Wednesday, 2016-07-06

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m57nhi guys, is there any way to have systemd unit files outside std paths?06:53
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c0rnelis this a question for #systemd ?07:02
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m57nc0rnel: actually it can be both systemd & yocto, because atm, i don't really know how to handle it in yocto. it seems that the systemd.bbclass doesn't allow this as it searches for systemd units in hardcoded paths07:06
c0rnelm57n, the problem may be that systemd itself searches for them in hardcoded paths , if i understand correctly what you want to achiev07:12
jkum57n: what would be the benefit of unit files in non-standard locations?07:14
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m57njku: actually i wanted to produced a application partition (instead of a whole rootfs image). This way, i can only have that partition flashed instead, so i wanted to have the associated systemd file inside this partition07:16
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florin_hi guys, I have a question on yocto and how to enable thumb mode when compiling for it07:53
florin_I was always under the impression that having "thumb" in TUNE_FEATURES would be enough to have it compile using the thumb instruction set07:53
florin_which seems actually to not be the case because that does not happen unless ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "thumb"07:54
florin_is this how it should be?07:54
redenginflorin, do you want only thumb?07:54
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florin_I want also dsp07:55
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florin_so the DEFAULTTUNE is correctly set as armv5te07:55
florin_I would assume this would let yocto know that I need thumb mode07:55
florin_I am basing on tune-arm926ejs.inc07:56
redenginflorin, if your processor supports both thumb and armX then it'll tune bot07:56
florin_it will tune both?07:57
redenginflorin_, if you only want thumb then you'll have to force thumb mode07:57
florin_so the build config output is07:57
florin_TUNE_FEATURES     = "arm armv5 thumb dsp"07:57
redenginflorin_, that just gives the compiler the ability to use thumb as appropriate, not force it into thumb07:57
florin_hm, I see07:58
redenginare you sure you always want thumb?07:59
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florin_no, I think I will just have it forced for a particular recipe which is misbehaving07:59
florin_|   arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-g++  -march=armv5e -marm --sysroot=/home/builder/tmp/build/tmp/sysroots/generic-armv5te '-DV8_TARGET_ARCH_ARM' '-DCAN_USE_ARMV7_INSTRUCTIONS' '-DENABLE_DISASSEMBLER' '-DV8_IMMINENT_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS' '-DICU_UTIL_DATA_IMPL=ICU_UTIL_DATA_STATIC' -I../deps/v8  -pthread -Wall -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter -fno-strict-aliasing -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=softfp -marm -O3 -fno-omit-frame-pointer -fdata-sections -ffunction-sections -O3 -fno07:59
florin_-rtti -fno-exceptions -std=gnu++0x -MMD -MF /home/builder/tmp/build/tmp/work/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi/nodejs/5.12.0-r1.5/node-v5.12.0/out/Release/.deps//home/builder/tmp/build/tmp/work/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi/nodejs/5.12.0-r1.5/node-v5.12.0/out/Release/   -O2 -pipe -g -feliminate-unused-debug-types -fdebug-prefix-map=/home/builder/tmp/build/tmp/work/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi/nodejs/5.12.0-r1.5=/usr/src/debug/node07:59
florin_js/5.12.0-r1.5 -fdebug-prefix-map=/home/builder/tmp/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux= -fdebug-prefix-map=/home/builder/tmp/build/tmp/sysroots/generic-armv5te=  -fvisibility-inlines-hidden -c -o /home/builder/tmp/build/tmp/work/armv5e-poky-linux-gnueabi/nodejs/5.12.0-r1.5/node-v5.12.0/out/Release/ ../deps/v8/src/api.cc07:59
florin_| In file included from ../deps/v8/src/base/atomicops.h:150:0,07:59
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/base/once.h:57,07:59
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/base/lazy-instance.h:72,08:00
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/base/platform/mutex.h:8,08:00
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/base/platform/platform.h:29,08:00
redenginflorin_, please use pastebin08:00
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/heap/gc-tracer.h:8,08:00
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/heap/heap.h:15,08:00
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/contexts.h:8,08:00
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/api.h:9,08:00
florin_|                  from ../deps/v8/src/
florin_| ../deps/v8/src/base/atomicops_internals_arm_gcc.h:258:4: error: #error "Your CPU's ARM architecture is not supported yet"08:00
florin_|  #  error "Your CPU's ARM architecture is not supported yet"08:00
florin_damn, I forgot, sorry about that08:00
florin_so I took for granted that thumb in TUNE_FEATURES should force thumb code for all the recipes08:01
florin_so when will it use thumb? not sure I understand how that decision is being made08:02
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florin_redengin, so if DEFAULTTUNE is set to armv5te, the package will fail as in the pastebin08:34
