Wednesday, 2019-10-02

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jeranioIs the next Coding live Yocto on the 8th October?03:32
jeranio5pm Berlin Time ?03:32
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LocutusOfBorghello, I have a simple question for imx6q mfgtool handling, is anybody out there to help?08:16
LocutusOfBorgthe question is: I have an imx6qsabresd, and I would like to build the mfgtools artifacts via yocto (e.g. warrior is fine)08:16
LetoThe2ndLocutusOfBorg: pick your poison:
LocutusOfBorgI fail to find documentation on the "current" mfgtool version and documentation on the build procedure, e.g.08:19
LocutusOfBorgLetoThe2nd, this fails.... for some reasons, 1) meta-fsl-arm is dead, 2) fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs is not buildable for imx6q but only for imx6s08:20
LocutusOfBorg3) imx-uuc was working really good, it contains even a patch done by me... but it relies on FSL_UTP feature, that is now dropped on the kernel side, so it seems to be not working anymore08:20
LocutusOfBorg4) new mfgtool seems to have changed the way of communicating, deprecating FSL_UTP08:20
LocutusOfBorg5) I can't find proper documentation on the current way, and I don't want to build an oooooold yocto version just to have mfgtool artifacts08:21
LetoThe2ndLocutusOfBorg: well then your best chances are probably poking the layer maintainer if there's something in the making, or actually sending patches. the layerindex gives you the current publicly available state, and if that is obsolete, then... :-(08:22
mckoanLocutusOfBorg: the new name of meta-fsl-arm is meta-freescale08:24
LocutusOfBorgmckoan, yes, since some years, but the stuff in meta-freescale is not working, as said above08:24
LocutusOfBorgI was even the probably first person to complain when they moved layer without making people aware...08:24
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yacar_ zeddi: I worked on the bug yesterday, I've added SPDX Identifier to scc and cfg files, there's a file : cfg/debug/kgdb/debug-kgdb-serial-console.scc~ which looks like an open file by an editor, should I remove the file?08:44
yacar_zeddii: I misspelled your pseudo sorry !08:45
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prabhakarladHi all, what is the correct way to append COMPATIBLE_MACHINE for a recipe08:49
mckoanprabhakarlad: can you describe better your question?08:55
Domin1kprabhakarlad: i prefere +=08:55
Domin1kprabhakarlad: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE is just a variable08:56
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prabhakarladDomin1k COMPATIBLE_MACHINE += doesnt work, nor does _append08:59
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Domin1kprabhakarlad: oh sorry im wrong. it looks like it should be made like this COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "qemux86|qemux86-64"09:03
prabhakarladyes, but how do we append it in a bbappend file ?09:05
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Domin1kprabhakarlad: i would guess doing COMPATIBLE_MACHINE += "|my_new_machine". But if you say this does not work i would wait until an yocto expert answers your question. I'm just a rookie that is trying to help.09:09
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: i'd guess thats pretty close, yet _append instead of +=. because append doesn't insert a blank space09:10
Domin1kLetoThe2nd: (y)09:12
prabhakarladLetoThe2nd, the original bb file has COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(qemux86|qemux86-64)" so now when I create a bbappend file and do +=/append it doesnt work.09:13
Domin1kprabhakarlad: it looks like the ) makes it unappendable09:15
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Domin1kIm wondering if ther is a good way handling with big rescources in bitbake? I Have a Repo with a lot of rescources like Images, Videos etc. I would like to install them to my Image directly within the bitbake process. But it looks like the bitbake duplikates these files quite often. I have the fetched resources in the workdir, a duplicate as a09:23
Domin1ktar.gz inside the folder "build/download/", the rpm-package and finaly inside my wic-image. By now i need about 1.2 TB of diskspace for a build.09:23
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: all which is some form opf payload isn't really meant to go into the layers. the layers, as the meta- already suggests, should not contain those images, videos, etc.09:26
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: if you have already properly split them out into a payload recipe that fetches them, then i'm not aware of any redcution technique at the moment.09:27
