Tuesday, 2019-10-29

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lpappwhere rburton07:57
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LetoThe2ndrburtib is here07:59
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lpappI am a bit confused by the meaning of $PN08:46
mcfrisklpapp: recipe name, https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/latest/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#var-PN08:53
alessioigorI usually use $BPN.08:54
lpappwhy is it not RN?08:54
lpappPN would indicate a package name to me08:54
lpappso, I am getting this: ./tmp/deploy/ipk/polatisnic/kernel-3.2.1-r21_3.2.1-r22_polatisnic.ipk08:56
lpappdid I understand rburton correctly that if I want to get kernel_3.2.1-r22_polatisnic.ipk, I just have to change KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME?08:56
lpappto say, kernel?08:56
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lpapphah, KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME was not available in daisy :)09:01
lpappso, yeah, I am looking for the old-fashioned way to set the kernel package names09:02
lpappkernel.bbclass says # kernel-base becomes kernel-${KERNEL_VERSION - just not sure how09:05
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rcrudodoes gitsm implementation of yocto works with https or only ssh?09:10
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wertigonHow do I add a package to my sdk, and only my sdk?09:13
wertigonThat is, when I type bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk , I get missing package requirements (more specifically, perl).09:14
Croftonwertigon, https://github.com/balister/meta-sdr/blob/master/recipes-images/images/native-sdk.inc09:14
Croftondoes that help?09:14
wertigonCould work, I'll try it and see how it goes09:15
wertigonWill get back to you soon :)09:15
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CroftonWorks for packages that have build time depends that are not run time, so the image won't have the build depends in an sdk built from the image recipe09:17
wertigonWhere do I place it, and how is it included? In my regular images folder or?09:18
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wertigonI'll give it a shot in my regular images folder09:23
wertigonAnd believe in the magic :D09:24
wertigonMagic failed me T_T09:28
wertigonOk, so I have the native-sdk.inc file, and I assume I need to include it from somewhere09:29
wertigonOr maybe... Ah, of course I just stick it to the base.inc I already have09:29
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wertigonOk, hopefully this will work, might need to include more packages than just native-perl but that's just a compile-add-missing-repeat dance :P09:34
wertigonSorry for being a total new09:34
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wertigonNope :/09:36
wertigonError: "nothing provides nativesdk-perl needed by native-sdk-autoconf-2.69-r11.x86-65_nativesdk"09:37
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wertigonBut I added nativesdk-perl to the SDK_EXTRA_TOOLS var...09:38
wertigonWhy it do this -_-;;09:40
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wertigonNope, I turned every angle I could find still nothibng09:55
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xtronbuilding linux-yocto kernel with meta-selinux configured, selinux.cfg is in src_uri but not reflecting/enabled in kernel .config, any idea why??10:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto populate_sdk has lots of warnings: package is not installable <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58605151/yocto-populate-sdk-has-lots-of-warnings-package-is-not-installable>10:08
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wertigonCrofton: Any ideas? :(10:23
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rburtonkergoth: you know external toolchains more than me10:39
LetoThe2ndxtron: did you check that you actually enabled meta-selinux functionality as pointed out in its README?10:40
rburtonkergoth: if i'm using an external toolchain, i presume there's no way to put it into images.  e.g. turning on tools-sdk will build its own gcc which is unrelated to the external toolchain10:40
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xtronLetoThe2nd, yes, required distro_features are appended, preferred providers are set,10:43
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LetoThe2ndxtron: ok10:43
LetoThe2ndxtron: then the next step is to bitbake -e the kernel and see where its being left out.10:44
xtronin workdir, kernel-meta contains the kernel configs?10:45
LetoThe2ndxtron: why would you go looking there?10:46
xtronLetoThe2nd, then where selinux.cfg will show-up in kernel configs?10:47
LetoThe2ndxtron: bitbake -e and check that it really shows up in SRC_URI or whereever you *expect* it10:48
xtronLetoThe2nd, it's in src_uri file://selinux.cfg10:49
LetoThe2ndxtron: thats what you *EXPECT10:50
xtronLetoThe2nd, so, where should it be?10:52
LetoThe2ndxtron: bitbake -e your kernel target, and search for SRC_URI and its evaluation there.10:52
LetoThe2ndi think i basically said that three times now.10:53
xtronLetoThe2nd, it's the environment value of src_uri10:57
LetoThe2ndxtron: hum, what?11:05
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* alessioigor waves all11:09
alessioigorCould someone review my platch (http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2019-October/288378.html), please? Thanks in advance!11:09
LetoThe2ndwould rather review platches11:10
xtronLetoThe2nd, I think the custom image need to add packagegroup-core-selinux11:10
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wertigonHmm, further investigations; tried building meta-toolchain, same problem; nothing provides nativesdk-perl11:15
rburtonwertigon: i'd start chopping bits away until it works.  ie use qemux86 instead of your machine, nodistro instead of your distro, etc11:22
wertigonrburton: building the image work just fine, it's when I try to build the SDK / toolchain I receive the error11:26