florin_unless ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "thumb" is set in the recipe08:35
florin_or the package compiles if DEFAULTTUNE is set to armv508:35
florin_without setting ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET anywhere08:35
florin_I don't really understand this08:35
redenginwhich v8 rev are you using?  on head I don't see an #error08:38
fredcadeteflorin_: how about comparing the -march and -marm compilation flags in the good and bad case?08:38
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fredcadetejust to understand if and what is not properly passed from metadata to the job08:39
redenginfredcadete, compiling the entire image under thumb doesn't seem tenable08:39
redenginfredcadete, the error he is seeing is a pre-processor halt based on the source he's using08:40
florin_it's nodejs that was failing to compile
fredcadeteassuming nodejs does not support thumb, you also say you get different results using DEFAULTTUNE="armv6te" vs using ARM_INSTRUCTINO_SET="thumb"08:43
redenginflorin_, which revision are you using?08:43
redenginfredcadete, I believe he is saying he can only get it to compile under thumb08:44
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redenginfredcadete, my guess is that his chosen node source didn't understand his arm flags08:44
fredcadeteI'll shut up then08:45
redenginfredcadete, don't shut up, it takes a group to understand user experiences08:46
redenginflorin_, how did you find that hash?08:47
florin_it's this commit: recipe: prevent file-rdeps and host-user-contaminated QA warnings08:48
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florin_that's the HEAD of the layer when generating that problem08:49
florin_I see master added 2 more commits since then but unrelated08:49
redenginflorin, do you can you post your full recipe set?08:50
florin_what do you mean? it's the recipe as it is there, not changed08:50
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fredcadeteisn't -march=armv5 -DCAN_USE_ARMV7_INSTRUCTIONS also a bit weird?08:51
redenginflorin_, what I expect is that your nodejs recipe is pulling in an older head that doesn't support your arm target08:51
redenginfredcadete, I agree, the arm7 allowance for and arm5 target is strange08:52
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redenginfredcadete, I expect that those flags are baked into a sane recipe, rather than what florin is being exposed to08:54
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redenginsince arm is hardware set of platforms, it maybe necessary to tweak the compiler in different ways than a normal platform08:59
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redenginon a side note, anyone have experience with docker?09:00
florin_will try something and get back to you09:00
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redenginflorin, can you give me some context on what you've been given vs what you've customized?09:01
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bachpredengin, I have some experience with docker09:22
redenginbachp, whats the avg startup time for a docker instance?09:22
bachpIt depends what image you are using09:23
redenginI'm looking at using docker as a build container09:23
redenginI created a chroot, but I'm ready to change over to docker, but I want to know what startup time looks like09:25
bachpIt's pretty fast alpine takes less than a second09:25
redenginmy developers expect instant builds (startup time less than 10's of seconds)09:25
bachpWe used debian based containers for our bitbake builds and they startup almost immediatly09:26
redenginbachp, and do you use docker on Windows?09:26
bachpLess than 10 seconds should be more than possible09:26
bachpNo not yet09:26
redenginnp, I like *nix09:27
redenginbachp, do you know how docker works on windows?  I'd expect its much more complicated09:29
redenginand do docker instances support non-linux platforms (Windows, OSX) or is that still in development09:32
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bachpredengin, there is docker support for windows in beta, but it uses MS hyper-v in the background to start docker in a linux vm10:04
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bachpredengin, but once it is release it shouldn't be more complicated than on linux10:05
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redenginbachp, agreed, I'm just looking for experiences10:13
redenginbefore I jump in, I want to see where it fails, and where it fails I'll contribute10:14
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florin_so redengin10:29
florin_I have used poky on branch krogoth10:30
florin_and from master10:30
florin_using a machine that has:10:30
florin_require conf/machine/include/qemu.inc10:30
florin_require conf/machine/include/tune-arm926ejs.inc10:30
florin_and then just tried to bitbake nodejs10:31
florin_the problem is that I get TUNE_CCARGS=" -march=armv5e -marm"10:33
florin_I expected this to be march=armv5et10:33
florin_but anyway, if the MACHINE uses instead of it works10:35
florin_any clue on that?10:40
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bachpflorin_, it looks like nodes/v8 doesn't know about armv5e11:01
bachpflorin_, see here:
