Tuesday, 2016-06-07

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #823 of nightly-multilib is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_2] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-multilib/builds/82304:11
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #897 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly/builds/89704:21
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atmci'm trying to build a yocto image for the raspberry pi (with the bsp) and want to add the opencv package. if i add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "opencv" i don't have the opencv in the build04:42
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kergothatmc: you missed the space separator05:13
kergothIMAGE_INSTALL is a space separated list, and _append doesn't add one for you05:13
kergothIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " opencv"05:13
atmcokay, thats at least one mistake05:14
atmci'm gonna test this at work in an hour05:14
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atmckergoth: i now have the following changes in the local.conf file05:52
atmcEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks dev-pkgs tools-sdk tools-debug"05:52
atmcIMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management"05:52
atmcIMAGE_INSTALL_append += " cmake opencv"05:52
atmcbut then i get Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['opencv']05:53
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atmckergoth: i added the meta-oe layer. now it finds the opencv package. for the dev packages  it is sufficient to just add EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks dev-pkgs05:59
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atmci'm running into the following error during a raspberry-pi image build: ERROR: glibc-2.23-r0 do_package: Fatal QA errors found, failing task.07:40
atmci cant find any information about that error07:40
atmci'm building on CentOS 7 if that matters07:42
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jkuatmc: the specific QA error should be mentioned there, with a tag (like [dev-so] or [textrel]) that you can search for in the reference manual08:18
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jlasnierHi every one! I have a package (.ipk) which isn't provided by bitbake, It is an external .ipk. I want to include it in the yocto rootfs during the do_rootfs task! There is a proper way to perform this?09:31
CTtpollardjlasnier: what do you mean by not provided by bitbake? there is no recipe for it?09:31
jlasnierCTtpollard: Yes exactly!09:32
jlasnierCTtpollard: There is no recipe for it09:34
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CTtpollardjlasnier: have you checked https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/ ?09:34
jlasnierCTtpollard: unfortunately, the .ipk is built from a proprietary source code (I haven't these sources). The recipe dosen't exist and I can't create my own recipe because I've no source...09:40
CTtpollardjlasnier: so you just want the .ipk on the rootfs so you can install it manually from there?09:40
jlasnierCTtpollard: I would like to install the .ipk during the rootfs build. If there is no solution, I'll install it at system run-time with opkg, but I prefer not09:44
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jlasnierCTtpollard: I want to say to bitbake "take my .ipk to build the final image"09:44
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neverpanicjlasnier: here's the hack we do to get this done: https://p.dnnr.de/hZo-OxcDnokUH1KP09:51
neverpanicit involves unpacking and re-packing the contents of the ipk, though.09:51
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jlasnierneverpanic: great! It's exactly that I want to do! But I believed that I could do this without write a recipe but rather by modifying the rootfs.bbclass or something like this. But this recipe will do the trick! Thank you!09:59
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bluelightningjlasnier: neverpanic: there's a slightly less hacky way of doing this - bin_package.bbclass10:22
bluelightningif you're using 2.1 (krogoth) or newer you can even have "devtool add" / "recipetool create" create you a recipe to do it pretty much automatically10:23
CTtpollardbluelightning: interesting10:25
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KHJDHi there. Is there a way to limit the numbers of parallel connections to a server/ip ? For example if several recipes fetch from the same git-server in parallel ?11:05
rburtonjust reducing BB_NUM_THREADS11:09
rburtonif you're hitting this on an autobuilder type situation, we do a world fetch before builds with BB_NUM_THREADS=2 instead of the auto-detected 2011:10
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neverpanicAnd add a download cache11:18
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rburtonyeah, share your download directory if you have multiple machines11:19
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xkonnitrying to add my own fstab (just to get started with customizing builds) - following this guide: https://communities.intel.com/thread/49251 but for some reason the new one is not included...11:36
xkonnii added the layer, created a config and bbappend for base-files, copied fstab and modified it... like described11:36
xkonninow bitbake my-image runs fine but just contains the default fstab.. any idea what i might be missing? i did run bitbake -c cleanall for base-files and my-image11:37
xkonnior a hint how i can check if custom recipes are used?11:38
xkonniok, just a typo...11:41
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aurelehi everyone12:17
aurelehi bluelightning ;)12:17
aureleI was using in yocto 1.7/1.8 ${DATETIME} in a package version (PV := "${PVBASE}.${SRCPV}.${DATETIME}"), I wanted to have this package updated for each build. Someone clever told me to use DATETIME, but now with yocto 2.1, I got some errors, I think due to ${DATETIME}...12:19
aurelethe error looks like :12:20
aureleERROR: skellgip2-svn.10498.20160607121331-r0 do_configure: Taskhash mismatch 8fc318691e5d72c15849b0d1acf89a0a verses 92439d39915a1779c5176ac4d14f16a1 for /home/aurele/workspace/yocto/moniteur-krogoth/sources/meta-castel/recipes-castel/skellgip2/skellgip2_svn.bb.do_configure12:20
