Thursday, 2018-12-06

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learningcHow can I change the compilation optimization option of a package? say for example, opencv01:39
learningcI would like to use -Ofast01:39
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learningcor -O301:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake error does not apply (enforce with -f)? <>03:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Create a read-only file in yocto <>06:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup an Yocto recipe to build from a local git source? <>07:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is RPROVIDES for uhttpd in core-image-sato? <>07:33
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nerdboyi'm getting this e2fsprogs fail on morty:   ../lib/ error: undefined reference to 'major'08:33
nerdboyisn't util-linux supposed to be defining that?08:34
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nerdboyer, that should be e2fsprogs-native08:38
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JaManerdboy: upgrade to latest morty08:46
nerdboyi just cloned latest earlier tonight08:53
nerdboyanyways, i just made a patch08:54
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nerdboyi cant pull until i commit...08:55
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nerdboysays poky/morty is Already up to date.08:58
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eduardas_mhello, I am trying to address feedback on my mksh recipe:
eduardas_mhow do I define the ISC license to be applicable only when glibc is in use10:31
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LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: probably by using an evaluation in the license statement instead of an assigment? (just guessing!)10:37
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: evaluation statements are possible when setting bitbake variables?10:38
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LetoThe2ndyeah, should be. equivalent example for INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP:
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T_UNIXhas there been any talk/slides on using yocto with a git-flow like approach? I.e. feature integration without having to rebuild *everything* for each branch?10:58
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: not sure if i understand the question10:59
T_UNIXassume it's infeasible (due to limited resources) to rebuild an entire image for every feature branch.11:00
RPnerdboy: I have a hunch you may need the latest uninative version which morty no longer gets updates for11:01
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: due to sstate, only things that actually are affected of changes should be rebuilt11:01
RPnerdboy: assuming you are using uninative and are running on a recent distro which morty wasn't originally tested with11:01
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: so if switching branches triggers a complete rebuild, then you are modifying something with a lot of effects - be in voluntarily or involuntarily11:01
LetoThe2nds/be in/be it/11:02
T_UNIXLetoThe2nd: I'm wondering about interference11:03
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: and i'm wondering about half-sentences, to be honest.11:03
T_UNIXsorry :-D11:03
T_UNIXis there a way to assure that one branch's build won't mess up another (simultaneous) branch's build base?11:05
rburton_if you build then switch branch and build, then antyhing from the old build that isn't valid will be removed11:06
T_UNIXbut how about simultaneous builds?11:06
LetoThe2ndno, not that i knew of. unless you restrict yourself to the modification of recipes with nothing that depends from it.11:06
rburton_you can't do parallel builds on the same build tree, so that's not a problem11:07
rburton_note that i'm assuming you're using a recentish release with recipe-specific-sysroots11:07
T_UNIXokay.  Can I set some guard variable?11:07
T_UNIXI.e.: "if this checksum *would* change, abort before touching anything for real"11:08
rburton_so what are you actually trying to do?11:08
LetoThe2ndrburton_: yeah, smells of XY-question.11:09
T_UNIXI'd like to avoid (unintended) interference between multiple branches (with different progress and features) whilst minimizing the necessary resources.11:09
rburton_you can use bitbake-whatchanged to see what is different between the build on disk and what the current metadata says11:10
T_UNIXI guess I'll just have to read the docs on sstate. Maybe it already does all that.11:10
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rburton_well sstate is simple really: given the inputs, it caches the output11:11
rburton_if the sources and compiler flags and dependencies are all the same, here's the packages that would be built11:11