florin_yes indeed, problem is that my DEFAULTTUNE is armv5te11:09
florin_which nodejs apparently should know11:12
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florin_so that should not be it11:36
fredcadeteflorin_: you can always track the origin on TUNE_CCARGS using bitbake -e11:36
fredcadetemaybe your bsp layer is overriding defaulttune11:37
florin_I did track it with -e and I saw: DEFAULTTUNE="armv5te"11:38
florin_that is why I am saying the defaulttune is correct however I have this problem11:38
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fredcadetefrom what I read of the docs (, DEFAULTTUNE is a hint11:40
fredcadetesomething else in your meta-data is affecting TUNE_CCARGS11:40
fredcadetebitbake -e can show you where TUNE_CCARGS is set and you can work backwards from there11:41
florin_I did and ended up at feature-arm-thumb.inc11:41
florin_which apparently states that you need ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET set to thumb if you want code compiled in thumb mode11:42
florin_however, redengin states that if thumb is in DISTRO_FEATURES, then it will anyway compile code in thumb mode when possible11:42
florin_I am having a bit of a hard time understanding the use of ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET, it is not documented11:43
florin_what would be the meaning of ARM_THUMB_OPT for example, when it is set as "arm" or when set as "thumb"?11:43
florin_what is the difference between these 2 modes?11:43
fredcadeteflorin_: shouldn't that be TUNE_FEATURES instead of DISTRO_FEATURES11:45
fredcadeteI don't really know, I am reading for the first time11:45
florin_yeah, typo from my part, it's TUNE_FEATURES not DISTRO_FEATURES, sorry11:46
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m57nis there a way to make a package being a linux partition with yocto?11:52
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boucman_workm57n: could you explain a little more ? the question as you state it makes little sense12:01
boucman_worka package is a bunch of file, it can't be a partition12:01
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mathieu1Hi, I would like to add some headers on my target, but without providing the whole package (the equivalent of foobar-dev in debian) I see that -dev packages are built, I can include them with dev-pkgs in IMAGE_FEATURES but the regular package comes with it too12:03
m57nboucman_work: you are right. actually i was wondering if we could possibly make a partition file from what it was produced with the do_install task12:03
boucman_worknot simply... you can probably hack something, but it's not a supported feature12:05
rburtonmathieu1: erm, in debian the -dev package depends on the regular package, just like in OE12:05
boucman_workmaybe look into the whole do_deploy mechanic... i'm not really sure how it works but that's how packages that produce something else than packages work12:06
rburtonmathieu1: very hard to link against a library if you don't install the library12:06
mathieu1maybe I used the wrong semantics here, but for instance I used to install sqlite-dev on debian, without having the sqlite utilites.12:07
rburtonmathieu1: thats simply because debian ships sqlite-dev, libsqlite, and sqlite.  sqlite-dev depends on libsqlite, but the binaries are packaged separately.12:08
mathieu1oh ok i understand12:09
m57nboucman_work: i actually don't know how to do it. i could probably have a task that create a fs file, but i have no idea how to deploy my package files into it without mounting it12:09
rburtonmathieu1: for a dev package to be useful in the normal case of a library, you need to install the regular package with the library in too.12:09
mathieu1yes, I'll do it this way, it's probably better and I don't have space constraints12:10
rburtonmathieu1: patches welcome to stop sqlite-dev from depending on the binaries, as they're packaged separately but the rdepends on -dev to sqlite is still present.12:10
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boucman_workm57n: mkfs takes a directory as an input, if you point it to the right directory it will create the image with whatever content you want, my question is more "why do you want to do that"12:15
boucman_workbecause it doesn't really fit with any common usage pattern, and that usually means that there is a better way of doing what you are trying to do12:16
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m57nboucman_work: just to flash only a partition instead of the whole rootfs. i don't want to a package manager12:31
m57nbtw, i've never heard about mkfs taking a directory as input12:32
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boucman_workoption is -d but I can't find it documented except in mkfs -h12:35
m57ncan't find it as well12:36
boucman_workI do that via specific image types, not via packages12:37
boucman_work(but files in my cases, I have multiple recipes that provide files in multiple partitions, so it can only be done at the image level)12:37
boucman_workm57n: <= this is how I do it12:39
boucman_workyou need to learn a bit about image types and image creation to understand it12:39
boucman_workand in modern yocto you might want to do the final assembly via wic12:39
boucman_workrburton: you might be interested in having a look at it too, I am not 100% happy with how I did it and I would gladly take ideas12:40
