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zero_notehi folks, I've one question similar to, which was not answered08:28
zero_noteI've configured a "recovery" kernel for a board I'm working on (a kernel with an initramfs embedded into it and nothing else), so now I have to include the kernel (and its dtb) in my yocto project in order to build everything I need (uboot + standard_dtb + standard_kernel + rootfs + recovery_dtb + recovery_kernel) typing "bitbake myproject"08:28
zero_noteis there an elegant way to do so?08:29
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zero_noteshould I consider : "bitbake myproject" to build my standard env and then bitbake virtual/recovery_kernel?08:30
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AnticomHi all :) Concerning systemd recipe in oe-core: Looking through the recipe i noticed there was --disable-coredump in EXTRA_OECONF ( ). Does anyone know 1.) Why that is 2.) whether there's any chance i get it with that feature running on an ARM? Reason is i wanted to try systemd's coredumpctl and i suppose i need the coredump feature for that.09:28
AnticomIt's no hard requirement for the project but it could be usefull and i'm basically still playing arround with that huge messy pile systemd offers ;)09:28
boucman_workAnticom: can't you simply use EXTRA_OECONF_pn-systemd_remove that ?09:29
boucman_workor is it not a list ?09:29
Anticomboucman_work: of course i could but the recipe author must have had a reason to disable it. Now i'm trying to figure out, whether it's simply to get systemd become a little slimmer and lighter or whether it's disabled bc it won't work09:30
boucman_workis that to enable systemd itself to core-dump or is it to monitor core-dumps from systemd services ?09:31
Anticomboucman_work: if i knew i wouldn't ask :)09:32
AnticomI'd still consider myself a systemd noob. I'm just fiddling arround and exploring all the "new" things systemd and its companion tools/utilities offers09:33
boucman_work./configure --help in systmed's workdir might give you a clue, or a readme in there...09:33
Anticomboucman_work: good point. That might at least get me started. Cheers09:34
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shankarany one there09:56
boucman_workshankar: hello, yes, just ask your question09:56
shankarIm using intel edison board09:57
shankarwith yocto liux 1.6 version09:57
shankaris it possible to configure wireless router in it09:58
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shankarany body there10:02
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rburtonyocto is a tool for building linux systems, so it depends on what is in the edison software really10:06
rburtonlooking for hostapd or connman is a good start10:06
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shankarthank you10:18
shankarfor u r support10:18
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shankarcould to able to provide any additional information regarding wireless router configuration in intel edison10:30
rburtonpersonally, i don't have an edison, don't have the specific software that comes with the edison BSP out of the box, and have never configured an AP10:31
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AnticomI'm having a hard time finding any docs on QEMU_TARGETS (from poky.conf)11:25
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ionte_hi. so... i'm having a problem with wrong file being included again... i'm trying to bbappend barebox. the original recipe is in meta-phytec. here's my bbappend:
kryozenis 'IMAGE_FEATURES' modifiable and it's value is retained across recipes?11:51
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ionte_i have one file in boardenv: env/boardenv/config-expansions11:52
ionte_but the original file from the barebox recipe is included no matter what i do. been banging my head on this for a few hours, could need some help debugging this!11:52
kryozencan we add to IMAGE_FEATURES in one recipe and access the values in another recipe?11:56
CTtpollardcan I use a kernel append such as linux-$ or linux.bbappend to attach to multiple kernel recipes in the form linux-nameofboardhere ?11:57
CTtpollardI've got a patch for the kernel, which I want to be able to append to multiple bsp kernels11:58
CTtpollardwhere the names are linux-raspberrypi linux-intel etc11:59
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ionte_CTtpollard: don't think so (though don't take my word for it). but you can reuse the same patch on multiple kernels.12:03
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CTtpollardionte_: yeh, just wanted to save maintenance having one append instead of multiple that's all :/12:03
AnticomCTtpollard: Dunno whether % only replaces version string or is a generic wildcard. Have you tried linux-%.bbappend ?12:08
AnticomI've got a build running on my localhost currently, hence i can't look it up myself. You should be able to find it in the bb manual or yocto mega manual12:09
LetoThe2ndCTtpollard: well, restructure your recipes so that the images all share a common name, and then selectively append inside the bbappands by using the trailing selectors of the variables you need to modify12:09
