Tuesday, 2019-02-12

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JaakkoHello all07:10
JaakkoCould someone help me, I'm wondering if I can take "snapshot", ie. save all upstream sources from certain build I'm trying to make, so that I can replicate it offline..  I have tried to go trough the manuals, and found BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS, but it makes quite a lot of data, is it all needed actually to build? any help is appreciated =)07:13
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erboJaakko: I think that's the way to go. You can get some ideas from e.g. https://pelux.io/software-factory/PELUX-3.0/swf-blueprint/docs/articles/baseplatform/reproducible-yocto-builds.html07:48
erboIt's not all relevant for you, but parts of the info is probably useful07:49
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mckoanerbo: very interesting project thanks for sharing ;-)08:11
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JaakkoHey thanks very much erbo08:48
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sk_tandtGreetings! I'm trying to build a GTK3 app within an embedded build, and even if the m4 macro for GTK has been added, I still get gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory within bitbake09:03
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RPJaakko: the easiest method is probably a clean download directory and set your original downloads directory as a "own-mirror". Then a "bitbake <target> --runonly=fetch"09:44
RPJaakko: The MIRROR_TARBALLS variable creates tarballs of any source control repos it checks out so its easier to use the end result as a mirror. You can likely discard the git2 and other scm work directories if you do that09:45
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floriangood morning09:56
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erbomckoan: yeah it's a interesting effort, and although it's mainly targeted towards automotive it contains some good stuff that's generic10:07
florianarmpit: done10:07
erboI used to work on it in its early days10:07
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kanavinRP: thanks, I'll take a look10:29
LetoThe2ndis there a way to dynamically set/extend VARDEPS so that it triggers changes in sigdata?10:34
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LetoThe2ndRP: ^^^^^^10:35
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LetoThe2ndrationale: we have a recipe that modifies a sourcefile based on variable replacements. now we would like to rebuild whenever one of the variables change, but we do not know which ones are relevant in advance, e.g. we parse the template file during a custom task after do_fetch10:37
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kanavinRP: that library (libEGL) needs to be installed on the host10:38
RPLetoThe2nd: the premise of the code is that you can calculate the signature in advance10:38
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LetoThe2ndRP: in terms of, without executing any tasks?10:39
RPkanavin: ah, right. So we have inconsistent installs on the builders10:39
RPLetoThe2nd: yes, else how can it know to fetch from sstate?10:39
LetoThe2ndRP: humkay. any pointers on the problem described, maybe?10:39
kanavinRP: yep, I think so. The same test passed fine on ubuntu's10:40
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RPLetoThe2nd: best you can do is depend on the hash of the upstream source control10:40
RPLetoThe2nd: when it changes, it rebuilds10:40
RPkanavin: sounds like I need to talk to halstead and we need to audit the dependencies in the manuals10:41
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RPLetoThe2nd: the sstate hash equivalency changes are related to what you're asking10:41
LetoThe2ndRP: yeah i noticed there was something going on, but didn't follow the details.10:42
* RP would love to work on that but other problems right now10:42
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LetoThe2ndRP: i see. well in a nutshell it means for my given situation: does work as expected, we either need another evil hack, or manually fill vardeps. agreed?10:44
RPLetoThe2nd: I think so10:44
RPkanavin: can't help wonder if we could kill off FuncFailed, its a horrendous idea. Patch looks good though10:45
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LetoThe2ndRP: okay, thanks for the explanation!10:45
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kanavinRP: I can't really offer an opinion, but yes, there's a lot of baggage in the exception handling code10:47
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RPkanavin: I didn't know what I was doing with some of that stuff :(10:49
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sk_tandtOut of curiosity: the last release for the ADT that I can find is 2.0.311:05
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sk_tandt*is within yocto 2.0.311:06
sk_tandtIs it now deprecated?11:06
RPsk_tandt: the SDK and eSDK are the current toolchain offerings11:08
sk_tandtGood, supposed as much11:08
lukmaRP: If I may ask - is the glibc-init package only to build and install crtX.o and allow further development/build of e.g. gcc ?11:16
