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diamondmanHello everyone. I am pretty new to the yocto project. I find it confusing that when I `source ./oe-buildenv-internal mybuild`, I get a mybuild/conf/bblayers.conf. This is confusing to me since I expected what layers to use would be a configuration I provided, not a build artifact. I did find the bblayers.conf.sample template, but having to modify my checked out poky repository to add a layer feels incorrect to me.00:38
diamondmanDoes anyone know how I am supposed to add layers to a zeus checkout without modifying the source?00:41
diamondmanSorry, I meant `source ./oe-init-build-env mybuild`00:43
diamondmanOne person I asked literally recommended making my own script that calls oe-init-build-env, and then uses `sed` to add my layers to the generated bblayers file. There has to be a more appropriate way.00:44
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diamondmanHmm @mischief taught me about the TEMPLATECONF variable. That helped a lot. Now at least I know where things start :)01:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake: pass string with spaces to meson config <>06:28
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mckoandiamondman: you get mybuild/conf/bblayers.conf as starting point. It is created autoatically the first time you run oe-init-build-env07:48
diamondman@mckoan The reason I was confused by that file being generated is I would expect bblayers to be checked into source control, but I will never check anything in build into source control.07:49
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mckoandiamondman: the build system (bitbake) uses such file to know which are the layers you want to use.08:07
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mckoandiamondman: it can't figure out which thery are. You have to add your layers to it.08:08
diamondmanthanks, but I did know that. I managed to figure out how to override the conf templates with `TEMPLATECONF`08:09
LetoThe2nddiamondman: actually i think you're on the wrong path here08:29
LetoThe2ndbblayers is not meant to go into source control, as it usually contains absolute pathes08:29
LetoThe2nddiamondman: for a rundown of known good practises on that, please look at for starters.08:30
diamondmanyeah I am editing bblayers.conf.sample in my own template directory now :)08:30
diamondmanooh happy for this link :)08:30
LetoThe2ndhave fun08:30
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nacknickHello. What is the correct way to add perl modules to my image? I'm confused with all the information I've found on the internet08:48
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wertigonnacknick: IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "perl" in your distro.conf or image file?08:57
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wertigonWe use packages to define this09:01
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wertigonas in, packagegroups09:02
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nacknickwertigon: in local.conf under "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL"09:04
wertigonlocal.conf is for your local distribution09:04
wertigonIf you just want to pull a package...09:04
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GeneralStupidDoes someone have some experience with booting / running from NAND QSPI Flash?09:10
qschulzGeneralStupid: ask the actual question and people will know if they can answer or not09:11
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qschulzI have a question: if a package B is added in RDEPENDS of package A through the auto-RDEPENDS mechanism. If package B is rebuilt, that auto-RDEPENDS mechanism should be re-executed right? We have an issue in thud where we added ALL libs from package B to PRIVATE_LIBS but package A still RDEPENDS at packaging time on package B, which can't happen (there is no explicit RDEPENDS)09:13
qschulzand to complete the whole context. package A and package B provide the same SONAME libraries (hence the PRIVATE_LIBS for one) but one compiled "normally" and the other with libcpp and libc from clang (manually done, not with meta-clang).09:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: List packages which will be included in host Yocto SDK <>09:59
Ad0I had to change rust revision, how do I clean rust so it recompiles (meta-rust) it has a recipe called rust, and I did clean on that but nothing really happened10:05
Ad0it doesn't recompile rust10:05
GeneralStupidqschulz: this is the actual question. For me it looks like that QSPI NAND is not really supported.10:06
qschulzGeneralStupid: There is no mention of which software you're trying to run, what tells you it's not supported, what's happening, what you want to achieve, etc.10:07
qschulzHave you tried without Yocto first, i.e. is it upstream support that is lacking/broken or is it Yocto doing some fancy stuff you want to fix.10:08
