Wednesday, 2019-11-13

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cross compile OpenCV with CUDA on x86-64 host for nvidia tk1 (arm) target using Yocto Project? <>04:04
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nrossiJPEW: sorry did not get your message from yesterday (matrix irc bridge dropping messages). Feel free to squish it into your patch as long as it works correctly ;)06:20
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wertigonSigh... meta-mingw is not compiling, probably missing a couple of packages. What do I need to add?09:02
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letothe2nd"a couple of packages"09:02
letothe2ndseriously, what did you expect after that problem description? ;-)09:02
wertigonI have included meta-openembedded/meta-oe, meta-openembedded/meta-networking09:03
letothe2ndwertigon: easiest would be to put the relevant error message parts into a pastbin09:04
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wertigonerror messages trying to compile nativesdk-gdbm for instance09:05
wertigonComplain about missing pwd.h09:05
wertigonand nativesdk-ncurses complains over sys/poll.h09:07
wertigonand openssl says x86_64-mingw is not a proper cross compiler :P09:07
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wertigonIs the output I get09:11
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wertigonMy hunch is that I need to apt install something on my build machine09:12
wertigonAnd oh yeah; thud branch09:12
letothe2ndsome thoughts: meta-toolchain is deprected, i don't think using it is a good idea.09:15
letothe2ndand, *maybe* the problem comes from trying to generate a 32bit-mingw09:16
letothe2ndhave you tested if the same effect shows up for 64bit?09:16
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letothe2ndother than that, i can only say, start with poky only, try, add layers one after the other. that stack is rather big after all, hard to say where things go wrong09:17
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wertigonHmm, yeah, I tried switching to x86_64-mingw09:18
wertigonFrom i686-mingw3209:18
wertigonBut might need a reconfigure of that; not sure09:19
wertigonOh, and using thud09:19
wertigonWhat are we supposed to use instead of meta-toolchain to build a toolchain? populate_sdk?09:19
letothe2ndyep, the recommended way these days is building the sdk09:20
wertigonOk :)09:20
wertigonPlanning to do that anyway, just want to get the toolchain to work first. I can populate_sdk without mingw.09:21
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letothe2ndi think thats the wrong approach. meta-toolchain might be broken where the sdk isn't09:22
wertigonWill try populate_sdk then09:27
wertigonBut not too hopeful09:27
letothe2ndand really, that stack is big. start small, iterate. find out where things stop working09:28
wertigonletothe2nd: Everything but mingw compiles09:31
wertigonAlready tried it09:31
letothe2ndno, i don't think so. what you probably tried is "what compiles for non-mingw"09:32
letothe2ndthis doesn't mean that things that compile this way still compile for mingw09:32
wertigonhow can I force mingw to reconfigure?09:34
kayterinahello hello09:34
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wertigonnvm, I just nuke it and rebuild from scratch :P09:37
wertigonThe joys of having a 12 threaded dev machine...09:38
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wertigonAnd a small dev environment ^^09:38
rburtonwertigon: how are you configuring the mingw build09:39
rburtonand are you use thud of both oe-core and meta-mingw09:40
wertigonis oe-core same as meta-oe?09:42
wertigonConfiguring - I include layer meta-mingw in bblayers.conf and then MACHINESDK="x86_64-mingw" in local.conf09:43
rburtonno oe-core is meta/09:45
wertigonHmm, that could be it then09:45
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wertigonLet's see... I pull down entire meta-openembedded from
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wertigonSo, I get meta-openembedded from that repo09:49
wertigonNot openembedded-core09:49
rburtonthe mingw layer back in thud was very limited09:50
rburtonmaybe you're hitting the edge of its support09:51
rburtonso i've just fired a meta-toolchain for mingw here on thud to see what happens, but i also have pilates now so i'll be gone for a bit09:52
wertigonrburton: It is quite possible, yes09:53
wertigonrburton: We are following ti release cycle, so thud will soon become next layer. I'll try to include openembedded-core as it's separate layer and report back if it works.09:53
rburtonthat said meta-toolchain is what i expected to work.09:54
rburtonno, you must have oe-core from somewhere else already09:54
rburtonyou literally can't build without it09:54
wertigonI see :)09:54
wertigonLet me check if openembedded branch has been updated from our local repository09:54
wertigonHad a similar problem with clang09:55
wertigonSo yeah, I am at 2d088d252 and latest thud upstream is 446bd6109:59
wertigonSynced myself with upstream; maybe it will fix things, but doubt it. :/10:05
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wertigon(meta-openembedded which should pull core as well)10:06
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GeneralStupidHi, is it possible to rewrite a git url?10:15
GeneralStupidI need to setup a local mirror. But for now i want to rewrite only one git repository10:16
letothe2ndGeneralStupid: make a bbappend and modify the SRC_URI, for example10:17
