Wednesday, 2019-12-18

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khemkergoth: I was wondering if there is an option to use bz2 or xz for sstate archives ?04:42
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stuom1Anyone using python3 inside yocto environment? Why I get ImportError: No module named 'runpy' if runpy is a builtin?07:03
LetoThe2ndstuom1: which form of python3 do you have installed? there's quite a lot of package splitting going on07:19
stuom1LetoThe2nd it's from python3-pip from openembedded-core07:24
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LetoThe2ndstuom1: sorry, i'm no python user, just happen to know that there's a lot going on, for example here:
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wertigonHmm, anyone have experience with changing psplash graphics?09:15
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kanavinRP, we really should get to the bottom of missing do_unpack tasks :(11:24
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RPkanavin: has it happened again?11:42
kanavinRP, yes, all of the gettext failures in your email are due to that11:42
kanavin(I replied there)11:42
RPkanavin: ok, sorry :(11:43
RPkanavin: I wonder why it gets exposed there in particular :/11:44
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jonmasonIs anyone else seeing issues with meta-oe and poky on zeus branches?  It appears like meta-oe is expecting features_check, when poky still has distro_features_check13:09
jonmasonam I doing something stupid?13:09
rburtonsounds like meta-oe master not zeus13:10
rburtonor someone merged the wrong patches to zeus13:10
jonmasonI'm trying to write some scripts to be super lazy13:10
jonmasonbitbake-layers layerindex-fetch meta-oe -b zeus13:10
jonmasonthat is correct?13:11
jonmasonyes, the meta-openembedded using the command above was on master13:12
rburtonsounds like a bug13:23
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angelo__hi, where can i read about how it work the "state-cache mirror" ?13:25
jonmasonangelo__: its in the docs.  one sec, I had it up yesterday13:33
jonmasonthat being said, I found the DL_DIR much more effective13:34
qschulzjonmason: DL_DIR is a must13:35
jonmasonqschulz: totally13:35
jonmasonIs there an easy way to prepopulate the sstate cache with a pubic nightly build or something?13:36
qschulzjonmason: that's what the sstate-cache mirror is for AFAIK13:37
jonmasonqschulz: yes, but that would be a local mirror, right?13:37
qschulzhowever, this is heavily dependent on all your build machines to have the same HOSTTOOLS (I think they're part of the hash or something). So same distribution for everyone (apparently some people use containers for that)13:38
jonmasonI'm running with SSTATE_DIR, which seems to be superior for local builds (due to the constant updating)13:38
qschulzjonmason: SSTATE_MIRRORS13:38
qschulzbasically SSTATE_DIR but behind a webserver13:39
qschulzI *think(13:39
jonmasonqschulz: that link is's referencing
qschulzjonmason: yup, though... it means it'll ping the servers for each recipe and task with your IP address13:40
qschulzI don't know how much data is sent in the request but for some comapnies the name of a software is enough :)13:40
jonmasonassuming that server has bandwidth, it'd be better to fetch it all13:40
jonmasonthis script is more for a fresh setup13:40
jonmasonDL all the sources, DL the sstate, add the layers, and go13:41
jonmasonbut it does assume that DL is faster than compiling13:42
LetoThe2ndjonmason: böring13:42
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: hahahaha13:42
LetoThe2ndjonmason: Y U NO wall of text, scrolling and compiling?13:42
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qschulzjonmason: same for icecc, you need fast network to benefit from it13:45
qschulzjonmason: you could technically have this SSTATE_MIRRORS replicated in all offices so that it's local and really fast.13:46
qschulzalso, SSTATE_MIRRORS is RO while SSTATE_DIR is rw13:46
ndecjonmason: that would work only if you build poky distro. if you start making config changes then most likely the sstate cache will be invalidated anyways..13:53
hpsyAre packages available in SSTATE_MIRRORS pulled into the local SSTATE_DIR? For our developers it would be easier to do an overnight build to populate a local SSTATE_DIR that having to download the packages from SSTATE_MIRRORS for every workspace, but if SSTATE_MIRRORS populates SSTATE_DIR then it should be ok.13:54
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ndecjonmason: rburton : the '-b branch' in layerindex-fetch is used when searching in the layerindex , but it's not used when cloning the branch locally.13:54
qschulzndec: poky without weird stuff in conf/local.conf even. And building the same machines (qemu ones only I guess?)13:54
rburtonndec: sounds like a bug :)13:55
ndecexactly.. there is little benefits if you start making config changes..13:55
rburton  -b BRANCH, --branch BRANCH13:55
