Friday, 2015-10-23

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mckoangood morning07:12
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parrot2greetings all :-)07:24
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bluelightningmorning mckoan, parrot2, all07:48
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[Sno]RP: around? or someone else who's familiar with the sdk-wrapper created eg. for perl?08:11
[Sno]I run into a similar problem hacking recipes for perl6 and need some guidance08:11
RP[Sno]: kind of08:13
[Sno]as said, I run into similar problem one might had when doing perl in nqp (perl6)08:13
[Sno]I need an sdk-wrapper calling sdkroot nqp with sysroot libs ;)08:14
RP[Sno]: those wrappers are generated by create_wrapper in the recipes iirc08:15
[Sno]RP: see nqp-j for sdkroot
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[Sno]rp: they're ;)08:16
[Sno]RP: it's more: (1) where to place the target-root-wrapper to distinguish from sdkroot one?08:16
RP[Sno]: sdk ones are done in the nativesdk namespace?08:17
[Sno]let me google for nativesdk namespace doc ;)08:17
RP[Sno]: in recipes you'll see things like _class-nativesdk08:18
[Sno]RP: and how do I depend on those?08:18
RP[Sno]: If you look at the perl5 recipe itself, there is an example of a wrapper for class-nativesdk ?08:19
RPThe do_install_append_class-nativesdk08:19
[Sno]I don't get it entirely - but with those answers I retry and see how far I get ...08:19
[Sno]maybe there is some magic I don't see08:20
RP[Sno]: I'm still not quite understanding the question :/08:20
[Sno]well, I think when I can phrase the question, I can answer myself ^^08:20
RP[Sno]: "native" overrides apply to things used during the build process itself. "nativesdk" apply to things in the sdk. "class-target" would be things that run on the target device08:21
[Sno]so - do_install_append_class-nativesdk is run automatically when?08:21
[Sno]how does this fit into sstate-cache?08:22
RP[Sno]: when nativesdk-perl is built and the do_install task runs08:22
RP[Sno]: However when the sdk is relocated at install time, the paths in it are adjusted automatically08:22
[Sno]RP: When nativesdk-nqp is built on machine A, and I build rakudo-star relying on nqp in machine B (with common sstate-cache), install for sdk is run on machine B?08:23
RP[Sno]: no :/08:24
RP[Sno]: that do_install is run when nativesdk-perl is built08:24
RPits the step where "make install" is run against the compiled source08:24
[Sno]how do I install nativesdk-nqp on machine B on building rakudo-star?08:24
[Sno]or is it rebuilt in that case?08:25
RP[Sno]: are you building with the SDK or with the main build system?08:25
[Sno]currently with the main build system, but I miss some files I see when e.g. perl is build ;)08:26
[Sno]and I want to provide same support for sstate-cache and sdk as perl5 does08:26
RP[Sno]: so you'd want nqp-native in that case, the SDK isn't involved08:26
[Sno]RP: for the moment, nqp-native installs a tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/nqp-j -- bit nqp doesn't do the same in any $target-arch sysroot08:27
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RP[Sno]: by default target binaries aren't installed into the sysroot08:27
RPsince you can't run then08:28
[Sno]that's why the somehow wrapper ... ;)08:28
[Sno]rakudo-star needs to extract some values from nqp-libs for target08:28
RP[Sno]: so how are you planning to run it? under qemu?08:29
[Sno]they're jar files - I can run them with host java (as perl modules with host perl)08:29
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RP[Sno]: so you're missing the jar files in the sysroot?08:30
RP[Sno]: or you want to install a wrapper?08:30
[Sno]RP: the script loading the jar files08:30
[Sno]I want to install a wrapper doing some basic stuff with the jar files08:31
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RP[Sno]: ok, so I think the best example to look at is something simple like recipes-graphics/xorg-font/font-util_1.3.1.bb08:32
RPThe SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS += "fontutil_sysroot_preprocess"08:32
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RPyou can see what the default is in classes/staging.bbclass08:32
[Sno]I detected some other issue with the cross-build and the target settings, either - so I might need do more complex stuff later: compile and link-flags contain target's sysroot (but that shouldn't get deployed)08:32
RPand then that function in fontutil installs some extra files into the sysroot08:32
[Sno]RP: that's it! thanks08:33
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[Sno]for b - different flags for host/target deployment - that might be the answer, too08:33
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RP[Sno]: basically there you can install extra files, or tweak the files for cross usage08:34
RP[Sno]: just try not to overuse this ;-)08:34
RPIdeally things installed in the sysroot should match the target08:34
[Sno]yeah - it's just a bunch of path's I have to modify08:35
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LocutusOfBorg1hi folks, I want to do something like "if I define on my shell "FOO=v1.2" then fetch my sources with branch=foo;tag=v1.208:38
LocutusOfBorg1what is wrong with this paste?
