Thursday, 2020-02-06

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attiegcriech: hi, unfortunately not yet... thanks for asking - I've got another yocto environment & board I'm going to try it on tomorrow... at least that should prove something00:08
attiegfor the moment I'm just patching it into the tree and building it there (not ideal)00:08
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kiwi_29other than -v and -DDD options for bitbake is there any other way to single step inside recipes files.02:06
kiwi_29I see -c devpyshell option however, I do not see more documentation on how to use it02:06
kiwi_29it will be good to single step in the recipe file02:06
khemRP: yes its dropped02:13
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khemkiwi_29: you can do bitbake -e <recipe> that dumps the pre-processed output that bitbake will see for that recipe02:14
khemits quite handy to see how variables are expanded etc.02:15
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kiwi_29khem thanks. but there is no other way to single step?    the devpyshell looks promising.03:11
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LetoThe2ndas i can't spot it from glaring at the recipes: how do i disable (not remove!) systemd-networkd?08:14
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE?08:14
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qschulz(set to disable)08:15
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i would agree for about any recipe that is kind of freestanding, but networkd is part of systemd itself and the recipe doesn't seem to use that mechanism08:16
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kriiveLetoThe2nd: PACKAGECONFIG_remove = " networkd" in a systemd bbappend?08:21
kriiveSorry, read too late08:21
kriiveYou meant disable08:21
qschulzLetoThe2nd: worst case scenario, a postinst script which runs systemctl disable systemd-networkd?08:24
LetoThe2ndqschulz: sure. but i though i'd ask if can avoid that.08:24
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kriiveIf I have to provision a initial network config for all of my devices (i.e. a standard static ip on eth0), what would be the "correct" solution?08:32
LetoThe2ndkriive: write a recipe that just installs the configuration files as needed.08:32
kriiveI am currently bbappending systemd to copy a systemd-netowrd config, but every time I need to recompile systemd08:32
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LetoThe2ndlike i said, write a recipe that just installs the .network files to /etc/systemd/network, and have it RDEPEND_${PN} = "systemd" for correctness.08:33
kriiveThat makes sense ty08:34
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LetoThe2ndis it possible to have pkg_postinst_append() :P08:38
qschulzLetoThe2nd: meta/classes/manpages.bbclass says yes?08:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto project Bitbake error : ERROR: ParseError in poky/meta/conf/machine/: not a BitBake file <>09:06
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creichattieg: maybe you already explained, but what exactly was the point of having the module out-of-tree again?09:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to add recipe for yocto systemd service <>10:36
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RPrburton: gstreamer floating dependency on libcap2 :/11:48
RPrburton: iputils floating suid bits11:48
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rburtonfloating suid bits, how?12:13
rburtonat least the cap2 one is easy12:13
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nameclashLetoThe2nd, thanks for the externalsrc hint -- that was exactly what I was looking for12:56
LetoThe2ndnameclash: :)12:59
nameclashI have another (unrelated) question though: is there any standard way to package installs to mountpoints? Say, my fstab defines /dev/mmcblk0p3 being mounted at /home/root/foo and I have some recipe populating the rootfs at /home/root/foo/bar13:00
nameclashwhat I observe is that /home/root/foo is empty when running the image on the rig so I suspect there's a conflict13:02
LetoThe2ndnameclash: not sure i understand the question13:02
nameclashthe rootfs image that falls out of the yocto build contains the following paths:13:03
LetoThe2ndnameclash: you mean, you want some parts of the image to be on seperate partitions?13:03
LetoThe2ndnameclash: that can be done through a .wks file, utilizing wic.13:04
LetoThe2ndnameclash: the storage layout is beyond the rootfs building stage.13:04
nameclashyeah, that's what I was thought13:04
nameclashthanks, I'll look into13:04
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BMWEHi all,13:08
BMWEMy solution vendor has provided me some HW with Yocto-Poky13:09
BMWEI need there port forwarding via ssh, but can't find the sshd_config file. Any help would be appreciated13:10
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mckoanis it supposed to inherit something special to use .cfg kernel fragments?13:24