qschulzI doubt it's Yocto related, so you can head to your project's IRC channel. Most likely #mtd for the NAND support in U-Boot/Kernel. Might also be worth asking help on #u-boot. Also if I recall correctly, it's also an NXP vendor BSP, so contact them. If it's BOOTROM issue, contact your supplier, etc. :)10:09
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GeneralStupidqschulz: Ideally i want to boot from it. but thats a NXP related question. So the idea is to initally boot from QSPI NOR and then, when Uboot is loaded i Chipselect the NAND Flash and boot from it. Yes i already work into that BOOTROM. Its extendible... Great...10:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where are bitbake python functions documented <> || Poky-sumo : nothing provides kernel-module-hello... error <>10:29
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wertigonOk, tested over and over to get psplash to work with my image10:37
wertigonIt completely refuses to work -_-10:37
wertigonIf I create a different image and convert it, it works however10:38
wertigonThe problem so far is two-fold:10:38
wertigon1. psplash thinks red is supposed to be gray10:38
alessioigorHas Someones already incurred in this error '#error "_PYTHON_INCLUDE_TARGET or _PYTHON_INCLUDE_NATIVE is not defined"'?10:39
wertigon2. psplash offsets the image by one pixel every time10:39
wertigonfor each line10:39
wertigonIt looks like the image is to blame here;10:40
wertigonis there a way I can check the .h image gdk-pixbuf generates?10:40
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rburtonRP: ross/mut-good mostly passed on the ab.  selftest failed in a test i added (removed from branch), armhost and arm-ptest failed in nspr-native (missing unpack)11:39
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: oh and kudos for getting the helloworld compilation question on SO done. i read it, and the existing question was so off that i completely didn't feel like investing the time.11:47
LetoThe2nds/existing question/existing answer already/11:51
qschulzLetoThe2nd: :)11:54
LetoThe2ndqschulz: :)11:55
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RPrburton: thanks. I'm trying to sort the bitbake-selftest issue that is plaguing builds :/12:04
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opennandrahi, I'm tring to add this directory to mc recipe (/home/root/.config/mc) and also set FILES_${PN} += "/home/root" but it still complain about QA during package12:42
opennandraany ideas?12:43
LetoThe2ndabout what does QA qctually complain?12:46
opennandraLetoThe2nd: QA Issue: mc: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package12:46
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opennandrathis is bbappend:12:47
opennandrado_install_append () {12:47
opennandra        install -d ${D}/home/root/.config/mc12:47
opennandraFILES_${PN} += "/home/root/.config/mc/*"12:47
opennandraoriginal issue is that if this path doesn't exists and I enable eradonly rootfs mc cannot be started12:47
LetoThe2ndnot sure if FILES like the globbing12:48
LetoThe2ndwhy not just the directory?12:48
opennandraI tried also only "/home/root" same error12:49
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LetoThe2ndand it does really complain about *that* specific file?12:50
opennandraERROR: mc-4.8.22-r0 do_package: QA Issue: mc: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:12:50
opennandra  /home12:50
opennandra  /home/root12:50
opennandra  /home/root/.config12:50
opennandra  /home/root/.config/mc12:50
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LetoThe2ndand you have checked bitbake -e that FILES really looks the way you think it does?12:54
opennandraweird isn't it ;)12:54
opennandrayes I checked that12:54
opennandrapath was there12:54
LetoThe2ndok. no idea then, sorry.12:55
opennandraFILES_mc="/usr/bin/* /usr/sbin/* /usr/libexec/* /usr/lib/lib*.so.*             /etc /com /var             /bin/* /sbin/*             /lib/*.so.*             /lib/udev /usr/lib/udev             /lib/udev /usr/lib/udev             /usr/share/mc /usr/lib/mc/*             /usr/share/pixmaps /usr/share/applications             /usr/share/idl /usr/share/omf /usr/share/sounds             /usr/lib/bonobo/servers /home/root/.config/mc/*"12:55
opennandraisn't home dir somehow special and we cannot create files in it or so?12:55
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nickesIs it possible to use yocto with the meta-java layer on ubuntu 18.04? I'm facing some "os-check" problems during the build of the openjdk-8 recipe.12:59
LetoThe2ndnickes: "depends"13:00
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wertigonAaaah... Now I realise what I did wrong, psplash rejected a width of 513 pixels :D13:03
nickesLetotThe2nd: on what?13:03
nickesLetoThe2nd:sry, on what?13:03
LetoThe2ndnickes: primarily on the yocto/OE release in use.13:04
LetoThe2ndnickes: and, if openjdk checks it itself, maybe even for a good reason13:04
