Wednesday, 2020-02-05

creichyocto *might* give you *some* image ;)00:00
creichif it is the right one will depend on your setting and the specific hardware00:00
creichthat's why i'd like to avoid as much as possible00:00
creichif you could verify the exact board and maybe find some documentation, that could be very helpful i guess00:01
creichhere is some very good course material you should have a look at00:01
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creichi just used it myself recently to get some insights in the whole process00:01
creichyou also could checkout the live coding videos from LetoThe2nd for further insight in the whole yocto stuff00:02
palatecreich: awesome, thanks a lot!00:03
creichyw :)00:03
creichi'll leave for tonight as well :)00:03
creichgood luck and maybe cya later00:03
palategood night :)00:05
khemRP: I think I see the issue LIBUNISTRING_UNIWIDTH_H is detected as uniwidth.h but actually rule says it should be lib/uniwidth.h00:08
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RPkhem: ah, that could explain it00:11
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khemRP: there is 3.5.1 released last week I will give it a shot00:34
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tlwoernerI've started a GSoC ideas page:
armpit2tlwoerner, should that also be advertised on OE wiki ?00:56
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* tlwoerner doesn't want to find himself in the middle of an "OE vs YP" discussion!00:57
tlwoerneri'm happy for any help OE would like to lend00:58
tlwoernerarmpit: do you mean ? (lol)01:00
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armpittlwoerner, yes wiki.openembedded only to spread the word02:52
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khemheh shoot yourself in foot and head perhaps03:12
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khemI was asked same question today so its still confusing people03:13
khemwhen I say think of debian and ubuntu, immediate question was so which company provides support for yocto, I ran away screaming03:18
armpitkhem, you don't scream.. you just give them the look : )03:39
khemyou know that ;)03:40
armpithehehe OE tasers .. we can train them03:40
khemthese guys are working on alpine so they understand distros well03:41
khemperhaps I should have said as alpine is to archlinux ... hmm too late03:44
armpitlearning experience03:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: howto find which recipe provides a RPM (or DEB or IPK) package? <>08:31
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I didn't expect to give you the last push to give up on SO. /me sad08:41
LetoThe2ndqschulz: more opportunities for you to shine.08:42
* LetoThe2nd shrugs.08:42
LetoThe2ndas you have probably noticed, when it comes to community work i'm the "lets try it first and judge later" kind of person. sometimes it works: irc, live coding. sometimes it does not: SO. such is life.08:43
LetoThe2ndi'm happy to have finally made a conclusion, and thats it.08:43
qschulzLetoThe2nd: Whatever suits you :)08:46
LetoThe2ndqschulz: metal attire, if you ask me. wife disagrees.08:47
qschulzLetoThe2nd: she's afraid of not having one, give her some.08:47
LetoThe2ndqschulz: tried that too. lets count it as another failed community work attempt, mkay?08:48
LetoThe2nd(she happily wears linux shirts, though)08:48
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: who wouldn't it's a damn cute penguin!08:50
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: i had my blast from the past this morning, when she picked a tizen one....08:52
qschulzLetoThe2nd: everyone has their flows.08:53
qschulzwell both works08:53
qschulzdamn wednesday morning08:53
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tenknarfgood day all09:04
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* LetoThe2nd does not exactly agree so far.09:15
* mranostay scrolls up09:16
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kriiveHi guysss, I tried to build a musl based distro with systemd09:31
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kriiveI'm currently on sumo, and systemd compilation breaks mercilessly with systemd09:32
rburtonkriive: correct09:32
rburtonlater releases build, but there's a warning that upstream doesn't support it09:32
rburtonsystemd specifically targets glibc09:33
kriiveDidn't know that!09:33
kriiveThank you09:34
kriiveGuess I will have to drop musl :c what a shame09:35
rburtonmove to a newer release of yocto and it will build but you get told it isn't a supported configuration09:35
kriiveNot a problem at all, I will stay safe with glibc, don't wanna deal with unexpected behaviours09:36
kriivemusl was like a little play experiment of mine09:36
LetoThe2ndit has its usecases and it is good we are aware of it, but in my personal opinion it is massively overrated. just like initramfs.09:38
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kriiverburton: thank you for the link, I get the point of systemd maintainers and I think it's fair09:40
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RPWell, at least the lists of deb and ipk reproducibile differences now match!10:07
leonHow can I easily extend the meta-ide-support to have all libraries that my image also uses? I would like to have an in-place SDK to prevent having to rebuild a separate SDK.10:15
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kriiveWhere should I put a11:05
kriivePACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-qtbase = " blah blah"?11:05
kriiveIMAGE.conf? Am I correct?11:05
LetoThe2ndthere is no image_conf :)11:06
LetoThe2ndthe .conf of your DISTRO is the most obvious place for this.11:06
kriiveyeah, right, there is, the whole machine, distro and image is still a bit foggy lol11:08
kriivethank tou11:08
LetoThe2ndkriive: well i take it that you have already watched the video that explains it? :)11:12
kriiveYup! recipe data is local conf data is global11:13
LetoThe2ndkriive: in this specific case it is rather simple, too: if you stick it in the image recipe, it cannot affect what happens in another recipe. but you want to influence qtbase, which comes from another recipe. so, the file is certainly wrong.11:13
kriiveYeah, that makes sense11:14
kriiveImage is a recipe, not a config, I need a post-it somewhere ahah11:15
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Ad0rust takes a long time to compile!12:04
Ad0rust-native-1.39.0-r0 do_compile - 1529s and counting12:08
qschulzAd0: tail /proc/<pid>/fd/2 and check if it's still doing something?12:09
Ad0it does, and in true spirit, it finished just as I pasted this!12:10
qschulz(or tail ${WORKDIR}/temp/log.do_compile would hopefully be doing the same)12:10
Ad0Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50GHz12:10
Ad06 cores, 12 threads12:10
qschulzAd0: are you setting paralell_make somewhere and making it not use the default (which is nproc)?12:12
Ad0it uses all cores12:12
Ad0it just takes time I guess12:12
qschulzAd0: did you check if swapping was used?12:14
Ad0doesn't it only do that if I run out of RAM?12:15
Ad0all cores were @ 100%12:15
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Ad0rust-native is just massive I think12:23
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gsalazarHello, is there any way to have a recipe that is present in the target image but not in the sdk?13:25
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tgamblinRP: looks like there weren't any logrotate-related failures on the AB this time?13:27
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RPtgamblin: no! :)13:44
RPtgamblin: I think it was the other change confusing things, sorry13:44
RPtgamblin: interpreting things is proving tricky atm :(13:45
tgamblinRP: No worries. I think my patch is still sort of a workaround. I know where the issue seems to be, but I'm unsure if there's anything to be done that is a better fix than what the patch already does13:45
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RPtgamblin: I think I'll end up merging it and then we can take any further issues from there13:45
tgamblinRP: k13:46
tlwoerner(catching the other half of the population...) i've started a gsoc ideas page. feel free to edit, or email me suggestions ->
RPtgamblin: in fact I'll do that13:47
LetoThe2ndtlwoerner: if i had any real ideas, i would happily add.13:48
tgamblinRP: Nifty, thanks13:48
tlwoernerLetoThe2nd: thanks!13:48
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tgamblinRP: for the record, the issue seems to be that when meta/recipes-core/initscripts/initscripts-1.0/ runs, it is sometimes unable to create the wtmp log (filesystem hasn't come out of readonly before the script runs, maybe?). The v3 patch just makes sure to create the file before the test13:58
rburtonAd0: rust compilation is slow and rust is built in rust14:00
rburtonso you're building a complete compiler in a slow-to-compile language14:00
tgamblins/before the test/as the first step in the test/14:00
Ad0hehe ok14:00
rburtonthere are people moaning about how slow rust is, but the tradeoff it makes is lots of analysis at build time so <shrugs>14:02
LetoThe2ndrburton: who cares about sane discussion when complaining is so easy.14:04
tgamblinClearly Rust needs a quick blurb about the time-bandwidth product :)14:04
* rburton sees that RP signed off a patch properly and faints14:04
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RPrburton: haha :)14:13
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RPtgamblin: perhaps its a parallel race in volatiles? the mount point/location the log is may be racing with something which creates that path?14:14
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tgamblinRP: Possibly. I'll keep looking at it in the background14:16
rburtonRP: do the rest of the reproducible builds people understand just how much further we're taking the concept i wonder14:18
RPrburton: perhaps not14:18
rburtondebian mandates a stable host and build paths etc14:19
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rburtondid your latest patch series sort out all of the reprod issues that were recently filed or are there any left14:19
RPrburton: we're about 50% through the issues14:20
RPrburton: There are open bugs and a number I haven't filed yet14:20
rburtoni'l grab one of the open ones once i've written a report14:20
RPrburton: good news is the list of issues looks pretty defined now14:20
RPrburton: the last builds were quite specific in the issues they showed14:20
RPrburton: any help is much appreciated!14:21
rburtonthe perl-cross maintainer is quite responsive, worth copying them to perl-cross and seeing if they know the cause14:22
nameclashhi all, is it possible to specify a local directory tree as SRC_URI in a recipe?14:23
LetoThe2ndnameclash: not directly. you need to use externalsrc for the desried effect14:23
