Friday, 2018-09-21

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boucman_workHey all08:00
boucman_workI am trying to build a minimalistic image for inside a light-container, and bash gets pulled in as a dependency...08:01
boucman_workfrom what I can tell, my main program has a dependency on /bin/sh and bash is chosen as the provider.08:01
boucman_workI have two questions about that...08:01
boucman_work(runtime dependencies, I didn't find any DEPENDS about that)08:01
boucman_work* Why does yocto think he needs /bin/sh ? my image only has lightttpd and its dependencies, but yocto decided it needed a shell... does something, somewhere scan the header of scripts looking for #!/bin/sh ? if yes, is there a way to influence that ?08:03
boucman_work* why did yocto decide that bash was the right provider for /bin/sh, and can I change it ? I guess the fact that bash provides /bin/sh is somewhere in the dnf database, but I don't understand how yocto figured out that it had to compile that recipe in the first place...08:04
boucman_work(afaik PREFERRED_PROVIDER only works for packages, not for files provided by packages)08:04
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mcfriskThe build failure madness I've seen with some seems to have been caused by cmake modules including absolute paths to a sysroot of the recipe build environment. In our sources this seems to be a bit epidemic. Any hints or examples how to write a QA check for this? I should propably also check pkg-config .pc files too.08:42
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mcfriskwouldn't buildpaths QA check already find these? why isn't it enabled in poky by default?08:55
boucman_workHmm, my question seems to boil down to how to influence providers of update-alternatives08:56
boucman_workbut I can't find that in the doc...08:56
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Andrus997Hello guys09:09
Andrus997I have problem to set up limits in my poky, ulimit and /etc/limits doesn't work09:10
Andrus997only prlimit works without problem....09:10
Andrus997do you have an idea how change default limits?09:11
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kuzulisHi all. How I can remove some packages from the output image?09:53
kuzulise.g. I want to remove the 'sudo' package..09:53
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: do not install them in the first place :)09:53
kuzulisI have added this: IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = 'sudo' && DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = 'sudo' ...09:54
kuzulisbut this does not help09:54
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: better find out why it is even installed.09:54
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: How I can find it? I did not see any mention of 'sudo' in my layer09:55
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: are you using some premade image or distribution?09:56
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Ho, I have created an own yocto layer (based on boot2qt)09:58
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: s/Ho/No09:58
LetoThe2ndthen you are probably pulling in something that has a dependency on it, i guess09:58
LetoThe2ndi'd say, start with bitbake -g $YOURIMAGENAME && less task-depends.dot10:00
LetoThe2ndthere, look for sudo10:00
zagoror just bitbake -g sudo ?10:02
LetoThe2ndzagor: that should tell you on what sudo depends, but not what depends on sudo :)10:04
zagorahh, right10:04
LetoThe2ndbut, looking at package-depends is probably less spammy.10:05
kuzulisI got:10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "quilt-native"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "libtool-cross"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "libtool-native"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "linux-libc-headers"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "autoconf-native"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "binutils-cross-arm"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "gcc-cross-arm"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "pseudo-native"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "glibc"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "gcc-runtime"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "rpm-native"10:05
LetoThe2ndplease, no mass pasting in here10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "automake-native"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "opkg-utils-native"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "gnu-config-native"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "libgcc"10:05
kuzulis"sudo" -> "prelink-native"10:05
kuzulisat -g sudo10:05
LetoThe2ndlike i said, it only told you what sudo depends on.10:06
kuzulisSo, do I need 'bitbake -g $YOURIMAGENAME && less' instead?10:06
LetoThe2ndbitbake -g $YOURIMAGENAME && less package-depends.dot10:07
kuzulisBut then '' is not exists10:08
kuzulisI have only  task-depends.dot10:08
Andrus997#/j oe10:09
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: then start by inspecting those? (i assume that you properly replaced the image name, right?)10:09
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: I got this:
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LetoThe2ndkuzulis: so did you inspect the resulting files?10:11
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: What of file I need to inspect? or
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LetoThe2ndkuzulis: why not go ahead and find out?10:13
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: When this command 'bitbake -g $YOURIMAGENAME && less' finishes, then I see two files: task-ls10:16
kuzulisSorry, I see one file task-depends.dot10:17
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: and what does it tell you about sudo?10:18
kuzulisOops... I see two files:
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: The '' has this:
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: well then, there you are.10:20
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kuzulisLetoThe2nd: And this:
alexlarssonrburton: hey, i'm having some weird issues10:21
rburtonhey alexlarsson10:21
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: the first 3 lines are totally self-explaining, don't you agree?10:21
alexlarssonI'm sure they are partly my fault, but I don't know where to start10:21
alexlarssonSo, i'm building the freedesktop sdk base, which is yocto based10:21
alexlarssonAnd, i'm building on a x86-64 machine10:22
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Do you mean, lines from
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: recipe-depends10:22
alexlarssonAnd, i'm building in a x86-64 flatpak (i.e. /usr/bin/gcc is a x86-64 -> x86-64 and we're setarch x86-64)10:22
rburtonalexlarsson: didn't you move to buildstream already?10:22
alexlarssonBut, i'm building an i386 runtime10:23
alexlarssonrburton: this is just changing the build env for the old runtime10:23
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: And, how I can break dependency from: "packagegroup-core-x11-base" -> "sudo" and "mini-x-session" -> "sudo" ?10:23
alexlarssonrburton: anyway, i get a bunch of failures, see e.g.