hpsyopennandra: When we add whole directories to a package we use the directory path ( FILES_${PN} += "/home/root/.config/mc" ), maybe that helps.13:07
nickesLetoThe2nd: oh boy, I didn't thought that my build in a dependency hell. What would you suggest? Changing to a former os version e.g. ubuntu 16.04? What version(s) do you use?13:08
LetoThe2ndnickes: getting rid of java13:09
LetoThe2ndnickes: another option obviously building in a container13:10
nickesLetoThe2nd: nice13:10
nickesLetoThe2nd: yeah good idea, thanks a lot13:11
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opennandrahpsy: I've tried that and it helps ;), thanks13:15
LetoThe2ndhpsy: huh... now whats the difference in what i said?13:17
opennandraLetoThe2nd: FILES_${PN} += "/home/root/.config/mc/" instead: FILES_${PN} += "/home/root/.config/mc/*"13:18
opennandrather edoesn't exists any files in this directory13:18
opennandrajust directory13:18
LetoThe2ndoh boy13:18
opennandraoh yes13:18
opennandrasmall stuping * :)13:18
opennandrathanks a lot for help13:18
LetoThe2ndLetoThe2nd> why not just the directory?13:18
LetoThe2ndi thought that was clear that you should point to the directory, without the trailing slash13:19
opennandrawell overlooked it sorry13:20
LetoThe2ndopennandra: hint: often looking at other recipes help, seeing how they do things.13:20
opennandraLetoThe2nd: I'm looking a lot13:20
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Different versions of yocto in one project <> || Build a recipe that depends on another recipe: Yocto? <>13:30
hpsyopennandra: You're welcome :)13:37
* kanavin is carpet bombing the oe-core list13:37
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rburtonkanavin: what branch is the latest series in?13:55
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mihaimaybe I'm working in some unholy scenario, but...14:41
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mihaiException: NameError: name 'staging_package_populate_pkgdata_dir' is not defined14:42
mihaiI'm guessing this shouldn't happen14:42
rburtonRP: going to be late for triage, need to do the school run today14:43
mihaiit looks like a typo of package_populate_pkgdata_dir14:44
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RPrburton: ok. Small issue is it means there will be about 3 of us :(14:53
JPEWRP: I also will not be there... we have a department meeting today14:55
* RP spent the day cancelling other things so I could be around for the meeting14:55
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RPJPEW: ok, thanks for the headsup14:56
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kanavinrburton, akanavin/package-version-updates, just pushed there15:36
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fraywow.. almost 300 new CVE entries overnight..15:55
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fraylooks like most of them are MacOS related16:01
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nacknickFor some reason I was disconnected. Did someone answer my question before?16:01
nacknickI tried to add "custom" recipe for python 3.6.816:02
nacknickI have the source here:
frayI've not seen anything.. a lot of people are out or on vacation right now.. so it might be slow getting responses to questions this time of year16:03
nacknickand I need to run ./configure, make and make install in the target machine. Is that can be automatically by Yocto?16:04
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rburtonnacknick: i'd just take a py3.6 recipe from a newer branch than you're using16:04
rburtoncross-building py is *not easy* and we have ~15 patches on it16:04
nacknicknewer branches have ver 3.7 and above16:04
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nacknickI have to use rocko branch16:05
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JPEWzeddii: Are you around?16:20
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khemRP: my world builds are now reduced by almost 2000 seconds after this cmake change16:52
kanavinrburton, we never had a 3.6 recipe. straight 3.5 -> 3.716:53
kanavinnacknick, I would suggest you rebase to a newer yocto release16:53
kanavinand talk to your management about why it's important to be close to upstream16:53
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rburtonnacknick: if you need newer why not take 3.7?16:59
RPkhem: is that just from the webkits or from other things too?17:00
RPkhem: looks like there is some discussion on that patch to be had :/17:00
roussinmkhem: will that patch make it? I really like the idea of it, at least for us...If the build fails we hopefully can reproduce it on the developer machine and debug it there.17:03
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rangergordI can't find the support schedule for releases.  says 2.1 is on community-only support, how do I know when it's EOL?17:09
