Wednesday, 2019-10-09

aehs29I know thats a horrible question to ask lol00:07
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aehs29RP: sent a patch but I wasnt suscribed to the list, youre gonna have to approve :(00:43
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tonerhey all02:41
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kroonRP, JPEW, just out of curiosity, is there a way of finding out of how much sstate-cache could be reused thanks to hash equivalency ?06:42
kroonand do all these "... now valid and being rerun" notes have anything to do with it ?06:43
kroon(btw, shouldn't those notes be removed ?)06:47
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alessioigorGood morning!07:57
alessioigorThe SDK generated by meta-mingw doesn't contain the environment-* script anymore.07:58
alessioigorMoreover I have some random Python exceptions: Exception: FileExistsError: [Errno 17] File exists: '/home/alessio.bogani/WIP/voltumna/build/tmp/sysroots-components/corei7-64/zlib-intel/usr/include/zlib.h' -> '/home/alessio.bogani/WIP/voltumna/build/tmp/work/corei7-64-voltumna-linux/rpcbind/1.2.5-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/include/zlib.h'08:00
alessioigorHas Someone already seen it?08:00
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RPkroon: it is a bit too chatty at the moment08:39
RPkroon: finding out in advance may be hard, reporting at the end may be possible though08:40
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aehs29RP: hey, about to go to bed, just wondering if you got my patch for the documentation fix on multiconfig09:04
aehs29both of them because actually one was to bitbake manual09:05
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RPaehs29: I see two patches, not looked at themyet09:14
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mous16Good morning everybody09:56
alessioigorto you too10:00
mous16I'm trying to understand how to create a custom machine (actually based on a colibri-vf), to build b2qt for. Everything goes fine, but at completion of "bitbake b2qt-embedded-qt5-image" i cannot find any img or tar.gz file in deploy/image folder, just the conf ones. How can I get more information on what is doing the do_rootfs step?10:00
alessioigormous16: In the recipe's temp directory you can find logs in the log.do_rootfs* form.10:02
mous16@alessioigor: thank's! I'll check it out immediatly10:03
alessioigormous16: In any case check for WKS_FILE variable: bitbake b2qt-embedded-qt5-image -e | grep WKS_FILE10:03
kanavinrburton, it's basically complete, my goal was to eliminate dependencies for a specific image used here in the project. I'm not sure what would be the 'definition of done' really :)10:12
mous16@alessioigor: log.do_rootfs seems fine: it says that a big amount of packages are being installed in root fs (and rootfs folder seems ok), no errors reported. Maybe y problem regards do_image step. About WKS_FILE, I think i dont need to use  wix files, because I have to flash like that:
alessioigormous16: So you have to check for IMAGE_FSTYPES.10:15
mous16@alessioigor: it reports IMAGE_FSTYPES="conf", and i presume it means that conf file rules. in my layer I have file mymachine.conf with IMAGE_FSTYPES += "ext4 tar.bz2" . Are my assumptions valid?10:20
LetoThe2ndIMAGE_FSTYPES="conf" sounds weird to wrong10:22
alessioigormous16: You have to go with tar.bz2 and similar.10:22
LetoThe2ndmous16: bitbake -e  your image and search the output for IAMGE_FSTYPES to find out what sets that.10:22
mous16@alessioigor:  I'm thinking I'm wrong in include/set order:
LetoThe2ndmous16: if boot2qt explicitly sets something, then you'll probably have to ask them why. they are doing things sometimes quite a bit different.10:29
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rburtonkanavin: world builds working :)11:04
kanavinrburton, that is hardly realistic, as how would you build world without ever building bash for instance?11:12
rburtonok maybe not a world build11:12
rburtonbut a formal test case that didn't involve meta-gpl2 to exercise this would be *awesome*11:12
kanavinrburton, yep, I'm now trying to figure out how to disable licenses for specific images (e.g. check actual packages that were installed), rather than having a global disabling, which pretty much requires meta-gpl211:14
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mcfriskhi, anyone know how the systemd presets are supposed to be used with yocto 2.8? I see a default preset coming from systemd which disables everything. my recipes are just setting SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} but that isn't working anymore except for services with @ character due to shell match in systemd_postinst(), line 36 of poky/meta/classes/systemd.bbclass12:09
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rburtonRP: going to push aehs29's multiconfig docs change12:43