alexlarssonrburton: but, fundamentally, it seems confused about the host arch10:24
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: i guess the dependency is there for a reason. so, construct an image without mini-x-session. or without packagegroup-x11 altogethere. or just live with sudo.10:24
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alexlarssonrburton: i.e. gmp-native fails to build, because configure fails when it decides sizeof(long) != 410:24
alexlarssonwhich is true, it is 810:24
alexlarssonAnd the reason seems to be, from config.log:10:24
alexlarsson $ ../gmp-6.1.1/configure --build=i386-linux --host=i386-linux --target=i386-linux --prefix=10:25
alexlarssonrburton: surely some of those i386 should be x86-64? no?10:25
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Ok, many thanks.. Seems I understand a main idea.. :)10:25
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: have fun10:25
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alexlarssonrburton: But, i have no idea how/why bitbake chose those options?10:26
rburtonBUILD_ARCH := "${@os.uname()[4]}"10:27
alexlarssonrburton: i'm guessing something about the gcc in the runtime gets this wrong?10:27
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rburtonwhere is your layer again?10:29
alexlarsson$ flatpak run --command=python org.flatpak.Builder -c "import os; print os.uname()"10:30
alexlarsson('Linux', 'localhost.localdomain', '4.17.14-202.fc28.x86_64', '#1 SMP Wed Aug 15 12:29:25 UTC 2018', 'x86_64')10:30
alexlarsson (branch 1.6)10:30
rburtonyour job is passing i386 to so ARCH=i386 to flatpak run10:31
alexlarssonin fact, i'm manually running: flatpak run --command=make org.flatpak.Builder all ARCH="i386"10:33
alexlarssonand i only have the x86-64 org.flatpak.Builder installed10:33
alexlarssonI tried to run the i386 one10:34
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alexlarssonbut bitbake hanged on startup with some deadlock10:34
rburtonwhy does freedesktop-sdk-build-yocto set BUILD_ARCH = "${architecture}"?10:34
alexlarssonIs that not how you set the target arch?10:34
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alexlarssonthe weird thing is that all this works on the x86-64 buildmachine (running some centos base)10:35
rburtonjust MACHINE should be suffient10:35
rburtonsetting BUILD_ARCH overrides the uname10:35
rburtonthe value *from* uname10:35
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: But, what about wayland?