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khemRP: I view it that the patch makes things better atleast we can now add/delete this option at recipe level or global level, the discussion is primarily if it should be on by default or off17:22
khemRP: I live in both worlds, as OE dev who is fixing errors on daily bases, I want these logs, as a user, I dont want them and users to dev ratio is 500:117:23
RPkhem: we need a variable for it, then it becomes a question of the default17:25
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khemwe have a small team that works on browsers, who develop these browsers and they recommend to turn it off too17:26
khemRP: set EXTRA_OECMAKE_BUILD += "-v" in local.conf17:26
georgemWhich CMake change are you talking about?17:27
RPkhem: I think it will need a specific variable so we can have a default, the recipes can change it and then ultimate the local.conf can override17:27
khemgeorgem: to turn off verbose logs17:27
georgemahhh. nice17:27
georgeminteresting that helps so much.17:28
khemRP: for specific variable, I was thinking should be pan component build sytems17:28
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georgemI kinda doubt user to dev ratio is 500:1. I think most OE/Yocto users inevitably get sucked into doing some dev to fix issues through the course of product development unless they have someone else on their team doing it.17:33
kanavinrangergord, community is effectively EOL, you might be able to get commercial support, but there is no upstream maintenance17:33
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kanavinrangergord, generally a release is supported for 12 months, as of now17:33
georgemheh. yeah community is a nice way of saying "here's the source, knock yourself out"17:35
rangergordkanavin, I'm new to Yocto, in general if a board supports Yocto 2.1, what are the chances of me being able to run a newer Linux kernel 5 years from now, if the manufacturer won't support it?17:35
georgemrangergord: we do it routinely but requires some work17:36
georgemdepends how good upstream support is17:36
rangergordwhat are the best brands for upstream support?17:37
georgemWell, kinda two camps on that. Intel and Other.17:37
rangergordand if we go with an Atom board, will that make the task a lot easier?17:37
georgemFor other I'd say the Freescale iMX line is quite good.17:37
khemRP: perhaps
rangergordI'm not 100% sure we'll be able to go with x86, it's what I'm pushing for as a pure SW guy...but if we have to go with ARM then suddenly my kernel requirements go up by a lot (due to the fact that I want to use .NET Core)17:38
rangergordgeorgem, thanks for the advice17:39
georgemrangergord: Intel stuff is generally easier to keep going but there a bunch of other issues to deal with like UEFI, lack of devicetree, etc.17:39
kanavinrangergord, generally, choose a board where you can migrate to a newer yocto release17:42
khemRP: perhaps, I will just keep it enabled and since it offers me a way to disable it via config metadata, I will disable it globally for rdk and my distro17:42
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rostamnewbie question, after compiling the kernel, where I can access the .config file for the kernel in yocto build system?17:45
khemI think this relentless sw upgrading with disregard for existing h/w, is quite irresponsible on world17:49
khemrostam: you can find it in build are of kernel17:49
georgemdepends how you have it setup but ... work directory -> machine directory -> linux-yocto -> version directory -> linux-*-build17:49
rangergordkhem, because newer SW increases productivity, SW devs like me always want the latest17:49
khemrostam: bitbake -e virtual/kernel | egrep "^B=" will let you know your kernel's builddir17:50
georgemthere you go17:50
rangergordgeorgem, what kind of devices you work on that you need to routinely update kernels?17:50
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:51
georgemrangergord: various utility and process automation systems17:51
khemrangergord:oh I know the whole spiel, but this even increasing demand for more h/w resources with new versions is like a hamster wheel17:52
*** GrimSleepless <GrimSleepless!> has joined #yocto17:52
rangergordand if I'm honest, as someone who had to skip all of Qt 5 until now (seriously, we were on Qt 4 since 2011...Qt6 comes out in 2020), it basically makes you obsolete. If you don't follow the SW world, you're left behind and become unhirable. On the company side, it becomes harder to hire people because no one wants to work with your old crap.17:56
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roussinmrangergord: sometimes it just work company don't see the plus value of. If it takes 3 month to upgrade your software to Qt5, then you get 0 new feature to selle17:57
roussinmDepends on the team size I guess.17:58
georgemyeah depends17:58
khemRP: sent a v2, where default verbosity is kept as it is, I was hoping to improve the defaults17:58
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC17:59
