Wednesday, 2020-02-12

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khemlike2wise: hey howdy01:51
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* armpit sigh... python2-to3 only works in zeus04:20
* armpit expects timo to rtfl04:21
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khemRP: sent few patches lately all are also in
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project : How to add Boost 1.70 to my Linux image? <>07:32
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nemgti-ogHello amigos. I posted a question in Stackoverflow a couple of days ago. No answer at all. Could you take a look?
LetoThe2ndnemgti-og: have verified that this is still valid for 3.0 respectively 3.1? if so, i'd say file a bug (or even better, submit a patch :) )08:11
nemgti-ogI haven't verified it. I'll try to then. Thanks!08:12
LetoThe2ndnemgti-og: also, i personally would like to point to
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Ad0adding out of tree kernel drivers seemed surprisingly simple08:28
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LetoThe2ndAd0: if they're well behaved and maintained it, it actually is. the problem is in about all cases caused by the out of tree modul itself.08:29
Ad0I added one with a bunch of .c and .h files08:29
LetoThe2ndwell, i would have expected that it doesn't contain .js files, to be honest. :)08:30
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stuom1Basic meson recipe gives me " Source and build directories must not be the same. Create a pristine build directory." What should I do about it? Source and build directories ARE different as far as I can tell09:05
LetoThe2ndstuom1: can you put the recipe into a pastebin?09:08
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stuom1LetoThe2nd: here is my start point, I don't expect it to work completely but if I would at least get forward to next error:
stuom1meson.bbclass creates its own build dir and uses ${S} as source dir so I dont understand the error09:14
stuom1I use thud09:15
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dvhow to set systemd service from another recipe to enable on boot?11:08 SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_nginx = "enable" is not working11:09
LetoThe2nddv: please join me in the yocto chant:
LetoThe2nddv: (in a nutshell: it doesn't work like this)11:10
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kpohmm, where should I add "--no-fstab-update" if I wan't WIC not to modify my fstab during image creation? I see that yocto-thud/scripts/wic has ability to parse it, but when I add it to file bitbake shouts that --no-fstab-update is unknown function11:58
kpodv: I'm using something like that:
kpoand in files directory I've got two files: and hello-service.service12:02
kpoIt is enabled by default12:02
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hmw1Is any of your going to embedded-world (25-27 feb N├╝rnberg )12:45
* LetoThe2nd will probably show up one afternoon or such12:50
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likewisehmw1: Used to go, but after going every year, not much news.13:54
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meegohmw1: going for the 1st time this year14:08
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meegolikewise: any recommandation on how to make the most of it ?14:09
sven^I have an odd bug with filedescriptors and libboost staying alive for ever in yocto 2.7.1 which disappears in yocto 3.0. I can't quite figure out where it comes from (it's not gcc, it's not libboost, it's not libc). Does anyone have a clue how to debug this further? (Minimal breaking example:
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likewisemeego: wear sneakers :)14:14
likewisemeego: 2) go visit the RISC-V guys. 3) Grab development kits where you can14:14
likewise2b) and gals.14:15
LetoThe2ndlikewise: especially 3), massively disagreed.14:15
LetoThe2ndgrab dev kits where you actually are interested in the gear. i have a pile of junk here that i couldn#t even avoid.14:16
likewiseLetoThe2nd: yeah ok, agreed :) I have 100 square meters of dev boards, 60% of which I have never touched14:16
LetoThe2ndbut yeah, sneakers are a good recommendation.,14:16
likewiseThe smaller shops (hardware developers) are nice to visit. The big companies have static demoes with sales guys. The smaller teams have nice boards made themselves like for the STM32MP.14:18
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meegoare the conferences worth the time ?14:19
PinkSnakeHello, I have to manage several BSP (inside one meta), I would like to override interfaces file for each board. I have created init-ifupdown_1.0.bbappend and I would like to add only something like FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${MACHINE}:" in order to have only bbappend for all boards. Is it the correct way to do that ?14:20
LetoThe2ndmeego: the paid ones are quite ok. the open ones during the fair are mostly sales, in my opinion.14:21
* zeddii wonders if everyone else sees what looks like two copies of all their replies to the lists .. maybe it's just a gmail stupidity.14:27
jonmasonIs there a way to find the recipe that provides a given file?  Similar to 'dpkg -S', only for Yocto/OE.14:27
jonmasonzeddii: yes, I see my email then the general post to the mailing list14:28
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meegook thanks for sharing your tips ! Sneakers it is ;)14:29
kroonjonmason, oe-pkgdata-util find-path <file>14:29
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: i get everthing twice too. but hey. more is more!14:30
rburtonjonmason: assumes that you've built the recipe, but that's a fair assumption if you've built an image14:30
jonmasonrburton: I'm missing it, thus the issue14:30
jonmason /bin/sh: install: command not found14:30
rburton$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/install14:31
rburtoncoreutils: /usr/bin/install14:31
jonmasonyeah, I did exactly that now and am trying that recipe, just wondering if there is a more elegant way than that14:31
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rburtonsadly not14:31
rburtoni'd love the layer index to do a build and at least be able to say 'these files were built for qemux86/poky'14:32
rburtonwhich you could then search14:32
zeddiiok, cool. I'm just glad to hear it isn't just my setup. I've been wondering :D14:32
jonmasonchuch it on the todo list, which grows but never shrinks14:32
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jonmasonzeddii: are you emailing or just  Because I have an untested theory that its the latter and the former will not show the error14:33
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zeddiithe lists14:34
zeddiiis the one I sent this morning that made me finally ask.14:34
jonmasonok, scratch that then14:34
zeddiiyah. this one was in response to kevin bumping the reference boards to 5.414:35
zeddiiand boom. two copies to see in all the glory.14:35
jonmasontwo for an ack, ugh14:36
jonmasonI think the buildessential email "fixed" my issue, but I think there is more to unpack here14:36
jonmasonAlso, testing binary toolchains with testimage seems to not be happy.  Maybe rburton would be interested in making binary toolchains work14:38
LetoThe2ndjonmason: you remember this?