Domin1kWhat do you actually mean with a payload recipe? I have a recipe that builds my app within my own foo_poky/meta-foocraft/ layer inside this recipe i have seprerated the resources in a package with PACKAGES += "${PN}-resources" FILES_${PN}-resources += "/mnt/app/resources/*"09:34
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LetoThe2ndDomin1k: seperating means, the recipe pulls the resourced from some out-of tree location, like ftp or whatever, as does not acutally contain them as files next to the recipe.09:37
Domin1kLetoThe2nd: I pull them from a clearcase-vob (VCS-repository) so that should be ok. I have to ask my boss for another diskupgrade then.09:42
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: "you wann make big app boss, you gonna big disk boss""09:43
Domin1kLetoThe2nd: for a development scenario this isn't that much relevant. I could build the image without the app resources and work with a nfs mount from my device to the resources repo on my workstation09:44
Domin1kLetoThe2nd: the final size of the wic image is just 234 GB but needing 5 times that much to build this image sounds a bit crazy.09:47
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LetoThe2ndDomin1k: our images are usually ~40M and we need 30GB or 40GB to build them. don't you think my "why does it need a thousand times the space for the build" sounds more crazy than your 5?09:49
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Domin1kLetoThe2nd: My boss thinks we would do better using a ubuntu image. At the moment we are using a stripped down debian image but i'm sure yocto will help us to build a better image and solve a lot of issues that we have at the moment with our current image-build-environment.09:53
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: it all depends on the use case, and using debian/ubunt can be totally valid too. it all depend.09:55
LetoThe2ndDomin1k: you can of course use some evil magic and "inject" the payload through some rootfs postprocessing, but it kinda defeats the point of OE/yocto. and if thats only for the couple of bucks that some disk space costs, its a bad deal taking the maintenance effort into account.09:56
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__angelohi folks :) question : i see different directory layouts when yocto-based distros are created, what should be a good directory layout to use ?11:10
rburtonpersonally i put bitbake and all the layers alongside each other11:11
rburtonassuming thats what you mean11:11
__angelorburton, yes. I find different layouts around, probably coming from different tutorial/how to11:11
__angelorburton, so you use kind of older oe style, right ?11:12
rburtonnot sure i'd call it old11:12
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__angelook. so you are not using poky stuff ?11:14
rburtonthat' a good example of bitbake and layers all in one place11:16
rburton*poky is an example*11:16
rburtonif you want your own distro make your own distro11:16
rburtonotherwise you'll be upset when eg poky changes11:16
rburton(which is does, often)11:17
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__angelomany thanks11:17
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__angeloabout  "upset when eg poky changes", this is not totally clear. Can i fix to a revision and work on that ?11:25
LetoThe2nd__angelo: for example when you update from sumo to thud, to warrior, there might be changes in poky11:26
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__angeloLetoThe2nd, ok11:32
peponeHey, I'm trying to track down a bug with network stack in core-image-minimal, what is the default libc build with core-image-minimal?11:32
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LetoThe2ndpepone: glibc11:34
peponeI getting some issues with TCP close connection, specially sever sending TCP FIN/RST gets unoticed by client, server connection gets closed but client conn remains open11:36
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peponetesting with a bunch of distros and only getting this issues with Yocto Warrior11:37
kanavin_pepone, are you using the latest warrior?11:40
rburtonpepone: what kernel though11:40
rburtonpepone: most BSPs provide their own kernel11:40
kanavin_particularly, you probably need this fix11:41
kanavin_commit f5cc3bf166c8eca58630e267cc58bdd88fbc6e9511:41
kanavin_Author: Bruce Ashfield <>11:41
kanavin_Date:   Fri Apr 26 10:52:17 2019 -040011:41
kanavin_    linux-yocto/5.0: integrate TCP timeout / hang fix11:41
kanavin_it was a bug in 5.0 kernels11:41
pepone5.0.3-yocto-standard #1 PREEMPT Mon Sep 9 17:44:34 UTC 2019 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux11:41
peponekanavin_: Thanks I will give it a try if I manage to update the BB kernel11:43
rburtonthat was in 2.7.1 though11:44
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peponeYes I have that commit in my tree11:47
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zeddiiRP: at least we got a bit of interest in the strace report on lkml.13:06
