Thursday, 2018-09-13

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Does Yocto / Bitbake have a "bulldoze" variable for recipes? <>00:27
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bluelightningrobbawebba: yes, I'd recommend defining a soft default in the recipe with ?= or ??=01:29
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robbawebbabluelightning: Thanks for your help!02:00
NU-SlackerIs there any documentation regarding specifically the purpose/features of the Eclipse plugin?02:08
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rburtonRP: just going to re-run the failing cmake test here to see if it fails the same way09:08
RPrburton: sounds good thanks09:08
rburtonyay vscode's breadcrumbs, shows me the filename/class/function that the cursor is in09:09
rburtonRP: yay non-deterministic09:20
rburtonfrom a clean tmp, the current test passes09:20
RPrburton: sstate cache?09:25
rburtoni was going to say pre-existing sysroot but that can't be a problem anymore!09:26
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rburtonah it searches pkgdata, so what's been built previously09:27
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rburtonbluelightning: so recipetool's create for cmake is being non-deterministic here09:44
rburtonbluelightning: does it basically have a hand-coded map of lookup names to recipes, extended with pkgdata?09:45
bluelightningrburton: yes09:46
bluelightningso the answers it gives will depend upon what's been built09:46
bluelightningif it's tests you're observing then the way to ensure it's deterministic is to ensure everything the thing it's generating the recipe for could possibly depend upon is built first09:47
RPrburton: I have more patches in -next, anything else to add before I run a testrun? There are several libc-headers so it'll be a while09:50
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rburtonbluelightning: so the cmake test should do a bitbake first?09:57
rburtoni added fribidi to oe-core last week and now its non-deterministic on whether friibi is stilling in pkgdata09:57
bluelightningrburton: I thought there was a module-level build already for all of the tests09:58
rburtonjust builds base-files coreutils busybox selftest-recipetool-appendfile09:58
rburtonah, create_git does more building09:58
bluelightningright setUpClass09:58
bluelightningyou could probably still just extend that list though09:59
rburtonnavit certainly exercises the dep code but the list is quite huge now...09:59
RPrburton: we really need the openssl upgrade before M3 builds? :/10:03
rburtonbluelightning: i think it wasn't a problem previously because of the shortcut for common ones10:04
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rburtonmaybe i'll just add fribidi to that10:04
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RPrburton: I understand that gpg failure from selftest btw, working on a fix for that10:05
RyanMeulenkampHi y'all! Question: over ssh, home and end buttons cause a ~ to appear instead of doing what they should do. Over the serial terminal it works correctly. Sounds familiar? Where should I look for this?10:07
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rburton_RP: cmake/fribidi selftest patch sent11:30
RPrburton_: good catch, thanks!11:33
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kanavinRP: rburton: openssh just added patches to support openssl 1.1 in master12:21
kanavin10 hours ago :)12:21
kanavin"hold up our collective noses" is their comment12:22
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mcfrisklinux-libc-headers says not to fork it for custom kernels so I've kept it as is. I've created a new kernel headers package for my custom kernel, but it uses different arch as userspace, and thus userspace can't see it. the -dev package exists and I can use it SDK. Any ideas how to fix this?13:01
RPkanavin: that is good news I guess. Question is now what to do for our release13:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to keep wifi link up when an embedded linux device suspends to RAM <>14:29
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armpitRP: I have a mut ready for xorg run. launching build15:20
RParmpit: great!15:21
rburtonthanks armpit15:25
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bsmerbHey guys, sorry for the naive question but I can't find the right keywords to search for what I'm looking for, haha. I was wondering if there's any resource for selecting a good image recipe? Searching those compatible through the toaster instance I set up doesn't give a lot of insight for an embedded project I've started. Thanks in advance!15:40
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mithronrossi: Hope you don't mind, but I logged some issues against your meta-hdl layer with some questions and thoughts...15:42
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nrossimithro: no problem, will have a look16:28
nrossikhem: quick question on your reply to my iibgloss patch, did you mean to reply to the second question regarding a follow up patch?16:30
RPrburton: failures in the -next build were either a musl patch or space issues, therefore thinking of merging16:30
* rburton looks at next16:31
RPrburton: I'll take the musl patch out and queue with its fix in the next next16:31
rburtonRP: did you actually verify the tune-core2 change?16:31
rburtonnot that i *hate* changes like that but well i hate changes like that, because they're a pain16:32
rburtonwas that jens's v3 for the coreutils?16:32
rburtonyes it was16:33
rburtoni had all of those but the tune one in my mut so that's good16:33
RPrburton: closed 12874 as working as a local test completed (I had api docs enabled for various reasons)16:34
RPI checked and kmod-doc installed o16:34
RPrburton: I did verify the tune change, fewer warnings on the current build16:35
rburtonyeah worked here to, thanks16:35
rburtonok i think i'm happy enough with the tune16:37
RPrburton: its not ideal but does fix the problem :/16:37
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khemnrossi: yes18:15
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why does assigning S bring up a patching dialog? <>18:30
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RParmpit: that build didn't look so healthy ://20:38
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