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mckoanlooks like that inherit kernel is not enough13:25
LetoThe2ndmckoan: i think it must be yocto-kernel style, but not sure13:26
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: as I suspected, thx13:30
qschulzmckoan: linux-yocto iirc13:32
qschulzand I was wrong :) LetoThe2nd has the correct answer :D13:32
LetoThe2ndqschulz: but...but... but... you're the kernel guy!13:40
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: but... but... but... I don't make Yocto kernel recipes :D (and we don't use fragments at the moment)13:46
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jonmasonI'm seeing failures in the gcc test on testimage on zeus.  Is this a known issue?13:51
LetoThe2ndqschulz: hi513:51
LetoThe2ndjonmason: failures are a known issue. generally.13:51
jonmasonI didn't see an open bug.  So I just wanted to make sure I'm not being stupid (or more stupid than normal)13:52
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LetoThe2ndjonmason: so rest assured, you are just being averagely sutpid.13:54
LetoThe2ndnah, just being the inevitable jester. no idea, seriously.13:55
dev1990Did someone managed to configure bitbake with vscode?14:01
dev1990I found this plugin
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jonmasonLetoThe2nd: you are king of the yocto trolls ;-)14:02
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* LetoThe2nd bows14:11
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: actually not-yocto kernels can't support fragments, so we managed it using a config_prepend14:20
RPjonmason: not a known issue, no. it works in all our autobuilder tests14:20
mckoanLetoThe2nd: just FYI14:20
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: thanks. i'll try to remember (and fail in 5 minutes, but hey, its the effort that counts right?)14:22
mckoanLetoThe2nd: indeed it's very appreciated ;-)14:28
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jonmasonAre people doing xen using multiconfig for the dom0 and domUs?14:54
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jonmasonRP: I'll post email to the list to confirm the error and make sure I'm seeing up things properly.  If so, then I'll open a bug15:00
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attiegcreich: the driver is very closely related to the firmware running on a co-processor, and I'd like to be able to keep them as a pair, in their repository...15:21
attiegthough now you question it, that's not impossible to do in-tree... hmm15:21
attiegideally I'd like to avoid maintaining a set of patches along side the repository, and risk them going out of sync, etc...15:21
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Ad0I have trouble finding the task / where to _append() when it installs stuff to uboot partition on raspberry pi image build. I need to rename 2 files before they are put on that partition in the image15:22
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fullstopis there a recipe for lsgpio (it's in the kernel tree) ?15:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup bootargs to load nfs in beaglebone through eth0 <>16:07
fabian81is it possible to modify a recipe with devtool that is based on multiple git repositories? i am trying and devtool is extracting only one repo ignoring destsuffix and second repo16:11
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angelo__how can i set a preferred gcc to cross compile from a machine conf ?16:53
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qschulzangelo__: PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc = "xyz" ?17:01
qschulz(might have to check there isn't a virtual package for gcc but it should be preferred_version for sure)17:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add python 2.7 in yocto sdk <>17:07
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zeddiiRP: did you toss that queue of tool changes in the bin ? If not, i'll send a single patch on top of it that fixes things up.17:21
zeddiior, I'll send a v2 with them all.,17:21
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RPzeddii: I dropped for now, I can add back easily17:28
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has joined #yocto17:28
RPzeddii: wasn't sure if it was an incremental fix or not17:28
zeddiineither was I :D I'll send the whole queue as a v2, save you rummaging around for the old one.17:31
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Nathan22Any idea why a 'install -d -m0755 ${D}${datadir}/${BPN}/examples' wouldn't generate the directory in a do_install_append?20:00
emgI'm buildingan install image using sdimage-bootpart.wks which uses the bootimg-partition plugin. One of the files I had in my IMAGE_BOOT_FILES_append is now larger than 4GB so it can't be added to the boot partition which is vfat. How can I add that file to the second rootfs partition instead in my
