Wednesday, 2019-01-23

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* armpit Crofton|work is the regression test00:06
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Crofton|workdamn it00:07
armpitopen a bug00:08
* armpit wonders if one can drink beer in a driver-less car?00:08
Crofton|workmanju may have already fixed in master00:09
Crofton|worklook ssuspicious00:09
* armpit looks00:09
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armpitCrofton|work, you can only use Poky commits in this channel00:11
Crofton|workoh shit00:11
Crofton|workwrong channel00:11
Crofton|workthis is embaressing00:12
Crofton|workI had always wondered what the difference was between this and #oe, now it is clear00:12
armpit: )00:12
armpitCrofton|work, I'll grab that commit00:13
Crofton|workok build finished, now must test, but mayb enot this evening00:13
Crofton|workarmpit, thanks00:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build redhat root file system? <>01:43
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build redhat root file system? [on hold] <>02:13
denixshould do_populate_sdk honor ASSUME_PROVIDED? I have nativesdk-perl in ASSUME_PROVIDED, but it fails to install nativesdk-autoconf due to unresolved dependency02:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Disable a standard systemd service in Yocto build <>03:43
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linyoctoxHi, when I want to add new packages to core-image-minimal for extending my distro, where can I get a list of package names which are available?07:44
linyoctoxI don't want to create new packages but include more standard packages07:47
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malanecoralinyoctox: What Yocto version are you using?08:01
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malanecoralinyoctox: Check out
malanecoralinyoctox: Switch to your branch/version08:02
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linyoctoxmalanecora: sumo08:28
linyoctoxmalanecora: your link leads me to a search page but not an overview list of packages (?)08:37
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linyoctoxmalanecora: How can I get the list there?08:38
malanecoralinyoctox: You can install all the packages you can find there08:38
malanecoralinyoctox: If yoou want a list, go to "Layers" and take a look inside08:39
linyoctoxmalanecora: ah OK, thanks. So a recipe is a package I can install, right?08:40
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto openssl package not installing binary files <>08:44
malanecoralinyoctox: Kind of08:54
malanecoralinyoctox: A recipe can contain multiple (sub)packages08:54
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prabhakarladHi all, we have a common location for downloads for several users what is the proper solution to change the group permissions of downloaded files/git repo's ?10:30
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malanecoraI've just noticed that udevd starts 7s later in Thud than in Rocko, in addition it seems that it struggles with the network interfaces...11:18
malanecoraIt makes wlanx available at 60s, whereas it is available at 4s in Rocko11:18
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linyoctoxmalanecora: thanks, it's a good hint (y)11:27
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malanecoraRegarding the aforementioned issue with udev, anyone knows what could be its cause?12:07
malanecoraI keep the same rules from the old config12:08
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malanecoraJust kernel version went from 4.4.113 to 4.4.16412:53
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akrpic77oops, heelO!13:12
akrpic77eh, hello!13:12
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ak77anyone doing rust using meta-rust ?13:13
ak77Is it possible to use shared libraries? I know it doesn't have stable abi, but as all deps would get rebuild if rustc would change, and as long as I upgrade whole system at a time. this shouldn't mater, but would save space13:17
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nacknickHi everyone. Is there any option to "deduce" the kernel's version and the drivers' version that would be in the image from the building files (before writing the image)??13:55
LetoThe2ndnacknick: might even be in bitbake -e virtual/kernel13:58
nacknickLetoThe2nd - In what variable? What about the drivers? It all looks like a big chaos there14:02
LetoThe2ndnacknick: in waht is for you o grep ;-)14:02
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malanecoraI see udev (eudev) has been updated to 3.2.5 in Thud (from 3.2.2), can this update be the cause of the malfunctioning?14:06
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linyoctoxuhm... I don't want to "vi /etc/opkg/opkg.conf" in my running yocto linux on my eval board everytime after I rebuilt the whole thing. How can I put my edit to that opkg.conf already in a recipe or something?14:22
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linyoctoxIs there somewhere a tutorial how to put my edits to root-filesystem config files already in yocto recipe files (instead of editing those config files at runtime on the eval board which is running yocto linux)?14:27
Crofton|workyou need to use a bbappend specif to your machine for the file that installs it14:27
malanecoraThese are both logs (old and new)14:29
