug:
RPpaulg: I was asking if it was an initramfs do_rootfs or a main image18:16
paulgmain image in my case I think.18:16
paulgI've got a layer which is building both18:16
CroftonRP, as an AB member, I'm not sure how I feel about the Architect doing wheelies on a fast looking motorcycle :)18:17
paulgthe interesting part in this case, which may help solve it, is that I'm using zeddii  linux-dev kernel, and yet the log shows it still looking at/for linux-3.14 stuff18:17
Croftonbut, I guess it keeps you sane18:17
paulgbetter wheelies than stoppies.18:17
Croftonvery true18:18
RPCrofton: The picture was an exception rather than every lap if it helps18:18
RPat least not like that one anyhow...18:18
RPpaulg: that helps a lot actually18:18
CroftonI should have a demo for the YP booth at ELCE18:19
paulgCrofton, a wheelie demo?   That would be cool.   ;)18:19
RPpaulg: did you get a ton of warnings some time earlier about conflicting sysroot files?18:19
paulgnot that I recall.18:19
RPpaulg: have a look at the log/cooker/* files18:19
RPgrep for WARNING18:20
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paulgbunch of license warnings about LGPL and GPL but nothing about sysroot files.18:22
* zeddii calls the license police on paulg18:22
paulgnot my infraction.  I'm just an unfortunate observer.18:22
RPpaulg: I'm 99% sure this is from switching the kernel providers around and confusing the sysroot18:23
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RPit should have threw warnings though :/18:23
paulgRP, I switched to linux-dev a while ago, and since had successful builds many times since then.18:24
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paulgthis only showed up in the last couple of days.18:24
RPpaulg: machine you didn't build for a while?18:24
paulgat most, maybe a 3-4 day lapse.18:24
RPthere may be a way to tell actually18:25
paulgI regularly build generic-x86-64 and corei7 from dvh's intel layer.18:25
RPI just need to remember a command I posted to the mailing list a while ago :/18:25
paulgwell, I can tell from my log files I guess.18:25
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RPpaulg: basically, can you grep the files in tmp/sstate-control and see if you can see any duplicates?18:29
paulghard to tell from the dates of the logs actually; seems I was also getting undiagnosed failures in license_create_manifest prior to this basename fail18:29
RPpaulg: I thought I could find the shell magic command to do it but my searching isn't working18:29
paulgwill go look now...18:30
RPpaulg: those files each contain a list of files they installed (ignore directories)18:30
RPpaulg: We're looking for overlap where two kernel recipes installed the same files18:30
paulgoh, and btw, this configuration enables multilib, in case that is relevant.18:30
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paulgRP, interesting...   I'm only seeing a manifest for linux-yocto18:33
paulgzeddii, the dev one should have "-dev" suffix, right?18:34
* zeddii nods. 18:34
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paulgthere is the line that screws me18:34
paulgthe dev kernel doesn't build that module.18:34
*** tastycactus <tastycactus!> has joined #yocto18:35
paulgI'll try a force-clean on linux-yocto, in case the lingering turd from pre-conversion to -dev is causing it.18:37
paulgthere _is_ one there, showing when I switched over to -dev18:37
paulgdrwxrwxr-x 3 paul paul 4096 Jul 11 09:32 linux-yocto18:37
k-sis there a DESCRIPTION_$X or SUMMARY_$X?18:37
k-sfor split packages18:37
*** seezer <seezer!seezer@quassel/developer/seezer> has left #yocto18:37
RPpaulg: you'll probably have to clean linux-yocto *and* linux-yocto-dev, then it will work18:38
paulgoooh.  OK.  I'll try both, if just linux-yocto doesn't cut it.18:38
RPpaulg: what I want to understand is why the code in sstate.bbclass (see the "The recipe is trying to install files into a shared area" part) didn't kicj in18:38
RPpaulg: think about this for a minute - when you clean linux-yocto, its going to wipe files in the sysroot that are shared with linux-yocto-dev18:39
RPif you clean them both, the -dev files will get restored from sstate18:39
RPthere is an open bug about the fact things can break like this18:40
RPit has been assumed there is warning when it happens though18:40
* RP back in a short while18:41
paulgok, so the clean of linux clobbered the 3.14 manifest files.18:41
paulgno rush.  do_rootfs takes ~20m for this configuration.  :(18:42
