Wednesday, 2019-06-26

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sathish25071992We have a yocto bud system which is of version thud. We need to add a vendor layer which only supports morty. This vendor layer is required in order to build image for one of our custom board. So what is the best way to handle this situation? Will running 2 different yocto version is correct way or another method or procedure is there to handle the02:15
sathish25071992se kind of situation? . We are pretty new to yocto so please help us on the same02:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: systemd ignores services from overlayFS <>02:48
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mckoangood morning06:42
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millonihi everyone, quick question, what's the meaning of solid vs dashed lines in `bitbake -g`09:04
milloni(i assume build time vs runtime dependency, but which one is which?)09:05
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RPmilloni: that must be a really old version of bitbake10:04
milloniRP: oh?10:05
milloniit is10:05
RPmilloni: modern code doesn't do that10:06
millonidoesnt do what?10:06
RPmilloni: show different kinds of lines10:06
millonidoesnt create dependency graphs?10:06
millonido you happen to know which one was which in the old one?10:06
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RPmilloni: one is runtime, one is build time but I don't remember which is which. I should be fairly obvious10:07
RPmilloni: we removed that and changed the code as that dependency view had bugs10:07
millonii'm investigating a problem where something that i think should be a build dependency is installed into the image10:08
millonii.e flex is a build dependency of nfs but not runtime10:08
millonithe graph confirms so10:08
RPyou'd be better off looking for a package which depends on flex being installed in the image10:09
RPthat is a package manager level problem10:09
milloniyeah - we've confirmed that removing nfs removes flex as well10:10
millonithere's just no runtime dependency on flex in the graph10:10
milloniaccording to the graph nothing runtime depends on it10:10
milloniunless it's a bug in the graph10:11
RPmilloni: that graph only lists some dependencies, there may be others created at build time once for example shlibs dependencies are known10:13
RPmilloni: as I said, you really want to look at the packages10:13
milloniokay thanks10:13
milloniRP: according to /opkg/info/unfs3.control this package Depends: flex (>= 2.6.0)10:28
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millonithe recipe comes from poky10:28
milloniis this a bug in poky? surely it doesn't need flex as a runtime dependency? also, interestingly i ran bitbake -e unfs310:29
milloniRDEPENDS seems to be empty (these are the runtime dependencies i suppose?)10:29
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rburtonmilloni: runtime deps suggest that unfs3 uses libfl, so yes, it needs flex10:41
rburtonpatches welcome to split flex into a library and a binary10:41
rburtonDEBUG: unfs3: Dependency requires package flex-libfl (used by files: /data/poky-tmp/master/work/corei7-64-poky-linux/unfs3/0.9.22.r497-r0/packages-split/unfs3/usr/sbin/unfsd)10:42
rburtonits split already, so that's sorted then :)10:42
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millonirburton: out of interest how did you find that info? (so that next time i can do it myself)10:42
rburtondo_package log for unfs310:43
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raemHi, I was compiling chromium via yocto (took some time and patches :)), the last part of the do_compile i did in the devshell. Now I'd like to run do_install, however it restarts the compilation instead. How do I tell yocto that I actually already finished do_compile manually?11:07
RPraem: creating the appropriate stamp file?11:12
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rburtonraem: obviously that's not a sustainable way to build chromium either11:40
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rburtonraem: did not work11:40
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mcfriskHi, question about 2.8 release process: when is it planned to create a new branch and freeze major SW versions?12:23
mcfriskHmm, is containing the current M2 state of upstream version checks?12:28
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ricardocrudoI'm using yocto + poky (branch thud) and I'd like to update the cmake to another version without switching to the warrior branch. I've copied the cmake version (3.14) recipe that I need and I'm adding it to my repo. How can I tell to yocto uses my cmake instead of the poky one?12:41
tgoodwinricardocrudo: In your conf file, you can use PREFERRED_VERSION, I believe.12:42
tgoodwin("in your conf file" I'm meaning local.conf, for example.12:43
kanavinRP: I filed a bug for the adding users to groups created elsewhere issue
yoctiBug 13419: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , recipes that add users to groups cannot rely on other recipes creating those groups (when population from sstate happens)12:45
kanavinRP: hope I captured it well, please add if needed12:46
