Wednesday, 2014-12-17

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #126 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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fisheyhrm. Even when I prefer linux-yocto-dev and it appears to get built, I'm still ending up with a 3.14.0 kernel (vs 3.17.6)00:23
fisheyis there something that needs to be cleaned when switching kernel versions?00:24
sgw_fishey: I assume you are using master?  What MACHINE?00:26
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fisheysgw_: MACHINE=qemux86 . oe-core from master (if that's what your01:20
fishey're asking)01:20
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fisheyblowing away tmp/ doesn't do any good. using linux-yocto (not -dev) gets me 3.14.1901:23
fisheyIs there something I can do to adjust the priority of kernel versions, perhaps?01:23
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #127 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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murgaanHi, everyone. I'm about as new as it gets, and I've run into an error right off the bat.03:16
murgaan/media/psf/Tosh/proj$ git clone
murgaanCloning into 'poky'...03:16
murgaanfatal: not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?03:16
murgaanI'm working off of the quick start.03:18
murgaanWell, I'll so some more reading and maybe check on the mailing list.03:20
tomprincemurgaan: You should stick around here and wait for answers.03:21
tomprince(as well)03:21
tomprinceIt could be that nobody who knows the answer is around, but if you stick around they can see your question and respond.03:21
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murgaanokie dokie03:50
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RagBalIf I want to build qt5 only with linuxfb (no gl or gles2) can I just override PACKAGECONFIG_pn-qtbase = "release dbus udev evdev widgets tools libs openssl jpeg libpng zlib linuxfb"?08:31
RagBalIn the configure I still see OpenGL .. Desktop and EGLFS .. yes08:33
bluelightningmorning all08:35
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mckoangood morning09:09
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bryan hi12:38
bryanI have to change the window properties in enligtenment can anyone please help me out12:40
bryani am using meta-efl layer12:40
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denixneed help with virtuals - they don't seem to propagate to packages, but rather real pkg names are recorded as dependencies, right?16:59
bluelightning_denix: those are separate namespaces; the runtime dependencies are established separately e.g. through shared library dependencies17:02
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denixbluelightning_: indeed. so what is the benefit of making package virtual?17:04
bluelightning_denix: you can't with a *package*, you can with a recipe17:05
bluelightning_in which case it's about selection between multiple alternative recipes that provide the same functionality17:05
denixbluelightning_: that's good and all, but what's special about virtual/* since the same can be done with PROVIDES and PREFERRED_PROVIDER17:07
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bluelightning_denix: by and large virtual/* is just a naming convention - supported by PROVIDES and PREFERRED_PROVIDER17:08
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denixbluelightning_: ok, there's nothing special about virtual/* then? just the naming convention?17:10
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bluelightning_denix: IIRC there is some special handling for it in some places, but nothing particularly significant17:11
bluelightning_denix: git grep virtual/ should find those17:11
denixbluelightning_: yeah, already did that - few places in base.bbclass when handling dependencies...17:12
denixbluelightning_: so, that's build time. is there any way to emulate the same at runtime? in other words, is there something similar as virtual or providers for packages, not recipes?17:13
bluelightning_denix: my understanding is no, there are problems at the package manager level supporting that17:14
denixbluelightning_: I see17:15
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TypoNAMI'm new to how yocto's bitbake system works. I've been reading over the online manuals and I'm still not sure how to go about adding my own kernel patch files to an existing "machine" layer provided by a third party. I've tried using yocto-kernel tool, but it keeps dying with a python stack trace when doing: patch add <machine> myPatchFile17:19
denixbluelightning_: so, let's take an example of multiple providers of virtual/libgles2 - mesa vs. e.g. SGX. let's say then I build Qt5 which links to SGX for one platform, but qt packages aren't platform-specific. I can't then build another platform in the same work dir that needs mesa, right?17:20
bluelightning_denix: that might be a problem yes17:22
bluelightning_TypoNAM: it sounds like you have hit some kind of bug unfortunately17:23
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TypoNAMperhaps the <machine> parameter is wrong, I'm finding it difficult to figure out what exactly that parameter should be considering I didn't create the BSP layer in the first place. Again it's from a third party.17:24
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denixbluelightning_: resulting qt packages would embed dependencies to real SGX libs, not virtual/libgles2, so they can't be re-used for platforms that require different provider of that virtual/libgles2, like mesa...17:24