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GeneralStupidletothe2nd: would this also be the solution to modify the configuration of this package?10:21
letothe2ndGeneralStupid: depends on what you mean by "configuration"10:22
letothe2ndbut often, "yes"10:22
wertigonAnother thing to note; each git pull creates it's own mirror, it is possible to clone a new repository from your machine over ssh for instance10:23
wertigonSo you could in theory only clone all repositories. Of course, they will need to be updated manually from time to time10:24
GeneralStupidat the moment i try to solve this with PREMIRRORS_prepend. But this is not working. There is one repository which is blocked by the Proxy, so i need to mirror only this repo ...10:25
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kpoHello, maybe someone could point me in the right direction - I have a yocto project that makes image for raspberry pi CM3, and a bunch of scripts that populate boot partitions etc. It's final time to ditch those scripts and change to wic. On the occasion I'd like to make some modifications to the mount strategy - i.e. I'd like to move /home to separate partition. How can do that? I'd have to use (write) some plugin?10:32
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kpoany questions welcome, I'm keen to elaborate if somethings unclear10:33
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto compiling a desired kernel version and using full of its modules <>10:35
wertigonkpo: If you want a simple solution, create a recipe that modifies /etc/fstab10:41
paulbarkerkpo: Do you need any files under /home in the image or just an empty partition?10:42
wertigonIn our distro we use overlayfs for this specific task10:42
wertigonThough not sure how, not responsible for that feature - we have a squashfs for the base file system and then an overlay fs above that10:43
wertigonHmm, I might have found one answer to my problem atleast... sudo apt install libc6-dev-armhf-cross :D10:44
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paulbarkerkpo: You can run `wic help kickstart` to show the available options for each partition entry in a wks file10:46
kpowertigon: paulbarker: unfortunately, I'm creating some custom users using useradd.bbclass, so I can't mount it in fstab as-is10:47
paulbarkerYou can use `--exclude-path /home` on your root partition and then add a new partition which collects files from `/home`10:47
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kpopaulbarker: new partition that collects /home from the build image? so it everything will build as-is for now, and then wic when creating the ext4 disk image will mount rootfs without /home, and then can i point to somehow to take just /home of built .ext4 and mount it to another partition?10:56
kpoi'm not sure if I understood you correctly10:57
paulbarkerkpo: You'll need to create a custom wks file, the part entry for the rootfs will exclude everything under /home, then you'll add another part entry for home10:58
paulbarkerIf you look at the existing wks file in meta-raspberrypi and at the output of `wic help kickstart` it should make some kind of sense10:59
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paulbarkerYou may need a separate step to create home.ext4 image and then use `part --source rawcopy ...` in your wks file11:08
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letothe2ndarmpit: aren't you supposed to be on vacation?11:11
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kpopaulbarker: yeah, I've been missing that home.ext4 image, my intuition was pointing me there but I was hoping that something will do this for me automagically :P will dive in, thanks!11:34
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: IR remote control using LIRC. (NEC) <>11:35
kpopaulbarker: when searching after your suggestions i found this: it looks like i can use directory of /home without building separate home.ext4 image: --rootfs-dir=${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/home11:37
kpoI'll try it in a minute11:37
paulbarkerkpo: let me know if it works, I thought there was a way to do that but I couldn't see it in the docs11:41
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kpopaulbarker: it will be something more than a minute - i need to fix a little error in wic12:01
kpo| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.12:01
kpo| ERROR: Function failed: do_image_wic (log file is located at /home/kpo/git/zmorph3-yocto-project/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi_cm3-poky-linux-gnueabi/zmorph-dev-image/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_image_wic.26815)12:01
kpoERROR: Task (/home/kpo/git/zmorph3-yocto-project/build/../meta-zmorph/images/ failed with exit code '1'12:01
kporather that: | output: install: cannot stat '/home/kpo/git/zmorph3-yocto-project/build/tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi-cm3/bcm2708-rpi-0-w.dtb': No such file or directory12:02
kpothe name of dtb changed from 0-w to zero-w :P12:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO Change kernel version and select drivers <>12:05
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wertigonHmmm, why won't they compile with mingw... Having trouble with: nativesdk-ncurses, nativesdk-libxcrypt, nativesdk-gdbm and nativesdk-openssl12:41
wertigonnativesdk-curses die on compile error "pwd.h: No such file or directory"12:42
wertigonnativesdk-libxcrypt has same for netinet/in.h12:46
wertigonnativesdk-gdbm cannot find pwd.h12:47