RPzeddii: yes, I saw. Hopefully we can get them to reproduce it and then get somewhere :)13:07
zeddiiI had to scramble to dig up the manual build steps for it, I hope I didn't screw them up :D13:08
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RPzeddii: we'll see what they say and worst case we may have to come up with a simpler reprocuder13:11
RPvmeson: ^^^13:12
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kanavin_zeddii, do you have a link?13:27
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kanavin_zeddii, thanks, hope they manage to reproduce13:32
kanavin_zeddii, it does not happen on opensuse's 5.2 kernel though :(13:32
thomasd13When I specify a kernel feature with KERNEL_FEATURES_append , does it matter if this feature is built in the kernel or if it is provided as kernel module?13:33
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zeddiikanavin_: there may be some kernel config at play then. I saw it on a mainline test that I ran, but I’ll revisit that before they tell me they can’t reproduce it. I suppose I could diff the opensuse 5.2 kernel to see if they have a patch in that area.13:42
kanavin_zeddii, yes, also maybe running the test on physical hardware could help narrow it down13:44
kanavin_(e.g. nuc or something like that)13:44
zeddiiI saw it on linux-yocto-dev as well, which is pretty much a raw mainline kernel, so I know it wasn’t fixed in the 5.3 cycle. but the kernel config is very similar to the 5.2 one we use. I’m going to test 5.4-rc1 shortly to see if it is there.13:45
kanavin_it might be specific to qemu13:46
zeddiiI don’t have any h/w test boxes handy to test on. Do we have results for 5.2 on genericx86-64 that don’t show the issue ?  or do we not run those there .. or is that not h/w ? I’m not aware of all the details there.13:47
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kanavin_I don't think the AB has any real HW, everything runs through qemu, maybe RP can clarify13:51
RPkanavin_: all AB stuff runs on qemu. There are manual QA tests, its unclear if they'd run the ptests on the real hardware though14:03
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CroftonThe autobuilder runs on imaginary hardware16:16
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mckoanCrofton: LOL16:21
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:25
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RPCrofton: I'm now thinking we'd have to number them with imaginary numbers17:08
Croftonof course17:08
CroftonA guy asked me about this email last night17:09
CroftonLooks like no repleis17:09
JPEWI was thinking that wouldn't be hard too add an optional QA check for that case.17:10
CroftonI you care about reproducible builds AUTOREV in a recipe is a serious issue17:14
JPEWRight, I think they understood that the layers are poorly written(?) since AUTOREV is non-optional, but there's no tool to detect it ATM17:15
JPEWThe hard part is making AUTOREV a valid option (e.g. not fail QA) when it does make sense and someone does actually want it...17:17
JPEWMaybe tie the QA check to the reproducibl_build.bbclass?17:17
JPEWSounds like I'm volunteering to reply to the email :)17:18
CroftonRP ^^^17:21
RPJPEW: sounds like the right track to me FWIW17:22
Croftonah yes, I was going there was a class that flagged the system we super care about reproducibilty17:22
CroftonStuff like this is why we need to get out and actually meet with people. He pointed the email out to us last night17:23
RPIndeed. I tend to feel bad as there are a lot of emails that should get replies that don't17:24
Croftonsecond blog post needs review17:28
JPEWRP, Crofton: Does this look OK: ?17:51
yoctiBug 13567: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , Add QA check for recipes that use AUTOREV by default17:51
CroftonYes, we don't want to trip people expecting a reproducible build with autorev recieps17:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Failure while compiling apt - Yocto <>18:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding sqlite Qt5 plugin in Yocto <>19:30
TartarusRP: Can you tag bitbake 1.43.2 please?19:36
RPTartarus: I can but there aren't many tags in there :/19:37
TartarusThere's only 44 tags I see, yeah19:37
Tartarusimho, tags for BB_MIN_VERSION values is helpful for ease of switching branches around19:37
RPTartarus: probably, I just now worry which other ones I'll be asked for19:38
Tartarussec ;)19:39
Tartarus1.39.1, which is what thud asks for19:40
Tartarusolder than that is no longer actively supported19:40
RPalready there19:40
TartarusSo shrug19:40
* Tartarus kicks bitbake19:40
* Tartarus kicks git19:40
RPcareful, bitbake can kick back ;-)19:41
TartarusSo, yeah, I think with that, that's enough tags now19:41
