Saturday, 2018-02-10

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jkroon_As soon as I add a defconfig to SRC_URI in my linux-yocto_%.bbappend, booting the image in qemu barfs on no rootfs available on /dev/vda17:28
jkroon_I've tried setting KCONFIG_MODE to "--alldefconfig", but still no success17:29
jkroon_The defconfig is generated via -c savedefconfig17:30
jkroon_Shouldn't this just work ?17:31
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lukmaIs is OK to override IMG_CMD_<my_image>="MY_IMG=.....;dd if= of=; dd ; dd; dd;" ?19:20
lukmato create simple binary image ?19:21
lukmaI men is it the "recommended" way ?19:21
kergothyes, you can create your own image type if you want to. i don't really know why you'd want to,  when you can just use wic and adjust the offsets, but whatever works19:21
lukmawic has a few shortcommings:19:22
lukma1. Always create partition table19:22
lukma2. You cannot specify the binary size (dd if=/dev/zero of=IMG bs=1M count=16)19:22
lukma3. The offset has only 1KiB granularity (though it is not a problem)19:22
lukmakergoth: Previously I had my own image-classes.class19:23
lukmakergoth: Or maybe I _just_ misuse wic.....19:23
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lukmawic seems to be tunned for the scenario when one wants to create sd/eMMC image (with partition table, some binaries, but also the partitions) - like SD card to boot BBB19:26
* kergoth shrugs, can definitely still create your own image type, that hasn't changed19:26
lukmaWhat I do need is a binary image for NAND memory19:26
lukmakergoth: I just want to ask if yocto|OE team is going to support IMG_CMD stuff (if it doesn't disappear in some near future ) :-)19:27
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kergothI don't think it's likely that it'll go away in the near future, anyway. I could see eventually moving in the direction of using actual shell functions for everything rather than commands in IMAGE_CMD variables, but I dont' think there's a plan to do so in the short term. Of course, it's possible someone is doing something in that direction that I'm not aware of, but haven't seen any discussions on the list in that area. I'd suggest searching bugzilla19:29
kergoth for any pending tasks in that area19:29
kergothpersonally i'd like to see proper shell functions that accept the input and output image names as arguments, to facilitate easier reuse, rather than referencing the IMAGE_NAME/etc vars in image commands directly, but that's just a personal would-be-nice thing :)19:30
* kergoth shrugs19:30
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lukmakergoth: I was even considering adding my own "plugin" to wic19:32
lukmato have the same options as with dd19:32
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lukmabut then I realized that wic is a "larger" project, from which OE|yocto only reuses some parts ....19:33
kergothThat wouldn't be a bad idea if the plugin is semi-generic. Probably overkill if it's bsp-specific19:33
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lukmakergoth: It also seems so for me19:36
lukmathe image creation seems like:19:37
lukmaIMAGE_FSTYPES_append_bbb = " spinor"19:37
lukmaIMAGE_CMD_spinor_bbb = "\19:38
lukma                          SPINOR_IMAGE=${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${IMAGE_NAME}.spinor;\19:38
lukma                          SPINOR_IMAGE_LINK=${IMAGE_BASENAME}-${MACHINE}.spinor;\19:38
lukma                          dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=32 | tr '\000' '\377' > ${SPINOR_IMAGE};\19:38
lukmaI can even reuse the original OE env variables19:38
lukmaIt is a bit a hack, but neat (and short) one .....19:38
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kergothyeah, that seems reasonable to me19:53
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lukmakergoth: Thanks a lot - I just want to avoid having maintenance problems in the future :)20:05
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lukmakergoth: If I may ask20:12
lukmaI suppose that list of commands for IMAGE_CMD_spinor_bbb is executed with something like:20:13
lukmash -c "${IMAGE_CMD_spinor_bbb}" , so I don't need to care about PWD ?20:13
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phatinaHi all, I am trying to put together an image using Poky (Rocko), and I fail to compile my services which use libdbus-c++ and c++17 standard due to: void DBus::_init_threading()22:01
phatinahave anyone stumpled upon this error in Rocko?22:01
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