Monday, 2019-02-11

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake command to locate path to installed toolchain <>03:10
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lukmaDear All,08:07
lukmaCan somebody explain what is the purpose of DUMMYPROVIDES ?08:07
lukmaFor example in: poky/meta/recipes-core/meta/nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy.bb08:08
lukmawhy the perl's packages cannot be specified in IMAGE_INSTALL_append = perl-module-locale08:08
lukmaand then those would be installed in native/nativesdk ?08:08
lukmathe DUMMYPROVIDES is also not described in the yocto manual08:09
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lukmaRP: Regarding nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy.bb08:26
lukmaWhy we don't want perl being added to buildtools (and in fact installed to nativesdk ?)08:27
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lukmaI would like to have SDK with some modules installed for perl - for example perl-module-locale ( in the SDK08:27
lukmathis module is installed fine for "normal" rootfs, so the question is why I cannot re-use it on SDK ?08:28
RPlukma: you either need to install perl+all the modules you need or not anything perl related at all08:28
RPlukma: you can certainly install perl + modules, its just not our default as the user may have other perl things they want locally08:29
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lukmaRP: What I'm trying to do -> I need the for SDK08:31
lukma for some reason it is installed on normal rootfs08:31
lukmabut not on sdk08:31
RPlukma: that is is a target package, not a nativesdk one ?08:32
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lukmaRP: Basically it is: perl-module-locale (as shown in package-split)08:33
lukmabut adding IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "nativesdk-perl-module-locale"08:35
lukmashows: package nativesdk-perl-modules-5.24.4-r0.x86_64_nativesdk does not have a compatible architecture08:35
RPlukma: trim down target-sdk-provides-dummy ?08:35
RPlukma: are you after this in the target rootfs in the sdk or the nativesdk host tools08:35
lukmaRP: Could you be more specific for the last sentence?08:37
RPlukma: you alsmost certainly don't want nativesdk in IMAGE_INSTALL as you're mixing target and nativesdk packages08:37
RPlukma: an SDK has things of two architectures. Things for your target MACHINE and things for SDKMACHINE08:37
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lukmaRP: So then extend: poky/meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.bb08:38
lukmaRP: and add  there nativesdk-perl-module-locale ?08:39
RPlukma: so you're after a perl which runs within the SDK on SDKMACHINE ?08:39
lukmaRP: The problem is: Can't locate in @INC (you may need to install the locale module) -> and INC points to SDK installed path sysroot08:40
lukmaSo I thought that I need to add it to SDK sysroot.....08:40
RPlukma: when running dnf in the sdk?08:40
RPlukma: TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK for that or as you say, the packagegroup08:41
lukmaRP: The dnf errors also poped up, but those were caused by the mixing / and nativesdk-perl-module-locale08:42
sk_tandt_Greetings! I've created a custom layer and added a very simple recipe to it: it seems to be parsed, but I can't find the built executable in the end build (tried find / | grep "name"). How may I debug the building of recipes?08:43
LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: depends a bit. can you share the recipe on a pastebin?08:44
sk_tandt_Yup, give me a second!08:44
lukmaRP: And one more question (If I may): Is there any way to inspect in ./tmp/ the content of sysroot for SDK (as it is after installation) ?08:44
lukmaRP: I do know how to see it for "normal" build08:44
RPlukma: its similar to a normal build, just look for it under the image workdir08:45
lukmaRP: And what was the motivation for perl removal from SDK? The assumption that HOST will always have it installed ?08:46
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RPlukma: for some things like buildtools, its usually not needed as the host has a complete perl install08:46
lukmaRP: OK I can find it :)08:47
lukmaRP: So the lesson from this is that nativesdk-* packages shall be added TO TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK or nativesdk-packagegroup*08:47
lukmaRP: And not mix it with IMAGE_INSTALL08:47
lukma(but though normal package with BBCLASSEXTEND= "nativesdk" shall be installed without issues if we do not have any "optimizations")08:48
LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: well the most obvious things to check: are you 1) actually building the recipe 2) have you added it to your image? otherwise it won't end up there.08:48
LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: usually autotools stuff doesn't give a lot of problems. so if you are not seeing warnings like "installed-vs-shipped" or such, it probably builds and installs fine.08:49
sk_tandt_LetoThe2nd, yep, it was indeed missing from local.conf, my vad08:51
LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: hint: thou shall not extend your images through local.conf :)08:51
sk_tandt_Oh? What's the best practice?08:52
LetoThe2ndRP: a penny for your thoughts: what do you think about doing some introductory tutorial streaming, like on twitch?08:52
LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: to create a custom image recipe in your layer.08:52
