Wednesday, 2019-10-16

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LetoThe2ndtypo of the day: "git duff"08:31
Mava42Rofl! Excellent typo!08:43
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xtrona function in a bbclass goes to exception when try to execute "if not os.path.exists(url.localpath):", this function was originally to unpack a downloaded package which now I've placed local, any idea how can we fix this09:08
xtronthe value of "url.localpath" is none when file is place locally, it have valid value when downloaded from http:// location.09:09
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rburtoni thought localpath was still valid if you're driving the fetcher right09:14
rburtonsounds like you're calling into fetch2 directly?09:14
rburtonoh right09:15
rburton        # localpath is the location of a downloaded result. If not set, the file is local.09:15
rburtonif local, then just use the uri09:15
rburtonthe localpath method should resolve it for you09:16
xtronrburton, uri.locapath?09:18
millonihey folks, could yall help me clarify some terms - im going to try to state the terms and could you tell me if my understanding is correct?09:28
millonibitbake is a build tool - it defines the syntax for recipes and so on09:29
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: bitbake is more like a task scheduler and runner, albeit a very specialized and sophisticated one09:29
milloniopenembedded is a set of classes and recipes that constitute a build system - i.e one can use those recipes or create own's own with the use of stuff defined in openembedded09:30
LetoThe2ndmilloni: buildtool or buildsystem usually rather refers to things like autotools, cmake, meson, whatever.09:30
millonipoky is reference distribution built on openembedded09:30
LetoThe2ndnope, thats outright wrong.09:30
milloniokay, correct me09:31
LetoThe2nd(the openembedded thing)09:31
LetoThe2ndmilloni: why not look up how the things define themselves? right the first sentence on is "Welcome to OpenEmbedded, the build framework for embedded Linux"09:32
millonithat's my interpretation of this - "the build framework", i.e recipes, classes, etc?09:33
LetoThe2ndwhat you are interpreting is "metadata"09:34
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LetoThe2ndbut if you look at then you will see that OE actually hosts bitbake and some sets of metadata. hence, OE cannot be defined in terms of metadata only.09:35
millonihmm okay - so is it bitbake + metadata?09:36
LetoThe2ndisn't that what i just wrote almost verbatim?09:36
milloniyeah im just trying to make sure i understand correctly09:37
millonilooks like i wasnt wrong in the essence :)09:38
milloniand then yocto encompasses openembedded, poky and some extras (whatever is pertinent to embedded linux development)?09:40
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: openembedded is *NOT* part of the yocto project.09:41
LetoThe2ndmilloni: YP uses it, and in turn offers a lot of maintenance and development effort back. but technically, OE is free standing.09:42
milloniok, but poky *is* part of yocto?09:43
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: poky is one of the main "products" of YP, yes.09:44
milloniwhat are the others? i've mostly associated yocto with openembedded and poky (and not we've made it clear openembedded is not part of yocto)09:46
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: the other most prominent things are probably the documentation, the autobuilder... maybe also crops, and its kernel flavours. get an idea at
milloniohh that makes it much clearer09:52
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millonithere's also a very nice webpage here:
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rburtonmilloni: the oe/yocto split is largely historic and complicated so don't worry :)10:02
LetoThe2ndrburton: we are coders. we like complicated things.10:03
LetoThe2ndrburton: yet, if we look at the topic distinciton between oe-devel, oe-core and yocto MLs, i think it still makjes sense to bear a kind of difference in mind.10:04
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Crofton|workLetoThe2nd,  speak for yourself10:11
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: i always do, as you know.10:11
* alessioigor waves all10:11
alessioigorIs there a bitbake variable which holds the name of image that the packages are built for (e.g. core-image-minimal)?10:11
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: during the build of the image itself, sure.10:13
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: otherwise, no. same thing applies as usual: one recipe cannot affect another.10:13