rburton                        branch name to fetch13:55
ndecrburton: arguably it's a feature ;)13:55
ndechmm. do we really say that? let me check..13:56
rburtonyeah that's --help for fetch13:56
qschulzhpsy: I don't understand your point? Make one build server populates what's behind the SSTATE_MIRRORS and then all devs benefit from it?13:57
ndecrburton: well, we fetch from layerindex using this 'branch'. it's used for constructing the URL in layerindex, e.g.<branch>/layers/13:58
ndecso we really 'fetch' that branch from the layerindex ;)13:58
qschulzhpsy: though I have to say, I just know the helicopter view of that thing, we don't use it13:58
ndechpsy: SSTATE_MIRRORS is a mirror for SSTATE_DIR, so it will look for files in SSTATE_MIRRORS first, then it will look in SSTATE_DIR13:59
ndeci don't think a copy from SSTTE_MIRROR to SSTATE_DIR is done14:00
hpsyqschulz: Almost all of our developers work remotely, so decreasing network operations is desirable, it is Ok to pull once from SSTATE_MIRRORS, but not for every time they have a new workspace or delete their tmp directory14:01
hpsyndec: Ok, Thanks14:02
jonmasonndec: are you arguing that the behavior of not actually getting that branch is expected14:02
qschulzhpsy: I see, I always forget remote work actually exists :)14:02
ndecjonmason: i am not sure. i suppose it can be interpreted either way. maybe something  for Paul to confirm.14:04
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angelo__jonmason, late but thanks !14:10
angelo__is there a way i can verify a   EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs"    worked   when build has finished ?14:11
RPkanavin: its interesting it appears to fail reproducibly, at least with the current state on the bulders14:11
kanavinRP, so you can take it from there?14:12
kanavinI was worried it's one of those heisenbugs14:12
kanavin"In computer programming jargon, a heisenbug is a software bug that seems to disappear or alter its behavior when one attempts to study it."14:13
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GeneralStupidHi, iam trying rauc for updates. But i always get "Nothing RPROVIDES 'mtd-utilsrauc'". Is there some advice for fixing this?14:28
RPkanavin: well, people are running other builds so it may disappear :/14:29
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: doesn't seem to require this14:31
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: if you are on some custom form of rauc, look at their layer if there's more magic to be done.14:31
florianGeneralStupid: Looks like your are missing a space in your description or need to use "+=" instead of _append.14:31
rburtonangelo__: if the build finished, its fine.  rootfs fails if there are postinsts left to run on first boot14:35
LetoThe2ndflorian: oh, good pick!14:36
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GeneralStupidflorian: i will try, i dont get the difference between _append and +=14:38
florianLetoThe2nd: Well... I seem to be used to this kind of issues :)14:38
florianGeneralStupid: In this case its quitle likely that the only relevant difference for you is that += automatically adds a space while _append doesn't.14:39
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: += adds a space before. thats the not most important, but most visible distinction.14:39
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JPEWRP: core-image-full-cmdline and core-image-sato passed the reproducible build test?14:43
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rburtonwhoop whoop14:45
rburtonshocked that pod was the last piece14:45
LetoThe2ndrburton: pöd14:45
LetoThe2ndwith more döts, its more evil14:46
RPJPEW: they did so I've enabled :)14:46
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JPEWRP: w00t!14:49
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: okay :)14:51
JPEWrburton: I've been chipping away at it for a while now :)14:52
* JPEW wishes upstream nasm would take my patch...14:53
RPJPEW: Its a great milestoe14:53
RPJPEW: they have an objection? Is that hpa?14:53
JPEWRP: No objection AFAIK, I think they just don't check their bugzilla very often :)14:53
GeneralStupiddid someone here use rauc?14:54
GeneralStupidand another important question... Is someone using a NAND qspi flash?14:54
JPEWRP: Are the other images that are worth targeting as a next step?14:54
GeneralStupidthe company i worked before we usually used NAND qspi flashes14:54
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RPJPEW: next step is the -sdk image14:55
RPJPEW: after that world (domination)14:55
JPEWRP: right :)14:55
JPEWRP: Whats in the AB world build right now besides oe-core?14:56
RPJPEW: it is just core14:56
* RP can't cope with this level of failures14:56
GeneralStupiddoes _% in bbappend filename stand for a version wildcard?14:56
RPGeneralStupid: yes14:57
JPEWGeneralStupid: Yes. you can also do e.g. _1.% for a more specific wildcard14:57
GeneralStupidRP, JPEW : thanks, good to know :)14:58