sk_tandt_Mh, not familiar with the process: any resource link plz?08:53
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LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: if you look into poky/meta/recipes-core/images, there's a couple of relatively simple images. create recipes-core/images in your layer, copy over, rename it, and start modifying. thats how i do it.08:56
sk_tandt_Great, thanks!08:57
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LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: i thought i had a better descriptionof the process somewhere but can't find it right now, sorry.09:00
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Marexkhem: I surely don't use X11 stuff :)10:00
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Marexkhem: I wonder if it's broken only on eglfs then10:02
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dreyfaxhello, i have some issue with recipe parsing - i get the following error: No IMAGE_CMD defined for IMAGE_FSTYPES entry 'sdcard'. I appended 'sdcard' to IMAGE_FSTYPES and bitbake -e is listing it. IMAGE_CLASSES is defined as 'image_types_fsl'. There is an image_types_fsl.bbclass in meta-fsl-bsp-release, that is inheriting image_types and defining a function IMAGE_CMD_sdcard (). The layer is added to BBLAYERS. Any idea why bitbake is co10:34
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sk_tandt_Hello again: so, the SRC_URI[hashtype] variable in a recipe binds it to a given version10:41
sk_tandt_How do I always fetch the latest one from a remote repository?10:41
LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: but, you have hereby been warned: this explicitly breaks reproductibility and is *NOT* recommended.10:42
sk_tandt_Yup, it's just for dev : P10:43
sk_tandt_Thanks for the heads-up 'tho!10:43
rburtonthere's also the devupstream class which can be fun10:44
LetoThe2ndsk_tandt_: (this implcitly means that you are no more entitled to ask for support about problems cause by this, and if you do, will be billed 3.14151 * sqrt(1000) USD per question that relates to it)10:45
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sk_tandt_ahahah, loved the Pi reference, but unfortunately it didn't work10:46
rburtonwell it *does* work. you're just driving it wrong :)10:50
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sk_tandt_No ok, Gitlab seems to be the issue: it really doesn't like people pulling from it with git://10:59
rburtonremember to set protocol=https, and gitlab really wants the url to end with .git11:07
rburtonie SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=http"11:07
rburtonfrom oe-core11:07
MarexRP: hey, is the python 3.7 update be in YPRR 2.7 ?11:13
RPMarex: it will be11:14
MarexRP: nice11:14
RPnot sure I understnd the RR in YPRR11:15
MarexRP: reference release ?11:15
MarexRP: the patch is not in master yet, is it ?11:15
RPMarex: its in master
Marexoh, it's in master-next, I see11:16
RPMarex: no, master11:16
MarexRP: ha, thanks11:17
kanavinRP: for the gitsm fix I can add a testcase, but it would check a very rare corner case11:19
RPkanavin: right, I looked at the patch and I see what you mean. I'm torn as some of these bugs are hard to stop coming back :/11:21
kanavinRP: I do wonder though, why is there no default exception handler for this at the top level of the task? If we don't catch the exception, bitbake fails in a generic way with no indication of the exact problem, even though the exception has it11:22
RPkanavin: I wonder which code is squashing the decent exception11:23
RPkanavin: I did make a mental note to look at than when I read the patch now you mention it11:24
kanavinRP: yep, we wouldn't need the patch then11:25
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kanavinRP: looks like it's this bit in lib/bb/
kanavin    try:11:48
kanavin        exec(code, get_context(), context)11:48
kanavin    except (bb.BBHandledException, bb.parse.SkipRecipe,, bb.data_smart.ExpansionError):11:48
kanavin        # Error already shown so passthrough, no need for traceback11:48
kanavinthe exception is bb.data_smart.ExpansionError11:49
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kanavinif I remove that exception from the list, the generic handler would print a fairly ugly traceback, so I think the patch I sent is better11:58
RPkanavin: something still isn't quite adding up here as that block implies an exception should have been shown11:59
kanavinRP: the task-specific handler only catches the task-specific exception12:00
kanavin    try:12:01
kanavin        fetcher = bb.fetch2.Fetch(src_uri, d)12:01
kanavin        fetcher.unpack(d.getVar('WORKDIR'))12:01
kanavin    except bb.fetch2.BBFetchException as e:12:01
kanavin        bb.fatal(str(e))12:01
kanavinpresumably, the exception should've been shown at recipe parsing time12:01
kanavinbut SRCPV is only accessed at task execution time12:02
RPkanavin: no, I mean the comment # Error already shown so passthrough, no need for traceback12:02
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RPkanavin: I think that code needs changing to print the exception and then raise bb.BBHandledException12:04
RPkanavin: in the expansionError case12:05
RPkanavin: hmm12:06
RPand then
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kanavinRP: I think the comment refers to the step of parsing recipes? SRCPV isn't expanded until the unpack() task is executed, the task doesn't catch ExpansionError, and so it's never shown12:17
