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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto update to Sumo with Multilib results in error in do_image_wic <>00:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can bitbake include/require a file based on a variable? <>07:38
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RPJPEW: I've thought we should do that by default for a while11:31
RPJPEW: -dbg and -dbgsrc11:32
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mithronrossi: Oh, I see you have added migen to your meta-hdl layer! :-P13:23
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nrossimithro: yep, python stuff is very easy to add :). I was also looking at vtr but hit some issues w.r.t. nativesdk building13:52
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mithronrossi: Oh cool14:12
mithronrossi: Could we do litex and friends?14:12
nrossimithro: sure, but i'm learning about the tools as i go :) so it might take me a bit14:13
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RPmithro: HI! Just fixed a warning from, was thinking of you :)15:13
mithroRP: Ha!15:14
mithroRP: I'm trying to not reinvent bitbake / yocto / openembedded....15:14
mithronrossi: Seems to be making progress in making that possible15:14
RPmithro: you're having difficulty using bitbake/OE for something?15:15
mithroRP: and
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mithroRP: I know what I /want/ and think that bitbake/OE can _probably_ do what I want - but trying to find the time to understand how to make bitbake/OE do what I want is hard to find15:19
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RPmithro: Looking at the requirements, I think it can do many of the things you mention. Some of the things are hard to get right like reproducibility and we've a lot of work on making it work right15:24
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RPmithro: whilst I only have finite time, I am happy to give pointers on specific issues if it would help15:25
mithroRP: Yeah - one big question is requirement checking is a big thing15:26
mithroRP: IE Checking you have Xilinx toolchain and stuff installed15:26
RPmithro: that is basically what sanity.bbclass does for things like git being present and of the right version15:27
RPmithro: bitbake generates events at different parts of the build and you can do pretty much anything in an event handler15:27
mithroRP: This file?
RPmithro: yes15:30
RPmithro: its complicated by caching and compatibility porting code to upgrade old builds to new formats, it'd be possible to do something much simpler15:31
mithroRP: What would be an example to check for Xilinx?15:32
mithroRP: Our shell script does this ->
yannI can't seem to find why bitbake wants to rebuild a given package, while it takes it from shared-state on another machine (with the same sstate, and that's a pyro-based build) - how can I dig into that ?15:35
khemyann: such cases, usually mean there is some unwanted host dependency that crept into variable references used to calculate sstate hash, you can dump the signatures and compare them bitbake-diffsigs is handy this page might be helpful too
yannthx khem, digging that15:40
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RPmithro: INHERIT += "sanity2" in distro config to enable. You'd call your script check-xlinx-toolchain, or you could put a shell function in that class15:43
RPmithro: its made ugly by having the sanity events mechanism to report back problems, really should just mkae that the default and simplfy the code but never got around to that15:44
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RPmithro: oh, that code probably needs to give the handler another name so it doesn't clash with sanity.bbclass15:45
yannkhem: I'm still not sure that the  particular package i'm looking at is not getting rebuilt because one of its deps has been - is there a quick way to check this ?15:49
khemyann: I would suggest to do build from exact metadata on the offending machine then ideally it should not rebuild anything and if it does runinto do_compile tasks then you take the first do_compile task appearing in logs and chase it15:52
RPkhem: safe trip back?15:52
RPkhem: still here and its still raining :)15:52
yannkhem: clearing tmp/work should be enough for such a test, right ?15:55
khemRP: my flight got cancelled and they let me in because when I was doing security it was not yet cancelled, apparantly I was first one to checkin for that flight, and luckily another flight to SF was delayed and I ran 200m dash to reach there and beg them to put me in that flight luckily I got in and was sitting on last row but yeah reached safely,16:00
khembtw. air canada send me a notice of cancellation and rebooking me to same flight on saturday, and just this morning I got notified that even the saturday flight is cancalled haha16:01
khemI wonder if that flight is just a scam16:02
RPkhem: sounds like a lucky set of circumstances! glad you made it :)16:03
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mithroRP: Did  git:// disappear or never exist in the first place? "ERROR: Layer 'hdl' depends on layer 'openembedded-layer', but this layer is not enabled in your configuration"16:07
khemmithro: this is layername which you should find in layer.conf of meta-oe16:08
yannoh, after moving tmp/work away bitbake thinks it can compile ncurses-native without even fetching it - a bit scary :)16:08
mithrokhem: But where do I clone the meta-oe layer from?16:09
mithroOh it's ?16:10
khemmithro: yes16:11
khemyann: ncurses did have some quirks in the past so you might want to check patches from master and see if something pops up to help16:12
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khemRP: I havent built gcc based musl builds for a while and now I see :(. I wonder how it knows I am not watching16:14
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RPkhem: ouch. All related or diferent issues? OE-Core should at least be clean, we test that. Thisis what autobuilders are good at...16:21
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yannhm, strange - I could get past the ncurses-native issue when I realized I had recently added a do_install_append for ncurses and omitted to make it class-target.  But now (with a clean tmp/work or with my original) it's trying to rebuild gcc-cross-initial-aarch64 without running fetch first16:27
RPyann: gcc recipes are special in that they have a gcc-source recipe to handle the sourcecode16:29
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yannRP: right, but it strikes me it gets the same problem I had with ncurses16:33
yanneven when creating a new build dir (same local.conf so same sstate), its first task ever is, tmp/work isn't even created16:35
yannI probably messed up something, can't see another reason why it would suddently break so badly16:36
khemit wont rebuilt anything except populating gcc-sources16:36
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yannhm, apparently my immediate problem was that when switching from one build to another just re-sourced oe-init-build-env and some old values are apparently not rewritten16:48
yannso now a brand new build dir decides quilt-native must be compiled, so I now have sigdata for this host - however, the well-behaved one taking artifacts from sstate only has rm_work.sigdata as non-empty - I'm a bit at a loss about what to compare17:00
khemRP: I figured that its because this builders python = python3 but some recipes are expecting python = python217:21
khemRP: new build is on going lets see what comes out17:21
khemRP: Sstate summary: Wanted 14111 Found 13949 Missed 162 Current 0 (98% match, 0% complete)17:26
khemis there a way to dump the ones which did not match may be with bitbake -v ?17:26
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RPkhem: I think -DDDv probably does say which ones didn't but its ixed in with a lot of other things17:52
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khemRP: probably its useful enough to be reported at a less verbose level maybe18:34
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RPkhem: yes, log output needs work in general19:02
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yannif I take the sigdata generated by a spurious glic rebuild today, and compare it to the siginfo stored in the sstate (generated on another machine)... bitbake-diffsigs does not see any difference (yet the files have different size)19:22
yannno new sstate was stored for this compile state, which seems to confirm the sstate was here and should have been used, no ?19:26
khemRP: I have been maintaining all gcc patches on upstream master as well here
khembut this assignment thing might not work at all or might take long19:26
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yannI'm a bit puzzled by the contents of this sstate - the oldest entry for that glibc package for this arch is a "package" one. That's not supposed to be possible, right ?19:35
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khemRP: I am preparing a small musl update to address few regressions seen in 1.20 release19:48
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RPkhem: I was also just looking at the patches, I think we should talk to upstream about a few of them. I'm hoping some of the one line fixes may not need the full assignment process19:59
RPyann: only some tasks are stored in sstate. do_package is, do_compile is not20:00
RPyann: if the hashes for an sstate task match they will be used, if not they will be built20:00
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khemRP: yeah they said there is 15 line cumulative limit on one liners20:21
khemat MV we had blanket assignment20:22
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