Tartarusand hopefully a mental note to tag bitbake when bumping BB_MIN_VERSION in the future will be 'it'.19:42
RPTartarus: I will try19:42
radsquirrelis there something written down out there that helps you decide when to use = vs ?= vs ??=19:49
radsquirreland _append vs +=19:49
radsquirrelfrom a best practices point of view.19:49
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kroonradsquirrel, there is always the bitbake manual19:55
kroonradsquirrel, I think I've seen some bitbake cheat sheet aswell19:55
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mischiefwhat is the variable ROOTFS_BOOTSTRAP_INSTALL for?20:00
*** yates <yates!> has joined #yocto20:02
yatesdo .rpm packages provide a method to run pre- and/or post-install scripts, or are they basically just files which get copied over?20:03
yatesand/or does "smart" provide such a capability on top of the .rpm file installation?20:04
bluelightningyates: we do intrinsically support pre/postinstall (and pre-postuninstall) scripts, and they get funnelled through into the packages (rpms in this case)20:07
bluelightningyates: smart supports them in as much that it calls rpm and rpm will run them20:07
bluelightningthe only "special" bit is that when building the image, we try to execute them on the build host, and if they succeed then great - if not, they get deferred to first boot20:08
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bluelightning(which of course won't work if you are using a read-only rootfs)20:08
bluelightningthere is a little bit of magic to explicitly mark postinsts that are known to require running on the target in more recent versions but if you're talking about smart I suspect that won't apply in your case20:09
bluelightningthe best practice is to try to ensure the postinstalls *can* run during image construction20:09
bluelightningwhat that really means is use $D in front of paths20:10
bluelightningand don't assume any special hardware is there20:10
yatesbluelightning: the scripts are put into the .rpm file?20:10
yateswhat do you mean by "first boot"?20:11
yatesdeferred to first boot?20:11
kergothit means exactly what it says. they run the first time the device boots. which isn't viable on an r/o fs20:12
yateswhy can't you run a first-boot script on a r/o fs?20:14
yatesbecause they have to be deleted after first boot?20:14
yatesbluelightning: so it seems there is a provision in both the .rpm format and in yocto to do this.20:15
bluelightningyates: yes and yes20:15
yatesdoes the now-ancient morty support this?20:16
bluelightningwe've had it for a very long time20:16
yatesbluelightning: thanks for this info. Very valuable.20:16
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radsquirrelkroon: I've definitely read the bitbake manual.20:53
radsquirrelit describes the differences in behaviors between the different operators very well.20:54
radsquirrelwas looking more for the "why"20:54
radsquirrelI have been thinking about starting a blog.  my first post might be called "how to choose a bitbake variable assignment operator"20:59
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ecdhethat's great radsquirrel21:00
ecdheI still don't know what ?= means21:00
ecdheI'm not sure how to search for it on google or what the name of the operator is21:00
radsquirrelit means if the same variable has been assigned previously with = it won't take your assignment with ?=21:01
radsquirrelby previously I mean in the global configuration (so something assigned by way of bitbake.conf)21:01
radsquirrelor in the case of a recipe and a bbappend, previously would mean the recipe21:02
ecdhenice and contextually ambiguous -- makes debugging so much easier when you can't tell what the effect of it will be just by looking at it.21:02
radsquirrelwell...I'll see what I can do about the blog :-)21:03
radsquirreland if anyone wants to drop hints on why I might pick = over ?= or ??= over ?= ... feel free.21:03
radsquirrelI'll include them.21:03
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mischiefis there a way to specify some packages on a per-machine basis that are initramfs only? or should i invent a new variable?21:10
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kergothugh, the vscode bitbake extensions reliably hang my Remote - SSH workspace when opening a medium sized .inc. at least, the two extensions that work at all do22:27
kergothguess i'll do without highlighting for now..22:28
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khemkergoth: or switch to neovim :)22:38
kergoththat's what i usually use, been playing around with vscode + Remote - SSH recently22:38
khemyeah vscode is quite good IDE, I would say22:39
khemI use it quite a lot myself but time and again nvim fallback is used :)22:40
khemfor kernel sources it works fine22:40
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