RPkanavin: the trouble is we call these exec functions in so many different contexts :(12:30
RPkanavin: I'd say the exception handling here is broken though12:30
kanavinRP: yeah, I'm trying to make sense of it12:31
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malanecoraIs there a way of making a file generated by a recipe available to other recipe in buildtime? (e.g. pubkeys)12:49
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malanecora(like copying a file from a recipe's source to another recipe's source)12:56
kanavinRP: I'd say the fetch/unpack/etc tasks should be catching all exceptions, they used to do this:
mcfriskwhat fixes this on sumo? ERROR: bash-4.4.12-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: bash-ptest rdepends on locale-base-de-de, but it isn't a build dependency? [build-deps]13:00
mcfriskcan't see poky master branch fixes for this either13:01
RPkanavin: I'm not sure that would help :/13:03
RPkanavin: The key problem we have is that at some point we need to translate an exception to something reported to the user. We need to do that once, somewhere and if we've done so, not show a traceback13:04
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kanavinRP: I have another patch, where the exception information is written to a log at the point where it was previously discarded, I think that should do the trick13:18
sk_tandt_rburton, for some reason it seems to only work with public repos13:26
rburtonsk_tandt_: oh right, yeah private repos you need to authenticate with (obviously)13:27
rburtonso http with auth or ssh13:27
rburtongit: is anonymous13:27
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sk_tandt__rburton, problem is username:password@gitlab-instance.tld isn't parsed as, say, wget would13:29
sk_tandt__People seem to suggest to store username and pasword in .gitconfig, but where would that be located in this case? Isn't a new folder repo created on every bitbake run?13:30
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yateswe've been running morty on ubuntu 16.04 LTS. we are considering upgrading to ubuntu 18.04 LTS. will morty run correctly on 18.04?13:46
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* yates looks around nervously13:53
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RPkanavin: that sounds like the right behaviour14:02
RPkanavin: If its what I think it is, I'd probably just want to break it similarly to Pauls patch scenario and check that has sane output too14:03
kanavinRP: I tested it with the SRCPV problem (reverting my previous patch), and it does look sane and neat14:07
kanavinwill send in a sec14:07
yatesmorty/ubuntu 18.04 LTS?14:08
kanavinRP: patch sent14:13
JPEWyates: I've had toruble running those older releases on newer Ubuntu14:14
sk_tandt__Finally found light: git@gitlab-instance.domain.tld/group/repo.git;protocol=ssh;14:24
yatesJPEW: thanks - good to know!14:28
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kanavinrburton, I have a meson conversion list14:48
kanavingstreamer1.014:48 (bad, base, good)14:48
rburtonglib would be a good place to start as its so low down14:48
rburtonanuj is working on mesa now14:49
kanavincool, we should also bump the mesa version14:50
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yatesis anyone familiar with the lkms/drivers/udev rules for bluetooth? bluetooh is now non-functional my i.MX6ULL embedded image after doing some upgrades. I am not finding the bluetooth lkm loaded and don't know why15:12
yatese.g., on my linux desktop, lsmod reveals this: bluetooth             622592  47 btrtl,btintel,btbcm,bnep,btusb,rfcomm15:13
yatesi cannot get a basic "hciconfig hci0 up" command to work15:13
yates"Can't get device info: No such device"15:14
yatesthis was working prior to the upgrades, and the upgrades did not include any mods to the kernel15:14
yateshow is the bluetooth lkm specified to be included in the standard oe layers?15:15
yatesi cannot find "bluetooth.*" in /lib/modules15:16
yatesrather, i cannot find "bluetooth*" in /lib/modules15:16
kergothcheck the kernel config, might well be compiled in rather than a module at all15:18
* kergoth shrugs15:18
kergothi'd start there rather than looking for a possibly nonexistent module. if it is built as a module, make sure the module packages are installed15:18
yatesit is a lkm on standard desktop linux (i'm using fedora 28) - wouldn't it be the same?15:19
yatesbut it certainly isn't hard to look for a config, i'll do that15:19
kergothwhy would it be the same?15:20
kergoththis isn't a desktop linux distro, the requirements are completely different in many cases15:21
kergothand the kernel configs vary, even between bsps15:21
kergothit's also somewhat uncommon in my experience to use an initramfs to pivot to the real rootfs, which is typical on a desktop, and is required to make a lot of things modules..15:22
kergothbut /shrug, not an expert on the yocto kernel builds15:22
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no_such_userHeya, anyone around this afternoon that knows setting up an autobuilder?15:28
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sk_tandt__no_such_user, currently fighting the same beast15:34
sk_tandt__(autobuilder, with GTK on top of that)15:34
no_such_usersk_tandt__: Are you using the original autobuilder or autobuilder2? It seems the public site has ditched the 1st generation one but I cant find much info about requirements for 2nd gen one and cant get it to install / run15:38