sk_tandtMh, and yet: I've installed the Yocto SDK Eclipse plugin, but I can't find the toolchain built with bitbake meta-ide-support: isn't it within my usual build/tmp ?11:16
lukmaRP: Or is there any other gotcha?11:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to avoid giving autoreconf in yocto? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54648593/how-to-avoid-giving-autoreconf-in-yocto> || How to securely update configuration for root password in yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54648532/how-to-securely-update-configuration-for-root-password-in-yocto>11:17
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BuddyButterfly1is it possible to access barebox environment from within yocto linux?11:34
BuddyButterfly1I would like to change the next boot target from within linux.11:35
BuddyButterfly1(change of default target)11:35
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to securely update configuration for root password in yocto? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54648532/how-to-securely-update-configuration-for-root-password-in-yocto>11:47
LetoThe2ndBuddyButterfly1: here you go: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/recipe/67489/11:53
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RPlukma: we got rid of it in master11:56
BuddyButterfly1LetoThe2nd: Oh, wow, cool! Thanks for pointing it out.12:07
LetoThe2ndRP: one more thing (TM). is there a way or best practise to put a multiline string into a bb variable, e.g. into the recipe verbatim?12:08
LetoThe2ndBuddyButterfly1: have fun12:09
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RPLetoThe2nd: our escaping sucks :/12:17
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add python-xbee receipes for yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54345254/how-to-add-python-xbee-receipes-for-yocto>12:17
RPLetoThe2nd: functions are multiline strings with the func varflag set12:17
LetoThe2ndRP: can you elaborate on the last?12:18
RPLetoThe2nd: somevar[func] = "1"12:19
no_such_userHm... If I've got a couple of old boards to re-build & support (from danny & dylan) is there any "best practice" to follow? Most of our boards are build on an ubuntu 16.04 box as they're pyro - I could either have another box / VM running ubuntu 12.04 or I could try and port up the BSP's to pyro...12:19
LetoThe2ndRP: so if i abuse that for a standard variable, it will basically be multilined?12:20
no_such_userIs that a heinous thing to do / likely to break the BSP builds in exciting and unexpected ways?12:20
LetoThe2ndno_such_user: go and find out (TM)12:20
no_such_userHa :-D12:20
LetoThe2ndno_such_user: AFAICS there is no other generic answer. depending on your projects in can be painful or painless to forward it, and painful or painless to build on a newer ubuntu.12:22
no_such_userLetoThe2nd: OK, if you're not saying "youre insane to consider giving that a go" that's kind of a good starting point :-)12:22
LetoThe2ndno_such_user: not insane at all.12:22
no_such_userLetoThe2nd: Thanks - I still haven't quite worked out how Yocto works philosophically speaking!12:23
no_such_userIt feels like Im a bit at the mercy of upstream layer maintainers (ie meta-freescale and meta-ti) and what targets / kernels they support in their releases... I wasnt sure if trying to keep versions going in my (later release) layers that theyve dropped for their layers is considered to be criminal or not!12:24
no_such_userand dont even get me started on the PPC targets I have... :-/12:25
LetoThe2ndno_such_user: its the same as everywhere. if you expect something specific, insert coin.12:25
no_such_userLetoThe2nd: Oh sure - thats not a problem, more trying to make sure I dont start off a significant porting effort by heading off in what turns out to be a completely daft direction :-)12:27
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lukmaRP: Ok, I will look on it (as now I do use 2.6.1)12:29
RPlukma: you can remove glibc-initial if you drop the siteconfig pieces basically12:34
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sk_tandtUsing m4 in an autotools chain, getting configure: error: The pkg-config script could not be found or is too old (but it is present in the Host system). How do I add it to Yocto?13:34
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sylvain_Hi all. I have a little question. With bitbake it is possible to create some variables flag VAR[a]="test1", VAR[b]="test2". Is it possible to use it for specific recipe, that is to say like this VAR_pn-<recipe_name>[a]="test3" ?13:40
sylvain_thanks for your help13:40
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RPsylvain_: you can't use overrides with flags, no13:44
sylvain_Ok. Thanks. Suppose i need to create variable like this VAR_a="", VAR_b="" and VAR_a_pn-<recipe-name<="" ?13:45
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m314I'm trying to understand the poky/oe-core workflow. I would've expected oe-core to be a submodule in the poky repository, but that's not the case. It seems the poky repo is a fork of oe-core, which then just cherry-picks patches?13:55
