Wednesday, 2019-06-19

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zeddiisee the recent pull request about ptest. It isn’t something I merged.01:05
zeddiibut I’ll see about cleaning it up tomorrow.01:12
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failed to bitbake docker in Yocto 4.9.88 with meta-virtualization layer <>02:54
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__danHi guys. Two questions please: It is not immediately obvious to me from yocto web pages if (1) yocto can build package variants from the same recipe, for example firefox and firefox-wayland and and if it supports subpacakges (ex: mylib package and mylib devel )05:27
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LetoThe2nd__dan: variants of a package are possible, yet not at the same time (we call that PACKAGECONFIGS), and having a recipe produce multiple packages is even the default (its called package splitting)05:31
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__danLetoThe2nd: Thank you. Please, what do you mean with  "at the same time". Not possible to have them installed in the image in the same time, or impossible to generate 2 binary variant packages ?05:33
LetoThe2nd__dan: hum. you better start out be defining what you mean by "variants" then.05:36
LetoThe2nd__dan: the key thing to understand is: one(1!) recipe basically compiles one(1!) upstream source tree and packages is. so, if you want the source to be compiled twice (2x!) for one specific distribution, you would technically need two distinct recipes - which on the other hand could probably share a lot through an include or such05:39
__danLetoThe2nd: Having one recipe wich generates 2 packages for the same utility, with wildly different compilation / linking flags. Having the system use only one recipe greatly lessens mentenance of the recipe/port in cause. Most frameworks deal with this having 2 or more rexipes/ports , and while it works, you have to remember to maintain all the variants . In my contried forefox example, 2 packages of05:39
__danfirefox are generated , one supporting X and one Xorg05:40
__dansorry wayland05:40
LetoThe2nd__dan: the point is, does it actually make sense to have all this available *at the same time*, in the same generated image? in that case, you need two recipes05:40
LetoThe2ndin that case, factor out all commons into an include. primetime example here is gcc05:41
LetoThe2ndyet if you only need two wildly different configurations for distinct images, then its packageconfigs. those are meant to do exactly that: set wildly varying compilation flags.05:42
__danthat would work from netenance pov , and thats why im interesting in.05:42
__danI apreciate your time05:42
__danthak you05:42
LetoThe2ndhave fun05:43
__danYes, I dont need them pn the same image.05:44
__dangot the ideea05:44
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luckywhoI have wrote one bb recipe to fetch some nodejs packages, I have only one rule just copy some files. No compilation required. S = "${WORKDIR}/node-gyp-${PV}" followed by do_install { cp -R ${S}/* ${D}{libdir} }.   Variable S and D points to same directory. How to make sure D points only to target rootfs.10:53
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RPkanavin: sounds like alimon is having 'fun' with the change to cmake in apt 1.4.X, not sure if you have any insight there?11:10
RP(bug #13398)11:10
yoctiBug normal, Medium+, 2.8 M2, limon.anibal, NEW , apt, apt-native should be upgraded to 1.8.211:11
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RPrburton: getting gd-pixbuf and glib-2.0 ptest failures again:
rburtoni think i fixed a glib one yesterday, lets see if its on that list11:45
rburtonstill getting nonsense like     ptestresult.python3.test_doctest_main_issue4197__test.test_zipimport_support.ZipSupportTests__..._Expected_line_File_"/var/volatile/tmp/tmpewgso1a5/",_line_2,_in___main__.Test in the report :(11:45
rburtonif you have a setup ready to go, try picking     glib-2.0: fix host path appearing in gsocketclient-slow test script11:46
RPrburton: I'll include it in the next test run, thanks11:47
RPrburton: nobody has filed a bug for that nonsense :(11:47
rburtonhm thought i did11:48
rburtonbecause i root-caused where it was coming from11:48
RPThe dbus test failure "ERROR: Unable to detach from controlling tty, Inappropriate ioctl for device" is odd :/11:48
rburtonRP: #1340811:50
RPrburton: thanks11:51
rburtonremind me how to get the full console log of that ptest run and i'll chase down the exact situation again11:51
* RP filed 13049 for dbus timeout11:51
RPrburton: look in the directory for that report11:51
RPrburton: click on /qemux86-64-ptest/ then the log11:51
rburtonargh mime type isn't text/*11:52
RPrburton: file a bug for halstead, bet we could fix that11:52
* RP shrugs, at least there are logs :)11:53