LetoThe2ndjonmason: it was about a guy with a binary toolchain.14:39
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: of course, I'm trolling14:39
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jonmasonI'm having fun writing some scripts to actually test our crap works.  Which is nice to find bugs that make you wonder if this stuff was every tested14:40
LetoThe2ndjonmason: try to be more elegant next time, one might think you're being serious :P14:40
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: I'm never serious, I'm cereal14:40
* LetoThe2nd pours a liter of milk over jonmason 14:41
LetoThe2ndAwesome! *nomnomnom*14:41
jonmasonAt least you didn't "pour some sugar on me"14:42
jonmasonI hate that damn song14:42
* zeddii crushes some 80's hair14:43
LetoThe2ndjonmason: you're just not hard neough.14:44
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LetoThe2ndjonmason: in case you dare listening to *REAL* music :P14:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project Boost library : Change default package version used in bitbake recipe <>15:03
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khemJaMa: once I disabled rpm sneaking into opkg based images mdmon error wen away as well as rpm test fail stopped and now I have clean runs of core-image-sato-sdk15:13
khemJaMa: I have sent patches for this to ml or kraj/pu on poky-contrib also has them15:13
JaMakhem: cool, thanks15:17
JaMakhem: how was rpm influencing the mdmon? does rpm pull mdadm into the build or something like that?15:18
*** TundraMan is now known as marka15:18
khemyes I guess so15:19
khemre-running with musl15:19
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shan110Hi all does someone have a recipe to for node js applications. For example, a simple REST API with `express` or the likes of it.15:47
shan110can't manage to grasp my head around the wiki page for NPM15:48
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LetoThe2ndshan110: well.. its "complicated"15:51
LetoThe2ndshan110: with npm being a constant pain15:51
LetoThe2ndshan110: you can either make sure all dependencies are properly packaged, etc. (which is often unrealistic), or just break reproductibility and cobble up a do_compile and do_install stage with manual npm invocations.15:53
shan110Ah! Nevermind. Might as well work with Python then. Can't wait when LetoThe2nd does a Yocto Session no.100 where you are so happy drunk and breaking your head with Node and NPM :D15:56
LetoThe2ndshan110: i doubt that this sessions will happen in the near future.15:57
LetoThe2ndand yes, if you've got the choice python is usually a pick that integrates way better with the yocto ecosystem15:58
shan110Words like Golang, Node JS, NPM, rust are what scares some embedded world aficionados. :D15:59
rburtoni believe the go integration is a bit better than npm15:59
LetoThe2ndthis has nothing to do with being scared, more with problematic workflows.16:00
shan110of course I am just kidding. rburton would you mind sharing some layers where I can look into using golang apps with yocto?16:01
rburtonno idea16:01
* LetoThe2nd ponders doing a spoof, creating stoplang.org16:03
rburtondo it16:03
rburtonredirect it to for comedy lols16:04
LetoThe2ndtoo much work. /me lazy.16:04
shan110*modern day programmers have left the chat*16:04
zeddiimeta-c !16:06
aehs29zeddii: meta-assembly16:07
* zeddii did read an assembly spinlock implementation this morning16:08
aehs29zeddii: lucky you16:09
zeddiiI noticed what it was, and deleted it.16:09
zeddiilife it too short for that.16:09
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JaMakhem: would PNBLACKLIST[dnf] ?= "${@oe.utils.conditional('PACKAGE_CLASSES', 'package_rpm', 'does not build correctly without package_rpm in PACKAGE_CLASSES', '', d)}" work for you without the anonymous python?16:31
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JaMawell PNBLACKLIST[dnf] ?= "${@oe.utils.conditional('PACKAGE_CLASSES', 'package_rpm', '' 'does not build correctly without package_rpm in PACKAGE_CLASSES', d)}"16:32
frscIf a bbappend is doing PACKAGECONFIG_remove_foo = "bar" can I somehow undo/invalidate this in a different bbappend?16:32
rburtonfrsc: no16:33
JaMafrsc: you cannot, intermediate variable like "PACKAGECONFIG_remove_foo = "${BAR}" with BAR = "bar" would be easy16:33
rburtonremoves happen before adds, so you can't re-add a remove16:33
JaMafrsc: if not then you can only BBMASK the first bbappend and replace it completely with your own16:33
frscrburton: JaMa: ok, I was afraid this won't be possible for the reasons given.16:35
