Tuesday, 2019-11-12

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Kernel panic caused when flashing images to an imx6 board <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58812919/kernel-panic-caused-when-flashing-images-to-an-imx6-board>06:29
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nrossiJPEW: think i have a solution that works... manually encode and decode the subtest results like extraresults does. Give it a test and let me know https://github.com/nathanrossi/openembedded-core/commit/e5c3fdc610ed33ee67c118bf39be9a530364d85807:41
nrossiRP: things have improved in python with regards to I/O threads and the GIL. Based on what I have seen in selftest there are a majority of tests that are just calling and waiting on bitbake. It might be worth looking into if you think that tests themselves are generally not cpu bound (e.g. not processing a lot within the python process)07:42
nrossiRP: also it might be worth making a smarter bitbake instance object either way since some tests are reproducing the concurrency behaviour already07:43
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RPnrossi: Given the nature of the tests and the fact they all run different builds its not really as straight forward as cpu or io bound :/08:42
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nrossiRP: i see, always tricky to figure out that sort of performance difference ;)08:57
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RPnrossi: Parallel selftest took us from 10 hours of selftest down to around 2 hours so was a huge win (numbers not exact but you get the idea, was a huge win)09:20
nrossiRP: oh of course I fully understand the benefit, just looking for ways to help improve it :)09:24
RPnrossi: really you need one bitbake instance per build directory and we end up with multiple parallel build directories with selftest09:31
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nrossiRP: i don't think i was clear enough with what i meant by bitbake instance objects. Basically the object would control the build directory, configuration and the bitbake process, and instead of a test just calling  "bitbake(...)", it would probably call "self.bitbake(...)". The instances could be reusable, and you might have more than one per "thread", or they might be temporary as opposed to reusable09:38
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yannhello - can we easily restrict appending to a postfuncs, only on class-target ?  The "variable flag syntax" bitbake doc does not leave me much hope :)10:24
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RPnrossi: isn't that memory resident bitbake?10:27
RPyann: do postfuncs = "${VAR}" and then VAR="" VAR_class-target = "XYZ"10:27
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RPyann: just have to be slightly creative10:28
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is it possible to replace a file from one repository to another with android repo tool? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50210834/is-it-possible-to-replace-a-file-from-one-repository-to-another-with-android-rep>10:29
nrossiRP: no more just referring to avoid this sort of duplication -> http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/lib/oeqa/core/utils/concurrencytest.py#n258 http://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/signing.py#n3910:32
RPnrossi: you mean separate build directories?10:38
RPnrossi: selftest is slow as it runs builds. We can't speed the builds up, much as we'd love to so the only way to speed up is to run in parallel. To run in parallel you need multiple build directories :/10:40
RPnrossi: unless you mean teaching bitbake to run multiple builds in paralell with multiple configurations like multiconfig does but on a larger scale. That would get "interesting" though...10:41
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nrossiRP: I am thinking less complex, just making selftest a little bit smarter with how it manages multiple build directories :)10:48
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RPnrossi: sorry, think I must missing something but I'm really not seeing it :/10:50
nrossiRP: yer i don't think i am explaining myself properly :(10:51
RPnrossi: ultiamtely I hope that if we can have some standard setup mechanism, a lot of the complexity goes away. Each test may have its own builddir, maybe.10:51
nrossiRP: essentially the idea would be move the builddir/bitbake from concurrencytest into a class that can be used to manage a builddir and bitbake process10:52
nrossiRP: then when a test goes to run it gets that object to use10:53
nrossiRP: this would enable the ability to reuse and or have clean build dirs, but also make it easier to manage them so you could have say qemu be able to interrupt the build if qemu unexpectedly dies10:54
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RPnrossi: right, I think I understand now11:18
RPnrossi: I've been holding off something like that until we think about the layer setup piece11:19
