Wednesday, 2018-09-12

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robbawebbaDoes anyone know if there's a pre-existing KERNEL_FEATURE or metadata for enabling kgdb? I've created a config fragment that enables the appropriate kernel debugging options, but I'm wondering if some similar mernel metadata and kconf fragment already exists02:22
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robbawebbaI'm seeting some patches that add a scc file at features/debug/debug-kernel.scc, but I can't seem to find that file in the tree..02:47
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robbawebbakhem: thanks!03:49
robbawebbaDo you know where I might find features/debug/debug-kernel.scc? I saw this mentioned on the linux-yocto mailing list03:51
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khemrobbawebba: see
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nrossimithro: sounds like success :), check the deploy/images dir for output. Also I went and sorted out the error you hit and some others you would have hit afterwards.07:28
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winotuo/ Hi08:28
winotuI got ParseError when I have in recipe include to non existing file. According to documentation it shouldn't exit with any error. Do You have any hint ? I tried -DDD -vv without any luck. Bitbake version  1.32.008:31
mcfriskwinotu: bitbake does that. I often end up using strace to find out which file bitbake is choking on, and then debug the file changes line by line to see where the choking happens.08:32
winotuthat :D was my next appaorahc to use strace08:32
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mcfriskwinotu: trust your instincts :)08:39
winotumcfrisk: but did You had also not a BitBake file message ?08:40
mcfriskdepends on the error. sometimes a bad line continuation with \ or missing quotes cause bitbake to crash. I have not seen bitbake debug output working on all cases and with strace I can see exactly which files being processed. strace also shows if certain files are not found and cause problems.08:44
winotui have   include non-exisiting-file08:48
winotuand it fils08:48
winotumcfrisk: ERROR: ParseError in non-existing-file: not a BitBake file08:49
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winotumcfrisk: xD found the reason if my non existing file doesn't ends with extension .inc to throws error which I pasted09:29
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winotuapparently as I saw in code there are handlers checked and if none of them work bitbake goes to an ParseError and throws that error09:33
winotuso include file must be .inc or .bb09:33
winotu*with extenstion09:33
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rburtonkanavin_: any idea if rpm-native would be usable without python support?  guessing we currently need it for dnf to work?11:25
kanavin_rburton: absolutely, but new versions of dnf may not need that actually, due to c++ rewrite11:27
kanavin_but yes, currently libdnf calls directly into rpm python bindings11:27
rburtonjust getting annoyed with any change to py3-native causing a world rebuild :)11:27
kanavin_rburton: I guess you can temporarily disabled?11:28
kanavin_disable it?11:28
rburtonyeah, could do11:28
rburtonthink i'm done now11:28
kanavin_I used to think c++ is on its way out, but now I think it's perhaps a better choice for something that is a critical infrastructure piece11:29
kanavin_less chance of running into compiler bugs and portability problems than, say, Go11:29
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rburtonRP: fired ross/py on the old ab, it's all the good py patches + anuj's upgrade on top of master.  hopefully, all green.12:11
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sven^hi, I am struggling with devtool. I am creating a new recipe with devtool -a -B develop reponame ssh://my.git.server/reponame and in the recipe I use SRC_URI = "gitsm://my.git.server/repo;protocol=ssh;branch=develop" and SRCREV="${AUTOREV}". When I now do devtool build reponame I get a build from master. Checking the git repo in the workdir shows that the devtool branch points to master12:34
mckoansven^: I'm afraid it is aknown bug where SRCREV="${AUTOREV}" always points to master12:41
sven^oh. Could you point me to the corresponding bugtracker issue?12:43
sven^that's only for devtool, right?12:45
sven^or will it blow up on me on normal bitbake as well?12:45
mckoansven^: not really, but should be somehow related to this issue
yoctiBug 11350: enhancement, Medium+, 2.99, paul.eggleton, NEW , eSDK should handle SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"12:47
kanavin_sven^: you can set SRCREV to a specific revision - if you are having the recipe in a devtool workspace, that revision will be ignored, and bitbake will build from the local git clone12:51
kanavin_generally, AUTOREV is recommended for local development only, as this makes builds non-reproducible12:52
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sven^well, we need it to gather the newest development versions for several repositories to include in yocto so we can test and prepare the next proper version with pinned revisions13:19
sven^but if that doesn't work we are kind of in a mess13:19
kanavin_sven^: you can determine the latest revision using some external tool, and write that into a recipe (e.g. via .inc file that consists of only SRCREV)13:24
kanavin_or just fix AUTOREV to work well :)13:24
sven^yeah, ok13:25
sven^we can always script it13:25
sven^I am pretty new to yocto in general and don't think I could fix that.. apart from having no time :)13:27
kanavin_sven^: what's your company? :)13:28
kanavin_well, just wondering if we work for the same company13:29
sven^nah, we are pretty small, you'd know13:32
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davenportenHey All, I see gdb in poky and I have the layer added, but I don't see gdb in my resulting rootfs. Any idea why?14:10
davenportenI built core-image-minimal, could that be the issue?14:11
mckoandavenporten: in the rootfs youshould have gdbserver for cross-debugging14:11
davenportenmckoan: right, that's what I would think, but there is nothing in the rootfs that even contains the letters "gdb"14:14
mihai-davenporten, see , you can add gdb to IMAGE_INSTALL, or enable the image feature that pulls it14:15