malanecoralinyoctox: As Crofton|work says, you should write a opkg_%.bbappend in you own layer with "FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"", also bundle your desired opkg.conf file along it in the same folder14:31
linyoctoxnice! thnx. Understood14:32
Crofton|workmalanecora, thanks for recalling exact details :)14:34
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ak77does make sense to compile cmdline and dtbs into the kernel? I already have kernel compiled for each machine... and then I don't have to deal with device tree loading in bootload15:08
blackjidI need to create os image that runs a ruby application on a raspberry pi. I already build a base poky image with meta-raspberrypi. Now I need to install ruby and copy the source code of my project, any idea on how to do that??15:19
kergothlinyoctox: fyi you can use recipetool appendfile to mostly automate the process of overriding target files. it'll figure out what package provides it, append that recipe, adjust filesextrapaths, etc15:19
kergothor appendsrcfile to do the same for files in SRC_URI15:19
blackjidIn the poky/meta directory there is a receipes-devtools where I can find some ruby recipies. Should I use that?15:21
blackjidI was thinking on creating my own layer that installs ruby, the ruby gems, copy my source code, and add start the app with systemd15:22
blackjidsounds like a good aproach?? I don't even know where to start though15:22
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kergothlayers don't install packages, images do15:23
kergothand you can pick what packages go into an image in local.conf, no need for a new layer for that, unless you want to create a new image recipe for easier long term maintenance15:24
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blackjidmm, I think I might have some misunderstud concepts ....  I'll take a new read on images/packages/recipe/layes15:26
linyoctoxWhat is with more complex stuff like adding users and give them passwords?15:29
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linyoctoxIs it supported by recipes?15:30
kergothyes, both recipes and images can do that15:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: When to modify Poky vs creating a new distro <>15:45
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nacknickif I want to find15:52
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nacknickCAN driver version (from the image), how should I do it?15:52
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linyoctoxkergoth: cool!16:03
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kergothanyone very familiar with compiling and installing selinux policy files?16:07
rburton_kergoth: zeddii maybe?16:10
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kergothtrying to get container-selinux to build but it fails and i know squat about the policy file format16:17
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sveinseWhat is the rules concerning when VAR_pn-recipe is used, and when it's not? E.g. SRCREV_pn-myrecipe is needed, but IMAGE_INSTALL_append_mymachine seems not. Does the latter imply that IMAGE_FEATURES_append_mymachine also works?17:06
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Piratyhi. it's me asking about opkg again. can ipk/debian packaging format handle package-alterantives, and is opkg capable of it? meaning: having two packages provide the same functionality (at least they pretend to) so dependencies are fulfulled correctly ?17:15
Piratyclassic ecample is java packages in mainstream distros17:15
sveinsekergoth: yeah, thanks. It does not specify precisely _how_ the specific variables allows for override in OE/Yocto. To me it seems like a little bit of magic :)17:18
Piratythanks you JPEW17:18
kergothsveinse: yes, it does17:18
kergothas it says, it's controlled by OVERRIDES. go look at what OVERRIDES is set to in oe-core17:19
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sveinseHmm, I get the OVERRIDES suffix (I think), but I still don't see the difference between in-recipe scope and global scope. Please let me explain:17:26
sveinseIf I have a recipe a, I can set any vars in that scope from global with VAR_pn-a. If I have an image recipe b, I seem to be able to set IMAGE_INSTALL_append and IMAGE_FEATURES_append from local.conf, not IMAGE_INSTALL_pn-b or IMAGE_FEATURES_pn-b for some reason17:28
sveinse...yeah missing the _append suffix on the two latter17:29
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sveinsePerhaps the _append and/or _someoverride pulls in the global var into the local scope17:32
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Piratyadelcast: which protocals can opkg transfer over? everything that curl can right?17:33
adelcastyep, http and https17:34
kergothstill not seeing what you're referring to17:38
kergothrecipes essentially inherit the global metadata. they copy that datastore and then parse the recipe to add to it17:39
kergothsetting a variable globally and setting it in the recipe is basically the same thing, except that the former will affect multiple recipes, and the recipe can always override what the config metadata does, since its parsed later17:40
sveinseSo for image recipe a, using IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " something" is completely equal to IMAGE_FEATURES_pn-a_append = " something" ?17:40
kergothoverrides are just conditionals. that's all. not magic17:40
