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khemRP: i am trying to build -cpppulate_sdk_ext qwith kernel using initiramfs from linux-yocto and and I see these warnings/errors
khemany ideas07:58
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RPkhem: probably some date/time issue making it into the hashes? I'd get bitbake-diffsigs out09:05
kanavin_homeRP: how is the release process going? anything where I could help?09:14
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moustafaI am a newbie in yocto and bash script, I want to understand some line like this09:55
moustafaPN = "${@bb.parse.BBHandler.vars_from_file(d.getVar('FILE', False),d)[0] or 'defaultpkgname'}"09:55
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RPkanavin_home: M3 is looking good but we're seeing intermittent ptest failures after your change to error upon failure :(10:30
RPkanavin_home: I've filed bugs for them but this worried me a lot in the context of LTS10:31
RPkanavin_home: that is the main reason recent builds are fails10:31
hpsyAre sym links created by EXTERNALSRC_SYMLINKS actually needed for external source builds or can I set it to nothing?10:33
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kanavin_homeRP: but overall ptest is passing, right?10:49
RPkanavin_home: the builds failed10:50
RPkanavin_home: any ERROR: message will cause the build to be a fail. What we might want is a WARNING10:51
RPbut we do have warning free builds now :/10:51
kanavin_homeRP: right, those are ptest-fast10:51
RPkanavin_home: it would be helpful to dive into the builds logged into bugzilla and find the ptest logs, see what happened10:51
kanavin_homeRP: I added a ignore-fail only for slow ptests, thinking that fast ones are robust10:51
kanavin_homeRP: if they're not, then the same has to be set for ptest-fast as well10:52
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RPkanavin_home: ok, looks like they're not robust, sadly10:52
kanavin_homeRP: should be quick to patch that10:52
RPkanavin_home: we should probably still try and get the logs into those bugs so we can look into the issues10:52
kanavin_homeRP: of course, that'd be a much needed enhancement,10:54
kanavin_homeintermittent ptest failures can be maddeningly difficult to reproduce locally10:54
RPkanavin_home: its why I'm keen to try and find/save the logs which should be there for this10:55
kanavin_homeRP: I'll make a bug for that and assign for myself, but the quickest way out is to declare fast ptests not robust for now10:55
RPkanavin_home: to be clear, we should have the logs in this case, we just need to find and extract the useful but10:56
RPI think I've filed about three of these so far10:56
kanavin_homeRP: right. The difficult bit is that what gets printed may or may note be helpful (depending on ptest), and sometimes you need at the log on disk too10:56
RPkanavin_home: right, it may or may not be useful but it'd be a step forward10:57
RPkanavin_home: the output from ptest runner is at least something10:57
kanavin_homeRP: yes - if the overall ptest exits with a non-zero we do print the entire output, so maybe we should adjust to do the same when just specific ptests fail10:58
kanavin_home(it's an enhancement I did, because some ptests were invisibly failing in that manner!)10:59
RPkanavin_home: We shouldn't need to print the output since it is logged into the json results10:59
RPI've wanted to improve the tooling to allow easier extraction of that but we're not there yet11:00
kanavin_homeRP: right, but then if that is logged, it could be somehow preserved? I don't know much about that area11:00
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kanavin_homeI'll send a patch for ptest-fast not giving a hard failure though, if you're ok with it?11:00
RPkanavin_home: yes, I am, thanks11:02
RPkanavin_home: What I mean is that failed, if you look at the build properties you can be lead to
RPkanavin_home: that json file has the log for the failure in.11:03
RPI've updated the bug11:06
kanavin_homeRP: right yes, that does give a much better starting point!11:13
RPkanavin_home: there is an open bug to add a link on the autobuilder to point at the testresults directory11:16
RPkanavin_home: and we do have tools that can pull the logs from the json files, in this case I admit I did it manually11:17
kanavin_homeRP: yeah, I am trying to extract the important bit, but both my browser and the local app choke on the full raw log part11:18
RPkanavin_home: resulttool has some option to extract it11:19
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kanavin_homeRP: yes, I've figured it out - don't go to ptestresult.rawlogs, but rather to ptestresult.sections11:28
kanavin_homeRP: just been wondering, this has been stuck in master-next for weeks, despite being totally uncontroversial:
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xyz42aHi Everyone, I'm building my Yocto image inside a docker container, and on some packages (ex. gcc) on the do_package step fails, i receive this ERROR: Exception: KeyError: 'getpwuid(): uid not found: 1001' (full log here thank for the help!11:36
xyz42aI'm running bitbake as suggested as non-root, with a user with UID 100111:38
RPkanavin_home: FWIW the autobuilder is supposed to extract these in the http share but for some reason isn't11:46
RPkanavin_home: The patch needs various fixes, I have a number of emails I need to sort out in relation to that docs patch :(11:47
kanavin_homeRP: right - I'm going for a bike ride now, as it's sunny and might be last chance to do so 'legally' for a while11:53
kanavin_homeRP: I've been working from home, and my nice workstation in the office still not on the right network, so ability to do things that require 'real yocto builds' is limited a bit11:54
RPkanavin_home: no problem, stay safe!11:54
kanavin_homethanks, I'd say that solo road cycling should be very low risk, shouldn't it?11:54
RPkanavin_home: unless you fall off, that would be the biggest risk there11:55
kanavin_homeyep, the bulk of the planned route is on dedicated cycle paths :)11:55
RPkanavin_home: That helps a lot!11:56
RPkanavin_home: I suspect I'd still use the mtb but I would be careful about route choice. I'm staying at home today though, too many people everywhere outside by the looks of it :(11:56
kanavin_homeRP: I think I should be able to handle the lockdown okay, I'm an introvert who relaxes through books and music11:58
kanavin_homeRP: Kari will be hit much harder probably, he thrives on human interaction and can never have enough of it11:58
RPkanavin_home: Its going to be very tough on social people :/11:59
RPkanavin_home: I live alone so it could get interesting...12:00
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luna_A Yocto talk at foss-north foss-gbg online konferans #1 nu:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: I am new in yocto build and integration. Please suggest me idea why I am getting error "ERROR: oe_runmake failed"? <>14:42
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khemRP: how do we do that inside esdk14:52
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RPkhem: diffsigs? grab the sig files as normal15:05
khemRP: I only see setscene files in stamps/ dir15:20
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khemRP: should recipes using externalsrc or sourcecode inside workspace work in eSDK, I see they dont15:26
RPkhem: I don't remember :(15:26
RPkhem: eSDK was developed so far, then everyone was pulled off it. It works to a point but there were many things we never got to do with it that really needed to be done15:27
RPMost of the knowledge "paged to disk" amt :(15:27
* RP is staring at tinfoil data connector code and really needs input from Paul as I don't understand why the code is as it is15:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto build and integration, getting error "ERROR: oe_runmake failed" <> || Patch bitbake to use custom `wpa_supplicant.conf` <>17:12
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