wertigonSorry, ncurses cannot find sys/poll.h12:47
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rburtonwertigon: fwiw, thud oe-core + thud meta-mingw built meta-toolchain fine here12:54
rburtonlets try ncurses12:56
letothe2ndrburton: like already sugegsted a couple of times, i suspect some part of the layer stack respectively the machine/distro to mess it up.12:56
rburtonpossibly, but thud is old for mingw support12:56
rburtonyeah that fails here12:56
rburtonall the good work JPEW had done isn't in that branch12:56
GeneralStupidOk, i created my own layer and i used the bbappend. Ist there a way to modify and not override SRC_URI?12:56
GeneralStupid(and not only append ;) )12:57
wertigonrburton: Can I build a simple test image that omits most of my code? E.g. is it possible to build poky-minimal -c populate_sdk?12:58
rburtonyou can build any image for populate_sdk12:58
rburtonstart with meta-toolchain though, that works here12:58
wertigonYeah, meta-toolchain fails :P12:58
rburtonwhere does that fail12:58
wertigonSomewhere in mingw, exact place I cannot say more than the packages given above12:59
wertigonBut I have not omitted any layers right now - if I omit everything but meta-openembedded stuff and mingw, it should work yes?13:00
rburtonwell ncurses isn't part of meta-toolchain13:00
rburtonneither is openssl13:00
rburtonso what one precisely is failing13:00
kpopaulbarker: wee, the way I linked to on stackoverflow worked :) thank you for help! Now, I have to merge it with update system, rauc :)13:01
wertigonrburton: Those are the error messages I got last time I tried, right now I did a populate_sdk -k and waiting for that to finish13:03
rburtonwertigon: looks like something in your distro is adding those to meta-toolchain then13:03
rburtonas they're not in mine13:03
rburtonmaybe meta-arago is breaking things13:04
rburtonrelatively easy test is to do just poky thud + meta-mingw thud, build the toolchain13:04
wertigonHmm, yeah13:04
rburtonassuming that works - which it should as it works here - then you've at least isolated it to something in your config13:04
rburtonadd meta-arago and see if that breaks13:05
wertigonOk, so I basically strip all layers but poky, openembedded and meta-mingw for a starter?13:05
wertigonOnce my current failbuild is complete that is :P13:06
letothe2nd09:17 < letothe2nd> other than that, i can only say, start with poky only, try, add layers one after the other. that stack is rather big after all, hard to say where things go wrong13:06
letothe2ndliterally 4 hours ago13:06
wertigonYeah, I know13:06
rburtonyeah what letothe2nd said :)13:06
rburtonstart from scratch, poky + meta-mingw, new build dir13:06
letothe2ndthanks for not listeing.13:06
rburtonpoint at your DL_DIR etc13:06
rburtonset machine to qemuarm, sdk to mingw.13:07
wertigonletothe2nd: Sorry, thought I was only missing a host package or somesuch, but turned out I was wrong13:07
rburtonfwiw i'm in two chats simultanously moaning about arago :)13:07
wertigonYeah, it isn't the best that yocto provides, this is very true. :)13:08
rburtoncough not actually yocto cough13:08
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letothe2ndrburton: even that13:08
wertigonarago is to yocto what mint is to ubuntu :P13:09
wertigonatleast IMO13:09
letothe2ndi tried and explained, nobody listened, won't happen again.13:09
letothe2ndwertigon: you are SO wrong.13:09
letothe2ndbut i'll be silent now.13:09
wertigonleto: Arago is to yocto what Redhat is to debian?13:10
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wertigonPoint is, it is a yocto derivative distribution that kinda bastardizes things for better and worse :P13:12
wertigonsorry meta-distribution13:12
wertigonOpenSSL seems to be a known problem at least;
Crofton|workrburton, any chance of getting a summary of arago issues for denix ?13:26
Crofton|workmy issues with the ti stuff is poor seperation between bsp, demo-sp, and distro13:27
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rburtonCrofton|work: random cursing at toolchain, debugging now13:41
Crofton|workurg meta-linaro I bet13:46
wertigonCrofton|work: I agree, there is a reason we switched to Yocto and manually pull in ti stuff now, instead of basing all our work on the arago distribution :P13:47
wertigonAnyhow, build finally done, now to start cutting!13:48
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rburtonCrofton|work: indeed13:55
rburtonCrofton|work: from a minimal config i can't even make it build anything13:55
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Crofton|workit is a frustrating situation13:58
rburtonERROR: external-linaro-toolchain-2017.11-r0 do_install: oe_multilib_header: Unable to find header bits/floatn.h.14:03
rburtonsumo oe-core/meta-linaro-toolchain and 2017.11 toolchain tarball14:04
rburtonobviously doing something wrong but not sure what14:04
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wertigonOk, by brutally cutting out all ti-related stuff it seems to build just fine; Narrowed it down to one of meta-ti, meta-arago, meta-processor-sdk or our own layer14:13
wertigon1000 packages left to build however.14:14
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wertigon900 packages left, still going strong :)14:26
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wertigonBuilding meta-toolchain for qemux8614:27
wertigonrburton, ah yes you need to cut out the linaro toolchain14:27
wertigonIn meta-arago14:28
wertigonrburton: In meta-arago-distro/conf/layer.conf remove linaro-toolchain and meta-optee from LAYERDEPENDS_meta_arago_distro14:29