rburton_you can compare the hashes to identify where changes are, which is what bitbake-whatchanged does11:11
T_UNIXbut it can be safely shared between multiple parallel builds, right?11:12
rburton_there's a race where two parallel builds might end up writing the same object because it doesn't exist when they both go and look for it, but they'll just repeat work11:12
rburton_i'm assuming by parallel you mean 'two bitbakes on two tmpdirs, sharing sstate_dir'11:13
T_UNIXyes, that's what I mean11:13
RPwe share the sstate dir between about 30 workers on the autobuilder11:13
RP(over nfs)11:14
RPso its well tested11:14
rburton_i mean, if it can survive nfs, it must work11:14
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T_UNIXhow does sstate map to the packages in tmp/work/ ? I mean how does it avoid confusion of two parallel builds claim to be the (differing) provider of `foo-1.0`?11:16
rburton_T_UNIX: it is keyed on the hash11:17
rburton_the hash is all inputs11:17
rburton_so all sources11:17
rburton_all dependencies11:17
rburton_all variables that can change and impact the build11:17
T_UNIXand sstate provides the result?11:17
T_UNIXi.e. create the resulting package in sstate and only copy it to instance specific tmp/work?11:18
rburton_when you bitbake foo, when foo finishes the packages are written to sstate with the hash as the filename11:18
rburton_sstate is a cache, stuff is fetched from it on demand.11:18
T_UNIXokay, thanks :)11:18
rburton_hm our autobuilder sstate is 'a bit large'11:18
rburton_RP: want to put a bet on how big the ab sstate cache is?11:19
rburton_a full du might take about ten minutes or so11:19
RPrburton_: Its around 350GB per build, michael and I worked it out11:25
RPrburton_: "df" might be faster ;-)11:27
rburton_well df says 42T used but that's not just the sstate11:27
RPrburton_: I'd guess at about 3/4s of it is11:28
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JaMarburton_: we generate about 2TB per week and then it's pruned and starts again, I wish our IT could do 42TB fs..11:34
JaMabuild-artifacts  4.0T  3.0T  793G  80% /mnt/mirror-write11:35
JaMaand it was pruned just few days ago :/11:35
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rburton_172.29.10.206:/mnt/tank/yocto/autobuilder  124T   42T   82T  34% /srv/autobuilder11:37
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rburton_that's one big disk11:37
JaMaI should send screenshot to our IT :)11:37
rburton_its like motorway widening, the challenge now is to fill it up!11:38
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jofrI want to include an init-script for a package, but don't want any rc<X>.d symlinks, how would I go about doing that? Bitbake doesn't like INITSCRIPT_PARAMS = "".  :/12:29
jofrNevermind. INITSCRIPT_PARAMS = "start . stop ." did the trick.12:33
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RPrburton_: michael did shrink the data to allow us to change hardware around (like enclosures)12:36
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eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: thank you, your advice seems to work12:40
eduardas_mhow do I approarch fixing this for the mksh recipe I wish to upstream?
eduardas_mwhere can I get the same cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-yoe-linux-musleabi configuration so I can build with the same settings on my machine?12:41
eduardas_mI have built with poky and TCLIBC="musl" successfully, so I am unsure why the recipe breaks on arm12:42
eduardas_mI built for qemux86 to test with musl12:42
jofrThis part: "Removed auto-starting of (init-)firewall and xinetd as those will be started by eth_config." .. don't worry about xinetd. The firewall init-script takes care of it.12:43
jofrAaaaaaand this was not the correct window.12:44
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: at least the log you gave suggests that its not compile thats failing, but install12:46
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eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: yes, but it seems to package and work on QEMU correctly for me now, so I do not know why it failed for that build12:52
eduardas_mwould like to be able to reproduce myself12:53
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eduardas_mwhat is this "yoe-linux" stuff in log "Target System" label?12:55
eduardas_mIt appears it is this:
eduardas_mrecipes contributed to meta-openembedded need to compile with musl on this specific distro?12:57
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yateskhem, rburton: thank you for responding yesterday.13:46
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yatesthe toolchain nomenclature is still unclear to me after all these months: what is the SDK? what is the eSDK? what is the ADT? are one or more of these different names for the same thing?13:48