georgemI think people are over dramatizing the "unhirable" thing recently. I see people getting hired everywhere that don't have anywhere perfect experience for the job they're hired into. It's not always the most important thing.18:01
tlwoernerrangergord: lol!! a red green fan!! :-D18:10
rangergordgeorgem, sure but your value as a dev is reduced. Your experience in the tech required determines your value. Not saying you can't get hired at all, but you're worth less (not worthless). I can assure you that it takes a HUGE amount of time to recruit because devs avoid tech that either isn't super-interesting from a geek POV (like Rust/Haskell/F# hipsters), or stagnates their value. It took me 6 months to find a18:11
rangergordreplacement for myself when I wanted to go on a sabbatical.18:11
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto18:11
rangergordtlwoerner: hehe always nice to see fellow fans. You're only like the 3rd person in a decade to comment  though :)18:13
rangergordgeorgem, of course it didn't help that C++'s popularity totally tanked and it's now the age of Java/C#/PHP/Javascript/Python18:14
rangergordwell, not PHP18:14
tlwoernerrangergord: red green and sctv are the best! schitt's creek is pretty good too; it's filmed at two locations i know quite well :-)18:16
*** dfrey <dfrey!~dfrey@> has joined #yocto18:31
dfreyWhat is the correct task to use to run a command that manipulates the rootfs?  Specifically, I want to run depmod after installing a config file in /etc/depmod.d/ and installing some modules.18:34
JPEWzeddii: I just sent a patch for kernel-yocto.bbclass... I'm not sure if there is a reason that the BSP was omitted from patching or if it was just an oversight?18:39
zeddiiyah. it absolutly can’t do that.18:40
zeddiiso I’ll nak the patch on the list and explain there.18:40
JPEWzeddii: OK, that's fine, but how do I apply the patches then?18:41
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has quit IRC18:41
zeddiiwhat you have there would reapply all the patches that are already part of the tree. bad things.18:41
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* zeddii sobs19:59
zeddiisomeone just mentioned meta-debian as valid option.20:00
* zeddii means no offence if the meta-debian folks are here, just not my cup of tea.20:00
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khemzeddii: valid for what20:16
*** Marex <Marex!~Marex@> has joined #yocto20:16
zeddiias a viable option for a supportable rootfs and a bridge to debian instead of yocto.20:17
khemthere must be a reason why people want that20:18
*** nrossi <nrossi!nrossimatr@gateway/shell/> has quit IRC20:18
zeddiiyep. I can't speak for others, but why I'm hearing it is the same as I was saying in Lyon at the meetings.20:19
kergothzeddii: have you looked at isar?20:19
kergothit's well done in my experience20:19
zeddiiyah. Kevin and the gang were talking about it at ELCe, so I checked it out.20:20
zeddiiif you are going that way (debian), I'd agree.20:20
kergothah, you're looking to move *away* from debian?20:20
zeddiinot exactly. just going around the wheel of debian vs yocto again, and heard meta-debian as a half way. I wouldn't go half way myself, chose and go for it.20:21
zeddiibut that's just my point of view, I can't say I've looked into the options lately.20:22
* kergoth nods20:23
khemkergoth: does isar use prebuilt archives ?20:23
kergothi feel like you should either go debian or go oe/yocto, not somewhere in between20:23
fraykergoth I have said exactly the same thing multiple times..20:24
frayIf you want binaries and don't -ever- want to customize or build, Debian is fine..20:24
kergothkhem: it builds root filesystems from debian package feeds, using bitbake to do the work, with classes, uses debootstrap/etc, but has classes to create packages from recipes using dpkg tools and add them to the feeds for use in image construction20:24
kergoths/do the work/wrap the tools/20:24
frayif you want binaries, but might need to customize (or plan to) and you MUST be able to rebuild.. OE/Yocto is the only answer../20:24
fraybut don't mix and match, then you get the worst of both20:24
khemkergoth: thats neat actually,20:24
kergothisar is okay if you just want to build on debian, but it won't give you the ability to rebuild existing upstream components, though presumably they could add a class to use apt-get source or something..20:25
* kergoth nods20:25
khemkergoth: so one can take a package modify and rebuild it20:25
khem?ah that answers20:25
khemso its basically an image builder20:25
khemto spin out custom images20:26
kergothit does have classes that let you fetch your own sources and build a package out of the debian/ bits in the source tree and add it to the image20:26
kergothbut for the most part yes, afaik20:26
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kergothit's a nice way to go if you want to build debian based filesystems for your devices with some level of customization, just not the flexibility of oe/yocto20:27