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aureleif anyone knows how I could remove those errors and still get my package rebuild at each build...12:21
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xkonniadded .deb package-management to my images. but i can not install fresh packages, e.g. libattr1 is missing. can i somehow tell bitbake to build packages of .deb-dependencies?12:30
xkonniotherwise, what use is the package management if i can not install packages?12:31
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rburtonxkonni: what do you mean "cannot install fresh packages". what error?  it sounds like the package you're trying to install has dependnecies you're not giving it, all of these will be in the feeds in tmp/deploy/13:56
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* joseppc hi14:03
maxinJoseppc: hi14:04
joseppcmaxin: :)14:05
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joshuaglYPTM: Joshua joined14:59
sjolley1YPTM:   Ready-Access Number: 8007302996/9139049836  Access Code:     270575114:59
sjolley1YPTM: Stephen Joined14:59
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SonaYPTM: Sona is on call15:01
billrBill Randle on the call15:01
vmesonsYPTM: Randy joined15:02
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rburtonYPTM ross join15:03
halsteadYPTM: Michael here.15:03
RPSadly RP has a conflicting meeting15:03
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* RP will try and answer any questions here though15:05
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sjolley1YPTM is over15:11
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Xzhi there21:00
Xzhow do I sign up for yocto kernel mailing list?21:00
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m2can someone take a look at this error? http://0fe86b863c596abd.paste.se/ I understand what it's sayig, I just can't spot the dependency loop :-P21:48
m2this happens when I add INITRAMFS_IMAGE to the configuration, and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE is set to 121:50
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m2it took a lot of squinting to see it: syslinux:do_populate_sysroot depends on ... linux-yocto:do_deploy which depends on syslinux:do_populate_sysroot22:08
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m2I think I see what's the problem: the image type is hddimg. When I add the INITRAMFS variables, the loop shows up.22:16
m2Am I misunderstanding something?22:16
*** tlab <tlab!~tlab@> has joined #yocto22:21
bluelightningm2: is this perhaps IMAGE_FSTYPES being set to include hddimg also for the initramfs image as well as your main image?22:26
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ephlodurhello all23:19
ephlodurI have a problem running bitbake on UpenSuSE 42.123:19
billrWhat kind of problems are you having? I know it works on OpenSuSE 42.1 because one of the Yocto project AutoBuilders runs 42.1.23:22
ephlodurFATAL: The knotty ui could not load the required curses python module.23:23
ephlodurall python are install correctly23:23
billrWhich version of Yocto are you trying to build? One of the releases or master?23:24
ephlodurrunning the master i beleive ... is there a way to very that information23:25
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billrrun 'git branch' from inside the poky directory and look for the one with the "*" next to it. 'git status' should also tell you which branch is active.23:27
ephlodurok is the master23:29
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billrok, and you're sure you have the Python3 curses module installed?23:32
ephlodurthe version of python now is Python 2.7.923:33
billrThe master branch has switched over to use python3.23:34
billrFrom the command line, try:23:34
billr   $ pyhton323:34
ephlodurthe phython 3 is located in /usr/bin/python3.423:34
billr  >>> import curses23:34
ephlodurhow do I import ncurse23:35
billrif you look at "bitbake/lib/bb/ui/knotty.py" you will see it does "import curses"23:35
ephlodurok what should I type23:35
billrline 150. That's where it is failing on you.23:36
ephlodurok ..how to I fix that23:36
billrStart python3 and at the ">>>" prompt, just type "import curses" and see what it says, if anything23:36
ephlodurok when I type python it seem to load python 2.7 and ncurse failed23:38
ephlodurhow I can I force it to load python 323:38
billrwhat if you type "python3"23:38
ephlodurok even when Python 3.4.1 (default, May 23 2014, 17:48:28) [GCC] on linux is loaded ncurse failed with ImportError: No module named 'ncurse'23:40
kergothhe said curses, not 'ncurse'23:40
* kergoth yawns23:40
ephlodurwhen I try to install ncurse I get No update candidate for 'python-curses-2.7.9-21.1.x86_64'. The highest available version is already installed23:41
billrkergoth: do you know if py3 curses comes standard or is an add-on package?23:42
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ephlodurI not sure ... the only ncurse I see in the repository is 2.7.923:43
kergothit comes with the standard python 3 library in debian, no idea about rpm based distros23:44
kergothspecifically, libpython3.5-stdlib in ubuntu 16.0423:44
billrfound it on opensuse page. Looks like a separate package23:45
billrephlodur: don't do an upgrade - do an install of the python3 package I showed above23:45
ephlodurok .. I found it on the web site ..trying to install it now23:49
ephlodurok it's installed23:50
billrgood. things should work better now23:51
ephlodurthe package is python3-curses23:51
billrmakes perfect sense23:52
ephlodurimport ncuse still failed ImportError: No module named 'ncurse'23:52
billrare you sure the error says 'ncurse' and not 'curses'?23:53
ephlodurusing python3 and import ncurse i get ImportError: No module named 'ncurse'23:54
kergothyou were told like 3 times to import curses, not 'ncurse'23:55
kergoththere's no such thing as 'ncurse'23:55
ephlodurok.. sorry23:55
ephlodurok curses get loaded ok with no errors23:55
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billrok, good news. Now try bitbake again23:56
ephlodurdoing import curses23:56
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ephlodurgreat all of you it's working23:57
billrhappy to hear that. good luck with the rest of your building23:57
ephlodurthanks a lot23:57
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