yatesbasically at one point my boss generated an outside, cross-toolchain (building on the x86 and targeting an arm ) that we put in our /opt/fslc/... directory and build from. this is what i am referring to13:49
angelo_tshi, question: i have recipes of 2 apps that needs to use(link with) 2 different versions of the same library. How can i manage this ?13:50
yateswe can build (i.e., run our own makes) from there outside yocto (once the toolchain was built and installed)13:50
yatesof course we had to adjust our make file options to point to the /opt/fslc compiler, linker, etc.13:51
yatesi should clarify that we build this way sometimes. other times we create a recipe for our app and build it under yocto using bitbake.13:52
yatessorry if i'm being long-winded but it seems that i confused everyone and i'm trying to clarify13:52
eduardas_mkhem: hello, what is the purpose of the yoe/mut branch on ?13:55
eduardas_mwould like to try and replicate the musl do_install failure for mksh13:55
eduardas_msomewhat confused not to see a conf directory when build for raspberrypi3 starts13:56
eduardas_mnot sure where to set TCLIBC = "musl"13:56
yatesi should also clarify that i modified our makefile so that when we throw our build into a yocto recipe, it uses the yocto build tools (e.g., $(CXX), etc.) and does not point to the /opt tools. in fact this was the main problem causing the "incompatible ABI" message I was getting from the wx lib at run-time - wx was build using the yocto tools and i had neglected to move the compiler, etc. in our wx app from the /opt13:56
yates/fslc toolchain back to the yocto build tools13:56
yatesis there a name for the toolchain yocto uses when it is bitbaking a recipe? the SDK?14:01
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eduardas_mnever mind, figured out the user needs to create the local.conf file on ones own14:11
eduardas_mdifferent from the Yocto builds I'm used to14:11
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eduardas_mdoes anyone here have experience using g_mass_storage USB MSC gadget driver and a FAT partition in a commercial product? Can this thing be made reliable enough to not corrupt the FAT partition?14:37
eduardas_mI know this is unrelated to Yocto, but since this channel has mostly embedded people, seems like a good place to ask14:37
rburton_yates: the toolchain that oe uses by default is just 'the toolchain'14:39
rburton_a pre-provided toolchain that provides a cross-gcc etc is called an external toolchain14:39
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rburton_ADT, application developer toolkit or something, is typically what meta-toolchain builds.  that's just a cross compiler and friends14:40
rburton_replaced with a SDK as built by bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk, which is a cross compiler and all the libraries that were in myimage14:40
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rburton_eSDK is the same thing (-c populate_sdk_ext) but instead of being static its extensible, so you can install more stuff into it14:40
rburton_it also can run bitbake and build images so its more powerful but also more complex.14:41
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JPEWRP: Thanks for looking at the hash-equivalence patches. When you're all through reviewing them, let me know and I'll post a V415:10
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RPJPEW: I'm thinking of merging the bits in -next? Any reason they shouldn't work standalone?15:25
RPJPEW: My biggest concern right now is the naming as I really don't like the "dependency" reference as it means something quite different to our usual use of the word15:26
*** OpenSorceress <OpenSorceress!~opensorce@unaffiliated/screamingbanshee> has quit IRC15:26
JPEWRP: Ya, naming is hard. I replied on the mailing list.15:26
RPJPEW: I saw thanks. Still pondering as I don't have suggestions which feel 100% right15:27
RPJPEW: we need to get it right as its hard to change after we merge it15:28
JPEWRP: Yep. I'll keep thinking about it15:28
RPJPEW: good news is the AB tests on -next were fine15:28
JPEWRP: Woohoo15:28
RPJPEW: suggests we don't need the fork pieces, at least for the non sstate equivalence15:29
JPEWRP: Quite possibly. I had a lot of strange errors with the persist_data. That might have been something I tried but didn't think about removing after I eliminated the errors15:30
JPEWAlso, hash equivalence dramatically increases the usage of persist_data, so it can uncover a lot of races15:31
RPJPEW: right, not saying we don't need it, I'd just like to explore that15:31
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moto-timoRP or rburton: oxygen patch also pushed. This makes the first big download come from our mirror. Not sure that is complete fix.16:49
moto-timoRP or rburton: can you please kick off an oxygen-master build?16:49
