Monday, 2018-02-12

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vikyI am getting error while trying to install dev-0.4.0 using command $python install.  error:
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fmeerkoetteri am on a rocko based yocto setup (GCC7) with an i.mx6 based device. there are some indications that GCC for ARM gained at some point (4.9ish) ASAN support09:19
fmeerkoetteri fail to make it work with my yocto generated toolchain09:19
fmeerkoetteri always end up with linker errors09:19
fmeerkoetterthe ASAN website @google itself indicates that Linux/ARM is not a supported target09:20
fmeerkoettershould this work or not?09:20
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mckoanfreanux: I am using a YP generated 2.4-cortexa9hf toolchain for iMX6, building perfectly a Linux imx6qdlsabresd 4.9.6709:24
mckoanfmeerkoetter: msg above was for you ^09:25
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: i don't think the toolchain was in question, but explicitly having ASAN enabled.09:26
fmeerkoettermckoan: so you have a toolchain where you can run something like "arm-something-gcc -fsanitize=address -lasan main.c09:26
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fmeerkoetteri also don't want to build a kernel09:27
fmeerkoetteronly interested in application software running in userspace09:27
* mckoan yawns09:28
fmeerkoetterwell, even that doesn't seem to work :-P09:28
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Bear_Toc toc09:48
LetoThe2ndBear_: don't ask to ask, just ask :)09:48
Bear_Ops.. Hello only for courtesy. How I can add truetype font to proyect ?09:50
LetoThe2ndBear_: in terms of what? probably something like
Bear_Ops.. Page not found09:54
LetoThe2ndi guess it needs the trailing slash
Bear_Yes is correct, analyze thank09:57
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vikyhow to add pythondev in yoto image for i.mx6ul evk  with core-image-base10:24
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seppeHi. I have a Yocto build with a linux layer of the module vendor (Variscite). I now require changes in both the Kernel Device tree and some Linux sourcefiles. Is it best to fork the Linux fork of the module vendor or should I create a BBappend file with my custom device tree and required patches?11:01
LetoThe2ndseppe: depends a bit on how you want to maintain the kernel, if you want to stick with the vendor provided stuff11:04
LetoThe2ndseppe: our approach here is that we have local repos including our patches and modifications.11:04
nayfeand how big are modifications :)11:04
LetoThe2ndyeah. it depends(TM)11:05
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joe_rHi all. I have a quick question about documentation (I guess).11:15
joe_rI currently have a distro built from yocto and poky based on krogoth. I'd like to move forward to rocko. Is there any documentation as to what has changed or how best to go about that?11:16
seppeThe modifications are fairly minimal, hence my hesitance to fork the kernel.11:16
joe_rWhen I went from Dizzy to Fido years ago it was a long and painful process, I was kinda hoping hopping forwards is easier nowadays?11:17
seppeThough I pretty much have a completly seperate Device tree by now11:17
seppeSo I was thinking to just add my own layer with my own device tree + some small paches, but I'm not sure if this is going to be easy to maintain if the vendor makes changes to the kernel.11:18
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LetoThe2ndjoe_r: all releases have change notes, those can be reviewed.11:20
kanavinjoe_r: you need to look at the documentation before asking. whay you look for is right there in reference manual.11:20
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LetoThe2ndjoe_r: generally, to pyro/rocko will punish dirty recipes ;-)11:20
joe_rThat's not quite what I meant. There's a LOT of documentation. So I was wondering if there was a subset that was a porting guide from one stable release to another.11:21
kanavinjoe_r: section 6, is called "migrating to a newer yocto project release"11:21
LetoThe2ndkanavin: veni, vidi, vici :-P11:21
kanavinwith subsections dedicated to specific releases11:21
kanavinin short, RTFM11:21
joe_rExcellent. Thank you.11:22
joe_rSection 24 in the mega-manual? Or are we talking a different manual?11:23
kanavinjoe_r: reference manual, which is available separately, or as a part of the mega-manual11:24
