Thursday, 2020-02-13

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zeddiiof course, I'm convinced that twitter is just a giant wrapper around an irc server somewhere ;)02:03
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khemmranostay: some OE devs are cavemen02:19
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* zeddii is a tiktok influencer02:20
khemzeddii must have watched movie called  Airplane Mode02:24
* mranostay pops up imdb02:24
mranostaywon't be netflixing that02:25
denixwho let this mranostay dude in here???02:25
denixmranostay: this channel is for adults only, your are underage, please show me your ID02:27
denixzeddii: yeah, I was asking the same Q about those hashtags, looks like they bridged twitter into our mailing lists...02:28
mranostayi'll scan my HI drivers license.. one sec02:31
denixmranostay: and HI to you too! :)02:32
khemif you use web interface then you will see the power of hashtags02:34
denix#is #this #how #you #are #supposed #to #communicate #now?02:36
khemits easy way to see what hashtags I care about and I can ignore all other conversations in that mailing list02:37
khemor politely mute the rest02:37
khemI wonder what would have denix done if we moved to discourse02:38 is still face lifted mailman02:38
khemmranostay: you in Hawaii now a days02:39
denixkhem: what's discourse? I'm a uucp/nntp generation02:42
khemmorse code ?02:43
denixI know OHM, not OMG :)02:43
denixno, morse code is armpit/Crofton... I'm too young for that02:44
khemsome sanity prevails02:45
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kiwi_29Hello. all the functions of recipe have their log and run files stored in tmp/work/<PLATFORM>/<application>/temp directory   in files such as log.do_compile , run.do_compile etc. Where is the log and run info for __anonymous function in recipe03:00
denixnone of the python function code is logger03:05
kiwi_29I see files in temp directory like log.do_compile log.do_unpack log.do_configure etc.. and they looks like logs of functions written in recipe... no?03:08
kiwi_29the real question is , how do I get log for __anonymous function written inside the recipe03:09
mranostaykhem: no just a McLovin reference03:10
denixnone of the python function code is logged03:15
denixdo_compile, do_configure, etc. are all shell functions03:16
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khemthere is python devshell03:22
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khemmranostay: hmm too much context, compiler bails out03:39
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kiwi_29khem , how to use devpyshell to run the __anonymous function written inside my application recipe04:41
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beratikshi, I try to bug fix almost a few weeks. Please help me ! :
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khemberatiks: seems a kernel thing, perhaps a bug in kernel or module07:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why Subdevice is NULL in ov5640_mipi_v3 module? <>07:06
beratikskhem: Interesting. Everything looks fine but not working. I make kernel manually.07:08
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angelo__hi, need to have KERNEL_DEVICETREE copied in final rootfs /boot, where should i setup this ?08:01
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LetoThe2ndangelo__: add kernel-device-tree to  IMAGE_INSTALL08:32
angelo__ok, i did   IMAGE_INSTALL += " kernel-devicetree "08:34
angelo__thanks !08:34
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ernstplooking at the new cve-check.bbclass stuff. nice idea. but trying to understand what gets included in the image report. seems to include a lot of extra stuff that's not installed10:02
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gaston68I am developing a Linux image operating system using Yocto Project.I am using SUMO branch (Yocto Project 2.5).In order to install the boost library in my Linux image, I added this line to the local.conf file :IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " boost"But I discover that the default version installed is Boost 1.66.0.Under meta/recipes-support/boost directory I11:16
gaston68can find three files :recipes-support/boost/boost_1.66.0.bbrecipes-support/boost/boost-1.66.0.increcipes-support/boost/boost.incI think that those are the recipes for this library.I need to use version 1.70.0 because I have an application coded using this version.I don't know how to modify these recipes in order to have the desired version, or is11:16
gaston68there another method to use ? I don't find any helpful tips on the internet. Can you help me please ?Thank you!11:16
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neverpanic has 1.7.2011:17
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neverpanicUpdating to Yocto Zeus (3.0) will give you 1.71.011:18
neverpanicIf that's not an option, you can always backport that specific version of the recipe.11:18
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neverpanicAlso, usually you would not IMAGE_INSTALL_append for libraries. Instead, write the recipe for the application you want in the image, add that application to IMAGE_INSTALL, and make sure that recipe has DEPENDS += "boost"11:18
gaston68what do you mean by "backport" please ?11:20
gaston68I do not want to update my all image to another version11:20
