Wednesday, 2019-02-13

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS <>00:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to add recipe for yocto systemd service <>01:19
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yacar_Hi guys, I sent a patch on the mailing list, is it the correct way to do that ?08:20
yacar_hi, I sent a patch on the mailing list, is it the correct place to send it ?08:21
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yacar_Hi guys, I sent a patch on the mailing list, I don't know if that's the correct way to do so ?08:23
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LetoThe2ndyacar_: it probably is, but no need to ask 3 times in a row. IRC is a rather slow medium, usually.08:23
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yacar_sorry I had connection problem, my jitsi is a crazy b x)08:27
LetoThe2ndyacar_: it depends a bit on what you actually want to patch - if its something that actually comes from oe-core, then the openembedded-core ML might be a better match. but generally the yocto ML is a good starting point.08:29
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yacar_It's in poky/scripts08:35
yacar_The mail on the mailing list is called "Fixing devtool issue with kernel bbhappen do_patch recipe", I think that there's few stuff I didn't do properly since that's my first patch08:36
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: ^^^^^ maybe you can comment?08:41
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bluelightning_yacar_: LetoThe2nd: will take a look tomorrow, thanks10:06
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yacar_Thanks :)10:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to remove systemd's service in yocto? <>10:51
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enuutshi.. what is best way to compare recipes (package versions) between poky versions?10:58
rburtonwhat do you want to compare10:59
enuutsin openembedded comes with layer index:
enuutsthat is a good starting point.. something similar for poky?11:00
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enuutsrburton: i need to know which recipes did change from 2.2 to 2.511:00
rburtonenuuts: poky *is* openembedded11:00
enuutsi can use git for this11:00
enuutsrburton: you mean the layer index page is for both? poky and meta-openembedded?11:01
rburtonthe layer index is for the greater OE ecosystem11:02
rburtonpoky is just oe-core + bitbake + meta-poky in a single git repo11:02
enuutsunderstood, thanks. can we compare releases with a web frontend (like layer index page)?11:02
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enuutsor should i clone and use git to compare?11:03
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rburtonwell eg has a export csv button, so you could download the csv for the two releases you care about11:05
enuutsvery good!11:06
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rburtondid nobody notice in the perf reports that images suddenly grew by 20mb11:21
* rburton has a fix11:21
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ak77anyone intimately familiar with swupdate? how would one write image using raw handler to mmc, but from image compressed with .xz ? there is archive handler, but i don't know how to link that with raw handler11:38
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malanecoraHas someone installed Sierra's QMI SDK on its device?12:53
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Croftonanyone know where the recipe aintainers file hides?14:01
LetoThe2ndCrofton: behind the curtain. thats at least my guess.14:03
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rburtonCrofton: its called maintainers.inc14:12
CroftonWhere is it?14:13
CroftonI am looking around in the poky repo14:13
Croftonpath: root/meta/conf/distro/include/maintainers.inc14:14
rburtonmay i introduce you to 'find' ;)14:15
rburtonor if you're feeling adventurous, git ls-files|grep maintainers.inc14:16
Croftonwell, I do not have anything checked out with poky in it14:17
rburtonsurely you have an oe-core clone14:20
rburtonits in there14:20
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Croftonhmm, I had figured it was hidden in poky14:22
rburtonpoky over oe-core is basically a few bsps that only qa use, and a minimal distro config14:22
rburtonit *used* to be in poky a while ago, but moved to core14:23
Croftonthis is what happens when you get old14:23
kergothre find/git-ls-files, see also ack -g, ag -g, rg -g, and fd. i'm a fan of fd recently :)14:26
LetoThe2ndkergoth: fd? filedescriptor?14:26
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Piratyfd is great14:32
LetoThe2ndah i see.14:34
LetoThe2ndfd to find is like ag to grep, right?14:34
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Piratylike rw to dd15:17
Piratyi reallly love rw15:17
Piratyadelcast: are opkg-utils fine to work with? py2 only i assume?15:18
Piraty in case anyone wanted to know ;)15:18
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* LetoThe2nd notes15:25
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JPEWrburton: Is the recipe image size grow checked when building master-next, or only after all the patches are merged to master?15:27
JPEWUgh, that was a terrible sentence15:27
