Tuesday, 2020-04-14

kergothyes, most likely just need to inherit it yourself00:01
nameclashok thanks, will give it a try now00:02
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nameclashthat worked fine, kergoth00:33
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tprrtHello, I have a question about warrior testsdkext. I tried to run them on Ubuntu 18.04, but the execution fails on the error "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_sysconfigdata'". Tests seems to be executed by python3, what is apparently the source of my problem, to be sure, the tests must be by Python2? And maybe you had some recommendations for the testdkext test?07:47
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hmw1hi what am i doing wrong i have PV = "1.0+git${SRCPV}" but the package name is 1.0+git999-r0 (999 is not in the git string)08:54
erbohmw1: Do you have a "devtool modify" active?08:55
erboI think that is what sets that version08:56
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hmw1erbo:  tnx that also explanes the app from the ipk that is still buggy09:01
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mous16Hello everybody09:30
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ikkeA question I can' task at stackoverflow :-)10:33
ikkeAlthough Xilinx is member of Yocto, there meta layers are rather old (Warrior) and not that frequently updated.10:34
ikkeThere Petalinux product is in fact Yocto, so they and there customers are using it.10:34
ikkeBut is there no need to have the latest and the greatest?10:35
erboikke: could you like what layer you mean? Looking at e.g. https://github.com/Xilinx/meta-xilinx/tree/zeus is seem recent?10:35
ikke2 sec, why didn't I found this.10:36
ikkeFair, 't is not the same.10:37
erboDon't use master branch then, use the branch that correspond to the yocto release you want to use10:37
ikkeThanks, I missed that part.10:38
erboNo worries, it's confusing with old master branches10:39
ikkeBut still, do they still go 100% for Yocto?  Or is Vitis (or whatever) the latests thing.  I'm still have to found something technical about Vitis behind all there marketing.10:39
erboI have no idea, don't use xilinx. Maybe some other here do though.10:39
ikkeAnyhow, thanks for pointing me to 'it's not the master'.10:40
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nameclashikke: petalinux releases come twice a year YEAR.1 and YEAR.2. The current is 2019.2 which was released before zeus was released10:45
nameclashso looking from that point of view I'd say they're pretty up to date in their release cycle10:46
nameclashI would expect them to adopt zeus with petalinux 2020.110:46
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ikke@nameclash: thanks.  I was just wondering why I see not that much commits on github.  I guess to become active when the release is upcoming.  But on there Linux kernel they seem to have another way of working.10:53
ikkeAnyhow: I'll give it a try.10:54
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Dima_Sharihinhi guys. It seems, that dtls in net-snmp 5.8 is kinda broken in package release. Is it hard to migrate to pre-release branch? Bitbake recipe contains a ton of source code patches and that's discourages me11:27
kanavin_homeDima_Sharihin: it is better to convince the upstream to make a new release, or backport the patches11:29
Dima_Sharihinkanavin_home, its developers live in a interesting world of long release cycles. Net-SNMP was released in a 2018. Their git contains hundreds of commits since then11:30
kanavin_homeDima_Sharihin: then backporting the needed patches is probably a better option11:32
Dima_Sharihinkanavin_home, or firstly I should implement it... https://github.com/net-snmp/net-snmp/commit/a49aa9c132cd38a9170de19b454dc27a67c2683c11:33
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I add more python modules to my yocto/openembedded project? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38862088/how-do-i-add-more-python-modules-to-my-yocto-openembedded-project>11:34
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PatrickEHey, is there a well known alternative for creating GUI applications in Embedded Linux (using Framebuffer) ? I looked at Qt, it looks good but the license is a problem i guess13:48
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JPEWhalstead: I attempted to send an OE TSC reminder email to tsc@lists.openembedded.org and openembedded-memebers@lists.openembedded.org and they both bounced with a 500 permission error?14:27
RPJPEW: latter has a typo?14:29
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JPEWugh, ya. It was correct in my email :)14:32
JaMaFWIW: I just received it14:32
JaMafrom members list14:33
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JaMaand the tsc one https://lists.openembedded.org/g/tsc/topics doesn't show it yet14:34
JaMaJPEW: shouldn't it be 9PM now? I think it's summer time already14:35
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JPEWJaMa: Yes, sorry14:54
JPEWstupid DST14:54
tlwoernerYPTM: tlwoerner is on14:55
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dl9pfYPTM: Jan-Simon is on14:57
smurrayYPTM: Scott Murray is on14:58
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JPEWYPTM: Joshua Watt here14:58
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JaMaYPTM: Martin Jansa is on (muted)15:20
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amgedrhi everyone15:33
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bluelightningthe npm reworking that got done this release looks really good18:05
kanavin_homenow, rust for 3.2!18:06
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bluelightningcan't say it makes me want to go near npm/node.js, but at least our handling of it is much better...18:06
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armpitkanavin_home, ping vmeson. its on the old 3.1 planning doc. maybe we move it up into the 3.2 area18:32
kanavin_homewho is vmeson? :)18:33
rburtonrandy macleod18:33
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riz95If I would like to have "export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs" built into my image, where in my layers/recipes where I put it?19:48
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riz95Can IMAGE_INSTALL_append go in my custom distro.conf file as opposed to the build local.conf file? Is there a reason why I would not want to do that?20:34
bluelightningriz95: it can, yes... in fact the less you have in local.conf, the better (easier to reproduce if you start a new build dir or even change build machines)20:35
bluelightningriz95: only concern in both cases is that it will affect all images, possibly including initramfs images (if you use those)20:36
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riz95I am assuming the same goes for PACKAGECONFIG_appends, etc.20:38
bluelightningcorrect... though PACKAGECONFIG changes would typically go in bbappends for each recipe since they are almost always recipe-specific20:39
riz95Actually, wouldn't a better place for all this be in my custom image recipe, my-image.bb?20:42
bluelightningyou can't set things in an image recipe to affect other recipes20:42
bluelightning(actually, any recipe to any other recipe, image or otherwise)20:43
riz95I see a few cases of "IMAGE_INSTALL +=" being used to extend the image features20:44
riz95In the image recipe file20:44
bluelightningyes, that's fine, that's just selecting what's in the image20:45
bluelightningin terms of packages produced by other recipes20:45
bluelightningso IMAGE_INSTALL should ideally be in a custom image recipe, apologies if that was the only thing you were referring to above20:46
riz95Sorry, I wasnt clear20:46
riz95So, I can use append there as well...20:47
bluelightningyou can, but typically copy-and-modify is recommended for image recipes, you might as well fully define the list of packages in there20:52
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