denixbluelightning_: so, basically, I'm back at where I started - I just thought I was missing something important in understanding how virtuals are working. looks like I'm not crazy after all :)17:26
denixbluelightning_: but, but, but... what's the solution? :) mark all qt packages as machine-specific? PACKAGE_ARCH=MACHINE_ARCH? it would kill the build time :(17:27
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bluelightning_denix: right, there is nothing special about virtual/, there's no flexible runtime component to it17:27
bluelightning_denix: unfortunately due to dependencies & signatures they effectively are machine specific already if they depend upon a machine-specific GL* provider - have you noticed whether or not they rebuild when changing MACHINE?17:28
denixbluelightning_: they were probably rebuilding for different MACHINE, but I was getting other issues later reusing some of those packages for sdk side, so I already started on the path of marking them machine-specific, so correct packages would be preserved. but I started suspecting that's not the right thing to do...17:32
bluelightning_FWIW, multiple GL library handling isn't really my field of expertise - this is more something that rburton & otavio have dealt with IIRC17:32
bluelightning_(and possibly JaMa)17:33
denixbluelightning_: well, it's not limited to GL... it's one of the examples. I have other such machine-specific providers (e.g. gstreamer) that get embedded in other system libraries like Qt, making them machine-specific too17:34
denixbluelightning_: btw, does YP autobuilder build all platforms in one workdir, or separate ones?17:35
bluelightning_denix: right, but I think GL may be a special case; there might be some guaranteed ABI there, I just don't know17:36
bluelightning_denix: separate ones17:36
JaMadenix: VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variables are equivalent of virtual/* for runtime deps17:36
denixbluelightning_: ah, so much easier... I'm trying to reuse builds between platforms and that's where it breaks17:37
bluelightning_JaMa: denix: *except* those are still set at build time and fixed at runtime17:37
JaMabut that doesn't help with different "providers"17:38
denixJaMa: will that help with my example above? I don't see mesa using VIRTUAL-RUNTIME for GL providers17:38
JaMano, it only helps making both build time and runtime dependencies more deterministic and consistent17:38
JaMa> mark all qt packages as machine-specific? PACKAGE_ARCH=MACHINE_ARCH?17:39
JaMayes, there is even bbclass to do it a bit simpler17:39
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JaMathe build time is already killed if you don't exclude your various GL providers from siggen17:40
denixJaMa: first question - what's the big difference between PREFERRED_PROVIDER and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME?17:40
JaMafirst for build time, second for run-time17:41
bluelightning_again, VIRTUAL-RUNTIME is just a naming convention, in this case for variables that can substitute in runtime package names at build time17:41
denixJaMa: second question - if I exclude GL providers from siggen, will qt packages be shareable between platforms that use different GL providers? assuming ABI is stable17:41
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denixbluelightning_: and how dependencies get handled with VIRTUAL-RUNTIME? I assume real libs and their pkg names will still be embedded17:43
bluelightning_denix: yes, again it's nothing special17:43
JaMadenix: yes, I'm sharing them between multiple MACHINEs with different GL* providers, but there are some exceptions17:44
JaMalike RGX/SGX should be ABI compatible, but because of bugs and work arounds we have to apply in qtbase they aren't and even qtbase has to be different17:45
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denixJaMa: what's the trick to prevent qt packages from referencing actual GL packages?17:47
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JaMabecause of different package name from debian.bbclass or version?17:56
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denixJaMa: even w/o debian renaming. say, one platform has GL1 provider, another has GL2 provider. those names will be used for Depends: field in the package, not the library name...18:00
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denixJaMa: am I missing something in the config? I'd expect the dependency to be libgl*(library) instead of GL1(package). even if it gets debian-renamed to libgl*(package), in order to have both providers packaged, they need different names, like libgl-prov1 etc.19:08
JaMain my case the libgl providers are MACHINE_ARCH, so they can have the same package name (from SONAME header)19:11
JaMaonly the version is annoying, so that I have to set identical PKGV for all providers19:12
denixJaMa: ok, I see how you do it. the trick is to get the package name and version the same, but deploy into machine-specific locations...19:14
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rburtondenix: this is why i proposed virtual providers for libgl etc some time ago but was argued against.  you'd need some magic in the automatic dependency generation to turn the real dependency into a virtual one.  (basically, do what debian does)21:54
rburtondenix: its generically useful functionality so you should implement it :)21:55
denixrburton: heh, I'm sure you'll get it done better... :)21:56
rburtoni'd ask paul to do it :)21:57
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