Monday, 2020-04-13

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto: how do I install header files along with kernel module in sdk <>03:28
nameclashgood morning gents, is there any sleek way to have production and development builds?03:34
nameclashso for example, the devel build would have additional tools for testing and debugging, which I don't want to ship with the final product03:36
nameclashI was thinking of partitioning the packages in .inc files and then include either the one or the other from core-image-minimal03:39
nameclashdepending on an environment variable03:40
opellowould it be unreasonable to add an additional -devel package that included the extra tools (or just use the existing -dev package)?04:02
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nameclashno, not at all.. but I think that would suffer from the same problem I have with my clumsy .inc file solution, which is dynamic control over what gets in and what not04:05
nameclashoh, wait04:06
nameclashyeah that makes sense04:06
opelloas in when you choose to include the development helpers package?04:07
nameclashI coud just say: bitbake core-image-minimal for the production build and bitbake core-image-minimal core-image-minimal-dev for the devel build04:07
opelloyeah, then the image RDEPENDS covers including the additional helper package(s) in the -dev case04:08
nameclashyeah, since bitbake doesnt support conditions, I just injected variables that I used to include additional stuff04:10
nameclashlike in core-image-minimal I had a line in the bottom, saying require core-image-minimal${SUFFIX}.inc04:10
opellowithout knowing more about your workflow it seems like it could be nicer to pack stuff like that into a bbclass?04:11
nameclashwith an empty and, where the former was empty and the latter one kept all the devel stuff04:11
opelloor if it just covers packages some nicely named packagegroups?04:12
nameclashyeah, packagegroups or meta-packages seem to be a good fit for it04:12
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nameclashopello, you still around?05:41
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matthewzmdfor anyone worked with meta-qt5 before, i have qt5everywheredemo in IMAGE_INSTALL_append, and the build succeeds, how to I trigger the demo after i boot into the image?15:50
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matthewzmdhave i missed anything, my wifi dropped immediately after i post my question16:00
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Multiple rootfs through .wks file fails in yocto <>16:00
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kergothAnyone played around with using debian multiarch's filesystem layout? ex ld-linux naming, libdir paths16:24
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kergothOn a not directly related note, has anyone looked into multiple target sysroots in a yocto sdk? Ex. use multiconfig to build for multiple target configurations and then build an sdk that populates sysroots for all of them, and then one nativesdk sysroot?16:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use bitbake to add static web files? <>17:31
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khemkergoth: mutliconfig sdk is on my wishlist18:23
kergothI basically want a toolchain built by bitbake with a variety of multilib configurations, but it's easier to just use separate machines to construct multiple sysroots, so a multiconfig sdk would be the next best thing to a multilib setup with sysroot suffixes18:25
khemkergoth: yeah I think gcc's notion of multilib doesn not match with OEs and neither with debian multiarch18:44
khemso its a bit sad18:45
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jpuhlmankhem there really isn't a lot that needs to be done to bring the oe's idea of mutlilib inline with gcc's.18:54
fraythe worst part of gcc's multilib vs OE.. is that gcc 'defaults' have far far too many multilibs defined in a lot of configs..18:55
fraybut it's certainly possible to build and use the gcc multilibs w/in the YP environment -- assuming you defined all the multilibs on the YP side.18:55
fraydebian multiarch is broken by design IMHO, but again it can be done as well by adjusting paths..18:55
kergothbroken in what way?19:08
kergothare postinsts not run for nativesdk packages? particularly for update-alternatives?19:08
kergothnot looking like it, but not certain19:09
RPkergoth: no, they're not. There is an open bug :(19:19
kergothah, thanks19:21
kergothit makes sense that it'd be a bit of a pain, sdk_arch isn't necessarily build_arch, so we'd need to either postpone to install/relocation time or run qemu, but i don't know how hard it'd be to run qemu against SDKMACHINE rather than  MACHINE19:23