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JPEWRP: hashequiv failures or other?15:21
RPJPEW: just the general load15:22
RPJPEW: trying to rewrite the fetcher upsteam urls tests to remove a new source of failures on the AB, then I can think about the hashequiv issues being seen15:22
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wertigonHmmm, ok16:05
wertigonPast one hurdle, stuck in another16:05
wertigonwhy is my boot logo displaced?16:05
wertigonIt should be a test image; red on white background16:06
wertigonThe letter TEST in big red letters16:07
wertigonor word TEST :P16:07
wertigonIt shows up as Gray and pixels are displaced16:07
LetoThe2ndwertigon: is the display known good and only the splash distorted?16:08
wertigonYeah exactly16:08
LetoThe2ndin that case, double-check the exact image format that you can pass in16:08
LetoThe2ndsize, color depth, palette, the whole shbang16:09
wertigonIt's like every line gets an extra offset by two pixels16:09
wertigonAnd the splash image is gray16:10
wertigonLooking to see if it's BPP16:10
wertigonAll letters are leaning towards the right16:10
wertigonand the first T overflows to the other side a bit16:11
LetoThe2ndgo check the image format16:11
wertigonI use gdk-pixbuf-csource --macros test.png > psplash-poky-img.h16:12
wertigonHmm, yeah could be that I use a different red than #ff000016:13
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wertigonOk, so the logo was #ff000f16:30
wertigonLet's see what happens now with the recompile16:30
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wertigonNope, still gray16:40
wertigonLast try, trying one more trick and then I shall give up for now...16:43
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wertigonNope, that was even worse XD16:47
wertigonNow I get rainbow puke instead16:47
wertigon4bpp ain't the solution then16:47
wertigonpsplash, y u do this -_-16:48
wertigonAh well, have a good night y'all!16:48
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khemwow qtwebkit compile log is 163M, I wonder whats happening with other large cmake based projects, I guess we should make VERBOSE a knob and then set it to 0 by default instead of making it 117:53
khemso one who is debugging can set VERBOSE=1 in recipe17:54
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jonmasonok, have a patch to "fix" the layerindex-fetch issue from earlier today18:30
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JPEWkergoth, moto-timo: Have either of you had a chance to try out the Pyrex beta3? I think we might be getting close to a 1.0.0 release20:06
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moto-timoJPEW: on the (short) list21:26
JPEWmoto-timo: Ok, thanks!21:26
moto-timoJPEW: I looked at a bunch of the code though and like what I see21:26
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nemikhello. i am looking for some general advice on how to build variants of images with just very small config changes. right now i have an application recipe that includes a config file. i'd like to be able to build different images for different customers where one of those config vars is different for each one, but everything else is the same. any recommendations on how to best do this?21:28
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nemiki tried to create other copies of the application recipe with the config changes and then new images that include those customized recipe copies. but then the build complains about files common to them being accessed or written by multiple packages and bitbake doesn't seem to like it. it also seems wasteful copying all that code for just one-line changes. thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions21:30
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rburtonnemik: one application recipe and then multiple configuration recipes?22:25
rburtononly very old bitbakes complain about multiple independent recipes that ship the same file22:25
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RPkhem: people wonder why I complain about things like this :/22:43
nemikrburton: this is morty, so yea that might be the case? unfortunately it's an SDK provided by a vendor and too risky for me to try to upgrade that part of it22:44
khemRP: disabling VERBOSE also improved build times a nit22:45
RPkhem: less IO definitely helps for cases like that22:45
RPkhem: can you put a comment in the class about how to enable it?22:46
RPkhem: saves people trying to figure it out again22:47
khemgood idea22:47
khemI am still testing it out with/without and see it keeps working in all cases22:47
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rburtonnemik: morty is very unsupported, i recommend you complain to the vendor23:13
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khemRP: do we have plans to use xz or some other compression for sstate ?23:40
khemRP: clangs sstate archive is 5+ GB and takes 15 mins for be generated with tgz23:41
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