kergothno, those are completely different things17:41
kergothFOO_someoverride_append will append to FOO_someoverride, then FOO_someoverride will *replace* the existing contents of FOO, overriding it17:41
kergothFOO_append_someoverride will append to FOO conditional on the override17:41
sveinseSo "pn_a" is an override?17:42
kergothas i just said, conditionals are done with overrides17:42
kergoththe OVERRIDES variable controls what overrides will be applied17:42
kergothOVERRIDES in oe-core has 'pn-${PN}' listed, which is why i told you to go read it17:43
kergothso yes17:43
kergothfyi, the FOO_<override>_append vs FOO_append_<override> difference is documented in the bitbake user manual at
kergoththe bitbake user manual link i already linked you to covers the override + append/prepend syntax.17:44
kergoth     DEPENDS = "glibc ncurses"17:44
kergoth     OVERRIDES = "machine:local"17:44
kergoth     DEPENDS_append_machine = " libmad"17:44
kergothuse of pn-<some recipe name> is no different than using machine17:44
kergothit's all just a string listed in OVERRIDES17:44
sveinseI tried dumping OVERRIDES with bitbake -e, but there is no pn-${PN} in it17:46
kergothyes, there is17:46
kergothit's the third entry17:46
kergothas linked above17:46
kergothbitbake -e shows you the expanded value17:47
kergothif you used just 'bitbake -e', not 'bitbake -e yourrecipe', it would have shown pn-default or something, since it coudlj';t set PN from the recipe name when you're looking at global config metadata that isn't a recipe17:47
sveinseyeah, I found it, so I was wrong17:47
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sveinseI have to digest this, It's not obvious how this behaves17:49
Piratyadelcast: ftps too?17:50
Piratyeven sftp ?17:50
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sveinsekergoth: ok, I think I might understand why my PV_pn-linux_append = "-myfeature" didn't work. Because I was appending the override. Is there a way I can from local.conf append to a specific recipe's PV?17:54
kergothPV isn't in overrides, so not directly, but you can use inline python to deal with that. append it to any recipe but only return a value when the version matches17:55
kergothif you're appending hte same variable you want to check, that's not going to happen, as that'd recurse. you can't append PV based on PV's existing value from the metadata due to how our expansion works (lazy)17:55
adelcastPiraty: yes, it should. The URL is directly passed to CURL (check opkg_download_curl.c), and curl supports both ftp and sftp17:56
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kergothnow you could use anonymous python to do that, since it'd happen at a fixed point in time, and you can control whether it's expanded17:56
kergothi.e. FOO_append = " ${'foo' if d.getVar('PV') == 'something' else ''}" would work, but PV_append = wouldn't, since it'd refer to its own value17:57
sveinsekergoth: interesting. PV_pn-linux_append = "new-full-version" surely worked from local.conf -- althou I am aware that using _append makes no sense based on what was just mentioned. But the recipe PV is overriden17:57
kergothyes, it'd replace the existing value of PV17:58
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kergothsame as just setting PV_pn-linux unless there are multiple _appends, since they're cumulative17:58
sveinsekergoth: thanks!17:59
kergothno problem17:59
kergothoverrides itself is pretty sipmle, even our ofile format is for the most part, the real source of confusion is figuring out the order of operations. what happens when, in what circumstances, in what order18:00
kergothIMO anyway18:00
sveinseUsing a global local.conf has its uses. My use case is a feature build, which only consitutes of changing the image packages and some distro features. Being able to plug this config changes into local.conf saves the layers from having to be branched out into feature branches.18:03
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ferlzchi, i'm trying to add systemd init in my using: DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd" and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd". However after build the image my system is not booting using systemd. Do I need any other variables to my ? Also, do I need to remove my tmp/ cache? sstate-cache/ or tmp-glibc/  and start from scratch again?18:06
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sveinseferlzc: I see in my distro that I use DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED = "sysvinit" as well in addition to VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscript="" (with comment that might not be needed any more)18:09
ferlzcthanks, I will check that18:13
kergothyou can't change distro features ain an image18:14
kergothwell, you can, but it wont do anything18:14
sveinseoh, yeah, good catch :p18:15
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tgoodwinIs there a list of steps somewhere for switching completely away from busybox to coreutils, etc.?  It seems to be mentioned in VIRTUAL-RUNTIME overrides, etc.18:44
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denixshould do_populate_sdk honor ASSUME_PROVIDED? I have nativesdk-perl in ASSUME_PROVIDED, but it fails to install nativesdk-autoconf due to unresolved dependency19:27
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yatesare these all supported distributions as of thud?