[Sno]LocutusOfBorg1: have a try with BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE might help ...08:39
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[Sno]RP: can you have a look on btw. whether it can be added to poky after jethro?08:40
[Sno]RP: and -- I already talked to bluelightning about that, but didn't talk about the way to submit it08:41
RP[Sno]: Question is which layer it should go to, meta-oe or core08:41
LocutusOfBorg1I want my customer to be able to build a particular tag of all his branches08:41
LocutusOfBorg1maybe there is a better approach08:42
[Sno]RP: with - one can source it and then do "oe_builddir use ..." or "oe_builddir prune ..." to switch builddir or start fresh etc.08:42
[Sno]instead of sourcing oe_setup again and again08:43
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[Sno]LocutusOfBorg1: use inc file and a bunch of *.bb files for each particular tag?08:44
RP[Sno]: lets discuss after 2.0 please. I need to try and actually make the release work08:44
LocutusOfBorg1[Sno], well, changing with an export foo the fetch branch/tag is easier08:45
LocutusOfBorg1I don't have to change recipes at each tag08:45
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[Sno]RP: when is 2.0 - jethro?08:51
[Sno]LocutusOfBorg1: either BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE or exra recipe per tag - that are 2 sane proposals ;)08:52
[Sno]pick one or explain why both are insane for your usecase08:53
LocutusOfBorg1yes thanks08:53
LocutusOfBorg1the first one is the best one08:53
RP[Sno]: basically now, as soon as we get several key things fixed08:53
[Sno]RP: I'd prefer my perl changes in jethro (2.0), since they fix some really insane quirks08:54
[Sno]as well as the basics for openjdk-8 support (autotools, llvm 3.5+)08:55
[Sno]got to run, back in 20 min &08:55
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ohmyhello everybody09:00
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ohmyi'm quite new to systemd, on my small embeded device i've just installed systemd, and trying to interract with it usnig serial console09:03
ohmythe problem (unlike the same system with sysvinit) is that for some reason i'm not able to write on my serial debug console09:03
ohmy is the last log i have with " A start job is running for dev-ttymxc0.device"09:03
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ohmyi dont know what to do to be able to communicate with my device using serial console, any help please ?09:04
parrot2bluelightning: ping09:04
bluelightningparrot2: pong09:05
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parrot2bluelightning: I've been encountering errors like in
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parrot2and actually the missing cmake files are available within the source file I'm not sure if I should append the source's cmake directory to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH or it's mistake from the app developer itself.09:10
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parrot2what I did was I copied the cmake files inside the source dir's cmake directory to the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH and all is well again. But O09:11
parrot2I'm not sure if that's an elegant way?09:11
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ohmynayone have a begining of idea ?09:23
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bluelightningohmy: do you have access to the machine other than through the serial terminal?09:25
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ohmybluelightning: can be possible using ethernet, but since i dont know the IP adress of the target i cannot ssh09:27
bluelightninghmm ok09:27
ohmybluelightning: "A start job is running for dev-ttymxc0.device"  i dont know what this job is all about :(09:29
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ohmybluelightning: i pass console=ttymxc0,115200 to kernel during startup09:30
bluelightningI'm not much of a systemd expert either I'm afraid09:31
joshuaglthe hostname of the target is usually the MACHINE name, you should be able to ssh with that09:32
* joshuagl never ssh's to the machine's IP address09:32
LocutusOfBorg1bluelightning, quick question09:35
LocutusOfBorg1I usually build on my recipes with SRCREV="${AUTOREV}" on branch foo09:36
LocutusOfBorg1now, my customer wants to rebuild a particular tag, and I did something like this09:36
LocutusOfBorg1whitelist some bash export FOO=tagv109:36
bboozzooohmy: check that you have CONFIG_FHANDLE enabled in the kernel09:37
