Tuesday, 2019-08-06

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rostamnewbie question, currently the yocto build creates a file /etc/version which has the timestamp of the build image. I want to know where that file gets created?00:50
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bluelightningrostam: it's part of the rootfs creation code in meta/lib/oe/rootfs.py (search in that file for BUILDNAME)02:23
bluelightningrostam: is there something you want to change?02:23
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tprrtHello, http://git.yoctoproject.org/ seems to be down06:28
shaunolooks fine here (http, https, and git clone'd)06:32
Chruseltprrt: up and running at my place06:34
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tprrtChrusel: ok, so I will check the internal network. I have also the same issue on the https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/ but https://www.yoctoproject.org/ is accessible.06:41
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Chruseltprrt: I have access to all sites/domains/subdomains ... good luck!06:45
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tprrtChrusel: Thanks you06:50
tprrtshauno: Thanks you06:52
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add go-cross to Yocto SDK? Or otherwise compile Go for Yocto on other machines? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57370142/how-to-add-go-cross-to-yocto-sdk-or-otherwise-compile-go-for-yocto-on-other-mac>06:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: dtc command not found in yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48107836/dtc-command-not-found-in-yocto>08:53
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jofrI'm doing a fresh build (on a fresh machine) after returning from paternity-leave for a few months, and I'm having a problem that I believe I solved at some point in the past,  but I can't for the life of me remember how.. I have a recipe that's calling a "home-grown" build-system (*sigh*), but one if the things that system does is resolve dependencies and then git-clones them from a local git server. I'm using an ssh keypair for authenti10:21
jofrcation to those repos but under bitbake those keys can't be found (and the host is not a known_host)..10:21
jofrAnyone who has had the same problem?10:21
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jofrFor some reason it's trying to an ARM executable for git.11:20
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alessioigorIs it normal that a kernel binary isn't installed in an image (tar type)?11:46
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: it is.11:52
LetoThe2nd(unless requested otherwise, of course)11:53
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: Could I request it?11:53
alessioigorUsing machine configuration file?11:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: use pip install command in recipes Yocto Project <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36545388/use-pip-install-command-in-recipes-yocto-project>11:53
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: IMAGE_INSTALL += "kernel" :)11:55
* alessioigor runs to hide himself for the shame...11:57
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: happens, that. you're not the first one to expect things to be complicated.11:58
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alessioigorLetoThe2nd: Thanks!12:14
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fdav Hello there! I have a question. Normally, at a computer that is running Ubuntu I compile my code for a project with these flags/arguments: -I/opt/etherlab/include, -L/opt/etherlab/lib, and -lethercat in order to include the proper headers and link the library. How can I do the same thing for my target computer? I have already created an image with the library I am using and created a recipe for that layer. I have also updated the SDK with respect to the new i12:29
LetoThe2ndfdav: 1) create a recipe and therefore package for this etherlab thing, and then depend on it.12:32
LetoThe2ndfdav: "and then" -> 2)12:33
fdavI have already created a recipe for it12:34
LetoThe2ndfdav: so it gets built & installed properly, right?12:34
LetoThe2ndwell then DEPEND with the other recipe on it12:35
fdavit seems like I just can't link the library, it includes the proper headers accordingly. I get bunch of "undefined reference" errors12:36
fdavI just compile my application using the SDK and scp it to the target computer, there is not a recipe for my application right now12:36
fdavDo I make any sense, I am not sure I am kind of new to the Yocto world :D12:37
LetoThe2ndfdav: all i can say then is to find out why you can't link to that library. inspect the logs in tmp/work/yourpackage/somewhere, there should be extensive information12:38
fdavthanks, I will do that!12:39
tgoodwinRP: Do you have any reference docs for setting up the Xvnc/QEMU configuration for the pokybuild user?12:48
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alexb3600Hi, I'm trying to build a poky distribution for a very specific card which use MFGTOOL. My question is how can I generate a MFGTOOL profile ?13:07