RPmoto-timo: I will do so now, thanks!16:50
RPmoto-timo: neon was green btw16:50
moto-timoRP: and in record time. 6:58. I can't remember a build less than 10 minutes...16:51
RPmoto-timo: looks like the previous ones were 8:45 ish but I'll take any speedups :)16:53
RPnice :)16:53
moto-timoRP: agreed :)16:53
moto-timoRP: still not convinced that is the fix, but it is promising (at least for neon)16:54
moto-timoRP: oxygen already had the full mirror for everything but UPDATE_SITE, so that is still a head scratcher16:54
RPmoto-timo: checking things are getting updated on the mirror is probably the next logical step (with halstead)16:55
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halsteadmoto-timo, RP The eclipse full mirror is updating daily. There have been some failures and interrupted syncs but all important files have been copied. Errors like "oomph/updates/milestone/latest/ failed verification"17:00
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moto-timohalstead: the oxygen-master builds timing out bug me, because that has been downloading almost everything from our full mirror.17:02
moto-timohalstead: I'm writing email with a couple ideas. Today is a train wreck of 100% overbooked for me... :(17:03
halsteadmoto-timo, Working via e-mail sounds good. We can make time for synchronous work tomorrow if needed.17:04
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - fetch private repo using https <>17:05
yatesrburton_: that helps - thank you17:08
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cdgarrenDoes anyone have recommendations for a virtual keyboard package? It looks like matchbox-keyboard and florence are the most common.17:30
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nerdboyRP: not entirely sure...17:57
nerdboyand i see a moto-timo17:57
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dresserdHello, I'm trying to build "core-image-minimal" for a "zcu102-zynqmp" board using "meta-xilinx" and seeing this error "Fetcher failure for URL: 'file://MPC8315ERDB-enable-DHCP.patch'. Unable to fetch URL from any source"  I'm using the thud branch of openembedded and the "rel-v2018.3" branch of meta-xilinx.  Is anyone familiar with that error?  Is this the right place to ask?18:25
khemdresserd: can you grep for MPC8315ERDB-enable-DHCP.patch in meta-xilinx ?18:27
khemthis is an old patch which has been removed in oe-core/u-boot, I think meta-xilinx might have not been updated18:28
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC18:28
dresserdThanks for responding "meta-xilinx-bsp/recipes-bsp/u-boot/    file://MPC8315ERDB-enable-DHCP.patch \" is the only reference.18:29
khemdelete it18:30
kheminfact you might have to take the copy of this patch and stick it in meta-xilinx18:30
dresserdthe file doesn't exist, only that reference to it.18:31
khemyou might even remove it from SRC_URI since it fixes something for MPC8315ERDB and not impacting board you are interested in18:31
khemyes delete the reference18:32
dresserdI see18:32
dresserdinteresting that the patch is versioned "2018.01" while I am building the "2018.3" branch.18:34
khemyeah I think it should have been removed18:34
dresserdI'm pretty new to Yocto.  My understanding of the "right" way to fix that is to use devtool to "modify" that recipe, which will create a recipe with a bbappend file in one of my layers.  Is that correct?18:35
khemyeah but in this case devtool may not be needed.18:38
khemin your layer you can add a bbappend manually and add SRC_URI_remove = "file://MPC8315ERDB-enable-DHCP.patch"18:38
khemotherwise its better to modify it in meta-xilinx and send a patch to that layer18:39
dresserdOk.  Thanks.  deleting that  got me past that error.  Submitting a patch is a good idea.18:40
Croftonalso ask on the meta-xilinx list18:40
Croftonaehs29, may also care18:40
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dresserdThanks for the help.  I subscribed to meta-xilinx.18:43
kergothdresserd: recipetool's newappend command sounds more useful for you18:44
kergothdevtool is better for direct source tree modification18:44
dresserdnow I know there's  a thing called "recipetool"  ;-)18:45
khemkergoth: yeah recipetool18:46
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tgoodwinHas anyone run across a good solution for compiling u-boot-mkimage-native when the host OS has libfdt-devel installed (other than "uninstall libfdt-devel")?18:50
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto18:51
tgoodwinRight now it causes a compiler error against fdt64_t.18:52
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khemtgoodwin: IIRC latest version of u-boot should have this fixed18:57
tgoodwinAh okay, good.18:57
khemI ran into it earlier this year18:57
tgoodwinI'm back on rocko18:57
tgoodwinHmm...maybe I was looking at your patch.  The u-boot I'm dealing with is xilinx's 2018.1 and I couldn't find the file related to that patch (something like boot/uboot/