CTtpollardLetoThe2nd: the kernel recipes are not under my control12:10
LetoThe2ndCTtpollard: bad luck then.12:10
CTtpollardit seems quite common across bsp's to name the kernel recipes linux-$target, so I thought they would be a capture for all12:11
LetoThe2ndcommon does not necessarily imply a good and maintainable practise12:12
ionte_how do i easiest see what paths are used when searching for a file?12:13
ionte_if the file is missing i get a debug message with all paths that were searched, but not so if it was found12:13
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zero_note(write here again maybe someone can answer) hi folks, I've one question similar to, which was not answered12:33
zero_noteI've configured a "recovery" kernel for a board I'm working on (a kernel with an initramfs embedded into it and nothing else), so now I have to include the kernel (and its dtb) in my yocto project in order to build everything I need (uboot + standard_dtb + standard_kernel + rootfs + recovery_dtb + recovery_kernel) typing "bitbake myproject"12:33
zero_noteis there an elegant way to do this?12:34
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boucman_workionte_: IMAGE_FEATURE are features of images, so they only apply to image recipes.12:47
boucman_workionte_: sorry, that was kryozen's question and I missed him12:48
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vmesonzero_note: I haven't done that but maybe this works:
vmesonor at least is agood place to start: [PATCH 1/5] recovery-kernel: recovery kernel build forkeystone13:11
zero_notevmeson: thank you, its really a good place to start13:13
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vmesonzero_note: don't thank me, thanks be to google. :)13:15
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zero_notevmeson: google is a great tool, but I have to thank who makes the right query ;-)13:17
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RPkergoth: around?14:07
mathieu3Hi, I'm running into some issues while trying to install the eclipse adt plugin, it fails due to a dependency to tm.terminal. I came accross this mail which didn't get any answer. I built the plugin with this patch but it feels like a dirty hack. Should I report this issue?14:07
RPmathieu3: if it doesn't have a bug in bugzilla it might be an idea, we're struggling to find people to work on the eclipse plugin atm :(14:09
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RPkergoth: turns out that messages during parsing don't trigger logging prefix change. I'm wondering about
mathieu3of there is one already :
yoctiBug 9105: normal, Medium+, 2.1 M4, timothy.t.orling, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , [MARS] Cannot install eclipse-poky plugin14:11
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zero_notethere is a way to copy files into the kernel source dir before the kernel will be built?14:29
boucman_workzero_note: making and applying it as a patch might be the simplest way14:33
*** fredcadete_ <fredcadete_!d4a63893@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:35
zero_noteboucman_work: ok, but in my case the file is binary: following this as example, I'm trying to write a recipe for my recovery kernel, and the way I obtain initramfs wants the busybox binary (statically linked) under initramfs/ in kernel source dir14:38
zero_noteso what I thought: compile busybox -> copy the binary into the kernel source dir -> compile kernel14:39
zero_notebut maybe I can obtain this by modify kernel's do_compile?14:41
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boucman_workzero_note: I don't think do_compile is the right place, but I never had to deal with the internals of yocto's kernel building logic14:49
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto14:50
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zero_noteboucman_work: thanks anyway14:51
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fredcadete_hello channel15:12
fredcadete_I am doing a multilib (lib and lib64) build of poky and I'm having issues with CMake modules, I'm not sure if they should be placed in /usr/lib/cmake or /usr/lib64/cmake15:13
fredcadete_if someone knows off the top of their heads what's the correct path it would be greatly appreciated :)15:14
*** billr <billr!~wcrandle@> has joined #yocto15:14
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*** alimon1 <alimon1!~alimon@> has joined #yocto15:19
kergothRP: i was thinking about something like that too, not sure what the best approach is for it. there's also messages coming from event handlers in recipe context that it'd be nice to prefix too :\15:20
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!> has joined #yocto15:20
kergothafk, coffee15:20
*** maxin <maxin!> has joined #yocto15:21
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betchouYou mean the find XXX.cmake files?15:41
fredcadete_betchou: yes, those are the ones15:41
betchouIt should be in /usr/share.15:41
betchouAnd it should not depend on 32 or 64 bits.15:42
fredcadete_and if I put them there they will be put in the sysroot by populate_sysroot?15:42
betchouYour FindXXX.cmake files or whatever have to handle 32 or 64 bits by themself.15:42
