Sunday, 2018-02-11

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spierepfWhat is the right way to populate resolv.conf with and
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|Sno|moto-timo: One thing I never realized was, that my bblayers.conf contains the layers as ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-cpan20:48
|Sno|moto-timo: I fully rely on that pattern in Packager::Utils :D20:49
|Sno|since I setup poky for GPW-2018 fresh out of the box (to see whether my perlbrew-feel-alike poky/scripts/oe-init-bashrc hook still works - which it does), I know that was batshit insane20:50
|Sno|moto-timo: and switching from utterly broken URI::Split to URI::Simple helped a lot to handle most of the other quirks I never realized before20:51
moto-timo|Sno|: I get no output from 'pkg_util check up2date -o log --packages_pattern "*-perl_*.bb" --packages_pattern "perl*.bb"' although it does create packages.db21:02
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|Sno|search for ~/bitbake-up2date* :)21:03
moto-timo|Sno|: I get successful packages.db from 'pkg_util create package --packages_pattern "*" --packages_pattern "perl*.bb" --categories recipes-devel --modules Class::Singleton' but no bb recipe created or I don't know where21:04
|Sno|moto-timo: hmm .. that's weird21:05
|Sno|meta-cpan$ git status | wc -l21:05
|Sno|The result from this weekend21:05
moto-timo|Sno|: I can't type :/ . I installed pkg_util to /usr/bin and changed the shebang to #!/usr/bin/perl21:06
moto-timo|Sno|: and all the CPAN packages are properly packaged and installed in vendor_perl21:06
moto-timo|Sno|: all the tests for the CPAN requirements pass, so I have fairly high confidence that is ok21:07
|Sno|missing etc/pkg_util.json? I don't expect - but ...21:07
moto-timo|Sno|: the xt tests in Packager::Utils aren't all working for me, so I disabled them21:07
|Sno|that are author tests only21:08
moto-timo|Sno|: I installed that in /etc/pkg_util.json21:08
moto-timoyes, that's why I don't worry about them much21:08
|Sno|moto-timo: I talk to Liz next Thursday and then I know which direction it takes21:09
moto-timoI have a growing list of new dists to add to meta-cpan or somewhere21:09
moto-timo|Sno|: great. I am happy to do the work from the OE/YP side as much as I can21:09
moto-timoI am after all the maintainer of meta-perl21:10
|Sno|moto-timo: In doubt I can generate you the bulk stuff,  put it on a ftp and you polish it21:10
moto-timoand one of the few people in YP/OE core that has significant perl background21:10
moto-timowell, if I can get Packager::Utils working locally I can solve my own problems :)21:11
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|Sno|But I have no idea what I can ask you to figure out whats wrong21:11
moto-timo|Sno|: I would also like to keep meta-cpan up to date. If I get the tooling working, I do not need you to do that. But let us see what Liz says.21:12
|Sno|moto-timo: I'm on upating meta-cpan this week21:13
moto-timo|Sno|: great21:13
moto-timo|Sno|: I'll send you a wish list and you can do with it what you will. Not asking you to do the work, but until I figure it out I have no choice21:14
|Sno|moto-timo: once I have the basement for my GPW2018 side-track I have time to help you digging21:15
|Sno|moto-timo: as said: I have 198 files changes in my current meta-cpan status :)21:24
|Sno|moto-timo: have a look at the patch for poky/classes/cpan* I sent you - my recent update of meta-cpan base on that thing21:25
|Sno|beside the desaster which causes me wanting to update perl5 to 5.26.1 before doing anything else21:26
moto-timoyeah. Unfortunately the effort to upgrade the perl packaging in oe-core is non-trivial21:27
moto-timobut I believe the wind river team is freeing up from other more pressing work and will hopefully be able to address the 5.26 upgrade soon21:27
|Sno|maybe it is time to re-think the politics behind the module-split21:29
moto-timo|Sno|: or do it with automation like the new changes in python manifest21:30
|Sno|it's a nightmare, doesn't fulfill any reasonable job (splliting into core-runtime and core-build-tools would be sane, but distributing perl without strict, warnings, Config or Config_heavy etc. is insane)21:30
moto-timo|Sno|: it isn't really politics so much as the needs of limited resource embedded devices (and backwards compatibility)21:30
|Sno|when you install a perl interpreter, you need some core modules to get it work in sane way21:31
moto-timo|Sno|: well, I can make changes to core for that type of stuff if you give me guidance21:31
moto-timoI would be happy to do so21:32
|Sno|moto-timo: I will talk with some of the core hackers to get a reasonable advice and having that advices bundled with perl and maintained on updates :)21:32
moto-timo|Sno|: great. I watch #toolchain and #metacpan so if there are any other perl IRC channels I should be watching let me know21:33
|Sno|#toolchain is the channel of The-Perl-Toolchain-Gang (PTG), and #metacpan is the channel for the metacpan infrastructure (client/server)21:33
|Sno|I doubt that good stuff comes from PTG, but #metacpan are cool but way to less people ;)21:34
moto-timo|Sno|: any chance to revisit the File::Find::Rule::Age tests? I should I just disable the ones that randomly fail on Fedora infrastructure?21:34
|Sno|moto-timo: after German Perl Workshop, but it's on hotlist :)21:34
moto-timo|Sno|: #toolchain is where some key people are however, so it does have its good times21:35
|Sno|I left completely since they started flamewars and don't ruled against21:36
|Sno|#p5p is the channel you're looking for21:36
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moto-timo|Sno|: joined :)21:42
|Sno|good luck21:42
moto-timoI stay out of flamewars21:42
moto-timojust a bunch of noise21:43
moto-timoI can always email haarg and bongos and so on directly, I am not completely off their radars21:43
moto-timobut public discussion is my preferred vehicle21:43
|Sno|It's difficult to stay out when you're the target ;)21:45
|Sno|and the politic to stay out and don't care by most people lead me to leave21:46
moto-timo|Sno|: better for your health, to be sure21:46
|Sno|As Wendy van Dijk states in always every Perl Congress nowadays - the darkest times where the years after the hype where the flamewars against everything and anybody21:47
|Sno|but the motto of perl was and is: There is more than one way to do it21:47
|Sno|so I decided to leave until the motto comes back to irc.perl.org21:47
|Sno|and yeah, bingos and haarg are close, merijn and leont either21:48
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moto-timonot much interaction with merijn, but lots with leont22:00
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