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LocutusOfBorg1this seems to be not working09:38
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joshuaglwait, why wouldn't you just set SRCREV to tag?09:39
bboozzooohmy: this used to be a problem with older fsl kernels, CONFIG_FHANDLE was not enabled in the kernel what resulted in systemd not being able to start getty on your console port, it was fixed with this patch but if you're running an older or a custom kernel you might still get this problem09:43
LocutusOfBorg1joshuagl, you might be right :)09:43
LocutusOfBorg1checking right now09:43
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ohmybboozzoo: i'm using meta fsl arm master branch09:45
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bboozzooaa ok, so it might not be cause after all :)09:46
ohmybboozzoo: checking if that option is there anyway (using linux kernel 3.14.1)09:47
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ohmybboozzoo: this falg was available on all kernels but the one i'm using, it solves the issue, many thanks10:20
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rrvaCan I create recipes for separate applications which live in the same git repo and still avoid re-downloading the repo twice?11:15
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bluelightningrrva: that should happen automatically11:18
bluelightningalthough if they start fetching at the same time, it may not11:19
rrvawhat mechanism prevents this?11:19
rrvaand also, can I specify a narrow checkout (parts of tree) as a source? (git sparse checkout)11:20
*** egavinc <egavinc!> has quit IRC11:21
bluelightningrrva: we don't support sparse checkouts; we can cut out a directory from the checkout of a repo (using ;subpath= ) but the entire repo will still be downloaded11:23
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rrvaok, nice. and the parts where you do not double-download, it's standard bitbake behavior?11:43
rrvaso yocto does not force you to split each app into separate repos at the recipe boundary?11:53
rrvabluelightning: this was claimed by our yocto guy that yocto needs multirepo structure11:54
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_gpg_i'd like to have your help please, i'm trying to understand how yocto-layer and recipetool works together13:09
bluelightning_gpg_: hi13:09
_gpg_i want to create a recipe for git://
_gpg_bluelightning: hi13:10
bluelightningthey don't directly connect to eachother, but you can use recipetool to create recipes / bbappend files after having created a layer using yocto-layer13:10
_gpg_creating layer is trivial, simply by doing yocto-layer create wayland-ivi-extension13:10
_gpg_later i call "recipetool create -o wayland-ivi-extension -x ../sources/meta-wayland-ivi-extension/ -b git://"13:11
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bluelightning_gpg_: you'll need .bb on the end of the argument you are passing to -o13:11
_gpg_i hope that understand "recipetool create", isn't it meant to create "recipe-" folder etc ?13:12
bluelightning_gpg_: correct, it won't, you need to put the recipe in the appropriate/desired locaton afterwards13:12
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_gpg_bluelightning: thanks, the thing is that it does not create any "recipe-" folder13:13
bluelightningno, it won't do that13:13
fredcadete_gpg_: meta-ivi already has a recipe for wayland-ivi-extension, maybe you can use that as a reference13:13
_gpg_bluelightning: i see the .bb file, also a git folder inside my layer but no recipe folder13:13
_gpg_fredcadete: yes indeed, i was thinking about, thanks13:14
bluelightningit can't do that, because it can't tell what category the recipe will need to go into13:14
bluelightningso it leaves that part to you13:14
_gpg_bluelightning: ah ok, thanks13:14
_gpg_fredcadete: meta ivi looks quite old btw13:14
fredcadeteyes, it's a few versions behind13:15
bluelightningI guess it could just hardcode it (or guess), but there's no code written to do that13:16
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qknight(14:24) <   qknight> hey. i have problems building qtwebkit 5.2.1 on ppc64 ->   #error "The MacroAssembler is not supported on this platform."13:25
qknight(14:25) <   qknight> how can i disable JIT in qtwebkit? didn't find the switch yet as the buildsystem seems to be a mixture of qmake and CMake ;-)13:25
qknight(14:25) <   qknight> <- is this really the way to do it?13:26
qknighti checked and that didn't fix the issue on ppc13:26