Croftonm314, I would expect the same thing :) When I build projects I use submodules to build the project to help manage the layers13:57
Croftonfor some reason poky doesn't do that13:57
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m314Yeah, the thing is I'm trying to figure out the "proper" way to roll your own distro. Having meta-poky as a submodule seems a bit messy, so I thought the reference distribution would be the place to look for how to do it :-)13:59
PinkSnakeHi all, an open question: Do you think which is your favorite builder inside Yocto meson/ninja or Makefile/make ? and maybe why you prefer one or the other as solution ? Thx all :)14:03
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Croftonm314, there are several approaches, I've ended up using submodules14:05
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yatesi'm getting weird results operating on the bluez5 recipe with devtool14:18
yates1) devtool modify -x bluez5 src/bluez514:19
yates2) i modify a file in src/bluez5/oe-local-files/14:19
yates... (hang on, checking something)14:21
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yates3) i devtool build bluez14:26
yateshere's the weird part: 4) i cd to src/bluez5 and do a "git status". i see a whole bunch of other files modified which i didn't modify, e.g., "Makefile.in, aclocal.m4, install-sh, ...", and i do NOT see the file I modified in the git status output14:28
yatesfurther, i built the image which utilizes bluez and the file i modified (/etc/init.d/variscite-bt) is not modified14:29
yatesso what's happening here?14:29
yateskergoth: are you here yet or pacific time?14:31
yatesbackup, new (simpler) question:14:44
yatesif two different layers have a .bbappend file for the same recipe, will they both be applied? if so, in what order?14:45
sk_tandtyates, it's called overlayering: sorry not to be of more help, don't know much about it14:49
yatesok thanks sk_tandt14:50
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sk_tandtBtw, as for the modified files (Makefile.in): they seem to be due to a folder run of autotools14:53
sk_tandtperhaps an autoreconf or akin to it14:54
yatessk_tandt: yes, i finally realized that14:54
yatesoe provides that (bluez5) recipe, but meta-variscite-fslc provides a .bbappend to it, including the use of some different run-time scripts. i want to modify one of the run-time scripts the mega-variscite-fslc .bbappend provides14:56
sk_tandtYup, figured you were referring to the BSPs : P14:58
sk_tandtWhat would you like to change?14:58
yatesthe variscite-bt script14:59
yatesand the corresponding variscite-bt.conf configuration file14:59
yatesin meta-variscite-fslc/recipes-connectivity/bluez515:00
sk_tandtNow, I may be way off as I am *very* new to the yocto usage, but15:00
sk_tandtI'd create a layer of my own, clone the bluiez5 recipe from the Variscite layer, change the  config from files/variscite-bt and any other file, then include my forked recipe15:02
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sk_tandt(And layer, ofc)15:02
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yatesi think that is discouraged by oe15:03
yatesoverriding recipes is what i think it's called/15:03
sk_tandtOh, I'd use another name15:04
sk_tandtSorry, forgot to mention15:04
yatesthe solution may actually be very simple: define a bluez5_%.bbappend with a FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend and the corresponding files in my own custom layer15:05
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yateswhat i don't understand is the order in which these two .bbappends will be applied.15:11
JPEWyates: If there is any order, its probably based on layer priority15:13
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yatesJPEW: that is what i was thinking. so we should be good. trying it now anyway to see what happens15:21
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yateswhere can i find the source for the xinput_calibrator utility that appears to come with sato matchbox? is matchbox a recipe i can devtool modify?15:39
rburtonbehold the magic of google! https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/xinput_calibrator/15:41
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rburtonor, the recipe has a SRC_URI link in15:41
kergothcan also search the layer index for calibrator, or your localfilesystem15:42
yatesthanks kindly15:44
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RPsjolley: can't get zoom to work again :(16:04
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cdgarrenI'd like to run a different init.d script in my development image than my release image. Is the best way to do this just to create different recipes for my init script and select the specific one in my image recipes?16:38
kergothprobably best, yes16:43
kergothor install them both with different names and just selectively *enable* them, i suppose16:43
cdgarrenOne of the things I want in my dev image allows some remote debugging, so I think I'd rather not have it on the system at all in the production image. Thanks for the ipunt.16:44
cdgarrenWould there be any way to do this with the -dev or -dbg suffix, or similar?16:45