rburtonoh no i'm not, i can't push12:43
LetoThe2ndrburton: try pushing harder?12:45
zeddiiwow. fat fingered that12:50
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RPrburton: I can probably fix that!12:55
rburtonsanity tested distros list is a bit out of date12:56
rburtonno ubuntu 19.04 (latest is 18.04) which i guess we should add as its on the ab and is latest release12:56
rburtonpoky list needs updating, shall i just bump it to poky-2.8 poky-3.0?12:56
RPrburton: should work now12:56
rburtonyep can push now12:57
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* RP builds 3.0 rc113:16
rburtonwhoop whoop13:18
JPEWalessioigor: What version of meta-mingw? We addeded QA tests so it *should* be working.13:19
alessioigorJPEW: 9df4e1113:23
JPEWRP: Sent the siggen unihash+taskhash patch. Sorry I didn't get it out yesterday. I'll let you decide if it needs to go in 3.0 :)13:23
RPJPEW: I just triggered 3.0 rc1 ;-)13:23
alessioigorJPEW: I have just restart a entire build from scratch....13:23
JPEWRP: Ya I saw that. Awesome13:23
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JPEWalessioigor: Which environment scripts are missing?13:25
alessioigorJPEW: all but relocate13:26
alessioigorJPEW: I meant all scripts are missing except the relocate one.13:27
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JPEWalessioigor: Strange13:28
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hmw1Hi, i have build an sdk with containing modemmanager and libmm-glib but im getting the error ModemManager.h: No such file or directory13:37
rburtonhmw1: did you verify the sdk contains that file?13:41
rburtondid you use pkgconfig to get the path to modemmanager in your build?13:41
hmw1ModemManager.h is in usr/include/ModemManager/13:42
hmw1but not in include13:43
rburtonthat's right13:43
rburtonso you use pkgconfig to find it13:43
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hmw1Tnx, had the same issue with mm-manager.h: but needed to include libmm-glib the same way13:49
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hmw1uh that did not work for libmm-glib13:51
kanavin_rburton, ERROR: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Package bash has incompatible license GPLv3+ and cannot be installed into image.13:52
kanavin_RFC patch is coming13:52
kanavin_the use case is having better granularity for INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE where it can be set per image13:52
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hmw1error: libmm-glib development package not found13:56
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alessioigorRP, rburton: A patch that change image class logic to make as many images as items WKS_FILES contains would be ever considered for inclusion?14:05
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RPalessioigor: so multiple wic images rather than just one?14:09
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alessioigorRP: Exactly a way to cope with need to have the same image on different size SD cards.14:10
RPits not going to make the code readable but I can understand why you might want it14:10
alessioigorUnless comunity decides to use repartition on first boot approach.14:11
RPalessioigor: it really depends how messy the change gets I guess14:11
alessioigorRP: In your opinion which approach is best fit for Yocto/OE? Resizing on first boot or multiple predefined size images generation?14:16
alessioigorAt the moment I made a recipe for any sd card size in use (myimage-4gb, my-image-8gb, myimage-16gb and so on).14:18
RPalessioigor: from a user perspective downloading an image multiple times for two different size SD cards is horrible14:18
RPso you'd get a better user experience with resizing14:18
JPEWalessioigor, RP: I agree. Resizing would be my preference: sometimes we don't really know what size flash our image is going to be put on at production time (or rather, we want to put the same image on multiple sizes)14:19
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alessioigorGoogling I found and It would be great to have a "official" version.14:29
alessioigorJPEW: Re mingw: Rebuilding from scratch makes scripts come back!14:31
JPEWalessioigor: That is really strange14:32
alessioigorJPEW: Now I'm going to build from scratch all machines and images. I keep you updated (if you permit me).14:34
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JPEWalessioigor: OK14:35
alessioigorJPEW: Thank you14:35
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rburtonalessioigor: if that fs-init works for you, just copy/paste and send a patch to oe-core15:09
qschulzkanavin_: just wondering with your patches for INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE, 1) from now on we could put INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3" in an image recipe (or does it have to be INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_pn-myimage?)15:10