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qschulznameclash: also depends on why you want to do such a thing. Might be a bad idea :)14:28
RPrburton: happy for someone to ask but I think we may be on our own with some of the issues14:28
RPrburton: I've sent a summary to oe-core and cc'd you14:28
rburtonRP: just sent one to perl-cross we never know14:28
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RPrburton: the openssl/libidn2/sysvinit ones look simpleish, the others trickier14:29
rburtonthe idn one involves *libtool*14:30
RPrburton: simple then!14:30
* RP runs14:30
nameclashLetoThe2nd, qschulz sorry, was interrupted by a collegue... the reason I ask is we maintain our yocto project in a super repo that contains our proprietary layer, among others. our layer points to a bunch of repositories in our code base and we have consistency problems when working on branches14:41
LetoThe2ndnameclash: that does not exactly change the fact that you cannot refer to a directory in SRC_URI14:42
nameclashthe idea of referring to a directory came along with the idea of adding the component repo's as submodules to the meta repo to resolve the consistency problems14:46
LetoThe2ndnameclash: no worry, i get the idea. it just doesn't work like that, sorry.14:46
nameclashright now, we have recipes pointing at the master branch of the repo and that causes constant headache when the project is under heavy development...14:47
LetoThe2ndnameclash: like i said: there is externalsrc to be used for that, we even have the magic there in devtool14:48
nameclashI'll look into externalsrc, thanks14:49
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qschulznameclash: I fail to see the consistency problems if one's using shared branches or tags? My company uses externalsrc but I'm not super fond of it14:50
nameclashour src uri's look like this:14:51
qschulzUsing subnmodules + externalsrc, aren't you going to move the consistency problem to the repo conf instead of Yocto?14:51
nameclashSRC_URI = "git://HOST/REPO;protocol=http;branch=master;"14:52
nameclashso the recipes are fetching master, even if we're on a feature branch on the yocto repo14:53
nameclashsuppose the feature that's being worked on involves changes in both the yocto repo and the component repo. This meant that the recipe had to refer to:14:54
qschulznameclash: I still don't see it. If you're not using AUTOREV, there is no reason for your sources to change14:54
nameclashSRC_URI = "git://HOST/REPO;protocol=http;branch=FEATURE;"14:54
nameclashI need to read about autorev to understand your comment, hang on14:56
qschulzyou want all your recipe to switch to this FEATURE branch? what exactly is your problem? what's your worry? what do you want to improve in your workflow?14:56
qschulznameclash: you most likely don't want autorev so forget about it14:56
qschulznameclash: for reference anyway:
rburtonRP: diffoscoping the gtk differences now14:57
qschulzused to make Yocto always fetch the last commit in a specific branch (or git repo). breaks reproducibility and deterministic builds14:57
qschulznameclash: you want all your recipe to switch to this FEATURE branch? what exactly is your problem? what's your worry? what do you want to improve in your workflow?14:58
nameclashkindof, yes14:59
nameclashwe thought about injecting the branch to get via environment variable but that's likely to cause headache, too15:00
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qschulzthere was a discussion in the ML in the last month or so on how to do this15:01
fray_what is the default task when you run bitbake foo?  is it do_build in foo?15:01
qschulzit's a recurring topic15:01
*** fray_ is now known as fray15:02
rburtonfray: yes15:02
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nameclashI thought so, that's why I wanted to ask how its done the right way before walking the dark path..15:02
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nameclashcan you provide more detail on how to find that ML thread?15:03
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nameclashthanks man, I'll look into it15:03
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rburtonRP: either try.diffoscope is dying or the gtk libraries just OOMd the tool15:10
RPrburton: nice :/15:10
RPrburton: try on just the src to start with?15:11
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RPrburton: build/gdk/gdkresources.c differing it seems15:28
RPrburton: I suspect you have a better idea than I do on that one15:29
RPif the source differs, the binaries will differ so its no doubt from that file15:30
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RPrburton: found the tar issue15:41
rburtoni think the gtk issue is just sorting15:41
RPrburton: sometimes its that simple15:42
RPrburton: although the size did differ?15:43
rburtonits the embedded gresource section15:43
rburtonthe tool reports all the same files are in it15:43
rburtonso i'm wondering if its sorting+padding15:43
RPrburton: could be padding15:43
rburtonthe gresource section was the only one that grew15:44
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RPrburton: you were so close with the idn2 fix15:51
rburtonRP: gar15:51
rburtonshould i just have chopped more away15:51
rburtonhm i forgot to wipe potential whitespace didn't i15:52
RPrburton: you removed the -L but not the whitespace15:52
RPrburton: right15:52
rburtonthats quite frustrating!15:52
RPrburton: yes, so close!15:52