kergothif you assume compat a chroot would do, but lacking root we'd have to fake it anyway, might as well use qemu19:23
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RPkergoth: our qemu support is way better than it used to be FWIW and on the most part they're shell anyway. Just needs someone to figure it all out...19:25
* kergoth nods19:25
kergothI'll have to decide if I care enough. which is often the problem. what do i use my precious spare minutes on19:26
RPkergoth: would love your help!19:29
RPkergoth: oe-core feels a bit lonely these days at times :(19:29
kergothyeah, sorry, i haven't been able to contribute much, family is taking a lot of time nowadays, and work is hectic and often on tasks that don't directly contribute. even my backlog of meta-mentor submissions is piling up, and that's my bare minimum contributions usually..19:32
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hirnschlagHi all21:55
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hirnschlagI'm curious, is this a place where one can ask some stupid questions about yocto?21:56
nameclashhirnschlag, you're spot on dude21:57
hirnschlagOkay, I have to say I never feel so lost like on days I'm touching my yocto build21:57
hirnschlagSo please bear with me. I have functioning ZYNQ arm7 build, in zeus, using meta-xilinx, and my own layer that adds a bunch of kernel patches21:58
hirnschlagI sort of soldiered through that and got this to work. Now I like to add some packages, say openvpn21:59
hirnschlagI copied some .bb files for it from various sources, but nope. Would have been too easy21:59
hirnschlagIs there a tutorial or something on how to go about this?22:00
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nameclashhirnschlag, when I'm adding packages I first check if the standard poky layers contain a recipe for the package I'm looking for22:01
hirnschlagI think22:02
hirnschlagI did that22:02
nameclashyou can either do this with a simple find statement, e.g. find -name "*openvpn*bb"22:02
nameclashor you just add the package to IMAGE_INSTALL in core-image-minimal.bbappend and run bitbake core-image-minimal22:03
nameclashit will complain if it finds no recipes that provide openvpn22:03
hirnschlagIt did22:03
nameclashin that case, just find the layer in the internet, here zeddii did it for you22:04
hirnschlagI downloaded that recipe22:04
nameclashyou should add that layer to your workspace22:04
hirnschlagthe very same zeddii found22:04
nameclashnot just the recipe22:04
zeddiiyup. you need to clone the layer, add it to your bblayers.conf and then add the packge to your image install.22:05
zeddiiIIRC the yocto-mega-manual should have some samples of how to do that.22:05
hirnschlagThis will require me to get the whole meta-openembedded shebang22:06
nameclasha good approach imo is to add the layer repo as submodule to your project22:06
hirnschlagwill that have other consequences besides me getting the openvpn package in my image?22:06
zeddiithey will be parsed, but not built, unless you have them in your install, or a dependency of something being installed.22:07
hirnschlagokay, ill try that22:07
zeddiiyocto compatible layers will not influence your build, simply by being in bblayers22:07
nameclashyeah, you will also pull every other package into your project, i.e. not that they get into your image but you will be able then to add more packages from that layer22:07
hirnschlagThis seems to be working22:17
hirnschlagSorry, I was just too nervous adding meta-openembedded before because its so huge22:17
nameclashactually, you'll find many of the stuff you're gonna need in future in that layer22:20
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hirnschlagThank you all22:26
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nameclashI have an SDK build that is baked via bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-minimal23:49
nameclashnow I want to add meta-toolchain-qt5 to the SDK and, since this is a meta-package, I figured to just run bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-minimal meta-toolchain-qt523:51
nameclashthis does however fail in the end because both core-image-minimal and meta-toolchain-qt5 try create "the same" installable artifacts, which obviously fails23:53
nameclashmeta-toolchain-qt5 does not do anything special than inheriting populate_sdk_qt5, which generates a qt.conf and adds some packagegroups to the appropriate TOOLCHAIN_* variables23:55
nameclashhow do I get both core-image-minimal and meta-toolchain-qt5 together in one sdk?23:56
nameclashshould I just inherit populate_sdk_qt5 from core-image-minimal.bbappend or is that a bad idea?23:57

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