wertigonrburton: And in meta-arago-extras/conf/layer.conf remove linaro-toolchain from LAYERDEPENDS_meta-arago-extras14:30
rburtondon't use external toolchain seems like a best advice thing to me14:30
wertigonrburton: Yep14:31
wertigonBut unfortunately ti doesn't think so :P14:31
wertigonNot to mention the linaro toolchain is now deprecated14:31
wertigon <-- What linaro recommend you get now14:33
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wertigonI mean, there is a reason I'm trying to build mingw; the alternative is to get msbuild to be nice to WSL.14:40
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JPEWwertigon: We used to use the precompiled toolchain per TI's recommendation... swicthed to the OE built one and never looked back14:54
JPEWAlso, as rburton said thud in meta-mingw is old. If it gives you a lot of grief, I'd try master :)14:55
wertigonJPEW: Yeah, but master seems to want zeus, can I just replace to thud?14:59
wertigonOk, it is NOT ti at least! Wooh!14:59
wertigonI will try master if this fails15:00
JPEWwertigon: Adding "thud" to LAYERSERIES_COMPAT temporarily should let you try it. It might help eliminate some of sources of failure, or it might explode spectacularly :)15:01
wertigonCrap, clock is ticking... Need to head home soon >_<15:01
wertigonJPEW: Then I shall try it, it can't get any worse ;)15:01
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wertigonThe layers it blew up on; meta-oe, meta-oe/networking, meta-oe/python, meta-oe/gnome, meta-browser, meta-clang, meta-qt5, meta-yocto-bsp, meta-java15:05
wertigonmeta-java, meta-browser and meta-gnome are easy to cut away if necessary.15:06
wertigonPython too15:07
wertigon(for SDK that is)15:07
wertigonclang, yocto-bsp and meta-mingw remain15:08
wertigonI will attempt to build those tomorrow15:08
wertigonGood evening!15:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: autoconf unable to find pkg-config (PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG failing) <>16:06
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qschulzhow can I debug YP errors with metadata being inconsistent during parsing? I wanted to use sigdata and diff those but unfortuantely it happens before those are created. Any pointers? (I'm not working on it yet, on a colleague's plate atm, just trying to help him with some pointers)16:27
qschulzletothe2nd: and you'll like to here that this happens with a vendor BSP layer :D16:27
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto16:28
qschulzmetadata being inconsistent = basehash changed during parsing16:34
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has quit IRC16:40
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto16:41
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denixCrofton|work: poor separation of bsp and distro? it is all separated into different layers, how much more separation do you need? please provide specific examples16:53
denixrburton, JPEW: fwiw, passing TOOLCHAIN_TYPE=internal cuts out external linaro/arm toolchain completely. supporting all that is a requirement I cannot avoid and dealing with it and listening to complaints gives me gray hair...16:59
JPEWdenix: That's fair :) I'm glad it does work with the internal TC17:00
Crofton|workand demo17:00
Crofton|worknote I can't get the open cl stuff to build17:01
Crofton|workat least have made an image that boots once, unlike Xilinx and their ultra96 borad17:01
denixoe/yocto-savvy users complain that arago is too unorthodox and deviates from pristine17:06
denixand users from the other side of the barricades complain that yocto is too complicated and mind-twisting and demand even more dumbing down17:08
Crofton|workdenix, common problem :)17:09
denixCrofton|work: that open cl stuff is quite old, based on llvm version that was never in oe-core. it's being worked on to update it to a recent llvm from oe-core - that would allow it to be detached from arago and be in meta-ti bsp only17:10
Crofton|workthat would be great17:10
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:2cf9:53ea:e6ab:d378> has quit IRC17:10
Crofton|workI would love to offload some gnuradio stuff into the dsps, and that look slike the path of least resistance17:11
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:90e5:8f1e:65b9:f435> has joined #yocto17:12
denixCrofton|work: the problem may be common, but I'm deadly tired of feces-throwing sessions in public forums - #yocto and yocto list... :(17:13
Crofton|workshould have seen feces throwing at OEDEM17:13
Crofton|workThere is a lot of frustration with BSP's, not just TI17:13
armpitif I knew that was going to happen, I would have sent a proxy17:14
mcfriskon zeus and $random bsp, weston depends on wayland-protocols which provides wayland-protocols.pc in sysroot too according to buildhistory. yet weston fails to find wayland-protocols.pc and it's not in the recipe sysroots. /me splits hair..17:14
denixCrofton|work, armpit: yeah, I've heard some of it second-hand. I suddenly was glad I missed all that!17:16
armpitdenix, I just want to throw things for no good reason. I was not there either17:17
denixarmpit: lol17:17
denixarmpit: you missed oedem??? how come? early vacation?17:18
armpitI had to leave after elce for vacation17:18
Crofton|workI thought the pitchforks were coming out and going after Bill since he repped a silicon/bs supplier :)17:20
Crofton|workHow was vacation?17:20
denixarmpit: yeah, I recall you mentioning that before...17:21