adelcastPiraty: I have use some of the tools with Py3 too, but haven't done extensive testing on all of them15:30
Piratymaybe i will in the future15:30
adelcastand yes, opkg-utils is the preferred set of tools to create packages, build indexes, etc15:31
adelcastnot super polished set of tools, but they work15:31
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armpitRP, do we still have weekly builds enabled?15:48
Piratyadelcast: thanks15:52
rburtonJPEW: the build perf machines are for master15:52
rburtonJPEW: i usually do periodic master-next builds and check stuff like that but haven't had the time recently :(15:52
JPEWYa, I wasn't aware that oe.utils.packages_filter_out_system even existed :(15:53
jpnurmi_does anyone happen to be familiar with meta-qt5, and how to get qmlcachegen on sdk?15:53
rburtonJPEW: its useful, if you ever see any other recipes trying that logic by hand then you know to fix it :)15:57
JPEWYa, makes sense15:57
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armpitrburton, my understanding is the perf data can be used to  make comparisons between branches as well16:18
* armpit time for a sumo base line16:22
rburtonyeah the machines could generate the data, the storage tracks the branch16:22
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JaMarburton: "rootfs size278.52 MiB+80.0 kiB+0.0 %" is the huge step or am I looking at the wrong part of that e-mail?16:59
rburtonthe third chart down iirc shows rootfs size of core-image-sato, and about half way along is a big step17:00
rburtoni couldn't be bothered to find the exact mail which has the change as it happened :)17:00
RParmpit: no, we could define something though17:01
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armpitRP, k.. I can do it manually for the stable branches.17:02
JaMarburton: ah I see now, thanks17:02
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rburtonwednesday 30th jan 00:02 for centos7 shows the actual change, 53121 - 5310717:02
rburtonthats when it hit my inbox anyway17:02
RParmpit: dead easy to add17:03
RParmpit: my plan is to have a perf baseline for the stable branches as well17:04
RParmpit: been ironing out issues before trying that but it should work now17:04
RParmpit: first build will give a error as "nothing to compare to"17:04
armpitRP, thanks for getting that working17:08
RParmpit: next is to get reports for all QA, not just build perf :)17:09
RParmpit: and include perf builds in a-full17:09
RPone of those is easier than the other :/17:09
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paulbarkerI have a question on the yocto-check-layer script. Should I be running this with my layer already added to BBLAYERS?17:28
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paulbarkerLooks like that's a no. yocto-check-layer expects to add the layer itself. That probably needs to be made clearer in the docs17:42
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armpitpaulbarker, I think there is an option to have look at the BBLAYERS, I believe I use -n then call out all the layers I want checked18:03
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paulbarkerOk will re-read the help once I'm done with my current testing18:04
paulbarkerI can't understand what -n/--no-auto does18:07
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paulbarkerI can see that yocto-layer-check needs to first capture signatures without the layer included, then add the layer and see what signatures have changed. So for that initial capture to work the layer has to be absent from BBLAYERS18:08
RPpaulbarker: there is a patch about adding duplicated in master-next18:11
RPpaulbarker: we really need some people helping tweak a few of these things :/18:11
RPpaulbarker: we should perhaps fail if the layer was already added. Could you file a bug please?18:11
paulbarkerRP: I'm still really limited on time sadly so can't do too much tweaking. I can file a bug though18:12
RPpaulbarker: thanks, that in itself is a big help18:15
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yoctiBug 13176: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , yocto-check-layer can only check layers which aren't already in BBLAYERS18:23
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paulbarkerRP: I've also filed a bug for the sstate file name lengths ( Hoping to get back to that but got a bunch of higher priority items to clear first18:30
yoctiBug 13177: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , sstate file names can exceed 255 char limit18:30
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RPpaulbarker: good thinking, this means we shouldn't forget18:41
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jae1I have a question on devtool sdk-update, We have a requirement that our esdk is extracted in publish mode as its on an nfs mountpoint and bitbake doesnt like nfs.  There used to be two ways to update sstate, (1)through the install_sstate_objects function which manually copies sstate objects (for local updates) and (2) setting SOURCE_MIRROR in site.conf to the updateserver and running bitbake setscene (for remote updates),  after this patc21:23
jae1h the former is no longer supported. What would be the best way for us to update sstate through sdk-update now? as we can't do use bitbake setscene.. seems this is a gap?21:23
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