paulgoooh.  I get a new error now.18:49
paulg| sed: can't read /home/paul/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/genericx86-64/pkgdata/runtime-reverse/kernel-3.17.0-rc6-yocto-standard: No such file or directory18:49
paulgcleanall of linux-dev and subsequent kernel rpm pkging and do_rootfs will take another while...18:50
paulgat least is has abandoned 3.14-x18:50
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RPpaulg: a clean is fine, don't need cleanall19:03
*** tastycactus <tastycactus!> has quit IRC19:03
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!sarah@nat/intel/x-ooxejumuxyjaxeiv> has joined #yocto19:04
*** khem <khem!> has joined #yocto19:05
paulgtoo late.  :)19:05
paulgunfortunately that means I'm waiting on do_fetch still.19:07
*** musdem <musdem!> has joined #yocto19:10
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anckyhey I'm new to yocto, where can I find the meaning of the different branches?19:11
anckyah nevermind I found a table of the releases19:13
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rburtonotavio: sigh that would be why the patch didn't apply.  my log grep-fu was failing me obviously!19:37
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paulgRP,  NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 5341 tasks of which 5314 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.19:45
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JaMa|Offstrange, why do we run configure in glibc's do_populate_sysroot?19:56
JaMa|Offglibc/2.20-r0/temp/log.do_populate_sysroot.38824: configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables19:56
RPJaMa|Off: its to generate the site cache files, its not a full configure run19:59
RPJaMa|Off: its actually a very small different configure.ac19:59
RPpaulg: great. the question then becomes why the warnings didn't trigger :/19:59
JaMa|OffRP: ah thanks, now I also see why it was failing in my setup20:00
paulgRP, yeah -- I've NFI why.  But in theory we have an easy reproducer now.  Build default kernel and then switch to dev one.20:04
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC20:09
RPpaulg: right20:09
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has joined #yocto20:09
paulgI don't see dvh here or on OFTC;  would be interesting to know if that matches how he triggered a similar failure.20:10
RPpaulg: I have a suspicion he switched from systemd to udev (or vice versa)20:11
RPpaulg: no proof as yet mind20:11
RPthe question is how does the build know that this is problematic...20:12
paulgpresence of manifest files that aren't matching any pkgs to be installed?20:13
paulgor are they supposed to be left there, but simply not processed?20:13
paulgmy bitbake foo is minimal, so I'll leave that to folks who understand it better.   At least we understand the problem better and have a workaround now.20:14
paulgand I can runtime test my build output again!  Thanks for that.20:15
paulgI doubt I would have figured out to go sniffing at the manifest files on my own.20:17
RPpaulg: just glad we got some handle on it20:18
RPcat * | sort | uniq -d | grep /$ -v was the command I was looking for earlier20:18
anckyrburton: thanks!20:19
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otaviorburton: :) np20:27
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RPpaulg: FWIW I tried switching kernels on master and I did get a WARNING21:08
paulgRP, interesting.21:09
paulgas I'd mentioned earlier, I'd switched ages ago (well 1~2 mo) and it was working fine for a while, and then it started failing (w/o warning)21:09
RPtmp/log/cooker/qemux86/20140924202656.log:WARNING: The recipe linux-yocto-dev is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are:21:10
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paulgRP, interesting.   I did get those warnings on older builds, but then they _stopped_21:51
paulgpaul@yow-pgortmak-d4:~/poky/build/tmp/log/cooker$ grep 'already exist' */* | grep yocto-dev | sed 's/:.*//'21:51
paulggot them in july and august but never for any of my september builds.   Go figure.21:51
paulganyway, time to go enjoy what is left of the sun...21:52
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*** Calvin is now known as Guest2758621:55
Guest27586Sorry. How do I identify myself?21:55
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rburtonGuest27586: /nick myname21:57
rburtonoh you entered as calvin21:58