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davenportenmihai: great, I'll check that out. thanks!  mckoan: thanks for your help14:16
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mihai-davenporten, see the link, you also need debug packages if you're going to use gdb14:17
mckoandavenporten: maybe there is a '*gdb*'14:25
davenportenmckoan: that's what I checked for14:26
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mckoandavenporten: you shoud have EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks" in local.conf14:59
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davenportenmckoan: right now I'm trying IMAGE_INSTALL, but I'll give that a try if I don't see results. Thanks@15:04
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xtronbuilding kernel 4.14, fix the [cannot generate ORC metadata] error by adding "elfutils-native" in DEPENDS of kernel recipe, but building lttng-module throw the same error and same solution didn't work for it, as it is compiling kernel-source from work-shared, which doesn't have the elfutils in sysroot. any idea?15:35
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JPEWIs the ptest DISTRO_FEATURE going to have any effect on my image if I don't include the ptest-pkgs IMAGE_FEATURE?16:54
JPEWi.e. would it be "good practice" to release a device that has ptest in the DISTRO_FEATURES? The documentation seems to imply that you would add it as needed in local.conf, but that annoyingly rebuild everything.16:57
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kergothman i love the separated oserror exceptions in python319:08
kergothwas so tired of comparing errno19:08
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justintttI am using a vender branch that is using Yocto morty. The version of the Systemd recipe in poky dir is 230. I would like to update this to the current version 239. The recipe for 239 exists looking at the recipes on the Openembedded site. What is the bet way to approach this? Should I add this recipe to a custom layer  and use the preferred version variable?19:35
kergoththat's likely cleanest, yes19:36
justintttkergoth: Thanks, well give that a try19:38
aehs29Ok seriously I cannot deal with whos doing the python3 upgrade19:51
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aehs29what is it with his refusal to work on the patch, if he doesnt want to work on a fix why is he workig on the upgrade in the first place19:55
aehs29Ive been trying to explain to him why his patch isnt working, and he just doesnt want to19:55
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rburtonJPEW: enabling ptest should just add a PN-ptest package that you may or may not install19:57
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rburtonJPEW: one unexpected change is that PN-dev can gain more dependencies as PN-dev basically has the -dev form of all build dependencies, and enabling ptest can add more build depends19:58
aehs29I'll try to explain one last time, if not I'll just fix it myself20:00
rburtonkergoth: wait what?20:00
kergothrburton: i.e. FileNotFoundError, FileExistsError, etc20:04
* rburton goes to rewrite some code20:04
rburtondidn't notice that!20:04
kergothdon't have to import errno + exc.errno != errno.EEXIST or whatnot20:04
kergothwhich is nice20:05
rburtonyeah lovely20:05
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kergothi've been *really* loving f-strings in my non-bitbake python scripts20:05
kergothdown with %!20:05
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JPEWYa, python 3.7 has a lot of nice feature :)20:20
kergothi want a feature in vim or vscode to add the leading 'f' when i insert a {} inside a string in python, though20:21
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robbawebbaIs it possible to define a custom EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURE? I've added a custom name to my EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES in my local.conf file, but I get an error during initialization that says it is not a valid image feature (and goes on to list the known image features)22:41
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bluelightningrobbawebba: you can add the feature to IMAGE_FEATURES[validitems] and that will get rid of that error23:28
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bluelightningrobbawebba: is the feature purely specifying install of a few packages or does it enable some extra processing?23:28
robbawebbabluelightning: this feature specifies to add an extra kernel config fragment to the SRC_URI of a custom Linux kernel recipe23:41
bluelightningrobbawebba: hmm, in that case IMAGE_FEATURES wouldn't be the right thing to use, since this can't be a per-image thing23:42
robbawebbabluelightning: so in my kernel recipe I added SRC_URI_append = "${@bb.utils.Contains("EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES", "kernel-debug", "file://debug.cfg", "")}" (pardon any syntax errors please)23:43
robbawebbabluelightning: ahh that makes sense. Do you have any other recommendations?23:43
bluelightningrobbawebba: so you could use a custom variable there, but it can't be changed per image - more info here:
robbawebbabluelightning: The goal was to make it pretty easy for other developers to quickly enable kernel debug features just by modifying their local.conf. I'm very open to recommendations on the proper way to do this with the Kernel recipe23:44
robbawebbabluelightning: thanks for the link! I'll check it out23:45
bluelightningrobbawebba: ok, in that case I would simply use your own variable (which could work just like the IMAGE_FEATURES i.e. you could have multiple items in it)23:45
bluelightningrobbawebba: you'd use exactly the same mechanism you pasted above as well, that part is fine, it's just about the context (image level vs. configuration level)23:45
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robbawebbabluelightning: okay that sounds good. So I could name a new variable CUSTOM_KERNEL_OPTIONS ?= "" and allow developers to modify it's value in their local.conf23:50
robbawebbabluelightning: Do I have to define the default value to empty in my image recipe? What happens if developers don't have anything specified for this variable in their local.conf?23:51
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