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alessioigorLetoThe2nd: yes during the build.10:14
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: during the build of the *IMAGE*. don't leave that out.10:15
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: should be ${PN}10:15
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: ${PN} is the name of the package which are building...10:16
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: let me guess. you want a recipe to behave differently whether its being built for a production image or a dev image, right?10:17
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: It sounds interesting (I would be happy to know how do it anyway) but it isn't my case.10:18
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: anyways, its close to your case. and the answer is the same as always: its not how it worls.10:18
LetoThe2ndworks, even.10:19
LetoThe2nda package has *NO* knowledge what its being built for, other than things in then .conf files and its own recipe. a recipe (even an image recipe) CANNOT affect other recipes.10:19
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: Thanks anyway!10:23
milloni<LetoThe2nd> alessioigor: let me guess. you want a recipe to behave differently whether its being built for a production image or a dev image, right?10:30
milloniglad you brought that up actually, whats the recommended way to do that?10:30
millonii've used an override in the past10:30
LetoThe2ndmilloni: depends. usually it involved either creating a dereived distro r injecting a dev layer with appends.10:31
LetoThe2ndbut certainly NO imagerecipe-to-recipe magic! :D10:31
millonihmm what exactly is a "distro" in yocto nomenclature?10:32
LetoThe2nda distro is a distro10:32
millonibasically a set of .conf files?10:32
millonithat modify how recipes behave?10:32
LetoThe2ndfeel free to read it up in the manual, or what my latest live coding session where i spent about an hour explaining it. i don't feel liek repeating it now, lunch time is here :)10:33
milloniyou've got yocto live coding sessions? link?10:33
LetoThe2ndyoutube yocto live coding something.10:34
millonii'd be interested to watch those10:34
LetoThe2ndirc-to-google frontends is 5€ per request each.10:34
millonithis - ?10:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to find the order of recipe files for an image in bitbake <>11:21
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litbhello all11:29
litbit just occured to me. maybe it's better to write a tool that converts the MXE makefiles to yocto recipes. each of them would generate packages called "mxe-<name>", like "mxe-libiconv".11:30
litba major difference from MXE makefiles to yocto recipes is the absence of do_install though. the MXE build macros build *and* install their software.11:31
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rburtongoogling mxe brings up links to a hallucinogen13:11
rburtonlitb: recipes build and install their software though13:12
litbrburton, lulz. I mean this:
rburtonlooks like buildroot13:16
litbthis is similar to trying to build the debian distribution using yocto, which various projects aim to do, sometimes by converting debian source packages to recipe files13:16
litbrburton, yeah, but simpler. it's not based on kconfig, but just a bunch of makefiles + "Makefile standard library"13:16
rburtonthe mxe files clearly do a 'make install' just like a bitbake recipe would13:17
litbrburton, ah, I see. that's cool. and since it's all makefiles, the content of their BUILD macros can just be put 1:1 into do_compile_and_install.13:18
rburtongood luck with that13:19
LetoThe2ndrburton: hrhr nice pick13:20
LetoThe2ndto me it rather looks like another homegrown small cross-lfs thing13:21
rburtoni've written bitbake -> srpm and reviewed srpm -> bitbake.  it's hell. don't even bother trying to transform source packages from one format to another13:21
JPEWlitb: I suspect you might have trouble copying it straight over, but it could be a good reference for what compile options you need to get a recipe to compile/run for MinGW13:21
JPEWlitb: Although, I'd stick with the OE defaults unless you *really* have to change them :)13:22
litbsometimes they define $(PKG)_BUILD_$(BUILD) . I think that's what defines the steps for for building the native packages. they will map to the BBCLASSEXTEND "native" (maybe mxe-native, because I will need to use the MXE compiler)13:22
litbrburton, hm i see. bad news13:23
rburtonif you have mxe files already that build for your setup then as JPEW says, that's a good source of information13:23
rburtonbut *transforming* source representations from one domain to another isn't enjoyable, there's just too much mismatch in the models13:24