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qschulz2) if in I require/include, can I actually have INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE from imageA be taken (or in case of INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_pn-* can it be INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_pn-${IMAGE_BASENAME}[/${PN}])?15:11
rburtonpn-myimage would be the syntax for in local.conf, end result would be identical15:12
qschulzJust being curious15:12
qschulzah, so still in local.conf15:12
qschulzToo risky for us, but I could see the use of INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE being part of an image recipe15:13
qschulzrburton: thanks for the explanation15:14
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litbhello folks16:15
litbis it feasible to add another option to BBCLASSEXTEND to support mingw targets?16:15
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litblike now we have "target", "native" and "native-sdk" and then we also could do "customer", which is kind-of another target that generates customer applications, normally using mingw16:16
litbthis way, supporting such things would not require creating a different config, but just a "machine-customer/" directory inside conf/ where the customer-machine is defined, with toolchain options16:17
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rburtonlitb: how is mingw not nativesdk16:20
litbrburton, the current meta-mingw is nativesdk.. but I'm looking for windows as another target16:21
litbthe customer program that's used to access our device is a windows qt program. so when we publish another firmware and build it using yocto, we need to build another windows qt program aswell16:22
rburtonthat would just be a MACHINE then16:22
litbrburton, ah. but if i select that MACHINE in local.conf, it overrides the firmware's machine16:22
rburtonsure, so this is where you either 1) use two build directories or 2) use multiconfig16:22
litbwould be best if one could have two machines. one for the windows  part, and one for the actual yocto part that goes into the device16:22
rburtonbut you're saying "i want to build code for a windows target", so you need a windows MACHINE16:23
rburtonmeta-mingw should provide most of the pieces to do that. *most*.  don't know if anyone has actually done that.16:23
litbwould it not work if I extend yocto with  the possibility to say  WINDOWSMACHINE=...  and then one can say BBCLASSEXTEND += "windows" and it creates things into "recipe-sysroot-windows" ?16:24
litbit would look to me that the windows things are kind of secondary build artefacts16:24
RPlitb: multiconfig is the path of least resistance to making that work16:25
litbah, I see!16:26
RPlitb: get it working as a normal build first16:26
litbActually during the last two months I've managed to re-produce our debian firmware with yocto. at least to a point where it boots and starts the applications and the GUI comes up16:27
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litbRP, I suspect I would need different patches than the normal yocto patches to the various packages. that's were BBCLASSEXTEND would break down, I suspect, because variants cannot change the patches list16:29
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RPlitb: variants could in theory do that fwiw16:36
rburtonlitb: there's literally nothing special about windows as a target, it's just another target.  if you want more than one in a single build use multiconfig.16:37
RPlitb: overrides like SRC_URI_append_class-XXX = " Y"16:37
RPbut as rburton says, its really multiconfig territory16:37
alessioigorrburton: It is a very pity that I can't use systemd-growfs :(16:40
rburtonalessioigor: take the script you found in that other layer, write a little service file to call it. easy!16:40
rburtonyou could write a patch for systemd to grow partitions too, but this is easier :)16:41
rburton(and not tied to systemd)16:41
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litbthanks folks, I will try multiconfig!16:50
aehs29rburton: RP thanks guys16:50
rburtonlitb: first start with a machine to target windows, that's the challenge16:51
litbI suspect I can also add INHERIT += nopackages   for the windows  config.16:51
RPaehs29: thanks for the fixes16:52
rburtonlitb: the easy way would be to just package everything like normal but your final app recipe would have its own deploy tasks that just ship a statically linked binary or an installer or something16:52
litbah, I see.16:53
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:53
rburtonagain the hard bit is the actual machine, getting a cross compiler going etc16:54
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litbprobably I can just rip the most part out of MXE16:57
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC17:10