joe_rOK, thanks. Much appreciated.11:24
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kanavinLetoThe2nd: I just sneaked an xkcd reference into a commit message
LetoThe2ndkanavin: hehe. a true classic.11:32
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kanavinLetoThe2nd: I enjoy commits that remove code the most11:32
kanavinthe more code I manage to remove from oe-core, the happier I am11:32
LetoThe2ndsame here.11:32
LetoThe2ndwell not exactly oe-core in my case, but i know what you mean11:32
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seppeI'm having quite a lot of issues with oe-core. Is there an alternative that's more "pick what you need" iof "include anything but the kitchensink" aproach?11:40
LetoThe2ndseppe: huh?11:40
LetoThe2ndseppe: ah wait, weren't you the guy with that awful vendor distro config?11:41
seppeLetoThe2nd: Yup11:41
LetoThe2ndseppe: also known as variscite layer pulls in everything?11:41
seppeStill haven't bugged them about that XD11:41
LetoThe2ndseppe: well then go bitching at variscite, because oe-core actually is starting minimal. if you don't believe it, give the quick start a try and see for yourself :)11:42
seppeLetoThe2nd: Anyhow, oe-care has recipes for pretty much everything (except the kicthen sink ^^). Parsing these recipes on a workstation with slow storage takes a while.11:46
LetoThe2ndseppe: thats why it caches as much as possible. on my run of the mill box takes roughly 5secondes.11:46
seppealso, some of the Python recipes seem to be missing dependencies when usin rocko11:46
seppeLetoThe2nd: How is the recipe cache retained? Does it live as long as the server?11:47
LetoThe2ndthere has been a lot of churn in python, yes.11:48
LetoThe2ndwhat server? i mean, there is a cache directory in the build directory. thats it. if the layers havent changed, it is just reuse.d11:48
seppeLetoThe2nd: The bitbake server11:48
LetoThe2ndunless there has been a major modification that i'm not aware of, it should be persistent.11:49
seppeLetoThe2nd: I change my layers all the time, since I'm developing...11:49
LetoThe2nd(it is for me, yet i have not tested that on newer things than morty)11:49
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xtroncan we use python variable expansion in layer's .conf file, I'm getting maximum recursion depth exceeded12:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Howto remove syslog completely from a yocto image based on systemd <>12:23
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xtronhow to enforce a parsing operation in .bb file before some other parsing operation in .conf file ?12:29
LetoThe2ndi might be mistaken, but shouldn't .conf files always be evaluated before .bbs?12:34
xtronLetoThe2nd: so if we want to a global change (.conf) after a layer operation (.bb) ?12:37
xtronI mean .conf configuration is applicable on build, while the recipe configuration apply on that layer environment12:38
LetoThe2ndxtron: like i said, i might be mistaken - but my impression is that you want to reconsider your model.12:38
xtronLetoThe2nd: hmm12:39
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seppeI'm still going back and forward between overwriting my SoM vendor's DTSI completely, patching it or forking the entire Linux repo.13:04
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seppeI feel like overwriting it completly is the simples option when making changes, but I loose the historic information and make it impossible to get updates.13:06
seppeor at least make it harder to get upstream changes fot the device tree13:06
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LetoThe2ndin fact, it will be like this: you pick one way now, and in a couple of weeks/months you will always find out that another one might be better for your specific situation.13:11
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kergothxtron: that's what := is for, forces immediate expansion. use only when absolutely necessary, and with care.14:00
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Adam___Is anyone here familiar with recent status of EGL + Weston on Texas Instrument platforms (AM57xx)?14:18
xtronkergoth: thanks14:18
Adam___On their Rocko branch (on meta-ti / meta-arago), I can't seem to use Weston at all..14:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Pyusb: No Backend available (linux machine) <>14:23