khemI think multiarch has grounded itself well20:27
khemkergoth: how needs ferrari, while camry can take you from A to B20:28
kergothyeah, it's good enough for a lot of folks. depends on your requirements, really20:28
* zeddii nods20:29
kergoth - note the upper left box20:29
khemI think cross building somehow does not stick with developers unless the workflow is wrappen in native workflow20:29
kergothMentor now has two embedded linux products, flex is oe/yocto based, omni is isar based, to provide both for folks that need an OSV20:29
kergoththat's true20:30
fraykergoth and I think that is a reasonable thing (two different systems for two differetn users)20:30
khemso its again arm vs x86, where do you debug your problems ?20:30
fraybut I think Yocto can reach a bunch of people asking for Debian [or more likely Ubuntu] by having a 'binary distro'... problem is it takes resources to do that work, otherwise we have most, if not everything we need already20:31
* zeddii nods20:32
zeddiiI'm that student in the front row that nods at everything :D20:32
* fray segues into
frayhavn't sent that out officially yet.. but if anyone has comments, I'd like to address them before I do.. (Was planning to send something out on Monday)20:33
fray(or Friday)20:33
frayDoing that process would enable someone to build a binary distro for quick start.. and then allow the person to transition to an eSDK environment where they could augment their private package feeds, all the way up to a full Yocto Project environment where they can customize everything20:34
zeddiiwise plan. send it out when everyone has gone for the holidays, and then write it down in stone after :D20:34
zeddiiI'll read it though, and break your process20:35
kergothsounds like a nice idea, will have to read it20:35
zeddiifancy. diagrams.20:35
* zeddii whistles20:35
fraythis is just talking about the binary distro bit.. I don't have pretty diagrams showing the transition yet.. it's in my TODO.. in my copious spare time20:35
zeddiibah. cut out sleep.20:36
fraythere is only one fancy diagram..  this stuff is pretty much simple for anyone who has done it before.. but people keep saying it's not possible or they don't know how to do it20:36
zeddiilooks good on my read so far, but having done a lot of it before .. I'm probably not the target :D20:36
rburtonfray: what BSPs would that binary distro support?20:38
frayanswer is whatever BSPs are enabled20:38
fraythis is about a process..20:38
fraythe configuration becomes specific to the distribution..  but it does mean that BSPs would need to use common tunes and such to make things common20:39
zeddiiyah. exactly, this isn't for someone that is trying to wring the most out of their ISA20:39
zeddiibut neither is debian, so that's ok.20:39
frayit COULD be, but that would be very inefficient20:39
fraythis process very well could also be for -one- board as well.. but again, less efficient from a management standpoint20:40
zeddiiagreed. jonmason and I were defining some baselines in the fall and need to pick it up again.20:40
fraythe requirements is a list of things that need to be considered and either accepted, defined or specifically stated as not applicable20:40
khemzeddii: does linux-yocto support qemuppc64 ?20:40
jonmasonI still owe fray a review of that....20:40
khemzeddii: I see you nodding at everything I might get past it20:41
zeddiilol. :D20:41
frayis there a qemuppc64 yet?  last I checked it STILL didn't work for anything but Power9?  (Power LE..) not 'powerpc'20:41
zeddiiit did, or at least I thought it did at one point. but I don't see it now. this wouldn't be the only time something went poof (riscv did a couple of times). I'll look into it.20:42
zeddiiI swear I remember booting it.20:42
dfreyHow can I run depmod against my rootfs after everything has been copied into place, but before it's packed into an image?20:42
zeddiidfrey, it is already run in several places. are you building out of tree modules ?20:44
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@> has joined #yocto20:44
khemfray: if you dont need kvm it should20:45
dfreyzeddii: Yes.  I'm using linux-backports20:45
zeddiimy condolences ;)20:45
dfreyI know...20:45
zeddiiwhat release of yocto ?20:46
dfreysorry, 2.520:46
zeddiihave a look at kernel-module-split.bbclass, and see if it is inherited, anything packaged with it should have a postinst that runs depmod -a20:46
zeddiiand the image bbclass has a call to depmodwrapper as well.20:47
dfreyShould my backports recipe inherit kernel-module-split?20:47
zeddiiI'm not sure. I haven't had to support an out of tree module build for a while. but at the least, you can see how it arranges to run depmod.20:49
dfreyzeddii: Thanks for the hints20:51
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rburtonRP: fun bug: bitbake [recipe] succeeds but nothing in deploydir, or any tasks for it run at all in fact23:57

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