rburtonyeah having the logs is great11:53
rburtonmine type is just useful11:53
RPone step at a time11:53
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rburtonthe py fails are false positives, the matching is bad12:10
rburtonto be fair the output is terrible12:11
rburtonwe should run the tests in -w12:11
rburtonhm i think i sent a patch for that, which broke something else12:11
rburtonshall try again12:12
RPrburton: right, we had to revert that12:16
rburtonprobaby because -w output is entirely diffeerent to -w12:17
rburtonerm, one of those should be -v12:17
RPrburton: I think we ended up with no pass/fail info, so yes12:17
RPhappy to have a working patch :)12:17
rburtonpass/fail is overrated ;)12:20
rburtonRP: where is the code that parses a line like "FAIL: foo bar"?12:23
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rburtonso i obviously don't understand this piece enough12:32
rburtonpython3's run-ptest run the test suite and turns log output to PASS: foo or FAIL: foo12:33
rburtonthen something happens12:33
rburtonand then we get resulttool saying ptestresult.python3.test_doctest_main_issue4197__test.test_zipimport_support.ZipSupportTests__..._Expected_line_File_"/var/volatile/tmp/tmpewgso1a5/",_line_2,_in___main__.Test12:33
rburtonwhere is the parsing happening?12:34
RPrburton: lib/oeqa/utils/logparser.py12:37
RPrburton: iirc12:37
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JPEWrburton: Ah, I just found that gsocketclient-slow bug in my reproducible testing; thanks for fixing that13:06
RPJPEW: I was wondering if it would help that :)13:07
JPEWRP: I don't think I'm going to dive into the PGO on python right now (I'd rather get to the point of being able to turn on the QA test); I turned it off for reprodicible builds and raised a bug.13:12
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RPJPEW: fair enough13:36
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qschulzdoes anyone know where bitbake handles FOO_<override> (with override being one of OVERRIDES)?15:08
rburtonRP: so the log parse thing is that the log parse does r"FAIL:(.+)" and group(1) is the test name15:09
rburtonRP: i propose to replace with ^FAIL:([^(]+)15:09
rburtonstop at the first (15:09
qschulzI've discovered a pretty interesting behaviour. When MACHINEOVERRIDES is e.g. "foo:Bar:baz", you can actually do FOO_append_Bar = "meh" but not FOO_Bar = "moo". The latter creates a new variable called FOO_Bar instead of overriding FOO15:12
RPrburton: seems potentially reasonable15:12
RPqschulz: I think overrides need to be lowercase15:13
RPqschulz: you might find lib/bb/tests/ interesting15:13
RPqschulz: overrides are handled in lib/bb/ and data_smart.py15:14
rburtonyeah overrides are enforced lowercase now15:14
rburtonRP: i can send a quick patch, should not break too much15:15
RPrburton: are you going to help clean up the not too much breakage? :)15:15
RPrburton: there isn't going to be much of it ;-)15:15
rburtonlets see15:16
RPrburton: have you looked over the ptest log and seen how many test results have "(" in?15:16
RPrburton: we can probably quantify this15:17
rburtonfeels like my laptop is about to die again, top patch on mut if you happen to have something to throw it at15:18
RPkanavin: any tips on which of your patches depend on the others. Looks like I can't just revert dnf upgrade15:18
rburtonif you rip out dnf rip out librepo just in case15:19
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kanavinRP: I think dnf itself is enough, as it needs a newer libdnf, which I am just now confirming (and newer dnf needs not-yet-released version of rpm)15:20
kanavin*newer libdnf15:20
RPkanavin: I tried dnf, it broke15:20
qschulzrburton: how come FOO_append_Bar works but not FOO_Bar then? Bar is still not all lowercase :)15:21
kanavinRP: you tried dropping dnf?15:21
RPkanavin: which has dnf dropped, error is non-specific15:21
RPqschulz: bug, the lowercase isn't 100% enforced :/15:21
RPrburton: my worry is test results becoming merged. Does the code catch two with the same name?15:22
RPThis would be less painful if the autobuilder didn't half lock up when I stop builds15:23
* RP tries removing librepo too15:26
qschulzRP: I have to say though that I tested on thud, not master so it might be enforced correctly since then15:27
RPqschulz: I happen to know its not :/15:28
RPwell, strongly suspect15:28
kanavinRP: that last error is a strange cmake fluke, where it wasn't able to establish the major version of the python interpreter15:28
kanavinRP: and can't reproduce that here :(15:29
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RPkanavin: strange flukes are not my favourite thing today. We'll see how librepo missing does15:29
RPkanavin: tiny went green this time which suggests we're past dnf issues15:33
kanavinRP: I don't mind deferring the entire dnf stack15:34