armpitCrofton|work, nice.17:21
Crofton|workI have to leave directly after ELC, so I ammy make you my proxy  for anything that happens :)17:25
denixCrofton|work: the community is becoming too radical lately, it's rahter sad. used to be a single person we all knew, now it's an entire lynch-mob...17:25
Crofton|workIt is growing17:25
mcfriskffs, "bitbake -c cleansstate  wayland-protocols && bitbake wayland-protocols" and files appear. sstate not reliable then..17:25
Crofton|workBut seriously, we need to set better expectations for BSP's17:26
denixCrofton|work: like what?17:27
Crofton|workpass yocto check layer17:28
Crofton|workreview minutes from OEDEM17:29
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has joined #yocto17:29
denixCrofton|work: the world is changing - new SOCs are getting more complex and heterogeneous, even Linux no longer fits the bill and can support everything as a single/main OS...17:30
Crofton|workmulticonfig :)17:30
Crofton|workYou missed aehs29 talk17:31
denixCrofton|work: meta-ti passes yocto check layer - still not good enough17:31
denixCrofton|work: link for the talk?17:31
Crofton|workmy immediate issue is the one thing I need to do, I couldn't17:31
Crofton|workaehs29, got a link handy17:31
mcfriskmore requirements: don't break bitbake --runall=fetch, don't break sstate, don't break rm_work17:31
* Crofton|work is mining his office to lcear a path to the hunidifier to avoid board carnage17:32
denixCrofton|work: your immediate issue is not BSP related :)17:32
Crofton|workfrom my idiot user POV it is :)17:36
Crofton|workfine line between providing access to hw, and blingy demo that sucks in other layers :)17:36
Crofton|workIf I wanted to do easy stuff, I would use a pi317:37
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto17:42
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto17:47
*** learningc <learningc!~pi@> has joined #yocto18:08
aehs29denix: Crofton|work
denixaehs29: yeah, found the video, where are the slides? :)18:15
aehs29Crofton|work: sadly I missed the throwing of feces at oedem, I had to leave just after elce just like armin18:15
aehs29denix: I think the slides are on the sched webpage for the event, although I'd recommend the video because there was a demo on video and the system wouldnt allow me to upload the presentation with videos18:17
aehs29denix: so the multiconfig part of the presentation is kind of missed without them18:18
denixaehs29: thanks18:18
Crofton|workaehs29, I'm sure having another BSP peddler in the room would hav espread th eload :)18:19
denixCrofton|work: it's all fun and games, but heckling will cause more harm than good - don't be too surprised if Bill takes TI to debian and abandons yocto ship... :)18:21
Crofton|workdenix, We can't keep papering over issues18:23
denixaehs29: so, I've looked at mc some time ago when it wasn't mature enough. now glancing over your video I had a question - is mc only configurable from local.conf? is it possible to configure everything entirely in a layer? say, layer.conf18:23
denixCrofton|work: I told you already - majority of customers are NOT yocto-savvy. from Bill's (and rest of mgmt) perspective, yocto is a tool, not a product!18:29
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto18:32
Crofton|workand that is the gap the developers need to be working on bridging18:35
JPEWdenix: IIRC, you can put multiconfig files in layers now18:35
JPEWSo, I think you can stuff the pre-canned DSP multiconfig and ancilliary processors in your layer for others to use18:36
denixJPEW: ok, that would be great, need to experiment again with mc - it's been a while since last time18:37
JPEWdenix: It's gotten a lot better18:37
denixJPEW: what about the glue config? having all separate processor configs available is useless, if they are not automatically and properly bound together by BSP layer config...18:39
JPEWdenix: Sorry, not quite sure I follow, can you clarify?18:40
frayIf you are treating the DSP as something the YP can build for (vs just include this firmare blob and driver into your image).. then a hetergeneous (multiconfig) may make sense18:40
fraySomething I'm currently working on trying to define after OEDEM..  just havn't had time to put the thoughts together and sent it to the oe-architecture mailing list yet18:41
denixJPEW: say, I got all separate configs for DSPs, MCUs and GP cores, how do I now bind them all together into a single SOC machine?18:41
denixfray: yeah, discussing multicore specifically for this - to build pieces of hetergeneous SOC18:42
frayWhat I'm looking at suggesting is effectively:18:43
JPEWdenix: You can define dependencies between multiconfigs using "mcdepends"... effectively is allows a given task in a recipe from one multiconfig depend on a recipe/task in another multiconfig18:43
fraySystem (or board) is the local.conf18:43
fraythen there are one or more 'multiconfig' .confs for each thing the yocto project can target.. linux, freertos, etc..18:43
fraythe system/board can then (via dependencies) control what is built, and call wic (or other tooling) to assemble the final image for deployment via whatever mechanism..18:43
frayi.e. sd card, multiple partitions for each component18:44
JPEWThere are lots of ways to use mcdepends; one "simple" way is to make your final image recipe mcdepend on the DSP target binary recipe/task, then shove it into the image in the proper path... but there are better ways also.18:44
denixfray: that's exactly my point - why is the local.conf defines the system/board? it should be conf/machine/<blah>.conf18:44