gaston68and I want to use 1.70.0 version of boost, not 1.7111:21
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gaston68neverpanic I see what backport mean. If you do me a favor tell me how can I backport the recipe of boost 1.66.0 version in order to run 1.70.0 version11:30
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LetoThe2ndgaston68: poky never had a recipe for 1.70, so manual effort is always required. you can either try and grab the state for 1.69, or 171 as a start. but this will probably not be exactly trivial, sorry.11:45
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LetoThe2ndboost is... "complicated" at times.11:45
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nacknickHi. I tried to build image for Web OS (Yocto based) following the instructions here:
nacknickFor some reason, I get errors:11:50
nacknick`ERROR: Worker process (9133) exited unexpectedly (-9), shutting down...`11:50
nacknick`Makefile:42: recipe for target 'webos-image' failed``make: *** [webos-image] Error 1`11:50
rburtona pastebin of the full log would be a lot more helpful11:51
rburtonalso paging JaMa ^^^11:51
gaston68LetoThe2nd I tried to modify the .inc file and put the path of the boost 1.70.0 in SRC_UR and modified the checksum of the other SRC_UR variables. I tried to bitbake but errors related to the patch occured11:55
nacknickrburton: Have you seen it?11:57
nacknickMaybe someone else knows what is the problem?11:57
LetoThe2ndgaston68: recipes do not work that way, sorry11:58
LetoThe2ndgaston68: 1) the version comes from the file name11:59
LetoThe2ndgaston68: 2) boost usually carries patches that often are modified for version changes.11:59
LetoThe2ndgaston68: between 1.66 and current have been changes with repect to py2-py312:00
rburtongaston68: copy the entire boost/ folder12:00
rburtonthat *might* just work12:00
LetoThe2ndgaston68: and as you are explicitly asking for 1.70 instead of 1.71 which is a state you can just grab like rburton said, you are in for the pain yourself.12:00
gaston68LetoThe2nd rburton see. Thank you for you suggestions12:05
gaston68LetoThe2nd by the way, I modified the file name in order to have the required version :)12:06
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Couldn't create image from VU+ official repository in Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS <> || Remove locale files corresponding to packages? <>12:07
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JaManacknick: why are you building this old version? Do you have enough ram/swap? check dmesg in case the bitbake worker was killed by OOMK12:15
LetoThe2ndJaMa: i actually didn't say that because i thought it would bee too obvious to be true....12:17
JaMaobvious are the worst kinds of issues :)12:18
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test123I'm trying to build poky, but I'm getting following error:
mckoantest123: No space left on devic12:42
test123yes, which device has no space??12:43
test123accidently two questionmarks12:43
mckoantest123: run df -h12:43
test123I have 315gb left12:43
test123Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on12:43
LetoThe2ndrun user?12:46
LetoThe2ndthats sounds like something dynamic. which filesystem?12:46
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test123Filesystem     Type      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on12:48
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LetoThe2ndyou are building in tmpfs and have 416gb free?12:50
LetoThe2ndthat sounds... too good to be true!12:50
test123lol, why do you think im building im tmpfs?12:51
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test123I thought I'm building it in / ext4 partition12:52
LetoThe2nd12:48 < test123> tmpfs12:52
LetoThe2ndthats why12:52
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LetoThe2ndanyways. have you checked the other hint?12:52
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tmp123ok, so I still don't understand what is happening13:01
tmp123I have rebooted PC and not its building13:05
tmp123I don't understand what was the problem?13:05
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tmp123and now* its building13:07
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xtrontrying to add dependency using the following line, do_compile[depends] += "${@'${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}:do_image_complete' if d.getVar('INITRAMFS_IMAGE') else ''}"13:25
xtronbut it doesn't work when the variable INITRAMFS_IMAGE is not set,13:26
xtronError: .... do_image_complete' if d.getVar('INITRAMFS_IMAGE') else ':'}' does not contain exactly one ':' character13:26
xtronError: Task 'depends' should be specified in the form 'packagename:task'13:26
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perdmannhi, is there an available recipe which compiles ubifs tools? (like ubiattach or mkfs.ubifs)?13:29
ernstpxtron: d.getVar('INITRAMFS_IMAGE') + ':do_image_complete' if d.getVar('INITRAMFS_IMAGE') else ''13:29
ernstpperdmann: yeah it's in mtd-utils13:30
LetoThe2ndperdmann: mtd-utils13:32
LetoThe2ndperdmann: it provides an additional package mtd-utils-ubifs13:32
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xtronernstp, isn't the error about dependency on a NULL task? so why this fix the problem, NULL task is still there in INITRAMFS_IMAGE is not set13:40