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=mfgtool13:08
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: So do I just need to add the meta-freescale layer and build the fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs image ?13:12
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: it depends. generally you should expect the provider of your board to also provide the documentation needed to use it.13:13
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: the BSP is already given by the provider but it use a non-yocto custom image builder13:14
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: and I want to see if yocto is better13:15
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: in other words I want to create the yocto BSP of this board13:16
RPtgoodwin: its really simple, just starting Xvnc and running the runqemu tap generation script13:16
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: as you can see from the list of hits in the search i linked you to, there's obviously a variety of ways to use mfgtool. i am no nxp user so i cannot properly comment, but in general you need to pick/create a setup that replicates the setting that you have been provided with.13:16
tgoodwinRP: I think one of the issues I'm running into is that "checkvnc" assumes it owns display 1, which it does not.13:16
tgoodwinThe other is that I did not run vncserver once to set the password as the build user.13:17
RPtgoodwin: right, the display number is hardcoded :/13:17
RPtgoodwin: ah, yes, that would also be needed...13:17
RPtgoodwin: we should document this :/13:17
tgoodwinRP: I'm currently looking for a way to parse vncserver -list to pull the active one.  Probably replace that tcp response with looking for pid files and checking their status.13:18
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alexb3600LetoThe2nd: Hum ok, i have the device table, the kernel config, the device tree source of my board. So do you think it's possible to create a custom yocto layer for my board thanks to these files ?13:18
tgoodwinRP: I noticed in one of the build logs that it looks like the builder attempts to use sudo too.13:19
RPtgoodwin: only if the tap devices don't exist13:19
LetoThe2ndalexb3600: anything is possible, just the needed effort varies13:19
RPtgoodwin: oh, the performance workers do have sudo to drop the caches13:19
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: ok thanks a lot13:21
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LetoThe2ndalexb3600: have fun13:23
alexb3600LetoThe2nd: Ahah :)13:24
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opennandrahi I've run into dhcp issues when using ini-ifupdown package in readonly-rootfs -> is there some how to described what must be symlinked to writable partition somewhere? thx14:19
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nayfeopennandra> maybe one way could be to create several overlayfs over /var & /etc and see which file is created inside?14:44
opennandranayfeL I have /data partition where I can write, but I plan to use overlayfs (is there some meta-layer for using that easily)?14:44
nayfeeasiest way is to use volatile-binds with systemd, but it seems you use sysvinit?14:45
opennandranayfe: nope I'm using systemd14:46
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nayfeopennandra> so in a volatile-binds.bbappend file, if you add VOLATILE_BINDS_append = " /data/var-lib         /var/lib      \n " it will use overlayfs in latest yocto releases14:49
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opennandranayfe: I'm using thud14:50
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armpitzeddii, ping14:53
nayfeopennandra> more precisely, it's a systemd feature from 242 if I remember right, it's ok on thud14:53
opennandranayfe: ok cool so I'll try to create it an lets see how it behave then14:54
nayfehum, I'm wrong, it's from https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/meta/recipes-core/volatile-binds/files/mount-copybind?id=c4acf1b531843497297c492456daea1744400faa but thud is ok, anyway14:56
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nayfeopennandra> one prerequisite is to enable overlayfs kernel option of course14:58
armpitYPTM  - armin is on14:58
vmesonYPTM - Randy has joined.14:58
opennandranayfe: yes sure, so it means data will be written to overlay and when deleted some default will remain in rootfs and I don't have issue with writing to rootfs14:58
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vineelaYPTM - Vineela ha joined15:01
vmesonmonthly YP call:  https://www.yoctoproject.org/public-virtual-meetings/ -- join if you are interested.15:01
tlwoernerYPTM - the "other" trevor has joined ;-)15:02
JPEW56YPTM: Joshua Watt here15:02
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Crofton|workdid we ever change the wemu machine to an a9 with neon?15:04
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tlwoernerarmpit: lol15:07