fredcadete_I tried putting them in /usr/lib regardless and that was the problem I was having15:42
betchouThose are not librairies.15:43
fredcadete_I'll give it a try15:46
betchoucome on :D15:46
fredcadete_meta-qt5 seems to be putting things in /usr/lib by the way15:46
betchouI'm checking.15:47
fredcadete_thanks a lot for the tips betchou15:47
fredcadete_meta-qt5 fido here15:47
fredcadete_sorry I mean jethro15:47
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:49
betchou /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules15:49
betchouFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllll of FindXXX.cmake guys.15:49
fredcadete_from cmake itself I think15:49
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:50
betchouDo as you wish then15:51
*** zero_note <zero_note!~lorenzo@> has quit IRC15:52
fredcadete_I'll try /usr/share, sounds like a good idea15:52
betchouThere are Find files and Config files.15:52
betchouCheck what you are generating first.15:52
fredcadete_but I can't put them in /usr/share/cmake-2.8 just because in this build it's cmake 2.8 :)15:53
betchouFor sure15:53
fredcadete_though I think /usr/share/cmake will be picked up too15:53
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has quit IRC15:54
fredcadete_that's solved! betchou, you get good karma15:55
fredcadete_thanks a lot15:55
betchouFrom OpenCV:15:57
betchou /usr/share/OpenCV/OpenCVConfig.cmake15:57
betchoufredcadete_: You might have package config files generated also.15:58
betchou*.pc filrd15:58
fredcadete_I do15:58
*** csanchezdll <csanchezdll!> has left #yocto15:58
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fredcadete_but they'll be arch-specific, they'll mention lib64 libraries16:00
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has quit IRC16:00
fredcadete_by the same criteria the cmake files would also go to /usr/lib6416:00
fredcadete_and this is when I give up and go home16:00
*** versatile123 <versatile123!5316fd9f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:01
rburtonsurely the "if its arch specific then put it in $libdir" rule is good enough here16:02
betchouPackage config DO precise the exact version of a library.16:02
betchouWhich is why the path might include 32 or 64.16:02
fredcadete_but so do the cmake files being installed in this specific case16:03
betchouThen you have shitty CMake files :P16:03
fredcadete_woe is me16:03
betchouFind CMake => global16:03
fredcadete_believe me, if it were up to me they would not be there16:03
betchouConfig CMake => specific16:03
*** maxin <maxin!> has quit IRC16:04
betchouPackage Config => specific16:04
fredcadete_the package is using this wonderful cmake feature:
versatile123Hi. I've build core-image-base with standard MACHINE ?= beaglebone. I'm trying to use runqemu like this: runqemu qemuarm zImage-beaglebone.bin core-image-base-beaglebone.jffs2 without success. Should be it ok or I should try another way?16:04
rburtonversatile123: beaglebone != qemuarm16:04
rburtonversatile123: if you want to run stuff in qemu, it's much easier to just use MACHINE=qemuarm16:04
RPkergoth: do you think that patch would be an improvement?16:04
betchouSmall question for me now:16:06
versatile123rburton: so how can I run beaglebone image? Using simple qemu-arm or runqemu script, doesn't matter..16:07
betchouI want to build a BSP on top of raspberrypi. I'm creating a new machine. But for now I get: bcm2835-bootfiles was skipped: incompatible with machine toto16:08
rburtonversatile123: run a beaglebone image on a beaglebone16:08
betchounot in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE16:08
betchouWhat is the proper way?16:09
rburtonversatile123: you could probably work out the right incantations to make qemu run a beagle image, but it won't be optimal.  a beagle is not a qemuarm.16:09
rburton(build a qemuarm image and you get a kernel that knows how to do stuff fast when its inside qemu)16:09
versatile123rburton: Wait a minute.. Beaglebone is arm, quemu is doing arm easily I guess.. So what's the problem?16:10
versatile123I'm really confused now16:10
rburtonversatile123: well, for a start ARM is an instruction set and nothing more.  qemu doesn't emulate a beaglebone.16:11
betchoutoto => lightpixels16:11
versatile123rburton: I don't want qemu to emulate beaglebone. I want it to emulate ARM cortex a8. Why qemu can't emulate this processor?16:13
*** Crofton <Crofton!~balister@> has joined #yocto16:14
rburtonwell i presume you'd like input and output16:14
rburtonthe a8 is just a processor16:14
rburtonso qemu has to emulate an entire board16:14
versatile123rburton: No, I don't need this at all, never said I need this.16:14
rburtonall i can suggest is to try invoking qemu-arm directly and see if you can make it boot16:15
rburton(or switch to MACHINE=qemuarm for stuff you want to run in a qemu)16:15
versatile123rburton: I only want to modify standard beagleboard device-tree, to try write simple device driver using .compatible pointer16:15
rburton <— this is the hardware that qemu emulates16:16
versatile123and I notice that standard yocto beaglebone machine is the only one with specified devicetree file, so it is the easiest way for me16:16