litbalternatively in do_compile i can just forward to the makefile of MXE, instead of trying to extract the code and put it into the recipe automatically. then I just need to transform the metadata13:24
mcfriskhuh, bitbake is suddenly failing to start and fails with error: NOTE: Retrying server connection (#1)...13:30
rburtonit can see the socket exists and is trying to reconnect but the server is not responding13:31
mcfriskcan't see anything wrong in debug or strace output. Ideas what to try?13:31
mcfriskI should delete the socket file?13:31
rburtonyeah blast it away and kill any lingering bitbake13:32
mcfriskok, found a pid from bitbake.lock and killed that. no idea how that happened. maybe a disconnected screen in devshell somewhere..13:33
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JPEWmcfrisk: Do you build in a docker container?13:44
mcfriskJPEW: no, native in Ubuntu 14.04 for poky master. project SW I build in project specific lxc containers with Debian 913:49
JPEWmcfrisk: Ok. I've had some troubles with all the container processes getting killed when the init process exits that can result in things like that, but it sounds like that's not what you are seeing.13:50
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mcfriskJPEW: yes, in my case there was a bitbake process somewhere in background and I suspect it was a devshell where the screen session had been exited13:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake build cant find sparse <>14:21
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litbcan I unset an override only for another override?14:29
litbi.e I have a machine config that contains    RC_mingw32 = ...;   but that conflicts with log4cpp recipe that uses RC  in its SRC_URI, and sets "RC=...". so I want to say "override for mingw32, but not for pn-log4cpp"14:30
litbRC_pn-log4cpp = "" doesn't work, because it overrides RC with "" for log4cpp. ideally I would need   unset RC_pn-log4cpp14:31
JPEWlitb: rburton pointed out that is already fixed and you need to cherry-pick back the fix: bfe144b038ee49290bed7b7d851bca52d340af2e14:36
litboh nice, thanks!14:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake build can't find sparse <>14:51
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litbanyone knows whether one can use multiple overrides at once, and whether they will combine with OR and AND?  i.e PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target_<machinename> = "..."  ideally combines the class and the machine name by AND15:53
rburtonyes and yes15:55
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litbhowever I found that I don't need this and I should not use class-target here. better leave it out and only match on machinename. that way, it will also match the SDK16:05
litbi initially thought it would also match when generating a linux nativesdk. but the worries were unjustified, because nativesdk.class sets MACHINEOVERRIDES = ""16:06
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tgoodwinHas anyone studied and published the relationship between the number of parallel tasks one can run vs. how much RAM they need?  I'm getting "worker exited unexpectedly (-9)" in container configurations that I've seen work at workstations.16:30
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rburtontgoodwin: not sure you could have hard numbers for that as it depends on exactly what stages are running16:49
rburtonie webkit link will happily eat all the ram16:49
mcfrisktgoodwin: for our use case with lots of c++ and templates, see slide 50 of
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mcfriskworks well on machines with 128 gigs of ram and 42 cores (including hyper threading ones)16:51
tgoodwinrburton: Right I'm looking really for an upper limit.  I've disabled webkit in general.  But for example a workstation has 12 cores and only 16 GB RAM.  It can do a world build fine, but a container with 4 and 32G cannot.  I'm trying to figure out "why"16:51
tgoodwinmcfrisk: thanks...reading that now.16:53
rburtontgoodwin: add some monitoring and see what runs out to cause problems?  worker exiting unexpectly might be something unrelated though, are you sure the RAM is good?16:54
rburtonby monitoring i mean ram usage, processor load, open file count etc16:55
rburtoncollect that and run a build, see if anything is hitting a limit at the same time as bitbake crashes16:55
tgoodwinrburton: I'm putting docker stats now, but it takes quite a while to hit the point where it broke.16:55
tgoodwinI'm trying not to use sstate in my testing because I'm collecting the duration of a build relative to the settings too.16:56
tgoodwinmcfrisk: this is interesting -- thanks.  BTW you have an extra _ in BB_NUMBER__THREADS on slide 48.16:57