ernstpif INITRAMFS_IMAGE isn't set up you should end up in the else side with only ''13:40
xtronernstp, yes it will become -> do_compile[depends] += ''13:41
xtrone.g: do_compile[depends] += "${@d.getVar('INITRAMFS_IMAGE') + ':do_image_complete' if d.getVar('INITRAMFS_IMAGE') else ''}"13:42
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ernstpxtron: but that works fine. try to add that just like that. so I think something else is happening13:42
ernstpxtron: that should work fine afaik at least  :-)13:42
xtronernstp, hmm13:42
ernstpyou should stick to pure python in there anyway13:43
ernstp${INITRAMFS_IMAGE} isn't python13:43
xtronernstp, may be, it works that way ${} on some other places, anywayl13:44
ernstpxtron: it works in "bb" code and shellscripts, and I guess it works on python code also, but it's probably a bad idea...13:46
xtronernstp, thanks13:47
perdmannLetoThe2nd Hm i added mtd-utils but i have no ubifs programs13:48
LetoThe2ndperdmann: read again.13:51
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ernstpperdmann: the output of the mtd-utils recipe is split into multiple packages: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs -p mtd-utils13:53
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perdmannThanks it works now. I searched for all mtd recipes… Until now i thought that recipes == packages14:09
perdmanni searched with bitbake-layers show-recipes14:09
LetoThe2ndperdmann: :)14:15
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fullstopI'm looking for some advice on how to structure something.  I have a process which initializes itself by running a bunch of files in, say, /etc/mybin.d/*.conf14:24
fullstopThese files are different for each platform14:24
fullstopand some may not even exist on some platforms.14:24
fullstopWhere should these files live?14:25
LetoThe2ndfullstop: /usr/share/whatever14:26
fullstopLetoThe2nd: Sorry, should they live in the recipe directory, an overlay, as patches?14:27
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LetoThe2ndfullstop: depends.14:27
fullstopI'm trying to do this so that devtool works14:27
fullstopand if I put them in files/sama5d2/ devtool wants to delete them or it gets very confusing as to what to do with the different branches it creates.14:28
fullstopand I can see that it's a can of worms once other people here start making changes.14:29
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opennandrahello, is dropbear started by default during systemd service? I saw dropbear@.service but I cannot see any symlink in /etc/systemd/system/...14:32
LetoThe2ndopennandra: dropbear usually is .socket activated.14:33
opennandraLetoThe2nd: yes I saw socket also so it means if I want to ssh to devie then it's started?14:33
opennandraand also key is generated?14:33
LetoThe2ndopennandra: it should all work out of the box14:34
opennandraLetoThe2nd: I'm using readonly rootfs and I'm trying to move generation of rsa key to /data partition14:34
opennandrabut after first boot /data is not populated with rsa generated key so I was curious if jey generation is done during first ssh attempt14:34
LetoThe2ndopennandra: we're RO too and it works14:35
LetoThe2ndno, the keys should be pre-generated during image creation IIRC14:36
opennandraLetoThe2nd:  I don't want to have same key for all devices14:36
opennandraLetoThe2nd: so I've override dropbearkey.service and also dropbear@.service to point to my /data directory14:37
opennandrajust was curious why it's not started automatically14:37
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*** gaston54 <gaston54!669c5b8d@> has joined #yocto14:41
gaston54Hello, is there anybody here who knows how to install Boost 1.70.0 library version in Yocto Linux image ?14:42
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erbogaston54: there are boost recipes in openembedded-core14:49
erbowhich version they are will depend on which release you are on14:49
erboCurrent version is 1.72, not sure if there's some release that uses exactly 1.70.014:50
gaston54erbo Yes in fact that is my problem. First I can not find boost 1.70.0 version at all . Second I need it for my SUMO yocto version14:51
LetoThe2ndgaston54: it has all been said already. there was never a 1.70 recipe in the layers, we went from 1.69 to 1.71 directly14:52
LetoThe2ndgaston54: and there is nothing official for sumo, certainly14:52
erbogaston54: Then I'd suggest trying to create you own 1.70.0 version based on either 1.69 or 1.7114:52
erboBut perhaps it's ok with a newer version than 1.70?14:53
gaston54LetoThe2nd That's it buddy , I have just gave another try and I think that there is no way to use 1.70 version for SUMO branch. Thank you14:55
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:8943:d24d:d5b0:e1fb> has quit IRC14:55
gaston54erbo Should I update all the kernel of SUMO ? Or can I use the 1.72 without upgrading the kernel ?14:56
erbogaston54: I would just use the newer boost recipes by copying them into some local layer14:57
LetoThe2ndgaston54: boost and the kernel have nothing in common.14:57
erboneed to leave now though for kindergarden pickups, good luck :)14:57
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:57
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gaston54erbo Okey thank you14:58
gaston54LetoThe2nd I mean the yocto Branch14:58