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tgoodwinRP: are there any specifics you can give me for the tap needs?  Also is a "dummy" interface alright (the server is running netplan)15:08
jwesselRP: I can probably take a look at the locale-problem, but I'd need full access to a build carcass.15:08
tlwoernertgamblin: out of curiosity, do you get called "kevin" a lot?15:08
jwesselRP: I didn't have a mic on the computer I am using, or I would have spoken up.15:08
tgamblintlwoerner: you know it. Also "Travis"15:08
jwesselI can obtain a build carcass from Randy or fray, locally after we get the change pushed in.15:09
tlwoernertgamblin: LOL! "... things only a 'trevor' would understand... "15:09
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RPvmeson: https://realpython.com/jupyter-notebook-introduction/15:19
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vmesonthx, FYI: The layer is here: https://github.com/sybotech/meta-jupyter15:21
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vmesonfyi: version numbers: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Releases15:47
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armpitYPTM is over15:52
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RPtgoodwin: I'd run something like sudo `which runqemu-gen-tapdevs ` 1000 sharedsource 8 tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/qemu-helper-native/usr/bin16:02
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RPjwessel: I'll try and get you the rpm package list but we can also get you ssh access to an ab worker, we need halstead for that16:03
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jwesselRP, that would probably be even faster to solving the problem.16:28
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jwesselAlways some kind of a new problem.  It would be interesting to know where the sqlite config binary it is that is calling, .e.g. how did your system get to that state.16:30
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jwesselI haven't seen any kind of build failure like the one you had referenced.16:30
RPjwessel: its several of our autobuilder workers so not isolated16:32
jwesselDo you have other problems with it building pseudo, or just as a result of this upgrade?16:32
RPjwessel: everything fine in previous builds16:32
jwesselDoes it use sstate?16:33
RPjwessel: yes, heavily16:33
jwesselI have a guess as to how you get to this problem then.  A version of the sqlite3 will build against libz, if it is there.16:34
RPjwessel: that is entirely possible16:34
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jwesselBut on the pkg uprev, if it called the sqlite3 lib print util, but libz-native isn't there yet, you would hit it.16:34
jwesselIt has to be a parallel build + some heavy state to get to the exact situation.16:35
RPjwessel: are you saying sqlite-native doesn't build deterministically ?16:35
jwesselWhich is solveable with some dependencies.16:35
jwesselI am 100% certain based on a scan of the lib printer.16:35
RPjwessel: we should fix that then, its probably the cause16:35
jwesselLet me setup a test.16:35
jwesselI can probably prove it.16:36
jwesselEverything I have done with the OS Tree work has been stepping on various hidden bear traps...16:36
jwesselEventually I will have tripped them all.16:36
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RPjwessel: I think that is my life these days...16:37
RPjwessel: the new runqueue hashequiv stuff as primed up a load more...16:37
jwesselheh... I know your pain.16:37
jwesselI didn't expect to be fixing wic, pseudo and a myriad of other problems.16:38
jwesselI have a fix in my branch for dpkg too where it has a conflict with busybox we never have seen before due to usrmerge.16:38
jwesselI am guessing we can probably track down the glibc-locale thing too.16:39
RPjwessel: tracking that one down would be awesome, its been bugging us for ages16:45
jwesselI make no immediate promise that it will be easy to solve of course.  But I will take a look at it.16:46
jwesselThe code is fairly racy with the glibc-locale "stashlocale" + the glibc build.16:46
jwesselLike we uncovered with the openat() pseudo, we know there are some cases where DB entry can be dropped.16:47
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jwesselA really careful analysis of the build along with the event sequencing will be needed.  :-)16:47
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jwesselRP: I haven't been able to duplicate exactly, but I can tell you for sure that sqlite3 builds with and without zlib differently.  I have the configure logs.17:06
jwesselSimply adding a DEPENDS = "zlib-native" to sqlite3 fixes it.17:07
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marler8997Hello, I'm getting an issue on the thud branch with files not showing up in the SDK...we've found an issue in the "debian.bbclass" where it is trying to call  objdump on the library files to get their soname, but it's failing because the symlinks are broken because it's running objdump in the packages-split directory17:17
marler8997this is causing some packages to get renamed such as the "main" package but not the "-dev" package17:18