qknightanyone an idea how to go on?13:26
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jaeckelwill there be an update of the valgrind recipe to 3.11.0?14:00
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joshuaglRP: rburton: autobuilder doesn't look too busy, OK for me to run a fido build?14:04
*** alimon1 <alimon1!~alimon@> has joined #yocto14:06
zloyhey guys14:08
zloyhow can I append ntpdate to crontab file?14:08
Snert__crontab -e  will start crontab editor so google that.14:10
zloySnert__: I mean during the build14:11
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bluelightningjaeckel: not until after the YP 2.0 release (which is very soon)14:14
jaeckelty bluelightning14:14
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fredcadetezloy: at the image level, you could make a shell function that appends your line to crontab. Then add that function to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND14:33
fredcadetethere are many ways to skin that cat14:33
zloyfredcadete: in ntpdate bb file there is a fucntion called pkg_postinst_ntpdate14:36
*** aime-Pierre <aime-Pierre!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC14:37
zloywhere there is such string: echo "30 * * * *    ${bindir}/ntpdate-sync silent" >> $D/var/spool/cron/root14:37
zloyfredcadete: I thought to make bbappend file for ntp and append the stuff to crontab file14:37
*** madisox <madisox!> has joined #yocto14:38
fredcadetezloy: that's also possible14:41
fredcadeteyou can override or append to the pkg_postinst_ntpdate14:41
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zloy here is the full function14:44
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rburtonjoshuagl: sure15:03
* ulf` waves to rburton and joshuagl 15:06
rburtonhi ulf`15:06
joshuaglthanks rburton15:07
* joshuagl waves to ulf` 15:07
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qknighthey. how to use devshell with a rather complicated build system like qtwebkit?16:32
qknighti do get a shell but then i don't know what to do16:32
qknightany manual somewhere?16:32
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kergothdevshell just gives you a shell in the source tree16:37
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!> has joined #yocto16:37
kergothwhat you do with it is entirely up to you16:37
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qknightkergoth: ah, so there are no helpers as in gentoo where you can use 'ebuild' to go into a certain stage assisted by the foo-1.2.3.ebuild you are currently trying to package16:45
kergothnot really, no. you can bitbake -c configure the recipe before you -c devshell, then in ../temp/ will be a run. shell script for do_configure which you could run to re-run the configure on demand16:46
kergothbut thats about it16:46
kergoth(same for compile, of course)16:46
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abelloniwhy?! oh why do I have to suffer with meta-qt5 each time there is a new version?16:59
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #517 of nightly-qa-skeleton is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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qknightabelloni: this is called karma17:37
*** NileshKokane <NileshKokane!uid116340@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto17:46
qknightabelloni: since you are using qt5, could you please give me all your conf/local.config values you are using?17:47
qknightabelloni: i'm curious, are you installing qt5 with qmake into the target system so you can then build software using qt5 from there?17:47
qknighti want to do that but i don't understand if i should supply a list of packages or use CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL with
qknightabelloni: just see the paste where i've added a OR between the options i17:49
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abelloniqknight: I'm never installing a toolchain on the target18:27
abellonithis is a really really bad practice18:28
qknightyeah, i'm also all against development machines ;-)18:29
qknightwho knows what these ppl do with their computers...18:29
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Ulfalizerwhat happens if you put (specify) a package in an image but not a package that it RDEPENDS on? does it get added automatically? do you get an error?18:57
kergothyes, it will install its dependencies. if that wasn't the case, none of our images would work at all18:57
kergothwe don't list every dep in IMAGE_INSTALL18:57