kriiveWho is the likely culprit if I get a reboot: not found error after installing the hddimg via EFI?15:53
RPrburton: I am slightly concerned it adds/removed the lib path though :/15:54
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* zeddii can see the light at the end of his build tunnel.16:03
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RPzeddii: is it daylight or a train though? :)16:33
RPbug 13776 is a bit of a mystery. How can a group appear/disappear :/16:33
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, unassigned, NEW , sysvinit reproducibility issue (shutdown user leakage)16:33
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rburtonRP: if you want to look at perl instead of sysv the perl-cross guy replied to my bug16:47
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has quit IRC16:48
RPrburton: thanks, will have a look16:57
tenknarf hey. is there anyone available with knowlege about emmc devices, jdec5.016:59
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rburtonRP: was the gtk repro fail reliable?17:17
RPrburton: yes17:18
RPrburton: in that we've seen it regularly17:19
rburtonok i think i can replicate the failure with constructed files, so i've a simple fix17:19
rburtonRP: patch on the list. let it sit in next for a bit17:25
rburtoni'm about 80% confident17:25
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rburton<cough> i should write a wrapper for git-send-email to point out i have staged but uncommitted changes before it lets me send17:32
RPrburton: thanks! In the context of this commit?17:33
rburtonyes :)17:33
rburton .../gtk+/gtk+3/sort-resources.patch           | 19 +++++++++++++++++++17:34
rburton 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+)17:34
rburtonhelpful to commit the .bb change too17:34
RPrburton: the commit on list is ok though?17:34
rburtonRP: i sent a v217:34
RPrburton: which I'm looking at hence the confusion! :)17:34
RPrburton: I think the vairadic thing is dash vs bash17:35
RPrburton: trying to confirm now17:35
rburtonwe should bind-mount our own /bin in place so we can really force sh to be bash17:36
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RPrburton: confirmed its dash vs bash17:43
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kergothmight be doable without root with a new mount namespace?18:25
* kergoth yawns18:25
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RProot privs would be the main thing stopping us18:37
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smurrayI poked around a couple of weeks ago with the thought of trying to prototype something, and there's not obviously a common cross-distro story on unpriviliged namespace / containers that I could find18:43
sajjad_hi all, how to add a command in IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND after some other command e.g prelink_image? I'm trying to sign rootfs and I want to do it after prelinking but right now it is execute before prelinking with changes executables18:47
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attiegevening creich19:45
attieghope you've had a good day?19:45
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Crofton|roadwhen trying to run bitbake -c menuconfig20:56
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rokmHi, I have one question related to dmcrypt and bitbake21:08
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto21:08
rokmIt is still not possible to open luks image due to missing sudo called from recipe ?21:09
rokmI explore this topic a little and I found  only unanswered questions or answers that it is not possible to use fakeroot because of device mapper subsystem21:10
rokmsomeone something ?21:10
*** florian_kc is now known as florian21:16
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rburtonyou can't use sudo in a recipe, unless you're really evil21:24
rburtonif you set up sudo so that it doesn't prompt for a password it might work...21:25
rokmbut If I want to do this in generic way it seems it is not possible21:28
rokmso not as a root21:28
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attiegrokm: have you looked in to utilities to access such images in user-space instead?22:08
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creichattieg: hi there. any progress on your problem? have been busy all day and was disconnected quite some time, so might have missed some messages22:43
creichpalate: how's you're project going on? any progress?22:43
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smurrayCrofton|road: doesn't menuconfig only work on linux-yocto and derivatives like linux-intel?22:52
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Crofton|roadthis is linux-yocto + bbappends, but mayb esomething fussy broke it22:53
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creichhaven't seen the history of your conversation, but if you guys talk about menuconfig for the kernel, that one should work for every linux kernel23:01
creichas far as i can tell23:01
RPmenuconfig depends on the terminal support which is temperamental and poorly tested :(23:01
* RP wishes someone would write proper tests23:02
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* armpit wish I could read and write23:23
khemarmpit: just use write() and read()23:25
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RPkhem: xlocale.h was dropped in later glibc versions right?23:44
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