frayadd this this the concept of a system (or board) device tree.. the primary local.conf (system machine) can use this and to define the configurations and dependecies dynamically..18:44
fraylocal.conf: MACHINE = 'myboard.conf'18:45
frayeach would have their own 'MACHINE defined'..18:45
JPEWfray: A repository that has some multiconfig examples would be great18:45
frayand then local.conf uses dependencies to pull in those based on the system device tree18:45
denixJPEW: yeah, also looking for examples18:45
frayJPEW, first order of business is email to architecture list.. examples will come after we get a few things figured out..18:46
fraythe issue right now is nobody has standard terms for this, so just discussing it people don't understand what we're discussing18:46
frayIf I could get over the cold I got right after Lyon, I'd construct and send the initial email to get started..18:46
JPEWI gave a talk that had some multiconfig information at the platform security summit.... doesn't look like the video is up yet though.18:47
denixmy biggest concern is that multiconfig lives in conf/ and is driven by local.conf, which is all user-owned. I want my BSP layer to define all multiconfig/ files and bind them together by a MACHINE18:47
fraydenix, it can certainly work that18:47
frayI've got ideas on how, without any change to bitbake..18:47
frayMACHINE is the unit of definition for "what is being built"..  So a machine is one component of a heterogenous configuration..  I keep hearing them called "sub-machines" or "soc components" or...  it's MACHINE.. cause that is the term we have, and we don't want to redefine it.. we just need to clarify it's usage/meaning..18:48
fraywe need a level 'above' machine to define a system or board..18:48
denixfray: so, what I'm looking for is local.conf only sets MACHINE=soc1 and BSP layer pulls all necessary multiconfig/* files automatically for that MACHINE. then you switch MACHINE=soc2 and BSP pulls another different set of multiconfig/* files automatically18:48
fraythat way machine can stand alone.. and the system/board does the things above it18:49
frayboard says: I have these 'machines' on it..  and then the appropriate multiconfigs are brought in based on that..18:49
denixsure, another level to define BOARD that pulls multiple MACHINE configs would also work18:50
aehs29denix: yeah its gotten a lot better, after I talked with Richard, I think they can be dfined on layer.conf as well18:50
frayI think I know the 'how', but we need to define a few things first18:50
aehs29and I'm working on fine tuning the multiconfig work to be more user friendly for SOCs18:50
aehs29hopefully for th next release18:50
frayyup, that will help..18:50
aehs29I will merge the multiconfig example on meta-freertos later today btw18:51
fraythe big thing for me, is I want it driven (how the 'machines', components of the board, are wired and shared resources to define the settings without having to implement 100 different machines for all possible configurations)18:51
fraythus I want the main board to be able to define the configurations for the machines.. the machines (for this) could be loosely defined, with specific definitions coming from a system/board DTB18:51
denixfray, aehs29: sounds promising18:52
frayi.e. a board has 4 cortex a72 cores.. I don't want 4 machines.. I want 4 multiconfigs to use the same 'machine' with 4 variants (in other the ways these things are wired up)18:52
fray...4 variants (in only the ways...)18:53
denixlet's move the discussion to oe-architecture list18:53
aehs29I think it would definitely be something useful for heterogeneous archs, which a lot of people are using, probably the most difficult part will be on agreeing on what we'd call it, BOARD, SYSTEM?, SOC?, I'll try to get something working and send an RFC to see what people think18:53
frayI swear this cold is making my typing even worse then normal18:53
frayand with heterogenous computing, I'm leaning toward system.. because it might be multiple "boards" that all share resources..18:54
aehs29denix: sounds good18:54
RPdenix: just to be clear, you can define multiconfigs in your layer now18:55
aehs29fray: true, system just seems too generic18:55
frayit does, but in many ways system MIGHT be the right level..18:56
aehs29true as well18:56
fraybut that's why we need the discussion.. it might turn out board is the right level18:56
denixRP: would that be layer.conf?18:56
denixfray, aehs29: do we need a different entity for system/board? can we re-use MACHINE to be hierarchical?18:57
frayre-use machine18:57
fraywe could certainly defined say 'SYSTEM' or 'BOARD', but under the hood, it should just become machine and use the existing machine wiring in everything18:57
frayagain, need to figure that out..18:57
aehs29 denix I think you just asked the right question, I just dont want to break MACHINE functionality18:58
denixfray: yeah, conf/soc.conf to pull conf/a72.conf and conf/dsp.conf and conf/mcu.conf, etc18:58
frayexactly.. I don't want 'sub machines'.. and I don't want to break anything existing18:58
denixon the other hand, multiconfig specifies things like distro, libc, etc...18:59
fraywhich is exactly what we want..  like I said, heterogeneous computing.. not 'this thing has a .... and we just need Linux to load firmware onto it'.. that is traditional firmware model18:59
fraysome cores might be FreeRTOS, some might be musl, and some might be full on glibc like stacks..  (and some might even be containers)19:00