rburtonbecause its nativesdk* which is SDK specific11:27
rburtonso try chopping changes away until it works, to identify what is breaking it11:27
rburtonthe autobuilder builds about 50 SDKs every night, so it works there11:28
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wertigonNot much to chop away really :/  Hmm, in fact only IMAGE_FEATURES I have is package-management and splash11:28
rburtonwhat MACHINE?11:28
rburtonunless you can replicate the failure with a pure poky and qemux86, you've more to chop out11:29
wertigonThe sitara dev board by TI11:29
rburtonright so lets see if we can blame TI: remove meta-ti, set machine to qemux86, see if it still breaks11:29
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wertigonmeta-ti provides initramfs11:37
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rburtonmeta-toolchain should be fairly isolated from anything else11:38
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wertigonOk, I try now with MACHINE=qemux86 meta-toolchain11:43
wertigonSorry, MACHINE=qemux86 bitbake meta-toolchain11:43
wertigonThis should build everything to compile a a minimal glibc only application if I understand the docs correctly, right?11:45
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wertigonBTW, this is thud branch if that makes much difference11:55
wertigonbuilding qemux86 meta-toolchain on my image right now, will try poky after that fails11:59
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wertigonKeep digging that hole, eventually you'll strike gold...12:01
wertigonOr bones...12:01
wertigonOr a portal to another dimension filled with creepy tribbles12:02
rburtonwertigon: meta-toolchain doesn't care for your image12:09
rburtonan image sdk is 'bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk'12:09
rburtonbitbake meta-toolchain is just a bare compiler and supporting pieces12:10
wertigonrburton: Yeah, so it's really strange I get the same error when I bitbake with meta-toolchain is it not...? :)12:23
rburtonnot at all12:23
wertigonAtleast with MACHINE=sitara12:23
rburtonits the same code, but by doing meta-toolchain you remove the influence of the image itself12:23
wertigonTrying MACHINE=qemux86 now12:23
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wertigonnativesdk-clang takes forever to build :P12:51
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rburtonyes it does!12:54
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rreignierHi! Regarding my question, last night, does someone know how to change the kernel location from /boot partition to '/' partition in order to have several rootfs on the same target for updates use case.13:25
rreignierI have tried to change "KERNEL_IMAGEDEST" but it has no effect.13:25
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hpsy1Hello, does the SSTATE_MIRRRORS populate the SSTATE_DIR?14:11
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hpsyHello, does the SSTATE_MIRRRORS populate the SSTATE_DIR?14:14
LetoThe2ndrreignier: by starting at the code, it *might* be a bug, but i'm uncertain14:14
LetoThe2ndhpsy: meaning that?14:14
LetoThe2ndrreignier: unfortunately the guy who could instantly tell is kinda unavailable at the moment14:16
LetoThe2ndrreignier: but if i run into him i'll ask and report, ok?14:17
hpsyI currently define SSTATE_DIR to share SSTATE between different build directories, I am asking if I use SSTATE_MIRRORS will the shared STATE_DIR be updated when a prebuilt is present in the SSTATE_MIRRORS and missing from SSTATE_DIR or will every build workspace grab the prebuilt from my SSTATE_MIRROR?14:18
LetoThe2ndhpsy: the latter. (about 90% sure)14:19
hpsyLetoThe2nd: Thanks :)14:23
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rreignierLethoThe2nd Thanks a lot14:30
rreignierLetoThe2nd Thanks a lot14:31
rreignierBut maybe that is not the right way to do what I want to achieve. One kernel per root fs and and the bootloader on a separated partition14:32
LetoThe2ndrreignier: well it depends on your platform.14:33
LetoThe2ndrreignier: a lot of platforms i know don't have the bootloader visible in the filesystem at all. but i think you mentioned grub, right?14:33
rreignierI am on x86-64 (UpBoard so Atom). But for now, I do the tests on qemux86-6414:34
rreignierYes. From my investigation, Grub seems like the recommended bootloader on x8614:34
LetoThe2ndrreignier: if you have some form of control over where the EFI starts off, then you could even tuck /boot into the rootfs, no separate partition14:35
rreignierBarebox does not seems supproted yet by Yocto (wic) for now14:35
rreignierInteresting, but I still need EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi on the first partition, Isn't it?14:37
LetoThe2ndrreignier: you'd need some form of efi binary there, right14:37
LetoThe2ndrreignier: but another thing you need to think about is, how will the bootloader decide which rootfs to boot14:38
LetoThe2ndespecially thinking about the update/broken update situation14:38
rreignierI want to use RAUC so it support different bootloader14:38
LetoThe2ndrreignier: but then i'd postpone the kernel packaging until you've got the rauc strategy all sorted out14:39
LetoThe2ndbecause if you now spend a lot of time sorting out stuff, and then it turns out that you don't have a shared /boot for example, all that time is waasted14:40
rreignierYes, it is true that I do not know from which end start the problem...14:41
rreignierSay I want 3 partitions: /boot, /rootA, /rootA.14:41
rreignierAs I understand it, I need Grub on /boot and the kernel installed on /rootA and /rootB14:41
LetoThe2ndthats what you want and think14:42
LetoThe2ndbut i'm not sure that this is what fits rauc14:42
LetoThe2ndyou might want to be able to upgrade grub too, for example14:42
LetoThe2ndand then your setup is bound to break14:42
rreignierI know that it is a limitation of that scheme, I cannot update the bootloader14:43
