Wednesday, 2019-10-30

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tonerHey guys01:21
tonerI'm writing a recipe that requires files from a RDEPENDS package- is there an easy way to get to another package's WORKDIR?01:23
toneror is it bad form to reference an external WORKDIR?01:24
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tonerAh- found it in the Yocto docs: 3.3.16. Sharing Files Between Recipes01:35
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alessioigorgood morning07:42
alessioigorWhat I should do for a build fail on master? Ignore? Report a bug? Write to the mailing-list?07:42
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wertigonNew day, new exiting bugs! :D08:18
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wertigonOn the menu today, why the !"#ยค%( isn't my systemd bbappend working -_-08:19
wertigonPretty much copied this script08:19
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wertigonStripped down everything that isn't called journald08:20
wertigonAaaaand I get anError: do_rootfs: Function failed: do_rootfs08:21
wertigonVomiting like 500 red lines about configuring stuff08:21
erboCan you re-vomit that into a pastebin maybe?08:22
wertigonIf I leave the do_install_append blank, then I get nothing08:22
wertigonSure, hang on:08:22
erboand also maybe paste your stripped down bbappend08:23
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wertigonThe bbappend (systemd_%.bbappend)08:24
wertigonAnd yes, the journald.conf exists08:25
erboyeah otherwise it would complain during the building of systemd, not during do_rootfs08:25
erboIf it's during do_rootfs I suspect that it might be that two packages tries to install the same file, but let's see when it's in pastebin08:26
wertigon <-- First line is the build command and everything that comes after that is the build log08:29
wertigonApparently 2000 lines of vomit, sorry :P08:29
erbo"Collected errors:"08:29
erbo * check_data_file_clashes: Package systemd wants to install file /mnt/extra/yocto/spark/build/tmp-glibc/work/sitara-oe-linux-gnueabi/spark-dev-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/systemd/journald.conf08:29
erbo    But that file is already provided by package  * systemd-conf08:29
erboSeems like there's a /etc/systemd/journald.conf in both systemd and systemd-conf08:30
wertigonYeah, I see that one... So if I rename my append to systemd-conf it should work then08:30
erboFirst find out what recipe is providing systemd-conf08:31
erbooh, seems like it's called systemd-conf08:31
erboSo yes, renaming the bbappend should do the trick08:32
wertigonAh, easy found but when you get 2k lines of log files it08:33
wertigonit's a bit hard to work through them -_-;; Sorry for the inconvenience08:33
erboNo worries, glad I could help08:34
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wertigonYeah, thanks for the help, it works better now :)08:42
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rreignierThanks wertigon I have faced the same issue last week and did not investigate further because I had other priorities.09:01
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LetoThe2ndrreignier: just managed to poke the person who knows and the answer is: yes, there is quite some bit of stuff hardcoded, so at least at the moment there is no out of the box way to install it to anywhere else than /boot09:04
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LetoThe2ndrreignier: he asks that you raise a ticket in our bugzilla, so he can get the ticket assigned to avoid it being forgotten.09:07
rreignierLetoThe2nd: Oh, thank you. I am looking a bit harder in the 2 /boot and 2 rootfs case using UEFI bootorder. So I can keep the kernel in /boot. The issue for now is to create UEFI boot entries from Yocto. It seems like an operation that should be done on the real hardware because it changes the efivars.09:08
LetoThe2ndrreignier: maybe, but thats completely out of my area of expertise then.09:08
rreignierAnd the wic tool does not support two partitions with "--source bootimg-efi" because it complains about boot.img already exists while processing the second partition.09:09
LetoThe2ndrreignier: if you have a valid usecase, please drop it onto the mailing list asking for suggestions on how to approach it09:09
rreignierLetoThe2nd: Ok. I remember reading something in the Yocto manual that if the action fail on the host system, it will be done on the first boot on the target.09:10
LetoThe2ndrreignier: i'm out given the topic, sorry. just giving generic advice on how one could procedd.09:11
rreignierLetoThe2nd: Ok, thanks for the tip. I am working on a minimal system available on Github to show my issue.09:11
rreignierIt's ok. I am new to this community so any advice is welcomed!09:11
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yannsomething that's puzzling me for some time with linux-yocto: setting KBUILD_DEFCONFIG = "x86_64_defconfig" does not have the same behaviour at all that "make x86_64_defconfig" has - I believe that's not wanted behaviour, right ?09:26
yannI'm ending out crafting a "sync.cfg" for each kernel update to make sure I do get the x86_64_defconfig content, that's a bit of a PITA :)09:27
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wertigonSo, back to the SDK09:51
wertigonSee a line "ASSUME_PROVIDED += "nativesdk-perl""09:51
wertigonWonder if that solves my problem?09:51
wertigonOr rather, that line causes my problem and might solve it :P09:52
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wertigon*removing might solve it09:53
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* wertigon runs a couple of victory laps around his desk10:06
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lpapprburton: hi10:06
lpapprburton: you mentioned this KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME a couple of days ago10:06
rburtonweltling: who broke what?10:07
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rburtonwertigon: who broke what?10:07
lpapprburton: hopefully this is available in morty, in our new attempt. But we also need to support daisy as well... what did we have to do before KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME was introduced?10:07