fraybut nothing here should prevent a developer from working on a 'piece' of the stack using the right MACHINE and associate configs.. it's the system builder that puts it together19:00
* fray needs luck.. bbiab19:01
RPdenix: here is a simple example:
RPdenix: in this case I've chosen to add multconfigs to a distro, where one even references another subclass. You can then do "bitbake mc:musl:bash" or "bitbake bash"19:04
RPit won't quite work since you need to set TMPDIR to be non-overlapping but you get the idea - its entirely contained in the distro layer19:05
RPdenix: you could do something with machines in a BSP in much the same way19:05
RPwith some TMPDIR values in the multiconfig, this would work19:05
denixRP: oh, this is nice! so, if I set TMPDIR="tmp-${DISTRO}-${LIBC}" it would separate them properly, right?19:07
RPdenix: yes19:08
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:09
denixheh, luckily I was already doing it to separate distros and internal/external toolchains... :)19:10
armpitcan't wait for OEDAM in Texas.. wonder what will be thrown there19:11
armpitoh wait, Texas is open carry..19:12
denixRP: is multiconfig/default.conf gets included automatically when mc: prefix is not used?19:20
*** fancer <fancer!fancer@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:22
*** fancer <fancer!fancer@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto19:22
aehs29denix: no, local.conf is used19:28
aehs29armpit: everythings bigger in texas19:28
aehs29denix: default.conf -> local.conf19:29
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto19:32
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:35
*** brodrigues <brodrigues!> has quit IRC19:40
*** florian_kc is now known as florian19:47
letothe2ndinteresting what i seem to have triggered at YPS/OEDEM. i actually think of meta-ti as one of the "good" BSPs, even tried to use it as explanation vehicle during my doomed live session yesterday19:52
*** letothe2nd is now known as LetoThe2nd19:52
Crofton|workti socs are complex, lots of interesting features to try out19:58
denixLetoThe2nd: ha, never underestimate people's ability to demean everything around! :)19:58
LetoThe2ndthe things that really deserve a beating are like, a bsp that forces you to use a baked in distro enable the universe and everything beynod20:00
LetoThe2ndfor the bbb i can add meta-ti and set machine. voila, i get a build inluding wic.xz20:00
LetoThe2ndi think we can all agree on more complex cases being more complex, but for starting out it is quite wellbehaved, IMHO.20:01
denixand more complex features are not yet fully or easily supported - see the above discussion on multiconfig for example...20:02
LetoThe2ndyeah and we will always find somebody who thinks this is a major pain point.20:03
LetoThe2ndi tend to get angry if a "bsp" literally only works for exactly one image+distro+machine combination.20:04
*** kroon <kroon!> has joined #yocto20:21
* armpit gets angry at everything20:24
RParmpit: that sounds bad20:25
LetoThe2ndarmpit: that sounds reasonable.20:26
* armpit or am I just being German??20:26
RPdenix: as aehs29 says, default is local.conf alone20:26
denixRP: what's multiconfig/default.conf is there for in oe-core?20:27
* LetoThe2nd suspect armpit just has had a proper dose of german beverages.20:27
denixLetoThe2nd: it's just past noon for armpit - right time to start drinking!20:28
RPdenix: there is no default.conf, the default configuration is whatever local.conf would be with no multiconfig file added20:28
LetoThe2nddenix: :)20:28
armpitthat was last week.  had loads of Piraat Belgian beer on the ship20:29
denixRP: it's empty, but it's there. I was assuming it would be used when mc: is not specified...20:31
LetoThe2ndarmpit: ?20:31
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!~tgamblin@> has quit IRC20:32
RPdenix: sorry, you are right. That was added so we could use require in local.conf20:33
RPer, in bitbake.conf20:33
*** Dave_Elec <Dave_Elec!~dave@> has joined #yocto20:33
RPdenix: otherwise it could have been "include conf/multiconfig/${BB_CURRENT_MC}.conf" which wouldn't have been easy to debug as no failure message about missing files20:34
denixRP: ok, makes sense20:34
armpitLetoThe2nd, wait wait wait, when did Metal heads need sunscreen or use a Jacuzzi ?20:36
LetoThe2ndarmpit: rule #666 applies to everything, even including cruises. "if it exists, there is a metal version of it."20:37
armpitLetoThe2nd, after that cruise, you will be Ferrous Oxide20:39
denixRP: so, I'm now wondering what would happen when some conf/machine/{MACHINE}.conf sets BBMULTICONFIG...20:39
aehs29denix: that works, thats part of what I'm doing to make it user friednly for heterogeneous archs20:40
RPdenix: should be fine20:40
denixaehs29, RP: yeah, I'm also now experimenting in that direction...20:41
LetoThe2ndarmpit: :)20:41
LetoThe2ndarmpit: i think on a cruise like this theres a *LOT* of fun to be had.20:42
*** kroon <kroon!> has quit IRC20:51
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* rburton s/master/dunfell/21:47
armpitI was hoping for emojis21:48
rburtonyocto "🤦🏻‍♂️" 3.121:49
RPI don't even dare suggesting someone try this with git push to contrib21:49
RPwe'll probably have weeks of people and broken clients or something21:49
rburtonSwitched to a new branch '🔥'21:49
rburtoncan i push21:49
aehs29rburton: hahaha21:50
RPrburton: I am actually curious what would happen but its a really bad idea21:50
rburtonwell, the internet says it works21:50
armpitdo they have locals for that ?21:50