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florianI somehow broke SDK generation again... "bitbake core-image-base -c populate_sdk" ends up in:16:48
florianpackage busybox-dev-1.29.2-r0.armv5e requires busybox = 1.29.2-r0, but none of the providers can be installed16:49
florianThe funny thing is this does not even cause bitbake to error out... it leaves me with a half-populated SDK.16:50
Croftonon master?16:50
florianthud stable, but I think I have seen this on master as well some days ago16:52
florianI should give master a try this night16:52
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Croftonbothers me it breaks on stable16:53
Croftondid it used to work?16:53
florianyep... I updated an old customer BSP to thud a while ago and it worked. After a sync against latest stable and rebuilding from scratch it broke. Unluckily I do not know when exactly.16:55
florianI have stripped out all the specific stuff and tried with this basic image, poky for qemuarm.16:56
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florianBut to be really sure I will have to run another test with a fresh checkout16:56
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armpitflorian, if you find this is an issue in thud, can you open a bug please17:08
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florianarmpit: sure... but I need to reproduce it with a bare thud setup first17:17
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RParmpit: we have reports on list of this too17:43
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yateskergoth: found it18:06
yatesit's a facepalm moment.18:06
yatesactually there were two problems, but both were PEBKAC18:07
yateshow can i found out if i'm in the middle of a "devtool modify -x" ? i.e., if there is a recipe which would be removed with "devtool reset -a"?18:08
yateswithout actually removing it...18:08
yateson morty18:08
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yatesi've triple-checked my recipe and associated files folder and all look good, yet the wrong file gets put into the rootfs19:07
aehs29RP: Hey Richard, what was the reasoning behind setting an empty TCLIBCAPPEND on poky?19:07
aehs29RP: Making sure only a single libc was built?19:07
yatesis there a way to see which recipes contribute a certain file (.e.g, /etc/bluetooth/variscite-bt.conf)?19:07
yatesi'm thinking one is stomping on the other19:08
kergothoe-pkgdata-util find-path19:09
kergothafter a build, that is. it'll only show the recipes that have been built19:09
yatesok, i'll give it a shot19:09
yatesin my CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL i have a few "packagegroup-xyz". are those simply recipes?19:12
yateskergoth: yup, there are two packages contributing that file.19:14
yateshow do i exclude a recipe from an image?19:14
kergothyes, packagegroups are j ust recipes19:16
kergothfind the package pulling it in and adjust the package to not depend on it anymore19:16
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yatesif i have BBFILE_PRIORITY_ebtron = "10", will a bluez5 recipe in meta-ebtron override a bluez5 recipe elsewhere?19:28
kergoththat depends on the priorities of whatever other layers provide it19:29
kergoth10 isn't magic, it depends on what the other priorities are19:29
kergothif you mean oe-core, then yes it should19:29
yatesi'll give it a shot.19:30
kergothcan use bitbake-layers subcommands to check19:31
yatesin bitbake-layers, the recipe listed first is the higher priority, right?19:37
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yatesok, dadburnit19:44
yatesi renamed my recipe to bluez5, verified it is first in bitbake-layers, but when i bake the image i get...19:44
yatesERROR: Multiple versions of bluez5 are due to be built (/Storage/production-hardware-revision-A-1.0/sources/meta-ebtron/recipes-ebtron/sd-bluez5/ /Storage/production-hardware-revision-A-1.0/sources/poky/meta/recipes-connectivity/bluez5/ Only one version of a given PN should be built in any given build. You likely need to set PREFERRED_VERSION_bluez5 to select the correct version or d19:45
yateson't depend on multiple versions.19:45
yatesi thought if the priority were higher, it would just automagically select that one19:46
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kergothmost likely your recipe doesn't provide everything the original does, and something depends on the bits you dont provide, so it's building both19:46
yateskergoth: alternately, can i change my recipe name back so it doesn't conflict, and then specify that bluez5 get built and installed first?19:50
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yatesreally, just installed first19:50
yatesmine was originally named sd-bluez5 (the original is bluez5)19:51
yatesi.e., go ahead and build both, but i want to make sure my file gets installed (stomps on) the original bluez5 file variscite-bt.conf19:52
yatesor is that bad??19:52
kergothbitbake won't allow it. it'll see the file conflict long before the image is constructed and refuse it19:59
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RPaehs29: convention for poky was to set TMPDIR to what you needed21:58
RPkanavin: - the gpg out of memory is one thing but there is a qemu libEGL in there too :(22:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How make a bitbake recipe use the output of another recipe <>22:14
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