Wednesday, 2016-08-03

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mwarninghi, how to I load the layers I have entered in sources/layers.txt?07:06
mwarningor maybe there is a newer mechanism to download layers?07:11
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lpapphi, when someone is upgrading init-ifupdown with opkg, can one be sure that by the time opkg returns, the network interface is up again after getting brought down by the installation process?07:46
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T_UNIXis there a way to stop the recipetool from trying to scan the license file?08:26
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T_UNIX <- is that behavior intended?09:01
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T_UNIXaccording to hexdump -n 1 the first byte is either 20 (for 5 of the licenese files or 54 for the commercial license)09:09
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redenginanyone got an example of a NOMMU image configuration?09:40
boucman_workIIRC linux can't work without a MMU...09:43
redenginboucman_work, but it can....
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redenginboucman_work, I would like to know why you feel a kernel requires an mmu09:53
boucman_workI don't "feel" that... I just remembered that a requirement to port linux to a new HW was that the HW needed to have a mmu09:55
boucman_workI didn't know about an external patch to remove that requirement09:55
boucman_workI have no idea if nommu is supported by yocto, or how much work it would be to support it...09:56
jkroon_there was a fork, and it was merged into mainline linux,
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jkroon_though it looks non-trivial to link user-space applications for non-mmu kernels10:00
lpappjkroon_: good luck10:01
lpapp"it is just software" :-)10:02
jkroon_lpapp, wish redengin good luck, I'm not the one goin' down that road .. :-) although it would be interesting10:03
lpappyes, it is challenging, I guess.10:03
* jubr has had a running distro on Blackfin, nommu, /w uclinux + uclibc10:04
* jubr also remembers the porting hell and data-aborts in a nightmarisch way :)10:04
redenginjkroon_, yeah, it takes a specialization of the toolchain for placement independence10:05
jubrthat was back in 2008 tho...10:05
lpappincidentally, that was about the time when I played around with uclinux on Blackfin.10:06
redenginbah, what happened to linux on the toaster...   maybe I'm just old10:06
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redenginjubr, was there a common pattern of the code causing aborts?10:10
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KakounetHi there! I've got a question : is Uboot included in the .jffs file that is inside my images folder ? My goal is to flash a new Uboot to a board where I added SDRAM - I used a different receipe following what the provider of the board said...10:17
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jubrredengin: I think it was related to unaligned mem accesses & uclinux not being able to trap those with workaround code. Too long ago :)10:25
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AnticomHi all. How can i specify some extra flags being supplied to CMake for a cmake based project in my recipe?11:40
AnticomI've found PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS and EXTRA_OECMAKE in the cmake.bbclass but i'm not sure which one is preferably used11:41
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JaMaPACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS is for options provided by various PACKAGECONFIG options11:53
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Cwiiisis it possible to set a preferred version of a package for a particular machine?12:20
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halsteadDoing a quick reboot of the AB cluster to update nfs mount units.12:39
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jubrCwiiis: grep -r --color PREFERRED ../sources/*/conf/machine/13:01
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jubrCwiiis: grep -r --color PREFERRED ../sources/poky/meta/conf/machine/  (the other one only matched on Freescale's release)13:01
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Cwiiisjubr: that's not exactly what I asked - are you saying you can only do it by having a machine-specific include?13:03
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melonipoikaHi there, I am having some problems splitting the debug binaries into the correct package.13:06