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JPEWhackerAfter my recent dealings with waf.bbclass and waf-samba.bbclass, I'm thinking about making a oe.utils.get_parallel_make(d) that pulls the integer argument from "-j" out of PARALLEL_MAKE, since that code is now replicated at least 4 places by my count. Any thoughts?15:07
JPEWhacker(go.bbclass, waf.bbclass,, and waf-samba.bbclass for reference)15:08
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RPJPEWhacker: sounds good to me!15:13
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binarymhi all. I would like to automatize my yocto builds. I was looking at Jenkins but maybe there's others software more appropriated ?15:43
LetoThe2ndbinarym: depends(TM) - you can also beat the autobuilder into shape for your use case, or utilize toaster in some form.15:44
binarymsince i have a blank page in front of me, the only limit is my imagination15:45
binarymi'll probably have to build several images for several machine15:45
binarymso something that would be quite easy to extend15:45
LetoThe2ndthe most essential point is that the setup of your layer abd build configuration happens automatically. then the rest is just a task runner in the end.15:46
LetoThe2ndi think the BMW guys use something called "kis" for that15:46
LetoThe2ndno idea what tricks the autobuilder uses15:47
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binarymok, thanks LetoThe2nd , i'll read a bit of doc about toaster and autobuilder :)15:47
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JPEWhackerbinarym: FWIW, we use Jenkins.... but keep the config as simple as possible. Ours works..... sometimes. I think it would be much better if it wasn't a huge mess with layer upon layer of configuration tools that no one really understands.15:51
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kanavinRP: reading the conversation just above, should we eventually mold the autobuilder tooling into the Official Yocto Configuration Management thing?15:52
kanavinpeople are asking about it all the time...15:52
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I generate a Parsing Error in BitBake on intent? <>15:54
binarymJPEWhacker: ok, thx for the feedback :)15:56
LetoThe2ndkanavin: "mold" and "autobuilder" in one sentence :)15:57
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LetoThe2ndkanavin: actually i feel that the real pain point is the build/layer setup. if that is sorted out, anything else is just task runners on dope.15:58
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kanavinLetoThe2nd: I believe the autobuilder has tooling for precisely that, but it's not my specialty, so I don't know how far it is from becoming Official15:59
spierepfIf I needed to apply a patch to my local copy of "linux-yocto/4.1.43+gitAUTOINC+4e12cb8f8e_b5db159a9c-r0.2/kernel-meta" to add the overlayfs feature, how would I go about it?16:00
kanavinLetoThe2nd: haha mold vs. mould :)16:01
kanavinI'm not a native speaker :)16:01
LetoThe2ndkanavin: neither am i :)16:01
LetoThe2ndkanavin: ah interesting, then its time for me to look at it again.16:01
JPEWhackerAdam___: I'm on morty, but I'm pretty sure I have weston working on TI hardware (we run our own compositor, but I occasionally use weston for testing).16:01
aehs29spierepf: you'd apply the patch just as with any other recipe, if you do need patching, if you only need to add some CONFIG to the kernel configuration you should add a kernel config fragment on your SRC_URI16:02
Adam___JPEWhacker: Right, Morty is perfectly running fine as well. However, I really need to run newer version of Qt (5.9) as well as Wayland IVI shell which seem to be available on Rocko.16:02
Adam___JPEWhacker: Btw, how was the experience of writing your own compositor?16:03
JPEWhackerAdam___: Ah sorry. Can't help you there.16:03
Adam___JPEWhacker: np thanks for input16:03
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JPEWhackerAdam___: Not too bad. Wayland is a pretty simple protocol. Our implementation which does all the core wayland protocol + wl_shell + xdg_shell + text_input was only ~10,000 lines.16:06
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spierepfaehs29: which recipe controls kernel-meta?16:06
Adam___JPEWhacker: Great to hear that. Have you evaluated IVI shell? I am considering writing my own compositor vs running IVI.16:08
JPEWhackerAdam___: Although, our coding style is pretty vertically verbose, so I usually divide it in about half for accurate comparison. If you used something like the Kernel coding style, I suspect you would clock in around ~6000 lines.16:08
