Friday, 2018-02-09

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SamoudHello !09:53
SamoudHow can I add the getconf command to my image ?09:54
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mcfriskhow strict is the kernel version requirement of poky? Can a new 4.14 based linux-libc-headers be used to bootstrap gcc and glibc compilations and still fall back to an older 4.1/4.4 or 4.9 kernel version for actual target?10:29
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RPmcfrisk: yes, that is fine10:49
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mcfriskRP: thanks!11:02
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jaeckelI'm on the latest krogoth branch and I can't build because of the same error as reported here (I'm not using the meta-udoo layer and none of my layers included seems to touch the db recipe) does someone know how to fix that?11:22
RPrburton: ahhrgg :/11:22
rburtonwe haven't seen that for months11:23
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RPrburton: indeed :(11:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto image : getconf not found <>11:40
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luneffhey guys! is there a simple way to reserve a little more space for raspberry sdimg wic class? I need 500 more megs on rootfs, but it get almost no free space :-(12:23
luneffhope IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE will work12:27
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samoudHello everyeone12:50
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rburtonluneff: that's exactly what its for12:57
rburtonsamoud: answered your getconf thing on stackoverflow12:58
samoudHello @rburton I saw it12:58
samoudbut I get an error when trying to build it12:58
luneffyeah, worked. also, I think that meta-raspberrypi sdclass needs xz -T 0 for image compression; better use all available cores12:59
rburtonyou don't need to build it, its part of glibc so built already12:59
rburtonjust add it to your image12:59
samoudIMAGE_INSTALL_append += " glibc"13:00
samoudit's what I did13:00
rburtonIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " glibc-utils"13:00
rburtonas i said, the package is called glibc-utils13:00
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samoudit's what I did13:10
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samoudBut still get this error13:10
samoud| make[1]: *** [all-bfd] Error 2 | make[1]: Leaving directory '/mnt/data/resin-wpe/base-image/build/tmp-glibc/work/x86_64-linux/binutils-native/2.29-r0/git/build.x86_64-linux.x86_64-linux' | Makefile:849: recipe for target 'all' failed | make: *** [all] Error 2 | ERROR: oe_runmake failed13:10
samoudwith bitbake13:11
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parthiWhere will be sysroot files stored in yocto? I want to use it for my manual compilation.13:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add a module/library to meta-toolchain-qt5 sdk <>14:10
rburtonsamoud: how on earth did you build an image if binutils-native is failing to build?14:11
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RPrburton: binutils-native is only used for libbfd iirc14:18
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samoudwhat i'm missing ?14:26
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* fray notes apparently there was a cat on the keyboard somewhere over night14:41
RPsamoud: there is probably more of an error further back in that log.14:44
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* moto-timo lol @ fray15:01
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kanavinfray: there's cat protection software to help with that, but I can't remember off the top of my head if it's also easily available in common linux distros15:03
frayThe cat does not usually do that.. she doesn't come into my office when I'm not here..15:03
fraymy daughter is visiting with her dog, so I'm guessing that was the deviation15:04
kanavinyeah, they tend to be interested in keyboards only when someone is typing on them15:04
fraydepending on her mood, she will often sit on my lap while I type.. at least for a while..15:05
fraythe other cat (that routinely comes into my office) just wants to be pet (on the ground) or snore while I'm on conferecne calls15:05
frayhe usually curls up to my dog who is also snoring.. and they make a nice racket while I'm trying to talk15:05
fray(I've got 4 cats and 2 dogs..  daughter has 1 dog and one boyfriend....)15:06
RPfray: I'm now picturing the boyfriend in the dog basket :)15:08
fraykanavin that looks like the cat that doesn't want to be picked up.. only he doesn't 'kneed' on the furnature (thank god)15:09
frayRP, wouldn't be surprised if that happened and the dog got the bed15:09
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xthunderheartxI've been rebuilding/redeploying my sdk every time I add a package that I want to develop against.15:45
xthunderheartxThat seems way overkill15:45
xthunderheartxIs there a simpler way to add libs/headers to the host sysroot?15:46
moto-timoare you using eSDK or just normal SDK?15:46
xthunderheartxThe older one. SDK15:46
moto-timoeSDK was created for this situation, although you would still be rebuilding it, but the deploy would be more like a package feed15:47
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moto-timoyes an eSDK is large, but the deltas should not be15:48
xthunderheartxWell I've just been doing a bitbake -c populate_sdk etc. Is it just a matter of building a different target for the eSDK?15:49
xthunderheartxI on morty15:49
moto-timoHenry Bruce's talk from ELC 2017:
moto-timoare you frozen on morty or can you update? major improvements in pyro15:57
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xthunderheartxStuck with morty because of FIPS certification.  Well really it's tied to the kernel/openSSL/toolchain15:59
moto-timooh FIPS15:59
xthunderheartxLOL! Me too!15:59
moto-timotrying to jog my memory on the command line, #bearwithme16:00
xthunderheartxThanx for the tip ... I looking into the eSDK now ...16:00
xthunderheartxcomes down to devtool right?16:00
moto-timosadly, I do not use eSDK daily and so I get rusty on this quickly16:00
moto-timomore or less, yes16:00
moto-timothe devtool in eSDK is slightly different than bitbake context, but similar concepts16:01
moto-timobitbake -c populate_sdk_ext16:03
moto-timoso actually, the most important changes were in krogoth, so you are in good shape on morty16:04
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xthunderheartxYeah buddy! Awesome. Thx again for the help.16:11
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moto-timohappy to help16:24