Ulfalizeryeah, sounds reasonable18:57
mrk377Guys, when running: runqemu qemux86  (Can you modify KERNCMDLINE='vga=0 uvesafb.mode_option=640x48-32')18:58
mrk377To run a different mode_option=1024x768-32??18:59
mrk377From the command line, of course.18:59
Ulfalizerhow would you define "sysroot" btw? just a directory with typical /-like contents (usr/, lib/, etc/, etc.)? that's the way i've understood it, but maybe it's even more specific. :)19:03
Ulfalizeror it's supposed to be clear from context19:03
Ulfalizeri usually do more coding than package management and configuration19:04
kergothpretty much, yes. in this context our sysroot used for recipes to find files from their dependencies.19:04
mrk377Looks like: runqemu qemux86 bootparams="uvesafb.mode_option=1024x768-32"    Works great.  I actually prefer 1280x1024-32.19:06
mrk377Those small frame buffers are for young guys!19:07
mrk377Oops.  Wrong terminal.  LOL19:08
Ulfalizerwhy would you type that by itself? :P19:09
Ulfalizerunless it's a really crappy password19:09
kergothusername at a login prompt, presumably19:09
mrk377login username and <enter>19:09
Ulfalizerbeen a long time since i logged in directly as root19:10
kergothi do it all the time in qemu testing embedded images from yocto, which is most likely what mrk377 was just doing..19:11
kergothlots of embedded distros don't create main users, though they should19:11
mrk377Yeah, logging in as root is often for me.  You should look at the "Bow before me, for I am root" t-shirts.  They are hilarious.19:12
kergoth is also appropos19:13
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mrk377sudo doesn't work at my house.  lol :)19:15
kergothsadly common..19:15
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wpdHow can I compile a "Hello World" externally to be installed on a Yocto rootfs?19:20
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mrk377kergoth, how do you change the size of your output qemux86 image to say 10GB?  Where is the conf file?19:24
*** pohly <pohly!> has joined #yocto19:26
kergothsee IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE, it's in the reference manual19:26
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wpdI have been reading through the Application Developers Guide, and I am confused about the differences between the ADT, SDK, use of the build directory directly, etc... I just want to cross-compile "Hello World" for my target, scp it to the device, and watch it run.  What is the easiest way to do that?20:02
psidhuwpd: when you have the, install it by running it. then in your shell, source it e.g. source /opt/poky/1.8/environment-setup-cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi.20:11
psidhuthen in that same shell, you can compile (use ${CC} hello.c -o hello)20:11
kergothadt is useful if you want to build in eclipse, if you want commandline compilation directly, use the sdk, otherwise you can create a recipe for it and add it to your image, but that's higher overhead, so you might want to compile directly for now and create ar ecipe later20:13
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wpdpsidhu: Thank you.  Eclipse isn't really an option for me -- I have a rather large codebase that I would like to bring up on a Yocto rootfs.  Unfortunately, it is not autotools based, so I just want some way to specify ${CC} and let it build.  Long term, I will have to decide whether I should create a recipe for that code base, or have the codebbase generate the Yocto rootfs.  Too tough to tell right now.20:17
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel@> has quit IRC20:17
wpdIt would be nice if I could use the gcc from the build directory, which I think is also possible.20:18
kergoth*not* a good idea20:19
kergothcan be done, but the internals of tmp are for bitbake's use, not yours20:19
wpdOh yeah... and I have no need for QEMU in this environment.20:19
kergothand you have to pass the correct arguments to CC, which is taken care of by the sdk environment setup script20:19
wpdkergoth: I think (from reading the guide) that it sounds like meta-ide-support gets me that.  But, as I said, I am a bit confused by the different options.20:20
kergoththat's correct, meta-ide-support + build dir could be viable if you want to avoid use of an sdk. i wouldn't really advise it, but doable20:20
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wpdWhy do you advise against it?20:21
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kergothlook up a few lines20:21