LetoThe2ndgaston54: like i said, its not exactly one of the least problemateic recipes, but also not one of the highest. go, try and find out.14:59
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gaston54LetoThe2nd I am new in Yocto world that's why I still little bit confused. I will give a try thank you15:02
*** hamis_lt_u <hamis_lt_u!~irfan@> has quit IRC15:03
LetoThe2ndgaston54: i take that you have already watched the relevant episodes of
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:edf5:bce7:433a:8afc> has joined #yocto15:07
gaston54LetoThe2nd I have not watched it yet. Those episodes will help me more understand Yocto. Thank you15:07
LetoThe2ndgaston54: enjoy!15:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS keeps crashing when running: bitbake fsl-image-gui <>15:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where the Jenkinsfile should be stored when working with different repos managed by the repo tool? <>16:08
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khemRP: the busybox patch seems you got prior one ? I have pushed the one to kraj/pu
khemit has been building fine ..17:25
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RPkhem: I took what was on the mailing list17:53
khemRP: OK, usually git send-email does not molest patches but who knows18:00
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto18:02
khem for zeddi and denix who were heckling me yesterday :)18:13
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Marexhey, is there something in OE that would do some sort of jobserver ?18:20
MarexI mean, if I have e.g. 64 core machine, and I run bitbake , it either overutilizes the machine at the beginning and cannot utilize it at the end of the build or it's underutilized all the time18:20
Marexe.g. when building stuff with qtwebengine, the paralelization is good at the beginning of the build, but at the end it's only the webengine that's being built18:21
khemheh, I suffer same problem.18:23
khemso I used to use a high -j value and then combine it with -l 1.518:23
*** rangergord <rangergord!> has joined #yocto18:24
khemso my system is always adequately loaded18:24
khemI stopped doing it, after replacing my ssd, and motherboard fan18:24
Marexkhem: well, that's an option all right18:25
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Ad0what is the best practice to populate / install files in a volatile-binded directory? when using NetworkManager in a readonly rootfs, I have bound it to the /data partition. should I do install on that destination?18:49
khemAd0: they should get copies there on first boot18:50
Ad0you mean run a script depending on that bind being done?18:51
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fullstopwhen using SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} should I see something in the postinst script?19:19
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fullstopOther recipes do, so mine is a bit different.  I'm adding a service for something in busybox which is done in a busybox_%.bbappend -- the files show up but postinst doesn't do the systemd magic.19:25
fullstopIs it valid to "inherit systemd" in a bbappend?19:25
*** gsalazar_ <gsalazar_!~gsalazar@2001:818:e633:c100:83a0:92b7:67ab:e154> has joined #yocto19:25
Ad0I don't see why not since it just adds to the original bb and inherit is more like include19:26
Ad0I made my own recipe instead of tacking on to something else19:26
fullstopThe service is for runit, part of busybox.19:27
fullstopI could separate them without much of an issue, I suppose.19:28
Ad0I saw something with systemd (I am quite fresh in yocto myself)19:28
Ad0there's an own enable statement19:28
fullstopSYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE, defaults to "enable"19:28
fullstopI'm cleaning busybox and building again.. I changed SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE to SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} since my service is runit.service and not busybox.service19:29
Ad0DEPENDS_append_class-target = " systemd"19:29
Ad0RDEPENDS_${PN}_class-target = "systemd"19:30
Ad0not sure what that was from19:30
Ad0I just add shit I saw into there19:30
fullstopWell, that did not work.  Maybe I'll just add a separate recipe instead of fighting it.19:30
Ad0I mean it should be possible to do it in a bbappend19:31
Ad0the systemd stuff I've seen are in separate .bb though not bbappend19:31
fullstopyes, those look very similar to what I was doing19:35
Ad0fullstop, are there other bbappends?19:35
Ad0that does systemd stuff. note SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} += and not =19:35
fullstopAd0: no other appends that I know of19:36
fullstopand I tried +=19:36
Ad0you can do bitbake -e recipe and grep it to look at the SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} variables19:36
Ad0see what's going on19:36
Ad0how do you install the actual file?19:37
Ad0do_install_append () and dest  ${D}/${systemd_system_unitdir} right?19:37
Ad0hm no FILES_${PN} += " ?19:40
fullstopone sec, it was there19:40
Ad0I have ${systemd_system_unitdir}/* in that var19:41
fullstopFILES_${PN} += " ${bindir}/runsvdir-start ${systemd_system_unitdir}/runit.service"19:41
Ad0it all seems by the book19:41
fullstopI put the runit stuff in its own recipe and postinst has the systemd magic in it.19:41
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has joined #yocto19:41