lpappI would like to have the package name as kernel, kernel-modules, etc.10:08
lpappwithout the version in it.10:08
lpappsince I do not specify that explicitly in my recipe, I believe inherit kernel is doing that for me10:08
rburton<standard that's ancient disclaimer>10:09
lpappwell, C or even Python is much older than daisyu10:09
rburtonC doesn't have thounsands of security issues10:09
wertigonrburton: Apparently someone had written in our distro conf file:10:09
rburtonwertigon: which is fine and in fact what i endorse.  curious what they broke10:10
wertigonASSUME_PROVIDED += "nativesdk-perl"10:10
rburtoni wonder what that was added for10:10
rburtonbecause the dummy-perl thing is exactly to solve that problem but in a way that actually works :)10:10
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wertigonYeah, a comment says "Do not package own copy of perl into devkit, rely on host one"10:11
wertigonThis package does have some legacy from the thud-2 days10:11
rburtonwell glad you found the problem10:11
rburtonright, thats most likely the cause10:12
wertigonYeah, I think this is a hack from thud-2 and then it carried over, just need to doublecheck with developer first10:12
wertigonI can build meta-toolchain now, and perhaps also I can populate_sdk too10:13
wertigonLet's see in a few minutes when build completes :)10:13
rburtonlpapp: for releases that old i'm not sure. why does it matter what filename the package has?10:18
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lpapprburton: because we are updating the kernel and we prefer to have one kernel installed10:27
lpapprburton: rather than accumulating. opkg will not replace, but extend if the version is in the package name10:27
lpapprburton: opkg will not remove 3.2.1-r21 when installing 3.2.1-r22 if the version is in the package name10:27
rburtonyou'd have to read kernel.bbclass, specifically the bits where it sets PKG10:27
lpappok, thanks.10:28
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lpapprburton: also, I have this, PR = "r22"10:30
lpappLINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION ?= "-polatis-${PR}"10:30
lpapprburton: but it does not seem to make it into the ipk name, why?10:31
lpappthe CONFIG_LOCALVERSION in the defconfig does, but I thought LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION was supposed to achieve the same in a nicer way?10:31
rburtonPR is in my packages10:31
* rburton doesn't know much about kernel packaging10:32
lpappyeah, and this variable does appear in the daisy kernel development manual10:32
lpappso should just work10:32
lpappI am not sure why it is working for you, but not for me.10:32
rburtonwell i'm on zeus for a start10:32
rburtonyou'll have to chase the variables yourself10:33
lpappbitbake -e linux-polatis | grep ^LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION10:33
lpappso, the resolution happened ok at least10:33
wertigonrburton: SDK built, thank you for the rubberducking :)10:33
rburtonwertigon: awesome.  maybe skim the rest of that config to see if there's anything odd :)10:34
wertigonNow I just need to figure out how to transfer this SDK to the devs sitting on Windows 10...10:34
rburtonwertigon: built a windows sdk with meta-mingw?10:35
lpapprburton: needs to inherit kernel-yocto, apparently,10:35
lpappunless I write my own .bbclass :D10:35
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lpapprburton: hmm, even in zeus, it is only part of the yocto bbclass10:43
lpapprburton: that is probably not ideal, but also not documented10:43
lpappthe kernel docs read as if it was available by inheriting the kernel and that would probably also make sense10:43
lpappwhy not move that one line? _EXTENSION[doc] = "A string extension compiled into the version string of the Linux kernel built with the OpenEmbedded build system. You define this variable in the kernel recipe."10:43
lpapp./meta/classes/kernel-yocto.bbclass:339:echo "CONFIG_LOCALVERSION="\"${LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION}\" >> ${B}/.config10:43
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lpapprburton: would it be acceptable to move this down to kernel.bbclass? Cannot think of a reason how this support is yocto kernel specific10:46
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lpappmy kernel does not even build when I inherit linux-yocto, so I would rather stay away from it10:55
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leitaois it possible to limit/increase the sstate size?13:51
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LetoThe2ndleitao: nope, what would be the usecase?14:17
LetoThe2ndleitao: we have warnings if you run out of space, but sstate is not like something to discuss on a package by package basis. if you need to build something, then you need the space. so a limit would just break the build if in doubt.14:18
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alessioigorrburton: 1c2ea784f43dba4fd897eaf730933fa916b85c6e breaks master for ppc on my builder.14:44
lpappI should override PKG_kernel-base and PKG_kernel-image?14:45
lpappin order to drop the "${@legitimize_package_name('${KERNEL_VERSION}')}" parts?14:46
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Chaserhello a class that I inherit disables a task using noexec. How do I override the noexec in my class to re enable the task?14:47
ChaserI tried noexec=0 in my class - but that doesnt seem to take affect.14:48
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leitaoLetoThe2nd I have a big disk, and I want to make sure that yocto can use as much as it needs14:53
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wertigonI wonder if it's a bad idea to try and get Visual Studio to play nice with WSL and a Yocto SDK14:57
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lpapprburton: after inheriting kernel?15:06
litbChaser, should work! but you need to have your inherit come later than the one of the disabling class15:14
litbattribute  assignments cannot use OVERRIDE, i believe?  so that should not be the cause15:14
erboleitao: it will use as much as it needs, since there's no limitation15:19
leitaoerbo ok, is it configured somehow or just the default behaviour?15:20