melonipoikaI modify my recipe to add a -ptest package. That works fine, but the test debug binaries are added to the recipe -dbg package, which is not what I wanted13:07
melonipoikaso I added a line like this: PACKAGES += "${PN}-ptest-dbg"13:07
melonipoikanow the test debug binaries end up on the -ptest-debg, but also the files that earlier went into ${PN}-dbg now end up in ${PN}-ptest-dbg as well13:08
melonipoikanow ${PN}-dbg only contains the src files13:08
melonipoikaI tried using FILES_${PN}-dbg += and FILES_${PN}-ptest-dbg += in my recipe but that didn't help13:09
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Cwiiis(in case it's handy, PREFERRED_VERSION_package-name_machine is what I wanted)13:38
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Ulfalizermelonipoika: packages listed earlier in PACKAGES pick up files before later ones. if you add ${PN}-ptest-dbg to the beginning of PACKAGES, it will pick up all the files that match FILES_${PN}-ptest-dbg before any other packages are considered. i've never dealt with ptest packages myself, so not sure what the recommended practice is. maybe the tests are supposed to be stored in a separate path that does no13:56
Ulfalizert conflict.13:56
Ulfalizeryou could either set PACKAGES explicitly to an order that makes sense, or rearrange it with something like the following:13:57
UlfalizerPACKAGES_remove = "${PN}-dbg"13:58
UlfalizerPACKAGES_prepend = "${PN}-dbg ${PN}-ptest-dbg"13:58
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Ulfalizerurr... *PACKAGES_prepend = "${PN}-dbg ${PN}-ptest-dbg "13:58
Ulfalizerbut might still be problems. hopefully you understand the issue now at least.13:58
Ulfalizerthe glossary entry for PACKAGES doesn't seem to mention that earlier packages pick up files first. pretty bad omission.13:59
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Ulfalizeryou'll find the default PACKAGES and FILES_* values in meta/conf/bitbake.conf btw14:03
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jubrCwiiis: from Freescale: ../sources/meta-fsl-arm/conf/machine/include/ = "1.7.4"14:08
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jubr_mx6 is the soc-part of a _${MACHINE} override var - does that answer your question?14:09
jubrsuch vars can be set anywhere in your .conf14:09
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Cwiiisjubr: yup, thanks14:11
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KakounetHi there! I've got a question : is Uboot included in the .jffs file that is inside my images folder ?14:11
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stwcxKakounet: Generally, uboot is not included in the rootfs.  It doesn't really work that way.14:12
stwcxYou have to create some kind of partition layout to put onto the raw flash.  uboot usually goes at a specific address depending on your SOC.14:13
KakounetI'm a bit lost... I just want to flash uboot, but the doc I have is not really clear14:13
KakounetOk, I saw that on the doc, it has to go on a specific address, i'll dig in that direction, thanks !14:14
stwcxu-boot is the first thing your SOC will run.  The SOC doesn't have hardware to traverse a JFFS2 file system. ;)  Most of the time there is a hard-coded flash address you place u-boot at.14:14
stwcxLooks at UBOOT_LOADADDRESS14:16
stwcxThis is the original Yocto bbclass that is related too:
KakounetThxs !14:16
KakounetI am reading that (for my board)
Kakounet0x18000000-0x18080000 spibsc0_loader  (offset: 0x00000000)14:17
Kakounetsounds like a correct address ?14:17
Kakounetspibsc0_loader: contains u-boot (u-boot.bin)14:17
stwcx_loader would be u-boot,  _bootenv would likely be the u-boot environment variables.14:18
KakounetIt's just that it's written : Warning  The operation is prone to failure, use it at your own risk. :(14:18
* Kakounet is scarred14:18
stwcxFor instance, we store our MAC address into the _bootenv.14:18
LetoThe2ndKakounet: i'd just like to point out that prior to tinkering with that rom, i'd make ABSOLUTELY sure you have some other means of booting the device, from sd card or something similar14:19
stwcxKakounet: You have a way to flash the board even if it is bricked?  Maybe read the whole flash off and save a copy.14:19
LetoThe2ndif you have a jtag probe or such, yes.14:19
stwcxI 2nd that.  Even if you flash u-boot correctly it is possible your u-boot you compiled doesn't have all the drivers you need for this board.14:19
stwcxSOC vendors are notorious for not getting their u-boot hacks upstream...14:20