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rreignierOk, so the EFI path as described here could be interesting: https://rauc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/integration.html#efi14:46
LetoThe2ndrreignier: i know. thats why i told you to start with really thinking the whole strategy through instead of just making assumptions.14:47
rreignierIs it possible to generate a kernel EFI stub to boot directly from UEFI with Yocto in qemu? I might try that14:47
LetoThe2ndno idea14:48
rreignierBecause from here, it seems that wic only support grub and systemd-boot as bootloader: https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/scripts/lib/wic/plugins/source/bootimg-efi.py#n2814:50
rreignierI might be OK with systemd-boot14:50
rreignierI will have to figure out how and when to call "efibootmgr" in a recipe14:51
LetoThe2ndlook into it, trhink it through. make an educated decidion instead of geusswork14:52
rreignierI don't even know if it is possible actually14:52
LetoThe2ndanthing is possible, its only software. just the needed effort varies14:52
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tlwoerneris it safe to assume the weekly yocto meeting is on hiatus this week?14:53
tlwoernerRP: ^14:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to get ${THISDIR} inside do_unpack_append in .bbappend file <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58610052/how-to-get-thisdir-inside-do-unpack-append-in-bbappend-file>15:09
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JPEWRP: Unfortunately, my patch to grab the offending packages from failed reproducible build test had an error: shutil.SameFileError: '/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/oe-selftest-ubuntu/build/build-st-56414/reproducibleA/tmp/deploy/deb/./core2-64/perl-doc_5.30.0-r0_amd64.deb' and '/home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/oe-selftest-ubuntu/build/build-st-56414/reproducibleA/tmp/deploy/deb/./core2-64/perl-doc_5.30.0-r0_amd64.deb' are the same file15:14
JPEWI can't quite figure out how that happened: it looks like the save_dir is an empty string, which is weird. I probably have some stupid error somewhere... anyway once I sort it out I'll post another patch.15:16
JPEWI need to fix up the permissions anyway because the tempdir is rwx------ owned by the pokybuild user on the AB node so I can't see inside it.15:17
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litbhello folks15:30
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litbI think my life becomes easier if I specify SYSROOT_DIRS="/", because my installer can then just pick the files from recipe-sysroot, instead of having to build an image first and then somehow loop-mounting untaring it to get onto the files15:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to store pyc files with setuptools3 in bitbake recipe in the same way setuptools does? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58611684/how-to-store-pyc-files-with-setuptools3-in-bitbake-recipe-in-the-same-way-setupt>16:39
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rburtonlitb: no context there but why are you having to loop-mount images or something?16:51
rburtontotal confusion as to what is going on16:51
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litbrburton, because my installer needs to collect some files (mostly shared-library .dll files) from the built packages. so I would make my installer-recipe dependent on  some image recipe's do_image_tar , and in the installer's do_compile, I would need to untar the image to access the files16:54
rburtonlitb: you could just grab the files from the packages16:54
litbrburton, I think that's too complicated. I assume there must be a python API to access the image/ folders of given recipes, to grab files from there16:54
litbyeah, exactly16:54
rburtonno, you misunderstand me.  the packages directly.16:54
rburtonnot build an image and then unpack it again16:54
rburtonhow do you build the installer?16:55
rburtonwhy can't it just depend on all the libraries it needs, so they're all in the sysroot16:55
litbah, you mean from the deploy/deb/ folder. I will look into "oe-pkgdata-util find-path" to see how it makes the lookup from path to pkg-name. with that, I could go into the deb-package to pick the wanted file16:55
litbrburton, I assume I will have a recipe that builds the installer file (which is Inno Setup), for which I need to have the correct files present rooted at a given path ${root}16:57
rburtonso either just depending on the pieces to get them in the sysroot might work,  if you need more than the sysroot contains (quite possibly) then easy enough to unpack the packages directly into a staging directory.16:58
litbrburton, ah, I see. I have looked into how the do_rootfs does it. apparently there's a python API to create a root filesystem from a given list of packages.16:59
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rburtonan actual rootfs is probably overkill for what you need16:59
rburtonyou don't need a libc for example i presume?17:00
litbah I see, yeah that's overkill17:00
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JPEWRP: I've updates the jpew/ab-reproducible-test with new patches to fix the problem with capturing the reproducible build results. Please apply them to master-next in place of the previous 218:35
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apteryxdoes using a python library recipe (e.g., python-pytest) means python itself is pulled as a runtime dependency? I've looked at their recipe, but couldn't figure it out.19:09
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rburtonapteryx: the recipe should have RDEPENDS set appropriately19:21
rburtonit will always depend on python3-core but that's just the interpretter and a *very small* subset of the library19:22
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mischiefhm, shouldn't the kernel class depend on lz4-native for copy_initramfs()?21:08
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