alexlarssonok, so if i drop BUILD_ARCH it might work?10:36
* alexlarsson tries10:36
rburtonalexlarsson: worth a go10:36
alexlarssonHERE WE GO!10:37
alexlarssonrburton: the level of indirection here is amazing tho10:37
alexlarssonx86-64 fedora => x86-64 fd.o runtime -> yocto cross builds to i38610:38
rburtonquick put it all inside a docker10:38
alexlarssonrburton: i wonder if it worked before is because i previously built first built a 64bit, then a 32bit10:38
alexlarssonso maybe it reused the -native rpms?10:39
rburtonyeah native stuff is target-agnostic10:39
alexlarssonwould it do that?10:39
rburtonapart from the bits which care like gcc, obviously10:39
alexlarssonit seems like it goes10:40
alexlarssonrburton: we'll get to that when we make the buildbot workers run in docker containers on a kubernetes cluster!10:42
rburtonthe future!10:43
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: um, what is the actual question?10:44
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Sorry, please skip..10:47
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alexlarssonrburton: new try:
alexlarssonlets hope this one works :)10:52
rburtonfingers crossed10:54
rburtonyou have post-build checks to eg sanity check the binaries are the expected architecture?10:54
alexlarssonNOTE: recipe gmp-native-6.1.1-r0: task do_configure: Succeeded10:54
alexlarssonno sanity checks10:55
rburtonqa is for wimps without confidence10:56
rburtonwhy is everyone dumping their new arch enabling patches on the list the *day* that we hope to roll our feature freeze build10:58
nrossirburton: for me, it was just co-incidence... :|10:59
LetoThe2ndrburton: *BECAUSE*!11:00
rburtonnrossi: yours might be good for post-m3 because they're so isolated11:00
nrossirburton: sounds good to me, I was just posting them to get included "at some point" :)11:02
rburtonnrossi: what's being built with that target?11:04
nrossirburton: embedded programs, I was just playing with it. But mithro was after support for his litex/migen use11:06
mcfrisksigh, "ERROR: Unable to start bitbake server" isn't really helpful..11:06
mithroHey nrossi!11:10
mithronrossi: Thanks for working on lm32 support!11:10
nrossimithro: hi, no problem the fact that it is all upstream in gnu made it a easy :)11:12
mithronrossi: Do you know if or1k is supported? Stafford Horne just got or1k into upstream gcc....11:12
nrossimithro: I saw those hit gcc, not sure what state all the pieces are in though11:13
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nrossimithro: does not look like they have been applied to gcc just yet11:19
mithronrossi: Stafford is going to give a talk on the topic in a couple of hours11:19
nrossimithro: there is another one to add to the list of topics to watch from orconf :)11:20
mithronrossi: I'll be talking about SymbiFlow tomorrow!11:20
mithronrossi: Won't be talking about TimVideos / LiteX stuff...11:20
nrossimithro: the symbiflow one is already on my list :)11:21
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rburtonalexlarsson: well your build didn't explode into fire11:51
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rburtonalexlarsson: i wonder if the output is right :)11:51
alexlarssonrburton: yeah...11:53
kinsifousHi, Im trying to understand how the DL_DIR and the SOURCE_MIRROR_URL work. I understand that the SOURCE_MIRRROR_URL copies all the specified folder to the build-dir and in DL_DIR it just specifies which folder to use. But while reading for the DL_DIR, i saw that it says it doesnt use the git repositories. Can someone elaborate that?11:54
kinsifousAlso, when you are builing on a ci-cd server and your cache is NFS-mounted. Would that complicate things in any way? Depending on if you use the DL_DIR or the SOURCE_MIRROR_ULR?11:55
alexlarssonrburton: a local build seems to work11:55
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kinsifousThis is where im reading12:00
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mithronrossi: The more people help with my other projects, the more time I can dedicate to SymbiFlow :-P12:07
mithronrossi: So your helping SymbiFlow right now!12:07
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mcfriskrabbit holes are nice, turns out libcrypto.pc generated by openssl has libdir=${exec_prefix}//lib which somehow ends up fully expanded to build sysroot path in a project which generates a cmake module using it12:21
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mcfriskand linker commands using the cmake module end up having -L$${libdir} with an absolute path to recipe sysroot of the recipe which generated the cmake module12:22
mcfriskquestion is, should yocto/bitbake be replacing those pkg-config paths with something else and is the extra slash / causing this problem..12:23
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mithronrossi: Would it help for me to ack or some otherway confirm the lm32 stuff would be useful for me?12:29
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nrossimithro: unless rburton wants some info? although i think he was mostly just curious12:33
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rburtonmcfrisk: the pkgconfig file should have paths not including the sysroot, so -L/usr/lib etc12:41
rburtonand then pkgconfig appends the sysroot as required12:41
kanavinrburton: I've been thinking about teaching make and ninja to watch RAM and load average (and avoid spawning new compilers when either is close to the limit). Good idea?12:43