khemmarler8997: is it running cross-objdump or native ?17:19
marler8997we're getting "No such file or directory"17:19
marler8997and it's because the symlink points to a file in another package, so if all the dependencies were installed the symlink works17:19
khemyeah I was hoping the link sections might help but seems not17:19
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khemhmm cross-package symlinks17:20
khemI think it should just ignore then17:21
marler8997the debian class detects if the package has a library in it17:21
marler8997it does this by looking for all the "*.so*" files in the package, then running objdump on it to get the SONAME from the elf binary17:21
marler8997so it's failing the objdump because it's looking in the "package-split" directory17:22
marler8997it shouldn't be failing the objdump17:22
marler8997if it ran objdump on the file in the "package" directory, then it would work17:22
marler8997so then the debian class doesn't detect that it's a library and doesn't rename the package accordingly17:22
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marler8997is anyone else seeing this issue?  Is this a known issue?17:26
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jwesselmarler8997: Does it fail for only your specific package or all of them?17:32
marler8997it's failing for a  bunch of packages in oe-poky17:32
jwesselI was just wondering if it is a symptom of the build output.17:32
jwesselIt is probably a generic problem then. :-/17:32
jwesselI only use the opkg or rpm format.  I am wondering why the rule is significantly different for the dpkg?17:33
jwesselBecause we don't see a similar problem there, that I am aware of.17:34
marler8997I'm also using opkg17:34
jwesselAnd the "build binaries" are the same in all 3 cases.  opkg, dpkg, rpm.17:34
marler8997The debian renames packages for all formats17:34
marler8997The *debian class17:34
jwesselRP:  I sent you the patch to fix the pseudo-native link issue.   The pseudo-native build was just the victim.17:36
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khemrunning before split wont help since its trying to calculate rdeps which has to be per package17:44
khemor also for calculating debian renaming rules17:44
marler8997I'm looking into it more and it looks like it actually may be purposely failing17:44
marler8997It looks like when it detects one package with the actually library file, it renames all the packages17:44
marler8997so it looks like the problem of missing "17:45
marler8997so it looks like the problem of missing "-dev" packages is somewhere else17:45
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RPjwessel: thanks, I just had a look at this20:41
jwesselRP I will make a v2 that uses the pkgconfig.20:42
RPjwessel: It looks very much like sqlite3-native was built on a system with zlib-devel and then used from sstate on a system that doesn't have it20:42
jwesselAh... That would cause it too.20:42
jwesselSo you do fall into that camp like I explained the mail where you can build with it and later not have it.20:43
jwesselBut for a different reason, multi-host sstate.20:43
RPjwessel: think of the scenario where two workers start up slightly after each other where one has built sqlite3-native but the other is just starting20:43
jwesselSure.  I totally understand how it can happen.20:43
RPjwessel: right, our sstate is shared20:43
RPjwessel: your patch probably could just do DEPENDS = "zlib"20:44
jwesselBut how does that work for -native ?20:44
RPthen its correct for the target and native cases (as the native code will remap it as usual)20:44
jwesselDoes it append in a zlib-native automatically?20:44
RPjwessel: it will turn "zlib" into "zlib-native" in the native case20:44
jwesselFair enough.  I was looking at what zlib is used for in sqlite3 and we never use it.20:45
jwesselWhy make the thing bigger than it already is.20:45
RPjwessel: that was my other question. Can we just disable it20:45
jwesselThe target version was not building with it.20:45
jwesselLike I said, for the the v2, I'll make it a pkgconfig option.20:45
jwesselSo someone can turn it on.20:45
RPjwessel: I think we can change it if we set ac_cv_search_deflate20:45
jwesselIt has a use, for doing "compressed page support".20:45
jwesselThat is another option.20:46
jwesselI wasn't sure how pkgconfig could be used to change those options.20:46
RPjwessel: if we patch it I'd just ask we let upstream see the patch20:46
RPwe have far too many patches :/20:46
jwesselI always do.20:46
jwesselDoesn't mean they accept the patches.20:46
jwesselBut I always try.20:46
RPjwessel: right, I was specific about them seeing it, not accepting :)20:47
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jwesselIt is probably reasonable try the config check and fake out the pkgconfig so you can build it both ways.20:48
jwesselThen you don't have to change any code at all.20:48
jwesselJust the recipe that is.20:48
RPCACHED_CONFIGUREVARS += "ac_cv_search_deflate=no"20:49
RPthat might do it20:49
jwesselIt will because we autoconf it, from the ac file.20:49