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kergothif you're wanting a -dev to overwrite a file that's in another package, not going to happen17:05
kergothboth the binary package manager and bitbakew il get annoyed at conflicts17:06
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yatesi'm at my wit's end with this17:18
yateshere is my bluez5 .bbappend: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/SQnC6nS5cRuEyosRZE0PGQ17:18
yateswhich i was hoping would override the meta-variscite-fslc/recipes-connectivity/bluez5 bbappend17:19
yatesit appears that my variscite-bt is getting installed, but my variscite-bt.conf is not.17:19
yatesi'm at a loss to see why17:19
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sk_tandt_yates, figured out?17:29
yateslooks like priorities are wrong17:29
yatesbitbake-layers show-appends is a nice tool..17:29
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yatesin BBFILE_PRIORITY_layer1 = "n1" and BBFILE_PRIORITY_layer2 = "n2", layer1 will have priorty over layer 2 if n1 > n2? right?17:33
yatesor is it n1 < n2>17:34
yatesor is it n1 < n2?17:34
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yatesRTFM Randy!17:37
yatesyates: yes sir!17:37
yatesdoes BBFILE_PRIORITY apply to .bbappend files as well as .bb files?17:39
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yatesit's not working. i see my layer priority to 1000, which is higher than all others (from bitbake-layers shoiw-layers)17:42
yatesbut bitbake-layers show-appends shows my .bbappend lower than meta-variscite-fslc17:44
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yatesis there a know bug about this?17:46
yateskergoth, rburton?17:48
yatesmy layer is meta-ebtron17:49
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yatesRP: any input you can give on my problem?18:07
yatesLetoThe2nd: or you? you have been very kind and helpful in the past18:07
yatesthis is hanging me up badly.18:12
yateshow about this: SHOULD this work?18:13
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RPyates: Offhand I'd have said that should work. I'd put some bb.warn() into cooker.py and see what its really doing18:19
RPyates: filter the output with "if 'xxx' in name to only show details about the recipe you care about18:19
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yatesRP: thank you. i'm trying to google-up "bb.warn/cooker.py" because i have no idea what you mean.18:23
RPyates: cooker.py is part of bitbake, the code in there handles bb file priorities in layers. I was suggesting you could gain more insight into what is going on with some print statements (I use bb.warn("foo") )18:25
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yateswill the "install" command (commonly used in a do_install()) overwrite a destinaion file if it already exists?19:42
yatesnm. man is my friend19:43
yatesi thought that was a yocto utility19:43
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rburtonnope, standard gnu19:44
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yatesi suspect my project state is hosed and that's why i'm not getting my file inserted properly19:53
yateshow do i force a total rebuild of everything for my image?19:53
yatese.g., should i rm -fR build/tmp ?19:53
kergothi wipe tmp at least 20 times a day. doesn't hurt anything. most of it is pulled back from sstate again anyway19:54
kergothno need to even hesitate19:54
yatescan i trust that sstate is consistent?19:55
yatesdid you mean build/sstate-cache?19:56
kergothyes, and  yes19:57
kergothsstate failure mode is generally a rebuild from scratch. that is, it' much, much, much more likely to rebuild from scratch than to incorrectly use existing sstate19:57
kergothpretty rare to need to rebuild from scratch manually, though it is occasionally useful, and is easy to do. bitbake -C fetch somerecipe will build it from scratch if it's not already been built, bitbake --no-setscene will build *everything* from scrach after wiping tmp19:58
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kroonHmm, isn't capabilities set on files in do_install() preserved to when the package is installed ?20:06
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rburtonkroon: no extended attributes survive any packaging format (in any distribution)20:14
kroonrburton: aha20:15
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yatesmy kernel module recipe is bombing in the do_compile. it looks like it's not grabbing the source file from the proper place in my repository (but the SRCURI looks right). where (in the tmp/ dir) do i look for where it is unpackted to?22:05
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yatesis it tmp/MACH/pn/pv-pr/module/ ?22:08
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kergothyates: see oe-core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf22:11
rburtonyates: well, tmp/work/machine/pn/pv-pr/22:17
rburtonthat's WORKDIR22:17
rburtonfiles are copied into there, tarballs unpacked22:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: SPI slave-mode on imx8qmlpddr4arm2 board using yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54591919/spi-slave-mode-on-imx8qmlpddr4arm2-board-using-yocto>23:19
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