nrossiRP: yer, i actually ran into bugs with it and how i have my build directory containing oe-core11:20
kanavin_are the slides from the Lyon Yocto summit available somewhere?11:20
yannthanks RP :)11:20
RPkanavin_: they are, https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/YP_Summit_Lyon_201911:24
RPnrossi: I'm not surprised, that bit was "make it work" as the testing was valuable without fixing all the issues :/11:24
kanavin_RP: thanks - I looked at the other pages, and none carries a link to this one11:24
RPkanavin_: please do add one somewhere appropriate11:25
RPnrossi: It needs to be solved with the wider layer setup piece :(11:25
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nrossiRP: makes sense, just throwing out ideas :) and happy to help where i can11:27
milloniletothe2nd: did you ever find out why in one of your streams it was pulliing mesa etc as a dependency of strace?11:29
millonithat looks really sketchy, strace definitely doesnt need the graphics stuff11:30
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RPnrossi: I appreciate that, I'm not trying to be negative. I really don't like to come over that way :/11:47
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nrossiRP: don't worry, i did not interpret it that way.11:49
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kanavin_RP: added to https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Project_Summit_201912:04
RPkanavin_: thanks12:08
kanavin_RP: I can't edit https://www.yoctoproject.org/yocto-project-summit-2019-2/ though and not sure who to ask?12:08
RPkanavin_: ndec can probably help?12:09
kanavin_ndec, ^^^12:10
RPndec: context here is that people can't find the slides from the event so we need more links12:10
letothe2ndmilloni: nope, but i also didn't look into it.12:15
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milloniletothe2nd: looks like you've got a topic for the next stream then12:18
letothe2ndmilloni: nope :)12:18
letothe2ndmilloni: topic for today is already decided on. but actually it kinda fits what i might do in december, so... maybe12:19
milloniwhat's the topic?12:19
letothe2ndtoday will be building an image for the beaglebone black12:19
letothe2ndand looking at the bsp + wic12:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake Setting BBPATH: command not found <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58819721/bitbake-setting-bbpath-command-not-found>13:30
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JPEWnrossi: Thanks for the patch. I'll give it a try. I have to fix some other issues I think, do you care if I squash that change into my original patch?14:24
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: update-rc.d on raspberrypi can not start service automatically on reboot <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58820374/update-rc-d-on-raspberrypi-can-not-start-service-automatically-on-reboot>14:32
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guerinoniHi guyz, I have an issue with serial ports on a iMX6ULL board, kernel rel_imx_4.19.35; when I try to echo to the serial I get those messages:14:45
guerinoni`root@smart:~# while [ true ]; do echo -ne 'test' > /dev/ttymxc2; doneimx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: Timeout waiting for CH0 readyimx-uart 21ec000.serial: error in RX dma configuration.imx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: Timeout waiting for CH0 readyimx-uart 21ec000.serial: error in RX dma configuration.`14:45
guerinoniCan someone help me? I'm in real trouble...14:45
ndecRP: kanavin_ : i can fix that. I just need to edit the page and add "Slides are here: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/YP_Summit_Lyon_2019"?14:46
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zeddiiguerinoni .. that's going to be deep in the BSP for an issue. Best bet is to find a forum that is related to where you got the layer/BSP and ask there. folks here are unlikely to know the details.14:49
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letothe2ndguerinoni: this seems to be a driver issue, and maybe not even fixed upstream so far: https://www.spinics.net/lists/arm-kernel/msg716464.html14:49
letothe2ndguerinoni: so, best chance is to ask whomever gave that board and its BSP to you14:50
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jonmasonwhat's the best way to use a binary built in another recipe?  For example, I'm trying to use the fiptool build in atf to create a ddr phy binary14:52
letothe2ndjonmason: DEPENDS="whatever-native"?14:53
jonmasonnative pulls from the locally installed things, right?14:57
guerinonime and teammate are the developer of bsp and we don't touch the driver14:57
* zeddii would be busy Streaming Disney+ today .. if only they had load tested their servers.14:57
jonmasonzeddii: Mandalorian?14:58
letothe2ndjonmason: nope, -native suffix means that the suffixed recipe is built to run on the host14:58