fullstopPerhaps this is better; I can update this stuff without reinstalling busybox.19:41
Ad0it makes debugging easier too because of that19:42
Ad0I hate kernel bbappends with a passion heh19:42
Ad0I change one small .dts file and it all has to recompile19:42
fullstopI separated my dts for that reason.19:42
fullstopIt makes it so much easier to iterate through dts changes on a new board19:43
Ad0another technique I have is to have a devshell open19:43
Ad0for virtual/kernel19:43
*** xyzzy42 <xyzzy42!~trentpi@> has joined #yocto19:50
xyzzy42What is the right way to change an existing package to use my git server instead of package's official site?  I tried redefining SRC_URI in a bbappend, but some of the packages have additional files added in SRC_URI beyond the git server and I lose those.19:52
xyzzy42Obviously I could edit the files in the meta layer the package is from, but that seems wrong.  It should be possible to do this in a meta layer I make.19:53
xyzzy42I could do some kind of python regex replace to change the just the git server in the source(s) in the SRC_URI.  That seems ugly, and fragile, since it breaks if source meta layer changes their git server URI.19:55
fullstopxyzzy42: I clone the repo and rename "origin" to "upstream", and push my new "origin" to the git repo here.19:57
xyzzy42The meta-layer this is in could have been written something like GIT_SERVER?="git://whatever, SRC_URI = "${GIT_SERVER}", so I could change the just part of what it adds to SRC_URI19:57
fullstopThis lets me merge upstream changes while staying local for builds19:58
xyzzy42fullstop: How would I get the recipe for the package to reference my local git repo?19:58
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fullstopI see your problem now20:04
fullstopCan you explain "but some of the packages have additional files added in SRC_URI beyond the git server and I lose those." a little more?20:05
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champagnegHi! We creating a pkg_postinst_ontarget script is there a way to include only what's specified for _ontarget? The resulting script seems to contain both postinst and postinst_ontarget snippets21:06
xyzzy42fullstop: It's a bootloader, barebox.  There are multiple packages, 1st stage, 2nd stage, utils.  Some of them add more files, stored in the meta layer, to the SRC_URI.  config file, patches, stuff like that.21:20
xyzzy42It seems like, "I want to use my git repo / branch," would be common enough that one could do it in a meta layer.21:21
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xyzzy42If I look at how the kernel packages, where custom git repos are more common, deal with this, it looks like there's two main things.  One is design the recipes largely around generic inc files, so one can easily make a new pacakge bb file without duplicating much.  The other is to use SRC_URI_append to add source local recipe source files.21:32
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kergothxyzzy42: i'd bbappend the recipe and use PREMIRRORS to redirect it to the other server.21:48
kergothif it's local on the same machine, use externalsrc instead, possibly via devtool modify21:48
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has quit IRC21:51
xyzzy42kergoth: Could I set PREMIRRORS_barebox_append to just set the mirror for this one package?21:56
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto21:57
kergothif you mean the recipe, since package doesn't make sense in this context, if you use a bbappend it by definition only applies to the recipe21:57
kergothyou'd only need to use a conditional append if you're doing it from local.conf or something instead21:57
kergothif you want to use local.conf, then you have to use override syntax, not _barebox21:57
xyzzy42kergoth: I see, yes I should have said recipe.  I'll give that a try, it might work better that what I've done, which is now working after I changed the barebox meta to use SRC_URI_append when it adds additional local source code.22:00
xyzzy42Though it's not really a mirror, it's a fork.  But it doesn't seem like that matters too much behavior wise.22:03
xyzzy42Hmm, still need to regex match the original SRC_URI.  I.e., they change from git to https, my regex doesn't match anymore.22:04
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kergothxyzzy42: if it's http://, then it's not a git repo anymore, it's a tarball, and your premirrors won't be of much use anyway. but it's a group of regexes, you can make it match whatever you want22:22
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xyzzy42I've come to the conclusion I should create a new recipe for a new version of something with an existing recipe in another layer.  I'm able to use include files to avoid cut&paste from the existing recipe.  But there is a patch file in that layer I'd like to use, and it can't be found, I assume because FILESPATHS and FILESEXTRAPATHS only reference the new recipe in my layer.23:38
xyzzy42I'm not sure how to add the original layer's recipe's path to FILESEXTRAPATHS without hard-coding the absolute path or the exact relative path between the two layers.23:39
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RPkhem: the patches I tested were the v2, I just replied to the wrong thread fwiw23:44

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