tgoodwin(just FYI I realize it's from 2016)16:58
tgoodwinI'm trying to pull my environment log from the container to see if the runner settings aren't being detected from within the container (e.g., 'free' is currently showing a lot more RAM than the limit I set)16:59
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kergothDoes anyone know why our python2 and python3 multilib patches differ in behavior? python2 adds the non-arch/non-multilib libdir site-packages as well as the multilib one, but python3 does not. i.e. lib as well as lib6417:01
kergothseems like one would want both available for non-arch-specific modules, but i'm not sure what upstream python mandates in this regard17:04
tgoodwinmcfrisk: were your LXC containers basically docker?17:06
kergothwonder what other distros do with that..17:06
mabnhdevI'm upgrading my work to Warrior.  I'm building core-image-minimal for an x86-64 arch.   During do_rootfs, I get the error 'Could not invoke dnf... No match for argument: libssp'.  It's not obvious to me where that dependency came from.  It's also not obvious to me how to get libssp built.  Any thoughts?17:12
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tgoodwinmcfrisk: do you happen to know if that return code (-9) is actually related to OOM or not?17:14
milloniLetoThe2nd: that livestream series is great - really appreciate it17:19
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alessioigorIs there a way to override a bbclass?17:28
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: :)18:10
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: not without dirty tricks18:11
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* litb has just prevented an execution of an oe-core _append to his do_install by "return;" at the end18:37
litbi suspect that's frowned upon :p18:37
litbrburton, some basic libs like bzip, zlib and iconv already build!18:42
armpitLetoThe2nd, I played your lives streaming backwards and it sounds like Metallica  lyrics ; )18:43
LetoThe2ndarmpit: dang! actually they should contain recipes for x-mas bakery when enjoyed like that. guess i have to work on my performance, then.18:44
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armpitLetoThe2nd, btw, thanks for putting on that series18:45
LetoThe2ndarmpit: hehe, yw. i enjoy the output of your work too, and thats something i can offer in return.18:47
LetoThe2ndarmpit: i can't offer code or money to YP, but some support and community effort. its the best i can give back, so i do.18:48
Crofton|workLetoThe2nd, I will buy some gold stars to hand out in Lyon for people like you!18:49
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: glitter! i want glitter!18:50
Crofton|workSome people are hard to please18:50
LetoThe2ndi know. and thats why i bring my own glitter smileys.18:52
armpitLetoThe2nd, its well appreciated18:54
armpitI am surprised Crofton|work didn't off a beer18:54
LetoThe2ndarmpit: he and me have a special relation on beer offers. as i have been the only person ever voted into OE under the premise that I continue to bring along booze to OEDEMs :)18:55
Crofton|workHe will hav ebetter than I can get for him18:55
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LetoThe2ndarmpit: :-)18:58
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LetoThe2ndarmpit: weren't you there in Prague?18:59
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* LetoThe2nd calls it a day then and headbangs out!19:02
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: well, they say you should always go out with a bang...19:17
rokmHi, Could someone help me and explain how to avoid conflicts in case when 2 .bb tries to install the same file?19:19
rokmbasically one .bb is in poky and adds interfaces to /etc/network19:19
rokmsecond .bb in on my layer and I want to put mine19:20
rokmshould I create .bbappend for first one and remove this file19:20
rokmor there is better way that my recipe will override already installed file19:21
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rburtonrokm: either 1) append the original recipe to install the file you want instead, or 2) don't install the first package19:45
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zeddiihmm. qemumips64 segs on /sbin/init on 5.4-rc4.20:42
* zeddii tries to muster enough enthusiasm to look more closely.20:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: The yocto-layer script is missing from my install of poky <>21:23
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* zeddii was hoping that all the mips64 users would have noticed my comment and jumped up to help.23:55
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