dresserdkhem: I discovered that there are two meta-xilinx repositories.  One at and one at github.   The one at looks like the one I want.  It has branches for each yocto release, but the latest branch is sumo.  Guess I'll try that.19:00
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:03
tgoodwinkhem: Yep.  Turning this into a patch against tools/Makefile did the trick:
tgoodwinThanks for reminding me of seeing that.19:11
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khemdresserd: the one of gh is a mirror usually19:18
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dqxhello everyone good morning (international irc time!), what would be the best way to define a directory variable like pkgconfig's bindir, libdir, etc., but for my layer? I wanted to install everything to a common prefix but only for this layer. I'd appreciate any pointers. thanks in advance.19:48
dqxI'm considering using `require myclass` and writing a simple `init` if needed, not sure though, I'm new to Yocto19:49
neverpanicso you want to change prefix for recipes in your layer only?19:50
dqxdidn't want to write string literals like "/usr/..."19:51
dqxI'd rather write ${myprefix}19:52
neverpanicwell, you could write a bbclass that sets prefix and inherit that?19:52
dqxyup, that's what I was considering indeed19:52
neverpanicYou could try putting that into layer.conf, too, if I remember correctly that would affect other recipes as well19:53
dqxbitbake.conf would be another way to go maybe? I just found it too much to define that19:54
neverpanicIf you change it in bitbake.conf, you'll move your entire system19:54
dqxoh, write19:54
dqxoh, right rs19:54
*** dresserd <dresserd!6881c2f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC19:55
dqxthanks neverpanic. it helped to confirm and this other pointer is also possible. gonna do this now :D cheers19:55
neverpanicIt may be a stupid question, but why do you want to do this?19:55
neverpanicIf your software sticks to the filesystem hierarchy standard it's usually fine to install it in the "normal" places19:55
dqxneverpanic: oh, it's not stupid. I just realized I have another doubt actually. I didn't want to overwrite the other layers binaries upon do_install(), that's my primary issue. am I safe just by defining the layer priority?19:56
neverpanicYou'll get a conflict whenever you do this anyway, so it's a non-issue.19:58
khemlayer.conf should not be used to sweep under the rug IMO19:58
khemprobably we should write a tool to call out layers on doing dangerous ops in layer.conf19:59
khemwriting a new bbclass to override common variable from bitbake.conf is a good approach here20:00
neverpanicBut really, if you're only considering to switch prefix to avoid overwriting existing files, don't. It's not necessary.20:01
dqxkhem: ack and noted :) thx20:03
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto20:05
rburton_dqx: you'll need to write a class or config file that sets prefix, and include it in every recipe you want to move20:06
rburton_layer.conf will be global20:06
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aehs29dresserd: meta-xilinx is still not updated to thud20:54
aehs29dresserd: not on 2018.3, 2019.1 will work with thud20:54
aehs29Crofton: thanks20:54
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opellois it reasonable/possible to depend on an tmp/deploy/images/ output file in another recipe for repackaging that image?21:50
aehs29khem: are you planning on upgrading meta-openwrt ot thud? do you have some WIP or are you accepting patches?21:52
dqxrburton_: thanks bro21:55
dqxhow do I specify a CFLAGS or LDFLAGS for a package so that whoever depends on this package will append it to its flags? if possible. I could do the other way around also, but I needed to have the pkgconfig directories somehow.21:56
khemaehs29: patches are welcome21:59
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khemI dont plan to do major updates myself as of yet21:59
neverpanicdqx: That's generally done using pkg-config or CMake config files22:00
dqxneverpanic: will use `inherit pkgconfig`, was just lazy to read the code :D22:02
neverpanicdqx: That alone will not do it. The build system of your component needs to install a suitable pkg-config file and the build systems of your dependent components will need to use $(pkg-config --cflags) and $(pkg-config --ldflags) to get those.22:03
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aehs29khem: yesh I was just playing around with it and theres a couple of patches, busybox, netifd and I think the mirror for xtables-addons is not working22:04
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is it possible to use Embedded OS prepared for i.MX6solo over i.MX6UL...? [on hold] <>22:06
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