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!18ca2637@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC21:51
RPrburton: :)21:52
rburtonwhoop whoop21:52
RPthis could be so bad... :)21:52
rburtonshockingly tab completion is suboptimal21:53
* RP removes that21:53
armpithey, this is pyro21:53
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has quit IRC21:53
* RP was thinking that21:54
rburton🤺 is warrior21:54
rburtondisappointed there's no sumo emoji21:54
RPshame there aren't TA kbot emojis21:55
rburtonis 🌬 good enough for zeus?21:55
RPrburton: can you picture this in meetings?21:55
armpitthen we can change the docs to emojis too21:55
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC21:57
aehs29Invalid branch: 🔥22:02
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC22:04
RPaehs29: if it was poky-config I removed it22:05
aehs29haha yeah it was22:09
*** kanavin_ <kanavin_!~kanavin@> has quit IRC22:14
*** kanavin <kanavin!~kanavin@> has joined #yocto22:18
*** wooosaiiii <wooosaiiii!> has quit IRC22:19
*** wooosaiiii <wooosaiiii!> has joined #yocto22:24
denixRP: what does "Variable key VAR1 (VAL1) replaces original key VAR2 (VAL2)" warning mean and how to resolve it?22:29
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto22:30
RPdenix: it means that two variables clashed with differing values and bitbake isn't sure you meant to do that22:31
RPdenix: stop them clashing? ;-)22:31
denixRP: heh, that's what I'm trying to do :)22:31
RPdenix: its where you'd have something like FOO${PN} and FOO${BPN} and they clash when PN == BPN22:32
RPFOO${PN} = "A", FOO${BPN} = "B", should it be A or B?22:33
denixRP: hmm, it seems for me it happens when either PN or BPN are not set22:34
denixFOO${X} = "A", FOO${Y} = "B" and then only X is set, I get warning avout FOO${X} clashing with FOO22:35
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC22:48
RPdenix: hmm, its possible the check is too sensitive22:49
RPIts also possible its expanding ${X} to "" I guess22:49
RPwhether it should be, good question22:49
RPkergoth: do you remember what this should do?22:49
kergothThat shouldn't be the case, our expansion never expands an undefined variable to the empty string, i don't think key expansion was handled specially.. an undefined var should be left as is22:51
RPkergoth: that would be what I'd have said without looking at the code22:53
denixRP, kergoth: ok, thanks. let me look into it a bit closer then...22:54
RPdenix: I just checked and it is using the standard expand call so it should not be turning it into "" unless that variable is set to something22:56
RPwell, set to that22:56
*** joubertb <joubertb!> has quit IRC22:57
RParmpit: I backported that fetcher bug that people all suddenly seem to be running into to the stable bitbake branches.22:57
RPwell, the fix22:58
RPperhaps we should backport more bugs22:58
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC23:01
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!~guerinoni@> has joined #yocto23:03
jonmasonIs there a way with wic to put something at a specific location?23:13
jonmasonright now, I'm using size, which seems very hackish23:13
armpitRP, I noticed that.. thanks23:14
armpityou want me to backport more bugs?23:14
armpitI can do that ; )23:14
Crofton|workarmpit, I thought that is what you did?23:14
armpitRP, it comes down to the idea of community support.. etc.  I will keep it in mind23:16
armpitCrofton|work, if it wasn't for S/W we wouldn't have any bugs23:17
RParmpit: nice work with the manual QA tests btw23:28
denixjonmason: what exactly do you mean "put something at a specific location"? write some binary stream at a specific offset in the image?23:28
jonmasonright now, I have things like this23:31
jonmasonpart spl --source rawcopy --sourceparams="file=fip.bin" --ondisk mmcblk0 --no-table --align 4 --size 7M23:31
jonmasonso that the next part is at the offset I want23:31
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!~guerinoni@> has quit IRC23:31
denixjonmason: does that make file-fip,bin be written at 7M offset in the image?23:33
jonmasonwell, its the next thing that needs to be at the 8M offset23:34
jonmasonIt's really hacky23:34
jonmasonI think there are hard coded offsets in u-boot/ATF that are expecting certain offsets23:34
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto23:36
* armpit thinks jonmason and denix need bigger Arms ; )23:37
armpitRP, thanks23:37
jonmasonarmpit: I have Yocto image booting on the solidrun lx2k23:38
jonmason16x A7223:38
jonmasonthis thing might be powerful enough to do some small builds23:38
denixand we need a bigger armpit to go with those Arms... :)23:39
jonmasonthus the reason why I am asking.  Lots of hacks in the pre-Linux boot23:39
jonmasonI'll push the meta layer tomorrow and cringe while everyone flays me for the ugly hacks I did to get it working23:39
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has joined #yocto23:40
jonmasonwedding anniversary, gotta go23:40
denixjonmason: yeah, one of our platform's ROM expects to load SPL from a specific hardcoded offset on MMC, hence my questions23:40
jonmasondenix: yes, I expect this is the "answer".  Just making sure I'm not making a fool of myself :)23:41
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denixjonmason: heh :) if you find a better/proper way, please let me know23:42
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armpitjonmason, don't be an armpit23:55

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