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naknickHello. Some can explain to me how to configure yocto (gcc actually) not to strip any binary that it compiles in the image that it builds?15:25
lpappnaknick: why would you not use a debug build for that?15:26
lpappnaknick: ?15:27
kergothnaknick: you don't really need to prevent stripping. we don't destroy the debug data, we split it out into separate files, which can be easily installed into the image as needed15:30
kergotheitehr as individual packages or by adding dbg-pkgs to image features15:30
kergothbut yes, you can if you really want to15:30
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naknicklpapp and kergoth - thank you both. If I really want to compile with no stripping - how should I do that?15:52
naknickah lpapp sent it already. OK. I thought he sent something about debug15:53
kergothhe already told you how to disable stripping. changing compilation is different. we always compile with debug (-g), but we also enable optimization. there's a separate variable to control that, if the optimization causes debugging problems at all15:53
naknickAnd I just need to add that line to local.conf file?15:54
JaMaanyone seeing: "patchelf-uninative: ../../patchelf-0.10/src/ void checkPointer(const FileContents&, void*, unsigned int): Assertion `q >= contents->data() && q + size <= contents->data() + contents->size()' failed." on prebuilt native binaries when uninative is enabled?15:54
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* mcfrisk is off to Lyon16:01
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naknickIf you wrote a message to me - I missed it16:04
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millonilooking at - is this supposed to work with every version of poky? i kind of expected to see a tag for every poky release or something like that16:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OpenBMC with Raspberry Pi (2 or 3) and build bmcweb? <>16:43
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lpappnaknick: which line?16:57
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Sandrita4HI, i'm trying to boot with QEMU a core-image-minimal using the congatec-tca5-64 machine configuration (meta-congatec) (which is based on intel-corei7-64 machine configuration from meta-intel), and QEMU hangs out printing "Booting the kernel." and nothing else. Did somebody have the same issues ?17:37
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rburtonrunqemu works for a normal intel-corei7-65 machine so maybe ask contatec directly?17:38
Sandrita4i'm not able to build core-image-minimal with intel-corei7-64 , they asks for cgos recipes (provided by meta-congatec). But the kernel has the same TUNE_ parameters (tune, arch, cpu) as intel-corei7-64.17:41
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LetoThe2ndleitao: then no need to do anything. bitbake will take all the space it needs.20:58
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penguin359Is this the best place to ask questions on bitbake recipe design?21:22
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: you can certainly ask.21:22
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: if its complicated, then the mailing list is probably a better choice though21:23
penguin359I have a simple recipe that basically is just an unpack and then install. It has nothing to compile.21:23
penguin359It was working before without me defining a do_compile() step, but now it's trying to run oe_runmake and failing to find a Makefile.21:24
penguin359I added do_compile() { :; } to the bb file, but bitbake my_package is still trying to run oe_runmake21:24
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: exactly that, see the noexec secton21:25
penguin359OK, I'll try that now.21:25
penguin359It's still doing oe_runmake. It's like it's using a cached copy of my recipe.21:26
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: can you show the recipe on a pastebin?21:28
penguin359Well, introducing a syntax error breaks it.21:29
penguin359Let me sanatize it for public consumption.21:29
penguin359It just grabs agent from package-${PV}.zip and has package.service in the files/ folder for the recipe.21:35
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: does that zip happen to contain a makefile as pointed out by the docs?21:37
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: because you didn't noexec the do_configuration stage21:37
penguin359The error is coming from do_compile so I didn't worry about configure since that appeared to have been skipped automatically.21:39
penguin359This recipe was working with earlier releases of Thud.21:39
penguin359The zip is unchanged.21:39
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: then i'd conclude, either bisect or mailing list. at least i am not aware of any breaking change in that context, so it *might* be a regression21:40
penguin359From the doc you sent me: "It is usually sufficient to just not define these tasks in the recipe, because the default implementations do nothing unless a Makefile is found in ${S}."21:41
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: thats why i asked :)21:41
penguin359So it appears it's somehow triggering the Makefile behavior. My bitbake layer has not changed recently, but I'll check the build outputs to make sure.21:42
LetoThe2ndpenguin359: given the information so far that is the interpretation, yes21:43
penguin359Either way, how come my attempts to define a custom do_compile() doesn't stop the oe_runmake it does?21:43
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LetoThe2ndno idea, sorry21:44
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penguin359Thanks for the feedback!21:49
LetoThe2ndyw, have fun and good luck21:49
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penguin359It's occurred to me that it's also failing to pick up the correct version from the recipe file.23:07
penguin359One package that's successful gets packages as 1.0-r0 instead of 2.43.1-r0 and this failing package is showing as abc-r023:08
penguin359It's not using the version from the bb filename as before.23:08
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