kanavinrburton: at least two major automotive vendors have to artificially slow down builds because of this issue, I think YP can do better here12:44
rburtoncan the make thing be handled inside bitbake by using the makeserver thing?12:44
kanavinrburton: possibly, but ninja cannot12:44
kanavinrburton: also the idea is to upstream this as new command line parameters similar to -j, as makeserver thing uses unofficial, undocumented interface if I remember right12:47
rburtonoh its documented but its definitely make-centric12:47
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kanavinrburton: the pseudo thing is a disappointment of the year! :(13:01
kanavinthat it didn't solve the legendary glibc-locale thing13:01
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mithrokanavin: I'm pretty sure ninja already has load average watching13:13
kanavinmithro: right, then just the low-RAM situation needs addressing13:16
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rburtonkanavin: yeah i was all excited13:21
rburtonkanavin: at least it failed within an hour of me doing the update so i didn't get my hopes up13:21
mcfriskrburton: then cmake is buggy with its module generation as it expands to the full path and breaks everything13:27
rburtonmcfrisk: cmake broken? shock!13:28
rburtonsay it can't be true13:28
rburtonmcfrisk: note that pkgconfig only does the sysroot magic on --cflags and --libs, if whatever is using --variable to get the value then sysroot magic won't happen13:29
mcfriskyea, cmake... my problems is somehow with the pkg-config --libs13:32
mcfriskbut that ends with recipes using each others sysroots, seccomp or fs namespaces would be nice to block this from happening13:33
rburtonhave you checked that the pc file in the sysroot is correctly just showing /usr/lib/ and /usr/include/...?13:35
mcfriskrburton: yes, after exporting PKG_CONFIG_PATH in devshell, I can see pkg-config --libs libcrypto reporting the absolute path: ../recipe-sysroot/usr//lib -lcrypto13:38
mcfriskthis ends up the cmake module and bang..13:38
rburtonmcfrisk: what does the file actually say though13:38
rburtonbut that path should be good13:39
rburtonso yeah, blame cmake i guess13:39
mcfriskand if I edit ../recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/pkgconfig/libcrypto.pc and replace libdir=${exec_prefix}//lib with libdir=${exec_prefix}/lib then all is well and the absolute path is gone13:40
mcfriskAND, I saw the extra slash openssl Makefile in variable LIBDIR=/lib13:41
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mcfriskbut after rebuilding openssl from sources it is gone and says plain LIBDIR=lib...13:41
mcfriskso it's actually not cmake but openssl and it's libcrypto.pc13:42
ag_nmillerNot sure if this is the right place to ask but how would I go about modifying the compile flags for the kernel in Yocto/Bitbake? I'm trying to debug some stuff and wanted to add -DDEBUG and -DVERBOSE_DEBUG but I'm coming up short with google on how to do that.13:44
mcfriskfound it, openssl recipes and libdirleaf leave and extra slash / to .pc files causing all this...13:54
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alexlarssonrburton: it built!14:22
alexlarssonrburton: thanks a bunch!14:22
alexlarssonrburton: also, one builder is slower than the others...
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rburtonalexlarsson: is that building on a rpi or something?14:38
alexlarssonrburton: its just the others being really fast...14:38
rburtonalexlarsson: glad that was easy to solve.  even better when the fix is deleting stuff...14:38
alexlarssonThe aarch64 build ended up on that14:41
alexlarssonand the arm one on some codethink machine...14:41
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davenportenHey Everyone, can anyone tell me how exactly to us DISTRO_FEATURES_append?16:06
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rburtonDISTRO_FEATURES_append = " pam"16:08
rburtonwill add the pam feature to DISTRO_FEATURES16:08
davenportenrburton: Ok, but couldn't that be done with IMAGE_INSTALL_append?16:12
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rburtonno becase distro features are totally unrelated to image install16:12
davenportenrburton: Or something similar16:12
rburtona DISTRO_FEATURE is something like 'supports opengl' or 'has bluetooth'16:12
rburtonjust having opengl supported doesn't mean mesa is in every image16:13
rburtonyou wouldn't want mesa in your initramfs16:13
davenportenrburton: Ah, ok, gotcha. I didn't really understand pam I guess. Thanks a lot16:13
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rburtonmcfrisk: well done :)16:16
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mcfriskrburton: thanks, I have a new QA check on top of that to make sure this never happens again but it's already catching more offenders... just grep for TMPDIR path in .pc and .cmake files in sysroot... sigh18:13
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uglyoldbobis there a recipe that builds a gdb-cross-native or equivalent? gdb runs on host and targets the MACHINE being built for?19:00
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rburtonmcfrisk: i thought we had a check for tmpdir appearing in the sysroot already19:54
rburtonmaybe its not on by default19:54
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JPEWHmm, I would like the option to split the -dbg package in two: one that contains the source, and one that contains the debug symbols extracted from the elf files.... Thoughs?20:59
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