zeddiiclearly not built with a minimal footprint and scalable architecture.14:58
* zeddii suggests OE + meta-virt to them in his problem report :P14:58
zeddiijonmason. yah! but alas, I have just a spinner.14:58
letothe2ndguerinoni: then i guess its time to touch the driver, and read the datasheet of the SoC14:59
jonmasonzeddii: I should have a Yocto built image for the honeycomb lx2k today, once I get this fixed14:59
jonmasontheir build scripts are nested hacks14:59
zeddiicool. I'm waiting to hear!14:59
zeddiiI almost bought the pine64 book a few days ago .. still tempted.15:00
jonmasonright!  I want one too15:00
guerinoniletothe2nd Are you talking about the serial driver or something else?15:00
zeddiiI could replace my rpi home automation with it at that price, and have a built in screen to debug, etc. easier than sshing to my random rpi's15:00
letothe2ndguerinoni: hard to say. looks like some effect from serial and/or dma15:01
letothe2ndguerinoni: in any case this is deep in the imx kernel land15:01
letothe2ndguerinoni: best chance is probably #linux-imx15:01
jonmasonzeddii: this will make a sweet NAS.  Multiple 10G ehternet and 4 SATA ports15:01
guerinoniletothe2ndmany thanks15:02
guerinoniletothe2nd many thanks15:02
letothe2ndguerinoni: have fun.15:02
jonmasonthe fan noise sucks.  I've convined myself to wait for the reqorked boards (as the erratas are annoying)15:02
* letothe2nd hereby announces "reqorked" is typo of the day!15:02
qschulzguerinoni: if you read the thread in the mailing list there is apparently a HW errata for that issue15:02
zeddiijonmason. yah. I'd like it for something like that as well. I have a single overloaded box in my basement doing NAS, Emby server and a bunch of things. would like to build out a few more dedicated bits.15:02
ndecRP: kanavin_ : made an update. let me know if you need more than that.15:03
jonmasonzeddii: step 1, get this working with hacked up recipes.  step 2, get it working on upstream everything. step 3, profit15:03
* letothe2nd heads off to pub, prepare for live drinking... erm, streaming.15:03
jonmasonletothe2nd: good luck!15:04
zeddiijonmason: 4) build a reference binary package feed to keep it up to date. ;)15:04
guerinoniqschulz can you provide that link?15:04
frayohh I better get onto twitch then..15:04
jonmasonzeddii: exactly!15:04
qschulzguerinoni: what letothe2nd sent earlier15:04
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qschulzspecifically https://www.spinics.net/lists/arm-kernel/msg716582.html15:05
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guerinoniI'll try with this patch15:07
qschulz(knock on #linux-imx's door though. Worth talking to some people before pulling too many of your hair)15:08
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RPndec: thanks15:19
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Dave_ElecHave anyone built yocto on arch?15:29
kergothyes, even15:30
Dave_ElecI have issues with gnulib15:30
Dave_ElecPlease port gnulib freadahead.c to your platform! Look at the definition of fflush, fread, ungetc on your system, then report this to bug-gnulib.15:30
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Dave_Eleckergoth: Had this issue before?15:34
kergothnope, cant' say that i have. been a hwile since i built on arch, though, could be a recent change15:35
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Dave_ElecI was trying to build from branch morty.. As the tutorial I was following suggested. I am a complete noob to yocto project.15:40
Dave_ElecI am trying zeus now15:40
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RPDave_Elec: right, use something modern, arch will need that. Morty is old15:47
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letothe2ndlive session on twitch will be starting in 10 minutes :)15:51
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qschulzletothe2nd: give the link! :) https://www.twitch.tv/yocto_project/15:56
letothe2ndqschulz: :)15:56
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armpitYPTM: armin is on16:02
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letothe2ndfray: stream is busted, it seems16:11
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:14
frayI'm not getting drops here.. so it might be others or a local geo problem16:17
milloniworks for me16:18
frayI'm watching at 480p BTW.. twitch itself might be having issues..16:19
frayI just lagged..16:20
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armpitYPTM: is over16:30
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Nothing provides python-bsddb needed by python-db-2.7.16-r1.cortexa7t2hf-neon <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58822557/yocto-nothing-provides-python-bsddb-needed-by-python-db-2-7-16-r1-cortexa7t2hf>16:32
*** Dracos-Carazza <Dracos-Carazza!~Dracos-Ca@ip4d1530cd.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #yocto16:43
letothe2ndfray: *sigh*16:43
Crofton|workshit happens16:43
letothe2ndi walked into the usual pub, asked if i can sit in my usual corner, and guy was like "uhmno, we're closed!"16:43