kergothalessioigor: if you're talking about growing the rootfs on first boot, see the 96boards-tools recipe, includes a service for it17:11
* kergoth yawns17:11
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto17:12
alessioigorkergoth: Is it the best implementation for this type of service?17:15
alessioigorkergoth: In your opinion17:16
kergothi haven't seen many functional ones at all, so tough to say17:16
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alessioigorkergoth: Thank you17:19
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kergothout of curiosity, why was systemd-growfs not viable?17:35
*** tprrt <tprrt!~tprrt@> has quit IRC17:36
alessioigorkergoth: As far as I understand it resizes only filesystem not the partition.17:37
alessioigorrburton: Do I understand well? ^^^^17:37
alessioigorI would be very happy to use systemd-growfs.....17:38
kergothresize-helper uses resize2fs directly, which isn't ideal. it could use systemd-growfs for that piece, perhaps17:40
kergothbut it does work well for the common case17:40
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__angelohi, organized a distro with some submodules, one is poky, one is meta-ti. I pulled initially a sumo. What is the proper way to update those submodules ? Should i keep them to a fixed hash, or better to update to "sumo" ?18:02
denix__angelo: that's a matter of your own policy, whether to stay with tested snapshot of update to the latest "stable"18:04
*** champagneg <champagneg!> has quit IRC18:08
__angelodenix, ok thanks18:09
kergothyep, entirely depends on your requirements and how risk averse you are, the schedule you're under, etc. you'll have to figure that out18:10
__angelokergoth, ok thanks18:10
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mischiefdoes anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto18:44
mischiefit *seems* to exist.. /usr/lib# strings libstdc\+\ |grep _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE18:46
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khemmischief: is it on master ?19:10
khemits possible that is not linked to this binary19:11
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mischiefkhem: eh, i forced recompilation of python3-grpcio and now it works :\19:27
mischiefbut now i can't import multiprocessing -_-19:28
khemyou seems to be on a slippery slope19:29
mischiefwhat makes you say that?19:30
khemah I read one problem led to another, but rereading tells me that its a new problem about multiprocessing19:40
khemthats good19:40
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mischiefkhem: yes, and a simple problem at that - turns out multiprocessing is a separate package in yocto :-)20:01
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marler8997An update on a question I asked a couple days ago.  I've tested that if you only upload .siginfo files to your SSTATE_MIRROR, then users can still build with it20:32
marler8997Problems only occur when you upload .tgz files without their corresponding .siginfo files20:33
marler8997So we've modified our script to upload sstate cache to upload all the siginfo files first, then the archives20:33
marler8997that way the mirror is never in an invalid state and if something fails, we also remain in a valid state20:33
kergoth  nice20:33
*** warthog9 <warthog9!> has joined #yocto20:35
bluelightningseems like something we ought to document20:39
marler8997yeah, not sure where though20:40
bluelightningI think you could do a whole section on the practical aspects of setting up an sstate mirror... I thought we had something like that already but I can't see it so maybe my memory is faulty20:42
bluelightning("you" in the general sense, I mean)20:43
kergothprobably should, could cover multiple approaches to keeping the size under control as well20:45
* bluelightning files a bug20:47
yoctiBug 13589: enhancement, Undecided, ---, srifenbark, NEW , Document sstate cache mirror best practices20:56
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machinehumIf I #include a dtsi file in another dtsi file, will bitbake make one .dtb? or two .dtb's?21:08
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RPJPEW: that siginfo patch isn't safe as the tools won't work with backwards compatibility21:35
RPdefinitely not 3.0 material as I'm not breaking that21:36
khemRP: I see that package_write_ipk sigdata changes for an allarch packages when machines are changed the reason is that they RDEPEND on another package which is either arch specific or machine specific22:13
khemRP: I thought rdep should not cause sigdata to change22:13
khemor is it because rdep is also translated into build dep ?22:14
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC22:14
khempackage_write_ipk seems to depend on packagedata task22:16
khemof the rdep package22:16
khemso does this mean that allarch packages should use rrecommends and not rdepends ?22:17
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