stwcxMy team had to basically re-write all of the drivers for u-boot and the kernel for the AST2400 / AST2500 chips because the vendor supplied changes were for a 5 year old version of u-boot and Linux.14:21
KakounetI made all that with a virtual machine given by the provider of my board, so I think it's ok but yes, I will try other means of flashing uboot14:21
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LetoThe2ndits just essential that you have some means of flashing u-boot without relying on a running and functional uboot itself.14:22
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jubrubootception! :)14:48
* jubr remembers seeing a redboot that could start the n+1 version of itself from mem & then flash the running version so you limit the chance of bricking the device14:50
jubrwe currently work with i.MX6: they have a nice USB serial DL mode: talks directly to the ROM. Saved our hides a few times over :)14:53
Kakounetjubr: I'm also working on an i.MX6 with Buildroot : for the newbie I am it's much more easier :)14:56
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jubrBuildroot? *shivers*14:57
jubrYou realize you are in the #yocto channel? :)14:58
boucman_workjubr: most of us use both depending on customer needs...15:00
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jubrboucman_work: We are the customer in that respect - thanking the lord every day :)15:03
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macbuganyone else have been having troubles with kernel panics on raspberry builds?15:45
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Cwiiisif ${sbindir} is /usr/sbin, what variable (usually) represents /sbin ?16:00
Cwiiisah, base_sbindir :)16:01
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Cwiiisanyone fancy #mozgnt / #mozbeer / #mozwine in a little bit?16:36
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stwcxI'm trying to understand what gets put into a regular package and what gets put into a -dev package.  Are there any pointers on that?16:58
stwcxWe are trying to reuse the autoconf-archive recipe and for some reason the /usr/share/aclocal contents are getting put into the nativesdk-autoconf-archive-dev and not nativesdk-autoconf-archive.  The dots aren't connecting in my head.16:59
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jedixI'm having a bit of an issue starting toaster locally.17:16
jedix"source toaster start" fails with  "command not found: python3 /home/jedix/installs/yp/openembedded-core/bitbake/bin/../lib/toaster/"17:17
jedixhowever, running th command by hand works17:17
jedixpython3 /home/jedix/installs/yp/openembedded-core/bitbake/bin/../lib/toaster/ checksocket "localhost:8000"17:17
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daddiohiya. I've just set up a layer for etnaviv that we juuuust got working with mesa and X on imx617:49
daddioWe have been consumers rather than participants in yocto up to this point17:49
daddioAnything I should do to advertize the existence of this etnaviv layer?17:50
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jedixtoaster didn't work because I use zsh18:29
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Ulfalizerstwcx: the value of FILES_${PN}-dev determines what gets put into the -dev package. you'll find the default value in meta/conf/bitbake.conf.18:47
*** hsychla <hsychla!~hsychla@2001:6f8:12d9:13:a2b3:ccff:fefb:967b> has joined #yocto18:48
Ulfalizerfor each package <pkg> in PACKAGES, the patterns in FILES_<pkg> determine what files are put into that package18:49
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Ulfalizerpackages that appear earlier in PACKAGES "win" when it comes to picking up files in cases where many patterns match the same file18:50
Ulfalizer(which i want to add to the PACKAGES glossary entry, but i just submitted a bunch of stuff and don't want the documentation maintainer to feel like he's being spammed. :P)18:51
Ulfalizerstwcx: you can also check out the value of FILES_${PN}-dev with 'bitbake -e <your-recipe>'18:52
Ulfalizer${PN}-dev appears before ${PN} in PACKAGES, so it will "win" if the files could be picked up by either one of those18:53
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stwcxUlfalizer: Thanks.  Let me read and absorb what you wrote.18:54
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stwcxUlfalizer: I see 'FILES_${PN}-dev' contains ${datadir}/aclocal .  So that's where it is coming from, thanks.18:59