betchouHow much easier question if someone knows: How to handle COMPATIBLE_MACHINE when building a BSP on top of another?16:17
*** versatile123 <versatile123!5316fd9f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto16:18
rburtonbetchou: you can probably add the parent machine to MACHINEOVERRIDES16:19
rburtonso toto.conf which includes raspberrypi.conf can set MACHINEOVERRIDES .= ":raspberrypi"16:21
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC16:22
betchourburton: Just trying now! Thanks a lot! I've seen the line COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "raspberrypi" in at least ten files. I would have had to write 10 .bbappend?!16:23
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto16:23
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betchourburton: It does not seem to work. :/16:26
rburtonbetchou: no, set machineoverrides in your machine conf like i said, and when compatible machine is evaulated it will look at toto and raspberripi16:26
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC16:26
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto16:26
rburtoncheck that MACHINEOVERRIDES is being set correctly, with bitbake -e16:26
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betchourburton: Seems to work now. I did not commit your modif.16:30
betchourburton: yep!! Thanks :)16:31
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@> has quit IRC16:33
betchourburton: This is the proper way to do it by the way?16:34
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mbroadstis anyone aware of existing recipes for building zfs-on-linux?17:10
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mbroadstor rather does anyone have experience building an out-of-tree kernel module thats built using autotools?18:14
*** matteo <matteo!~matteo@openwrt/developer/matteo> has quit IRC18:14
mbroadstit seems like I probably can't follow examples for recipes inheriting `module`, nor those inheriting `autotools` exactly18:14
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malinusHello. It seems that newer Yocto/raspberry-pi-bsp/rpi-basic-image releases no longer produce a finished (partitioned etc.) image as an result but "just" the rootFS. Or am I missing something?18:42
*** radhus <radhus!> has quit IRC18:43
malinusIt's just what I would expect to come out, taking the name "rpi-basic-image" into account.18:43
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kergothIs there a standard for handling of user supplied config files? Separate recipe? merge-files? bbappend? Keeping it in the same recipe with an append results in checksums changing when the machine changes. I know we've used separate recipe sin some cases, i.e. alsa-state (though admittedly that's not config), but what about the general case?21:57
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rburton1standard? hahahahaha21:58
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rburton1was that helpful?21:58
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kergothrburton1: hehe22:01
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kergoth"convention" would perhaps have been a better choice22:02
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mrk377kergoth - Is there a way to have all the *-dev-*.rpms not installed in the final image easily??22:07
rburton1not installed?22:07
rburton1don't install them in the first place22:07
rburton1sounds like you've got dev-pkgs in IMAGE_FEATURES22:07
mrk377I will look to see if dev-pkgs is tucked away in some *.bb file.22:08
rburton1its an image feature, so your distro or local conf, or the image recipe itself22:08
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fraysomething in your confict is set to ADD the dev-pkgs.. (or you have a custom image that is set that way)22:12
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mrk377One of the *.bb files has "require recipes-core/images/".   It appears I need a line:  PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "dev-pkgs"22:13
kergothdev-pkgs isn't a package, it's an image feature22:13
rburton1clearly pulling in the core-image-minimal-dev config isn't the right thing to do22:14
rburton1core-image-* are examples, copy instead of including22:14
rburton1i wonder if RDEPENDS supports "foo | bar" to install foo or bar22:15
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rburton1thats dpkg syntax, no idea what rpm has (fray?)22:15
mrk377Hmmm, ok.  I will steer away from using PACKAGE_EXCLUDE, and look into better approach.22:15
frayPACKAGE_EXCLUDE is a method that was added to say "never install this list of packages, trigger an error if they are required"22:16
mrk377fray - Makes sense.  Thx22:16
fraysession over.. ogtta go..22:17
mrk377Duh, sorry guys.  Just require core-image-minimal.  Thanks for kick starting me in the right direction.  It helped.22:18
rburton1don't require an existing image, just copy the contents into your image recipe and hack it from there22:19
rburton1or you'll be really annoyed when someone changes whats in core-image-minimal22:19
mrk377rburton1 - Is that the standard practice by most everyone!22:19
rburton1core-image-* are examples, and also mostly trivial22:20
mrk377Ok.  That helps.22:20
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