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel@> has joined #yocto20:22
wpdDoesn't meta-ide-support create an environment setup script as well?20:22
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!~IvanSB@2a01:2000:2000:88:f279:59ff:fe64:3a8> has joined #yocto20:23
kergothyes. that doesn't change the fact that the contents of tmp are not intended for external use. it'll probably work, but i wouldn't do it personally. others probably would, just my personal view20:24
Ulfalizerdoes poky use any chroot magic during the build process by the way, or is it just a matter of passing correct paths everywhere?20:24
wpdok, thanks.  I'll give it a spin and see where it takes me...20:25
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto20:25
kergothUlfalizer: no, chroot isn't used. chroot requires root, unless you do ld preload bits, we didn't want to require root to do builds20:26
kergothUlfalizer: --sysroot= is passed to CC, etc20:26
Ulfalizerah, yeah, didn't think of that20:26
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kergoththere is a fakechroot which is an LD_PRELOAD hook I believe, but of course we already use a preloaded lib for pseudo/fakeroot. would be added complexity20:27
kergoth(as if we aren't complex enough already :)20:27
Ulfalizerbit ugly that you have to do that pretend-to-be-root stuff to get things done. feels like a workaround for tool (e.g., tar) limitations. :/20:29
Ulfalizerthough i can't think of nicer ways off the top of my head20:29
*** scot <scot!~scot@> has quit IRC20:30
Ulfalizerseems there must be nicer possilities at least :P20:30
kergothbasically pseudo acts as a communication mechanism between chmod/etc in our do_install and the packaging tools. Many of the packaging tools can have permissions specified, but even if they do, then you'd have to manually express the permissions/ownership somewhere rather than being able to run chmod/chown (or better yet, let the 'make install' do it) in do_install20:31
*** scot <scot!~scot@> has joined #yocto20:32
kergothof course, other tools deal with this in other ways. e.g. the spec file format for source rpms includes permissions lines, iirc20:32
frayautomating it by capturing the POSIX semantics is way nicer then having to manually specify everything i.e. spec files20:32
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fraythe psuedo project itself was originally started to work with the user mode NFS server..  since 'fakeroot / fakechroot' wasn't enough20:34
fraythis allowed the usermode NFS server to serve files from a non-root user without the other side knowing that20:34
kergothah, that's interesting, didn't know the history20:34
fraythat is partially why it's "so complete" of an emulation..  since then the usage has morphed.. and it's more used for the Yocto Project steps..20:35
fraybut we do still use it for the usermode NFS server.. (and other filesystem generation tasks)20:35
khem`I wonder what is the overhead of pseudo20:35
khem`have it been measured20:35
fraydepends on the operation.. and yes.. it's been measured20:35
kergothadding a fakechroot capability or combining its use with pseudo could be interesting coupled with per-recipe sysroots, but then we'd need a way to inject host binaries, so non-trivial20:35
fraythat it why it's only enabled in select locations..  pseudo itself is fairly small -- but pseudo having to parse path names is really expensive.. so some operations are quick, some not so quick..20:36
frayseebs has actual details ont he profiling work that has been done20:36
khem`It would be interesting to disable it globally and do a build using root user20:36
kergothexplains why it tends to track and use inodes20:36
fraypseudo has full fakechroot capability..  it does this by permitting the exec to run on the core system (outside the chroot) but limits the running items to seeing only the chroot20:36
kergothwas wondering about that20:37
khem`and then do the same thnk without root user20:37
frayAFAIK the build won't complete as root..20:37
kergothfray: huh, interesting20:37
khem`why ?20:37
fraythere are lots of things that whenc onfigured/built they check root uid 0/gid 0 and refuse to run20:37
kergothlots of buildsystems are going to issue fatal errors if they detect building as root20:37
fraypseudo is only used in select areas.. (do_install through packaging.. an do_rootfs)20:38
fraythis si also why pseudo has a disabled and unload option.. if we're going ot be running stuff, where we will eventually want pseudo.. we can run in disabled mode.. (it fast paths and there is almost no overhead.. it's only a few instructions before it jumps to the real version)20:38