Crofton|workhow un German16:44
letothe2ndactually i like this place more (quieter), but the wifi seems to have the usual "hotel security enhancements"16:44
Dave_ElecI tried zeus on arch.. now I got sdl issues16:45
letothe2ndany opinion on the lightning sessions?16:45
Dave_Eleccant compile recipes-graphics/libsdl2/libsdl2_2.0.10.bb:do_compile16:46
letothe2ndDave_Elec: i'm on arch too, and the usual simplest trick to just use a docker container16:46
*** chandana73 <chandana73!~ckalluri@> has joined #yocto16:46
fraywe just need to get you a 4G/5G access point to do the streaming.. :)16:47
letothe2ndfray: i know its un-twitch-y, to just go on, stream like 5 or 10 minutes and then go off again. but i feel it might serve like short recordings that explain just one thing well16:47
Dave_Elecletothe2nd: It's okay for me16:48
frayna if it's just for the recording that is cool.. audience you need a 10 minute "before" to get people to join16:48
frayBTW not sur eif you saw, but the channel is up to almost 900 views.. that's really good for a channel like this16:49
letothe2ndfray: actually i have LTE built into the laptop, but didn't book a data rate for today, though wifi would be fine16:49
letothe2ndso yeah i've got options, but didn't know i'd have to use any today16:50
frayno worries.. streaming is rarely ever perfect.16:50
letothe2ndfray: yeah and 66 followers :)16:50
frayhonestly it can take streamers well over a year to get past about 10 followers and 100 views16:51
Dave_Elecletothe2nd: I'm not sure but I think asciinema has live streaming for terminals.. Hacky but streaming audio with other thing and terminal with asciinema..16:51
letothe2ndfray: i guess the point is that for this highly specific topic, we have a small audience in comparison to the usual streamers, but on the other hand no competition too.16:51
Dave_ElecThat's not comfortable but..16:52
fraymost of the 'live' coding things I've seen are evenings in North America..16:52
frayso this is a good time to do it.. as you said, little to no competition.. :)16:52
letothe2ndDave_Elec: interesting idea, but i actually like a lot to "talk with my hands and gestures"16:53
letothe2ndfray: and the topic is sufficiently "professional" people can watch it on the clock :)16:54
letothe2ndso yeah, i'm quite happy with the results so far. a lot of folks stepped up to me in lyon16:55
letothe2ndanyways. off for "quality time" and licking my wounds :(16:57
frayhave a good evening16:58
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zeddiithat was wierd. gmail classified half of a thread about bare metal application building as spam. I could only see Ross and PaulB's answers but not the question.17:04
zeddiiwhich triggered me to dig it out of spam.17:05
*** edgar444 <edgar444!uid214381@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-njzztfwkyvplvtvn> has quit IRC17:07
paulbarkerMaybe gmail just doesn't like mail from yahoo.com17:10
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tvmwhat is proper way to enable coredumps on yocto based OS ?19:07
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:13
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letothe2ndin case anybody is still around from the fiasco earlier: i'll do an out-of-schedule session this friday on the same topic.19:46
letothe2ndfray: ^^^^19:47
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frayletothe2nd thanks.. I should be able to be there20:12
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@c-73-164-244-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has joined #yocto20:12
letothe2ndfray: :)20:14
khemtvm: depends if you use systemd or sysvinit or other init system20:19
tvmkhem: this is systemd, i have already enabled DumpCore and DefaultLimitCore in /etc/systemd/systemd.conf, not sure if that's enough20:21
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khemtvm: you will need to add coredump to PACKAGECONFIG for systemd recipe as well20:30
*** Lihis <Lihis!~Lihis@ns3006753.ip-151-80-42.eu> has joined #yocto20:30
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tvmkhem: thanks20:44
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khemtvm: I hope you are building your image20:51
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@> has joined #yocto21:02
tvmkhem: yes21:03
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khemok then you can control it fine21:09
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tvmhopefully strace will give me some hints before i resort to that though21:16
tvmbut thanks, this might be next step21:16
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tgamblinIs there a way to change the busybox config only if a particular ptest is to be built into an image?21:58
paulbarkertgamblin: Not really, it's not known which image busybox will be installed into when it is built21:59
tgamblinpaulbarker: Alright, thanks22:01
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