jwesselI'll try it out and send another patch in a bit.20:49
RPjwessel: FWIW that seems to work here20:50
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jwesselhey, if you want to patch it and roll with it, be my guest :-)20:51
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RPjwessel: I'm tempted to try and unbreak master-next :)20:51
jwesselExactly.  I'd like to get the pseudo patch more soak time.20:51
jwesselI'll quickly try out the pkgconfig one I was thinking about.20:53
jwesselWhere we just use the variable, so you can compile it both ways.20:53
RPjwessel: patch sent to the list FWIW :)20:57
jwessel+PACKAGECONFIG[zlib] = ",,zlib"20:58
jwessel+CACHED_CONFIGUREVARS += "${@bb.utils.contains('PACKAGECONFIG', 'zlib', '', 'ac_cv_search_deflate=no',d)}"20:58
jwesselI believe that does what we want, but I wanted to build test it.20:58
RPjwessel: I guess. The thought of what the parser has to do with this always puts me off writing it!20:59
jwesselTrue, but that is the only mechanism we have since there is no other syntax way of dealing with it.20:59
jwesselI find those expressions to be ugly myself.21:00
RPjwessel: I know. I wish we had a better way but I've never come up with one21:00
jwesselConsidering we only have 6 types of common expressions, we could use something other than a python eval.21:00
jwesselIf you were looking to optimize it anyway...21:01
jwesselanother time another day on that one...21:01
RPjwessel: Yes, FWW I would welcome any thoughts on what this other syntax could look like21:02
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto21:02
jwesselBTW, with the PACKAGE_CONFIG option, it fixes khem's concern because you can safely use the PACKAGECONFIG or PACKAGECONFIG_class-native21:04
RPjwessel: yes, I just replied as such21:05
RPjwessel: I did say your patch was uglier :)21:05
jwesselWithout a doubt.  I don't use bitbake stuff like that because it is pretty...  Only because that it is the only way.21:05
RPjwessel: I'm aiming to fix another issue before I run the next build so if you have the other patch sent out I'll use it21:06
jwesselI'll have it in a few min.21:06
jwessel"checking for zlib.h... yes"  was just checking to see it actually does what it is supposed to.21:06
RPjwessel: it will say yes or no, its the next line about deflate which is key21:07
RPlog.do_configure.2521:checking for library containing deflate... -lz21:08
RPlog.do_configure.5482:checking for library containing deflate... (cached) no21:08
jwesselCorrect.  I was just making sure it worked in the yes case adding the dependency etc... and the no case.21:08
jwesselIt is still building all the configs.21:08
jwesselForgot to re-install zlib.21:09
jwesselSo the test didn't work.  almost there...21:09
jwesselRP: I followed up with the v2.21:14
jwesseloops looks like it mis sent... Damn...21:15
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:16
jwesselI sent it from the wrong repo the first time.  Sorry about that.21:16
jwesselIt is fixed now.21:16
jwesselIt passed all the test configurations.21:17
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jwesselRP: Does the QA glibc-locale look something like this?21:31
jwesselWARNING: glibc-locale-2.29-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: glibc-locale: /usr/lib64/locale/ar_YE/LC_COLLATE is owned by uid 5002, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]21:31
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jwesselI hit it on one of my builders while using the new pseudo patch and some others.21:32
RPjwessel: yes, that looks like it21:42
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto21:42
jwesselI am poking around with it now, out of curiosity...21:42
RPjwessel: I actually have my own theory about it. I suspect its unfortunate inode number reuse :/21:42
RPjwessel: a file is deleted which is in psuedo's db and then a new file is created with the old inode number21:43
jwesselThat is possible I suppose.21:43
RPjwessel: never found a good way to test that theory :/21:43
RPjwessel: autobuilder build running fwiw21:43
jwesselI could make a kernel that gave you the same inode or edit the fs or something really sly...   There are other ways to cheat it, if you really think that is the issue.21:44
RPjwessel: I'm just mentioning it as one possibility21:44
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jwesselWhat is really odd, is that it is a single file out of 7000+22:05
RPjwessel: and it varies randomly within the 7000 files22:07
RPjwessel: it also is usually in rebuilds when there is more inode churn in my experience...22:07
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jwesselI'll have to think about this one a bit more...   In theory you could have it happen running: "bitbake glibc-locale -C compile" in a loop22:11
jwesselBased on what you have observed.22:12
jwesselBut there would need to be some more activity probably in the same pseudo context.22:14
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RPjwessel: Juro posted a reproducer script which was pretty much that on the list23:02
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