JaMafrsc: in ideal case the original recipe PACKAGECONFIG would use separate variable for bar (if that something many people use to remove) and then instead of _remove one bbappend can just set it to empty and the other set it back to bar16:35
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frscJaMa: Unfortunately some parts of meta-freescale are far from ideal. I once more think about just removing that layer from our BSP as it often causes more trouble than it actually helps.16:36
frscJaMa: I will look at how BBMASK works and/or come up with a patch for meta-freescale.16:37
frscrburton: JaMa: Thanks!16:38
rburtonfrsc: BSPs definitely should only be doing _remove only for stuff that really doesn't make sense16:39
rburtonany distro policy bits should be separate and optional so you can just do your own distro16:39
JaMafrsc: yes, some layers don't behave nicely, but this is very reasonable request, they should be able to improve this situation quickly if you ask nicely or send a patch16:40
JaMafrsc: if it's not reported to them, then many people don't even realize what harm they are causing to their "users"16:41
frscIt's about the mesa.bbappend in meta-freescale that does "PACKAGECONFIG_remove_mx8 = "gallium"" as it expects all users of i.MX8 wanting to use OsMesa and swrast instead of Gallium and etnaviv.16:41
JaMayes, that's quite toxic16:42
frscJaMa: I will try to fix that upstream16:42
JaMabut believe me, I've seen even worse "commercial" layers16:42
frscJaMa: glad I only have to deal with this one. The other layers are either under my own control or very easy to handle (meta-qt5).16:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: custom Image /var/lib/dpkg missing <>17:34
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fullstopIn my virtual/kernel recipe, my recipe inherits "kernel" and provides virtual/kernel.  I'm wanting to build a few things from the tools directory in the kernel source, but this requires the standard c library and things like "string.h" etc.  How do I get these into my recipe-sysroot directory?19:19
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fullstopaha, add glibc to DEPENDS?19:23
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khemcreate a new recipe or perhaps look into kernel-selftest recipe19:28
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rburtonfullstop:  there's already a kernel-tools recipe iirc to build pieces like that21:09
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fullstoprburton: thanks!21:22
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fullstoprburton: I'm using the mainline kernel and derived my recipe from something in the atmel / at91 tree.. does the kernel-tools recipe require a yocto kernel?21:23
zeddiiwe've always built perf that way, it has recently (well a year) changed to copy the source out of the kernel, but if you look at older branches, it built right out of the kernel source.21:24
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champagnegjani91: hello21:32
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zeddiithere's a skip in the record21:42
jani191For the imx8qxpmek evaluation board, I built yocto project for bsp release L4.19.35_1.1.0.  Then, I invoked following command to extract toolchain:21:43
jani191DISTRO=fsl-imx-xwayland MACHINE=imx8qxpmek bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk21:43
jani191A new folder is created in build/tmp/deploy/sdk21:43
jani191Inside sdk folder, there is filename:  fsl-imx-xwayland-glibc-x86_64-core-image-minimal-aarch64-toolchain-4.19-warrior.sh21:43
jani191I copied this script to /opt folder.  Then, I executed this script to install sdk.  I chose to have sdk installed in build/mysdk folder.  Inside mysdk folder, there is environment setup script:  environment-setup-aarch64-poky-linux.  I ran this environment setup script.21:43
jani191I believe next step is to compile?  How do I build binary image that can be deployed in the target?21:43
rburtongreat minds21:45
khemstart with Chapter 4 there, you already have done until chapter 321:45
khemrburton: heh, I have manual always open in one tab now a days21:46
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jani191thank you!21:52
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zeddiiwhat's with these #hashtag subject email.23:02
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khemzeddii: hashtag the hashtag23:25
khemsocial media23:25
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mranostaywell irc has hashtags in a sense :)23:49

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