moto-timomaybe write something on the YP wiki if you get a chance to explain what works for you16:25
moto-timoor the mailing lists16:25
moto-timowe need more real world stories to get out there16:27
hastakei just started a small yocto project with layers from poky/openembedded and the board vendor, and when trying to build a image with no DISTRO_FEATURES and nearly no IMAGE_INSTALL (base-file, base-passwd, busybox, sysvinit), the build process still pull lots of stuff like X11 libs and alsa16:36
hastakeis it really required to build all these packages everytime?16:37
rburtonhastake: actually no DISTRO_FEATURES will refuse to build in glibc16:37
rburtonso you're probab;y using the default DISTRO_FEATURES,which includes x11 pulseaudio etc16:37
hastakehow can i check that?16:38
rburtonwell, where and how did you set "no DISTRO_FEATURES"16:39
rburtonas there's a fully-featured default16:39
hastake(i really have DISTRO_FEATURES="" in my bb target)16:39
rburtonoh in a recipe, that' won't work16:39
hastakeahah ok16:39
rburtonit would be specific to the image and so everything else won't know16:39
rburtondon't set it to ="" because it will break so dramatically.16:39
rburtondistro/include/ is where the defaults are assigned.  if you want a really trimmed form just assign your own DISTRO_FEATURES using eg DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC and anything else you want enabled16:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake the latest Gstreamer in Yocto Morty <>16:41
rburton(noting that anything in DISTRO_EFATURES_BACKFILL will magically appear unless you set DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED)16:41
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hastakerburton: ok16:42
hastakeso how can i remove from the build steps the package that are not included in the image?16:43
rburtonthat happens automatically16:43
rburtonit only builds what it needs16:43
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hastakewhat i don't understand is why generating a 80M image that sould only contains a kernel and some base scripts require 50G of space and more than one hour of build time16:46
hastakein other words, how can someone can debug its dependancy graph to see which recipe pull what?16:48
kergothat the very least, it has to build a complete toolchain to be able to compile anything.16:48
kergothbitbake -g is what you want16:48
hastakeyeah, tried that16:49
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hastakemy target is pulling 157 deps that are clearly not in the file itself, so i imaging that there is some kind of inheritance/templating going on?16:50
kergothevery recipe has default deps unless you set INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS, and possibly more beyond that depneding on what classes you inherit16:50
hastakehow can someone see what each file is doing actually pulling, implicitly or not?16:51
kergothagain, see bitbake -g16:52
kergothand bitbake -e, for that matter16:52
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hastakekergoth: thx, will analyze that16:54
kergothbitbake -e examines the metadata for either the global config or a given recipe, so you can examine variables like DEPENDS, whereas -g dumps mulutiple dependency graphs in .dot form16:57
kergothsee also the recently added oe-depends-dot tool16:57
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kergothRP: nicely done on runall, been looking forward to the 'all' variant tasks eventually going away :)17:01
kergothjust never got around to messing iwth it17:01
RPkergoth: thanks, I'm quite pleased to have rid of it as its horrendous to compute17:01
RPkergoth: I'm hoping people enjoy the speedup :)17:03
kergothalways do :)17:03
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rburtonkergoth: got some all removals in mut17:16
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rburtonhastake: normally because you forgot to disable something.  pick something which is "obviously" not used and follow it in the dot files to find out why, then find out what you can do to turn it off17:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building yocto for a Beaglebone green wireless [closed] <>19:11
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khemrburton: so make patches cant be backported to 3.81 :( I contacted the author19:26
khembut one of them which is small one can be19:26
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xtronis this right that the local.conf has the higher priority over a recipe configuration ?19:29
khemxtron: local.conf is global metadata file you can still use ?= in it to assign something weakly and then use recipe metadata to define it specifically using = say a PACKAGECONFIG or something19:32
khemrburton: in your meta-gplv2 setup can you backport just this one patch and see if it works with glibc 2.2719:34
xtronkhem: consider local.conf is adding a value in variable like DISTRO_FEATURES and some recipe is doing DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "value", who will win?19:35
kergoth_remove always wins, regardless of when or wher eit's defined19:36
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khemah yes _remove19:40
xtronkergoth: ok and it shouldn't appear in image build environment -e ?19:40
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dex1983Is it possible to build a Image with Docker Support on rock64 Board?20:26
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moto-timosee meta-virtualization layer for docker20:36
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fmeerkoetteri am using a rocko based system for an i.mx620:43
fmeerkoetteri try to get the gcc address sanitizer working20:44
fmeerkoetterI get /home/fmee/oecore-x86_64/sysroots/x86_64-oesdk-linux/usr/libexec/arm-oe-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-oe-linux-gnueabi/7.3.0/real-ld: cannot find libasan_preinit.o: No such file or directory20:44
fmeerkoetterand other linker errors.20:44
fmeerkoetterlinker complains that it cant find -lasan20:44
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fmeerkoetterfrom searching around with google i am no longer sure if ASAN is supported on ARM/gcc20:45
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fmeerkoetterthere are hints that ARM/gcc got ASAN support with GCC 4.920:46
fmeerkoetteri also find a gcc-sanitizer package at the layer index21:05
fmeerkoetternot sure if i need to add this?21:06
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dex1983thanks with it I get docker support21:26
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