emgmore accurately, I'm trying to include an image.wic as rootfs.img (instead of the image.wic.xz) and because it's big I want to put it in the other partition which the install script will still find as it looks for /run/media/*/rootfs.img20:07
emgwhile the first line in sdimage-bootpart.wks is: part /boot --source bootimg-partition ...   the second line is   part / --source rootfs ...   so I think then my question is how do I add the file I want to the rootfs instead (currently it's in IMAGE_BOOT_FILES for bootimg-partition)20:17
emgwhere "the file I want" is an image.wic, instead of adding a normal package (do_rootfs[depends] += "my-image:do_image_complete" is earlier in the file so I know the image exists)20:19
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fullstopI forced a kernel build and now it's telling me that my build is tainted from doing this.  It doesn't go away after a clean.  How do I clean my, uhh, taint?20:44
Crofton|roadany advice on cloning linux-yocto from nd not having it fail?20:49
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palateHej :)20:52
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emgfullstop: perhaps do a bitbake -c cleanall <yourkernelpackage>20:56
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fullstopemg: let me try that20:59
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fullstopI did a clean, but not a cleanall20:59
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fullstop(still fetching -- that was never tainted)21:03
fullstopemg: that seems to have worked.  Thanks!21:06
emgok I'm trying to just make a recipe that copies a file to /rootfs.img but adding that to IMAGE_INSTALL doesn't seem to add it to that second partition (rootfs partition)21:06
emgfullstop: awesome!21:06
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rburtonRP: kanavin is a genius for spotting the obvious21:33
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RPrburton: but we're talking about config.h, not config.h22:01
RPnot xconfig.h22:01
rburtonlook at the diffoscope22:01
rburtonthe variadic was config.h22:01
rburtonthe rest were xconfig.h22:01
RPrburton: ah, yes. Ahhrg22:03
rburtonthanks alex :)22:03
rburtoni somehow totally missed the change in filename too22:03
rburtonpackages/corei7-64-poky-linux/perl/perl-dev: FILELIST: removed "/usr/lib/perl5/5.30.1/x86_64-linux/CORE/xconfig.h"22:03
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RPrburton: that explains a lot22:04
rburtonwith many eyes etc22:05
rburtonneither the perl-cross maintainer or us noticed :)22:05
RPrburton: you have a patch you're testing?22:07
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* RP notes patch on list22:09
emgThink I figured this out, we'll see, the do_package and do_rootfs take forever with a 31G file in there :-/22:11
emgfirst pass exploded because there's a set max rootfs size that I exceeded22:11
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emgholy shit it worked22:57
emgnow I can losetup/mount a partition from the image to do stupid stuff during the install22:57
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RPemg: we don't tend to do that as it needs root privs :(23:05
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emgRP: eh? I have a feeling I said something ambiguous as I don't understand what you mean by that23:13
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mischiefi have a recipe in a layer that points to a private git repo. i want to share my layer with someone, but not give them access to that git repo. currently bitbake will fail at the recipe parsing step for that recipe. is there a simple way to avoid that besides putting it in a different layer?23:37
palateI'm getting a build failure with Yocto 3.0.1: died with <Signals.SIGSYS: 31>23:40
palatewhere could that come from?23:40
palateactually it says that build/tmp/work/core2-32-poky-linux/initscripts/1.0-r155/package/etc/init.d/umountnfs.sh23:40
palatedied with sigsys23:41
JaMaif "bitbake -k -c testimage core-image-sato-sdk-ptest" is running over 15000s without any output (other than "Bitbake still alive (15000s)") is it safe to assume that something went wrong? This is with poky DISTRO, with nodistro it failed much sooner23:42
khemwhich qemu arch23:46
khemand perhaps use core-image-sato-sdk-ptest-fast first23:46
palateActually I'm trying to build an ubi image but with 2.7.1, ubi fails, and 3.0.1 just fails to build the minimal image in the first place23:47
khempalate: those were questions for JaMa but lets see whats up here on your issue23:52
*** Dracos-Carazza <Dracos-Carazza!> has joined #yocto23:52
khempalate: are you on archlinux by any chance ?23:52
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has joined #yocto23:53
khemor another host distro which has file utility compiled with libseccomp enabled ?23:53
palatekhem: archlinux, yes :/23:56
palatekhem: not sure what libseccomp is, though23:56
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RPemg: using loop mounts and losetup need root permissions. We don't run builds as root23:59

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