RPkanavin: we can try librepo again when you have a fix for the first dnf issue?15:37
kanavinthe first dnf issue is that it needs a newer libdnf. And a newer libdnf needs a version of rpm that is currently in beta.15:40
kanavinRP: ^15:40
RPkanavin: ah, right15:41
kanavinof course dnf wouldn't say that at build time, and fails only at runtime :( my bad for not trying to use it to make an actual image15:41
kanavinit's basically all fedora's components, and they upgrade them in lockstep more or less15:42
RPkanavin: ok. I can try adding librepo back to another build later15:43
kanavinRP: sure, apologies for not testing this better. I kind of just took AUH patches :)15:45
kanavinwith dnf that is a risky step15:46
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RPkanavin: I think we've been here before too :/15:48
RPkanavin: its good we're able to track upstreams more closely15:49
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kanavinRP: btw, the newer rpm has my parallelisation work merged :)15:52
kanavinand they also added parallelisation to other bits of it, not sure if it helps us15:52
RPkanavin: I saw movement on some patches, that is nice to see :)15:53
RPkanavin: very cool and fewer patches to worry about :)15:53
RPkanavin: the perl issue has been fixed upstream so will be dropable in the next point release hopefully too15:53
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kanavinRP: yep, if I have a bit of time, I want to start working on that rpm update16:00
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RPhmm, openssh has a missing dependency on libxcrypt16:11
RPraises some questions about indirect dependencies16:12
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RPJPEW: that fix makes multiconfig so much more sane speed wise :)16:53
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RP#13412 should be an interesting one to fix. Its causing quite a bottleneck in my builds17:05
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bulle112200anyone here familiar with the BitBakeServer?17:29
bulle112200it tries to bind a socket to a local file, this will fail if the build tree is on a mounted volume in a virtual machine.17:31
RPbulle112200: I wrote that code...17:33
RPbulle112200: it means that a given build tree is correctly associated with a specific server17:33
RPI guess it could be done a number of ways but that one didn't seem to have any serious drawbacks at the time17:34
JPEWRP: Ya. I still wish mc parsing was faster when you have *lots* of layers17:43
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rburtonbulle112200: it fails if the mount can't handle sockets.  the build directory needs to handle sockets :)18:20
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awe00hello, I'm trying to use multiconfig, but the variables (like MACHINE) are not used in the build configuration, with bitbake -e I can see that MACHINE is set from the multiconfig file correctly18:43
awe00any ideas how to continue debugging this?18:43
bulle112200rburton yes, but I wonder why that is, a parallels mount macos -> ubuntu should support socket afaik18:47
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rburtonbulle112200: try creating a socket and see19:33
bulle112200rburton did it manually and for sure it doesn't work. more of a VM question, but any clues?19:35
rburtoncreate a proper file system to do the builds in19:35
bulle112200what would be nice is if bitbake created the socked FD's somewhere else19:36
rburtonthe socket is in the build directory because its a per-build-directory service19:36
rburtoni guess we could hash the build path and stash the socket in /var/run/bitbake.pathhash or something19:45
bulle112200I think that would be great as it simplifies when running builds in VM's, docker, vagrant and such20:00
bulle112200personally I don't want my VM to have any keys, git configs etc. I run this from my Mac, then only expose what's needed to the linux build image by mounting the relevant directory that wants to be built20:01
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rburtonRP: ^ thoughts?20:35
rburtonthen again every single work directory will need a fifo in too, i wonder if those work on the docker cripplefs20:35
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RPrburton: I suspect this is the tip of a whole set of problems and I'm not sure I particularly want to play whack-a-mole or complicate bitbake by starting to poke into /var/run20:45
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RPmoto-timo: we need to add the new perl module to the list of ptests in conf/distro/include btw21:36
* RP meant to quickly do that21:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to initialize Bluetooth in a startup script with Yocto Poky Linux <>22:27
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