Ulfalizerno problem. i don't even know what aclocal is for to be honest.18:59
stwcxThe autoconf-archive package is a collection of aclocal macros.  Does it make sense to add 'nativesdk-autoconf-archive-dev' to the nativesdk package group, or trying to make the non-dev package have the aclocal stuff for this particular package?19:00
Ulfalizerah, some autotools thingy19:00
stwcxThey are a collection of additional commonly used autotools macros.19:00
Ulfalizerwhy can't they be in the -dev package? it seems they'd make most sense there.19:01
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Ulfalizersince those macros would only be needed for development19:01
Ulfalizeryou could still make sure to install the -dev package if you think the users would want those macros installed by default19:01
stwcxThey can be and by default they are.  That works great for 'DEPENDS_package = "autoconf-archive-native"'.19:02
stwcxWhat gave us trouble initially was that we added RDEPENDS = "nativesdk-autoconf-archive" to nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.bbappend.19:02
stwcxWhich ends up doing nothing useful.19:02
stwcxRDEPENDS = "nativesdk-autoconf-archive-dev" does work though, but it seems odd to have to add a dev package to the RDEPENDS of the SDK.19:03
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Ulfalizerstwcx: another option would be to do  RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "nativesdk-autoconf-archive-dev"  and adding  my-packagegroup-dev  to IMAGE_INSTALL (or whatever the right name for the nativsdk portion of the SDK is again)19:05
Ulfalizer(the reason i disappeared for a while is because i can't remember the name of that variable. there's one for the host portion of the SDK, and one for the target portion. :P)19:06
UlfalizerTOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK it is :)19:07
UlfalizerRDEPENDS_${PN}-dev += "nativesdk-autoconf-archive-dev" even. i just made the same mistake i added a warning for in ...19:08
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stwcxDo the dev packages get automatically installed in the SDK?19:09
Ulfalizernope, hence why you'd need to list e.g. "nativesdk-autoconf-archive-dev" in TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK if you want to install it19:10
Ulfalizeri assumed you had some packagegroup that listed stuff you wanted to install. in that case that packagegroup could generate two packages "my-packagegroup" and "my-packagegroup-dev", and you could list those.19:11
Ulfalizermario-goulart: o.O19:11
Ulfalizermario-goulart: i should be drinking beer and stuff :P19:11
mario-goulartYeah! :-)19:12
Ulfalizerstwcx: btw, packagegroups can be overkill sometimes, imo. nothing wrong with just adding stuff directly to TOOLCHAIN_HOST/TARGET_TASK. it's still possible to split that up over multiple bbappends, or to add comments for groups of packages by doing TOOLCHAIN_FOO_TASK += "...." and putting a comment above that.19:17
Ulfalizerpackagroups is for when it's handy for the package manager on the target to treat those packages as a unit, but that might not always be needed19:17
Ulfalizerthat might be a personal opinion though :P19:18
* Ulfalizer has seen packagegroups nested within packagegroups nested within packagegroups :|19:19
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stwcxUlfalizer: My biggest concern with the TOOLCHAIN variable was I saw some classes that did ?= on them.   I was worried about breaking something else.  It looked like that package group was already predefined as a nice location to bbappend content into for our distro.19:35
Ulfalizerstwcx: if you want to see how the TOOLCHAIN* variables currently get their values, you can run 'bitbake -e <image-recipe> | less'. above the value for each variable, you'll see how it ended up with that value. might be helpful in figuring out what makes sense.19:40
Ulfalizercan't see any classes setting TOOLCHAIN_(HOST/TARGET)_TASK directly in poky19:41
stwcxMy general policy is to avoid setting anything that is ?= in poky unless I really know what I'm doing. ;)19:43
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Ulfalizerhrm... populate_sdk_base.bbclass does TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK ?= "..." do add some basic stuff it seems19:46
stwcxSo maybe TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append would allow it to still get those items?19:47
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Ulfalizeryep, that would work19:47
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