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robbawebbaHello, quick question about the tzdata package. How can I set the default timezone? I see the recipe has a variable DEFAULT_TIMEZONE ?= "Universal". Do I have to append this recipe to modify that variable, or is this something I could overwrite from the distro.conf or local.conf?19:45
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Ca't install my own syslog's syslog-startup.conf via Yocto <>19:46
kergothhuh, dataclasses are pretty cool19:49
bluelightningdenix: ASSUME_PROVIDED only works for bitbake dependencies, if you were to specify a runtime dependency (which nativesdk- effectively is) the package manager will still be looking for it19:54
bluelightningdenix: note that we had a special trick for keeping perl out of the buildtools (nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy), maybe you can use that in your case?19:55
bluelightningdenix: (note the SDK_PACKAGE_ARCHS += bit in, that is required to get that to work)19:56
bluelightningrobbawebba: no, you could set that at the configuration level (since it's ?= )19:57
robbawebbabluelightning: thanks!19:58
yatesare these all the supported distributions for thud?
yatesi thought i saw a list of supported distros as a function of version somewhere20:02
khemthis was a long standing change I wanted to do, finally gcc 9 tipped me over to do it20:06
khemRP: all my local tests seems to have no regressions on qemuarm20:06
khemand rpi320:06
khemgive it a shot20:06
bluelightningyates: hmm, this looks out of date20:12
denixbluelightning: thanks. the strange thing that is used to work on rocko and before...20:13
bluelightningdenix: I'm not sure how it could have, it certainly wasn't intended to20:14
yatesbluelightning: yeah, that's what i thought. fedora 26 is pretty old20:15
bluelightningyates: here's the list that drives the warnings on startup at least:
bluelightningupdates to the manual are *supposed* to be driven from that20:15
yatesthat is from thud?20:16
yatesyes, i see it in the url20:16
bluelightningthat's what we have in thud20:16
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yateswho is Poky? :)20:17
yatesi know, it's rburton_ in disguise!20:18
bluelightningtime to dig out the poky beaver costume :D20:22
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bluelightningI've emailed Scott R about updating the manual, FWIW20:26
yatesbluelightning: you are fast as lightning! ...20:31
bluelightningyates: heh... I'm actually a world class procrastinator a lot of the time :D20:50
denixbluelightning: thanks for the pointer! I've modified my sdk with it and making progress - have to extend DUMMYPROVIDES with tons of nativesdk-perl-module-* to satisfy nativesdk-autoconf...20:56
bluelightningdenix: right, for that it would need extending; buildtools was a pretty simple case20:57
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denixbluelightning: specifying just nativesdk-perl-modules didn't work, have to list them individually...20:59
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bluelightningdenix: right, since those are the dependencies you have to satisfy, there's not an actual dependency on nativesdk-perl-modules21:01
bluelightningthe other side of the equation :)21:02
denixyeah, runtime dependencies are picky... :)21:02
denixok, had to list 18 perl modules in DUMMYPROVIDES21:24
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rburton_denix: might be worth using a script or something to generate the provides based on the perl manifest22:39
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armpityou can write it in python ; )22:50
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