ricardocrudotgoodwin that sounds great. I'll give it a try. thanks12:46
lemagouprburton: Hi, I just sent 2 patches for cve-update-db in oe-core. One concerns the proxy and I just saw (too late) the ' build on CVE is failing' discussion on yocto mailing list. I hope it won't interfere with Vignesh patch.12:47
tgoodwinyou're welcome. :)12:47
rburtonlemagoup: patchtest says you need to rebase to master12:47
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lemagouprburton: Sorry I was on master-next, I'll send a v212:50
rburtonlemagoup: in that case thats probably fine12:50
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lemagouprburton: ok12:54
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raemRP: creating a stampfile would probably do the trick, how does that exactly work (or where do i find infos for this). I basically just want to tell bitbake that do_compile is done already13:40
RPraem: look in STAMPS and create something similar to the other files. This isn't documented as its not something we recommend at all. You'd usually fix the do_compile to work13:41
RPraem: the stamp files in STAMPS are what bitbake looks at to decide if something has executed13:41
raemrburton: chromium-ozone-wayland on armv7 is a bit of a nightmare if you want a recent chromium version. i'll open some issues there once it is working, but no it did not work out of the box13:41
raemRP: i'll have a look. obviously i will redo it properly once i have another 5h to compile :)  but until then i'd like to try to install it first13:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is there a restriction on recipe/package names in Yocto? <>13:49
kanavinRP: I just ranted at someone here who asked when the useradd issue is expected to be fixed upstream. Basically said that you are badly overloaded, and we need to work on our reputation first by contributing to Yocto.13:56
RPkanavin: indeed, we don't just magically fix all bugs :/14:01
darknighteRP: Magically fixed bugs sounds nice...  Let's work on that!14:02
RPdarknighte: put it on the list along with making bitbake psychic ;-)14:03
darknighteoooooh, that sounds great.  Add that one too. don't forget to walk on water while you're at it...  ;)14:04
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RPdarknighte: you mean bug 13210 ?14:10
yoctiBug major, Medium, Future, ross.burton, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Bitbake is not psychic14:10
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RPrburton: the last debian selftest needs filing as a bug, its a race in file copying with python cache files :(14:22
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rburtonRP: on it15:13
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RPrburton: thanks15:33
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radsquirrelhas anyone ever seen someone license a bbappend?  can it be different than the base recipe?18:40
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kergothradsquirrel: what do you mean? If you're referring to LICENSE, that isn't the license of the recipe file or the append, but the licesen of the sources involved18:53
kergothif you're referring to a copyright/license header comment or repo wide license of the metadata itself, it'd likely depend on the licenses involved, as the bbappend would be a derived work. that said, recipe content is generally too trivial for a copyright to have much meaning, most repositories just pick MIT just to make it explicit18:54
radsquirrelkergoth: sorry -  I'm referring to the license of the metadata itself18:55
radsquirrelnot the code pointed to by the metadata18:55
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kergothif the metadata license of the recipe was GPL, you couldn't very well declare the license of hte bbappend as something gpl-incompatible, i'd imagine. otherwise it's probably fine.. comes down to license compatibility wrt derived works, but IANAL18:56
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radsquirrelits MIT (base) -> bsd3 (append)18:58
radsquirrelkergoth awesome, thanks!18:58
kergothit's probably no different than trying to include a bsd3 component in an MIT codebase. not sure as to the implications there about the license of the metadata as a whole, but probably doesn't matter, really18:59
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kergothi can't imagine anyone will fight you over a couple of shell commands in a do_compile or something :)18:59
kergothnot much IP there19:00
radsquirrelright.  it isn't even that...its just the setting of FILESEXTRAPATH :-)19:01
psrcodeRP: regarding the last failing tests for lttng-tools, it is indeed a space problem, we produce a ~501M trace in /tmp (volatile and on base ptest image -> ~495M). Seems to work when using a TMPDIR set to use the actual image disk (Size:2.8G Used: 2.6G).19:48
psrcodedoes creating a dit in the ptest directory of the recipe and setting TMPDIR in run-ptest would be okai?19:49
RPpsrcode: that sounds fine to me if it works19:50
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psrcodewill send you a patch shortly19:50
RPpsrcode: great. We're getting there with the ptest results :)19:50
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