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boucman_workthe image targets an i.mx6 which needs a specific boot partition, as you will see12:41
m57nthanks, i will have a look12:41
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m57nboucman_work: i didn't get the fact that the native mkfs. was patched to add this option.12:58
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #813 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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boucman_workm57n: is it ? that explains it13:13
boucman_workthx, that mean that I could somehow add a --exclude-dir option, which would be awesome :P13:13
m57nyes it is, because the standard one doesn't provide this option. it was probably why i've never heard about it. btw, it's an awesome one, really helps.13:15
boucman_workUpstream-Status: Backport13:16
boucman_workso that's why I have it on my debian :P13:16
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Guest72097Hi guys, can anyone help me add the modphp module for apache? i added both apache2 and php, but no module is present. I see in the recipe the following condition: ${@bb.utils.contains('PACKAGECONFIG', 'apache2', 'true', 'false', d)}; ... but I have no idea what that does15:48
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fredcadeteGuest72097: it checks if php was configured with apache215:55
fredcadetefor example the code here: will only run if the php recipe has put "apache2" in the PACKAGECONFIG variable15:55
Guest72097And it does, apache2 is in packageconfig, but the testing still returns false .. @fredcadete15:56
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #824 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Guest72097fredcadete: what I understand is that it's looking whether apache2 is present, and if so, it runs the related commands, am I correct?16:04
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fredcadeteGuest72097: that's what it looks like16:13
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rburtonGuest72097: apache2 isn't in PACKAGECONFIG by default, the [apache2] bit is the definition of what to do if apache2 appears in the actual value of PACKAGECONFIG16:15
rburton(at this point you may want to read the documentation on packageconfig)16:15
wrmrxdoes anyone have any advice on bringing up a Rpi2 camera over the camera serial interface on a single chip dev board? this is my first time working with yocto but i've been on this task for a few days so i have pretty detailed information on what i've tried16:15
wrmrx(hello, by the way!)16:16
Guest72097rburton: thanks, that was one of my guesses but I wasn't sure. It's the PACKAGECONFIG ??= "mysql sqlite3 imap apache2 \" line that should contain it. also thanks fredcadete16:17
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wrmrx[also, please let me know if there is a more appropriate place to ask this question]16:19
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igor3hi guys17:51
igor3I'm porting my layer from dizzy to krogoth and I have a recipe that has a SRC_URI pointing to a file in deploy dir17:52
igor3on dizzy, it works fine but in krogoth it is copying the symbolic link instead the file pointed by the symbolic link17:52
igor3the commit that changes this behavor is 865d2fef17:53
igor3so, this change of behavor can be a bug or not?17:53
igor3this commit fixes two bugs: Bug 6128 - Incorrect wildcard unpack behaviour in fetcher17:54
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 2.2, paul.eggleton, NEW , Incorrect wildcard unpack behaviour in fetcher17:54
igor3    Bug 6129 - Local directories unpack to a different location than local files17:54
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 2.2, paul.eggleton, NEW , Local directories unpack to a different location than local files17:54
igor3but this bugs does not complain about copy of a symbolic link instead the real destiny17:55
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wrmrxdoes anyone know how to deal with django exceptions on the administrative pages on a new toaster installation?19:18
WarheadsSEQuestion: .. I have a packagegroup that is included in my image. That packagegroups shows all the expected packages, but the files from some of them are _not_ in my image..  How is this likely breaking for me? It seems counter intuitive. Trying to get firmware included, keeps missing whole swaths.19:19
wrmrxthe "toaster settings" page throws an error that says "not all arguments converted during string formatting" and the  "layer sources" page throws "unknown layersource type. if you added a new layer source type, fill out all code stubs"19:19
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khemWarheadsSE: Find out which package does missing file belong to, you can do a find in packages-split area of the recipe build area which you think should provide it20:28
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WarheadsSEkhem: found the problem, apparently, include can silently fail to find a .inc.20:38
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khemWarheadsSE: include is weak, if you want bitbake to send an error on missing include then use require20:52
khemits by design20:52
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