frayin the unload mode, on the next fork/exec it will remove itself from the LD_PRELOAD environment variable, so subsequent fork/execs won't get it20:39
fraypseudo of course doesn't work for static binaries.. (there was some research into syscall (via ptrace) injection.. but that was very slow and proved to not be nearly as useful as just intercepting via LD_PRELOAD)20:39
khem`yes I know we have facilities like that, I wonder if we are overusing it in some places or not. If there was any work in that area20:40
frayI think we've profiled it enough at this point that the disable and unload and good where they are..20:40
khem`or easy way to figure where its tapping in20:40
khem`may be it dumps into logs or somehting like that20:40
fraymost of the time in pseudo these days is spent resolving partial pathnames, inodes and file descriptors into canonicalize pathnames20:40
fraythere are a number of logging options available.. generally though logging is disabled in recent versions, as that was a speedup.. (logging required a round trip IPC call.. which could block..)20:41
fraynormal pseudo msging only requires a round trip call if it's looking up file stat data.. otherwise one way is usually good.. (just to update the DB)20:41
neverpanicLinux user namespaces could be used to solve the same problem of being "fake" root20:42
Ulfalizerrecent linux kernels have user namespaces. i wonder if those could be used to solve the "can't change user/group to whatever before packaging files" problem.20:42
frayeven then the IPC can be short-circuited using xattrs..20:42
Ulfalizerwould still need a solution for older systems20:42
frayUlfalizer you still need root permissions (lcap) to be able to setup namespaces and such..20:42
Ulfalizerneverpanic: heh, jinx20:42
frayso it doesn't really help20:42
neverpanicfray: no, not really20:42
neverpanicThat does work without root privileges on most modern distros these days; on Debian you need to toggle a flag as root once, Arch Linux doesn't have it at all20:43
neverpanicBut others work out of the box.20:43
fraythe namespace protection I've seen.. you are given an area that is yours, walled off.. so you need to have a copy of the executables.. (bind mount MIGHT make that possible)..20:43
frayand then you'd need permission to uplift to something that can set disk perms and other things that pseudo is intercepting at certain points..20:43
neverpanicYou can freely bind-mount anything you can read (well, you can bind-mount other stuff too, but you won't be able to read them)20:43
fraythe problem is that most commecial users are given a system by their IT departments and not given root, configuration capabilities, etc..20:44
fraypseudo solves that problem.. it just "works"20:44
neverpanicYes. I agree it's the better solution for this task at the moment.20:44
neverpanicThat being said, we're using a user namespace approach for our SDK and it seems to hold up reasonably well at this point.20:44
neverpanicAnd if you really want to get permissions right you need subuids and subgids as well, which I haven't really looked into in detail20:45
kergothsounds like a possibly viable option for the future, but likely not a priority compared to all the other issues we have to deal with :)20:45
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mrk377What is the best way to have yocto write a /etc/resolv.conf file during bitbake?  Is there script that handles this easily?21:26
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Croftonarg I hate people that ask questions and disappear22:09
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kergothI'm so used to being on irc 24/7 that it seems foreign and weird to disconnect ever22:20
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Snert_I'm naked without my smartphone too.23:00
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rburtonhm why can't python read my mind and let me have def foo(d, optional=True, *args)23:22
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rburtonkergoth: you're my barometer for evil python.  constructs a gpg command given arguments and has a magic keyword argument to toggle between lists for subprocess and escaped strings for shell23:37
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rburtoni've got this in a shell task ${@sstate_build_gpg_command(d, "foo", "bar", "foo bar", flatten=True)}23:38
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