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qknightin which package is qmake, if i want it to install into the fsl-image-x11?10:37
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[Sno]JaMa: since you sent around meta-oe report and have some meta-perl recipes failing - did you take a look at (maybe one of those help at the failures ...) or whether it can supported via meta-cpan ;)12:18
JaMacurrent report doesn't have any failures for perl recipes12:29
JaMaare we looking at the same report?12:30
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[Sno]JaMa: I was looking at [OE-core] State of bitbake world, Failed tasks 2015-10-2213:11
JaMado you see meta-perl failure there? or are you talking about that PNBLACKLISTed one?13:13
[Sno]JaMa: the blacklisted ones, sorry - I just grepped over perl because checking Jeremy's patch13:17
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neverpanicqknight: qtbase from meta-qt5, I think.14:25
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qknightneverpanic: i've tried qtbase from meta-qt5 but no qmake in the final image then....21:40
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neverpanicit's somewhere in meta-qt5, if not in qtbase then in qtbase-dev or qtbase-tools or something21:41
neverpanictry grepping the layer; can't check because my machine that has it is at work21:41
Christian___Question, if I want to install a file directly from the meta-folder (file://) how do I do this? When I try install -m 0644 file://myfile  -> I get file://myfile No such directory ....21:43
qknightChristian___: there should be plenty  of examples in the source for what you are doing21:43
Christian___hmm ok ... the question is how to search for it ...21:44
Christian___install and file:// will get a lot of results ... but most of them do not do this ...21:44
qknightChristian___: true21:45
neverpanicChristian___: list it in SRC_URI, install from ${WORKDIR}21:45
qknightneverpanic: ah. maybe i should make this clear: i want qmake to be 'working' on the 'target' machine and not in a cross compiler setup21:47
* qknight also wants the cross-compiler setup but that will come later..21:48
neverpanicqknight: isn't that just a matter of adding the package that contains it to IMAGE_INSTALL?21:48
qknightneverpanic: yes, so it would seem. i will paste my config, wait a sec21:49
Christian___neverpanic: like SRC_URI="... file://myfile" ....  install -m 644 ${WORKDIR}/myfile ?21:51
qknightneverpanic: i'm trying with this config21:52
neverpanicqknight: as I see it, qmake should be in qtbase-tools21:53
qknightneverpanic: the only new thing i've not evaluated but which is already in the config is the packagegroup-qt5-qtcreator-debug \ but i doubt this will bring qmake/moc when qtbase is included21:53
qknightneverpanic: but bitbake -s does not show such a package21:53
neverpanicqknight: bitbake -s shows recipe versions, not packages, right?21:55
qknightneverpanic: yes!21:55
qknightneverpanic: is there a way to show all packages?21:55
neverpanicwell, the qtbase *recipe* generates the *package* qtbase-tools in my copy of meta-qt5 (which may be outdated, though)21:56
neverpanicChristian___: yes21:57
qknightneverpanic: here it is called nativesdk-qtbase-tools maybe?21:57
qknightneverpanic: ah, i have to informm you i'm on daisy21:58
qknightneverpanic: so pretty old stuff21:58
neverpanicqknight: I don't know. Theoretically, you should be able to grab the PACKAGES variable from each recipe, but that may include empty packages. bitbake doesn't really know if a package is empty or not until is has been built21:58
neverpanicqknight: that's qmake for the SDK; I have a recipe that should also generate qtbase-tools from the looks of it21:59
qknightneverpanic: you are on master? or which branch?22:00
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neverpanicqknight: dizzy22:05
qknightneverpanic: maybe that is the difference between the repos22:05
qknightneverpanic: on daisy the actually is really short with 6 lines22:06
neverpanicOh yeah, looks like it's what you're looking for22:08
Christian___neverpanic: Thanks22:09
neverpanicHm, but dizzy doesn't have that either22:09
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neverpanicqknight: Hm, I think we're actually using meta-qt5 master with poky dizzy22:16
neverpanicWhich does not sound like a good idea to me… should have caught that in review...22:17
qknightneverpanic: i was a bit more conservative and was using meta-qt5 dizzy with all the other dizzy userland tools22:17
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qknightneverpanic: # Disable for now, because doesn't work well with separate ${B}22:27
qknightneverpanic: so you think master would also work?22:27
neverpanicI know that we use master, possibly with additional fixes on top in a different layer, though. I also don't know the details of it, because mainly somebody else was working on this.22:27
qknightneverpanic: <- because here it seems to include qmake22:29
qknighti wonder about moc22:29
qknightneverpanic: <- that is how i feel22:30
qknightneverpanic: but now i know that i 'have to port yet another qt5 to that yocto' ;-)22:30
neverpanicA great game.22:31
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Christian___does anybody know how to make two partitions boot and rootfs and how to define which files go there? like boot.scr and kernel to boot and the other stuff to rootfs partition?22:40
qknightChristian___: you are using sdcard target?22:40
qknightneverpanic: thanks for all your help!22:43
qknightneverpanic: that saved me probably a few hours of searching22:43
qknightChristian___: maybe you can define your own target, see with 'custom image types'22:44
qknightChristian___: <- here is how it works22:46
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Christian___qknight: Thanks so far ... seems a little complicated to me ... well ... lets try ...22:54
qknightChristian___: i would first do all the steps on a shell manually and then when you know your tools, integrate it there22:55
Christian___qknight: If I see it right, probably multiubi is what I am looking for ...23:07
Christian___qknight: Now a usage example would be nice ... unfortunately the class file is the only thing in there having that command23:09
qknightChristian___: no usage example founds23:10
Christian___qknight: me neither ... inside the tree ... only some outside yocto stuff (or maybe not, at least there is a link to yocto on the side of the page)
Christian___qknight: on google "multiubi yocto" -> overwhelming 7 results for me ...23:14
qknightChristian___: so we conclude: this must be the most popular way to install yocto23:18
qknightChristian___: probably a userbase of 2 users, maybe it was used for a space shuttle mission ;-)23:19
qknightmaybe the one which failed...23:19
qknightwho knows? ;-)23:19
Christian___qknight: yep lol! But I am in doubt that it's so uncommon ... I have seen that method really often to have the kernel separated in a fat16 (or fat32) partition because of some old bootloaders ... well maybe that is the problem "OLD BOOTLOADERS"23:20
Christian___I read that they use that on ev3dev for the old not upgraded firmwares still out there (like on mine I guess :D ) ... the ev3 software did fail to update it inside my Windows VM23:21
qknightChristian___: i'm just kiddin23:22
Christian___qknight: Yeah I know, I found a bit more with out "multi"23:22
Christian___here is something
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