JPEWhackerAdam___: No we don't use IVI shell16:08
Adam___JPEWhacker: that is pretty compact16:09
Adam___JPEWhacker: May I ask why?16:09
spierepfaehs: the overlayfs feature appears in 4.10 kernel-meta, but not in 4.1 kernel-meta. But when I copied the features/overlayfs from 4.10 to 4.1 it appears to build fine.16:09
JPEWhackerAdam___: Why what?16:12
Adam___JPEWhacker: Why not use available compositors such as IVI16:14
JPEWhackerAdam___: Oh, we swicthed to Linux from another RTOS, and already had a huge amout of code that did graphics bits with "special" behaviors. It was eaiser to implement a Wayland compositor in our existing codebase and integrate that behavior into what we already had than convert our existing code to work as a Wayland client.16:17
Adam___JPEWhacker: Makes perfect sense. Thanks!16:17
JPEWhackerAdam___: Really, it is a good testament to the design of Wayland, IMHO.16:17
Adam___JPEWhacker: Ya I have known how simple / straight forward Wayland is for a while. Perhaps I should just jump in and get it done16:18
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RPzeddii: Could we simply remove the drivers/ directory from kernel-devsrc ?18:03
RPzeddii: We need to try and free some space in our big images to get the new kernel in18:03
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|Sno|moto-timo: I commit what I have updated into rehsack/meta-cpan19:34
|Sno|I move it after I'm done for first round19:34
|Sno|then I fork, do your wishlist and 2nd load pushed19:35
moto-timo|Sno|: genial19:36
moto-timo|Sno|: das is ausgezeichnet19:39
|Sno|soweit klappt meine Autovervollständigung ;)19:39
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|Sno|moto-timo: btw - I thought a bit over the allarch issue of some people wrt. meta-cpan20:09
|Sno|On the one hand, I don't want remove the "inherit allarch" since it removes an important marker20:10
|Sno|On the other hand I don't want exclude anyone from using meta-cpan20:10
|Sno|Is there a way like inherit "${@["allarch", ""][(bb...)]}" ?20:13
moto-timo|Sno|: let me think about that, as anything without XS would be "noarch" in Fedora and other distros20:14
moto-timoonly the compiled native code stuff should be arch specific20:14
|Sno|In such a case, we could add a "pureperl" class, which cares for allarch depending on a tunable and provides extra settings for Toolchain Consensus 2013 (PUREPERL_ONLY=1 for EU::MM ...)20:14
|Sno|moto-timo: it seems there is an issue in oe which causes people trouble who share one BSPDIR for a family of product (e.g. at Wind-River)20:15
|Sno|rpurdie opened a Bugzilla Task for it20:16
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|Sno|moto-timo: I forwarded you the ticket mail20:18
|Sno|let me summarizy - I intend to introduce a pureperl.bbclass which inherits from allarch unless user turns that off by a global setting in local.conf or so20:19
* moto-timo wonders if we can have QA check for XS and ERROR if it finds it.20:21
moto-timobut that is a different story20:21
moto-timoit wouldn't be part of the pureperl.bbclass, but rather in the qa check tasks20:22
|Sno|IIRC it fails to bake a recipe when it has allarch and XS20:24
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moto-timoI must be missing what the concern about allarch was then. I will get clarity from others.20:53
moto-timoJaMA had a comment on a recent patch submission I did, so I'll look back at that.20:53
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moto-timoIt is possible "allarch" is actually broken somehow20:54
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|Sno|moto-timo: yeah, please get some information - but I think when noone knows the root cause, adding an indirection and a knob is a good user-support for the meantime22:16
|Sno|moto-timo: first charge pushed, around 6x more yet uncommitted on my harddisk :(22:17
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spierepfhow do I add xt_addrtype as a module to my kernel? I've added the CONFIG_...=m to create the module, but the module isn't being added to my image.22:30
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RP|Sno|, moto-timo: From what I remember you can inherit allarch but actually using it can be made conditional later23:20
RPLook at the class and note if d.getVar("PACKAGE_ARCH") == "all":23:21
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