rburtonmaybe that's a reserved name and you didn't authenticate, pick something else21:58
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Calvin_Test. Sorry guys.22:00
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Calvin_I have a question. I've added a patch in files directory and applied it by adding "SRC_URI += file://mypatch.patch" to the .bb in parent directory. The build finishes successfully but the patch wasn't applied. build/tmp/work/<layer>/<recipe>/version/temp/log.do_patch shows this error at the end: fatal: corrupt patch at line 119 / DEBUG: Shell function do_patch finished. How do I diagnose why the fatal error didn't raise a flag to sto22:08
Calvin_Also, is there a way to see more information about the fatal error? I've tried bitbake -D"22:10
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rburtonCalvin_: oh that's not good22:21
rburtonthe words "fatal" come from patch itself, but the calling code didn't handle the error code22:22
rburtoncan you file a bug?22:22
rburtonyou should be able to verify the patch is corrupt by applying it manually in the work directory22:23
kergothalso make sure your patch returned a non-zero exit code when it saw it as corrupt22:23
kergothjust to be safe.. :)22:23
Calvin_I would love to file a bug and get further help but unfortunately this is on company's code. I'm sorry about that. Let me try applying it manually22:23
kergothpatch binary, that is22:24
Calvin_Is "patch -p1 < myfile.patch" the correct way to simulate what bitbake does?22:24
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto22:26
Calvin_kergoth: I'll check for "patch" tool's return code after a manual patch attempt22:27
rburtonCalvin_: close enough22:35
*** microd <microd!> has quit IRC22:35
Calvin_The patch was actually successful when I applied it manually...22:35
Calvin_$ patch -p1 < ../mypatch.patch22:35
Calvin_patching file <path>/<target>.c22:35
Calvin_patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line22:35
Calvin_Hunk #9 succeeded at 3303 with fuzz 1 (offset -5 lines).22:35
Calvin_$ echo $?22:36
*** microd <microd!> has joined #yocto22:36
Calvin_Looking at the patch, line 119 is the end of the patch and there's no newline at the end. Does a patch need a newline?22:39
rburtongenerally they end in a newline yeah22:40
rburtonnote that typically IIRC its quilt that does the apply, and that behaves slightly differently22:40
Calvin_I'll try that and report back. Thank you for your help22:40
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Calvin_rburton: Adding the newline at the end of the patch made quilt happy. The patch was successfully applied via bitbake. I'm still not sure why the failure didn't cause the build to stop, but I'm happy for now. Thank you for your help!22:56
rburtongood stuff22:57
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rburtonCalvin_: trying to replicate the problem and struggling :(23:08
Calvin_rburton: Actually the successful result was on a small scale "bitbake -D -f -c do_patch <recipe>". I'm doing a full build without sstate-cache so I'll report back. I've also had bitbake failure upon a patch failure so I don't understand why the patching didn't stop the build this time.23:10
*** microd <microd!> has quit IRC23:10
rburtoni wouldn't be shocked if quilt had an error situation that didn't result in the right error code being emitted23:10
*** seanvk <seanvk!seanvk@nat/intel/x-zonzfzvowyuapzhe> has joined #yocto23:11
rburtoni'm deliberately corrupting a patch and its still applying fine!23:11
Calvin_Try not having a newline at the end :)23:12
rburtonthat's what i've tried23:12
rburtonfor both context and the patch23:12
rburtonoh maybe emacs is adding one for me :)23:12
Calvin_You can also try garbage text in the patch to make it fail23:13
rburtonno joy :/23:17
*** dse <dse!~d.s.e@2001:a60:140a:c01:2877:944:b9d1:5ae9> has quit IRC23:24
rburtonCalvin_: presumably you can't share the patch23:27
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC23:29
Calvin_rburton: The patch was successfully applied on the full build :)23:35
Calvin_Right. Sorry about that :( I really wish I can23:35
Calvin_rburton: Well, the code will eventually become open source, so I'll submit a bug when it's published23:40
Calvin_I'm going to sign off. Thanks again.23:41
*** Calvin_ <Calvin_!86868947@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC23:41
seanvkAnyone had success with Archlinux and use of yocto?23:59

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