Wednesday, 2020-04-15

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Need recipe for Realtek wifi dongle <>03:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Change kernel config but defconfig already there <>03:37
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mcfriskhas anyone added linux kernel checkpatch or sparse to bitbake builds?07:48
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RPhas anyone else seen the git fetcher locking up over NFS due to git alternates usage without our own lock files?08:16
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JaMaRP: not locking up, but yesterday I've noticed some fetch failures with git alternates pointing to removed directory when DL_DIR was changed and the original location was removed08:24
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RPJaMa: that is a different issue but also problematic :(08:38
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tolszakHello, is it correct place to ask about state of core-image-x11 on Raspberry Pi 4?09:55
kroontolszak, yes10:02
tolszakkroon: Hello, so does it actually work? I built it on zeus and master meta rpi 4 it booted but seems busybox is not installed10:05
tolszakkroon: should I look for some bug of mine or it is unknown land10:05
kroontolszak, if you say "it booted", I assume got was able to login to a shell ?10:10
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tolszakkroon:Yes there is sh-5.0 prompt but no "cat", "ls" etc installed etc, anyways I noticed matrix group in meta-raspberrypi readme. Thanks!10:33
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Ninic0c0Hello all, after layer update I got many "Exception: ImportError: No module named ''"  any idae what's append ?12:18
qschulzNinic0c0: what and how did you update?12:21
Ninic0c0qschulz openembedded / core /poky12:23
Ninic0c0as usaul12:23
rizzitelloIm having a build error with meta-qt on zeus does anyone know how i set the back end (im using a bbappend that worked for warrior)12:26
nameclashis there any way to keep the intermediate files created in a recipe's work directory?12:32
nameclashI'd like to inspect the files generated during the configure step, for example12:33
Ninic0c0nameclash you can add a task to save what you want where you want12:33
nameclashok, I thought maybe there's another way without modifying the recipe... maybe through some bitbake option12:36
qschulznameclash: just remove rm_work from inherit, or use RM_WORK_EXCLUDE12:37
qschulzfrom INHERIT sorry12:37
nameclashthanks, that sounds promising12:37
qschulzrizzitello: if you don't give the error/logs and what you want to do, there's little chance someone will take the time to help you12:38
rizzitelloqschulz: good point12:45
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rizzitelloIt tells me no qpa platform is set and that there is no config for egl or opengl12:49
rizzitelloi have a single line in my bbappend of QT_CONFIG_FLAGS += " -qpa eglfs" .  This was working for warrior  i've updated to building with zeus12:51
rizzitelloi am attempting a rebuild now and when i get the full error i will provide a link to it12:53
rizzitellothe full error is here
rizzitelloSo i guess my question is. What do i need todo to enable openGL es2 and eglfs for my build with zeus ?13:03
rburtonNinic0c0: is part of oe-core13:03
Ninic0c0rburton Yes thx, some spaces/tab in TOPDIR andd BBPATH makes somes trouble. Fix now Thx13:04
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qschulzrizzitello: have a look at the pACKAGECONFIG options in the original recipes. there is an eglfs one in qtbase for example. Also, you might need some DISTRO_FEATURES as matched in one of the PACKAGECONFIG_* variables in the same recipe13:09
rizzitellook thanks ill try that13:09
qschulzrizzitello: and you'll see for example that QT_CONFIG_FLAGS has PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS added to it, so I think it's a good lead :)13:11
qschulzrizzitello: if some variables are obscure, have a read in the mega-manual, this is well explained I think13:12
rizzitellook ill check there13:13
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nameclashI have a Qt project that's built using CMake. The recipe inherits cmake and there are no issues building the project within the normal image build. However, we also build an SDK and in an ideal world, I would just source the SDK's environment setup script and run the cmake build outside of bitbake but that's not the case.14:16
nameclashLooking at what the cmake.bbclass does during configure, I think the key part is the toolchain.cmake file that's being generated there14:17
nameclashI made a dump of that file and now try to figure out, how to make that toolchain.cmake file available in the standalone build14:18
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nameclashthe hard part is the absence of a bunch of environment variables that exist in the context of the recipe14:19
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nameclashyou get some of them by sourcing the SDK's environment setup, but not all...14:20
nameclashnow my question is, do I really need to go down that route to figure out the missing variables and write a setup script that generates me that file or is there a more elegant solution to this?14:21
nameclashI hope I was able to make my point :)14:22
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rburtonnameclash: the cmake inthe SDK ships the pieces you need already14:23
rburtonexport OE_CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE="$OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT/usr/share/cmake/OEToolchainConfig.cmake"14:23
nameclashI don't see that in my distro, what revision are you referring to?14:25
nameclashwe're on rocko...14:25
rburtonits exported into the environment as part of the setup script14:26
rburtonif you're not putting nativesdk-cmake into your sdk, that's why14:27
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nameclashbrilliant, indeed, that's missing from the SDK14:29
nameclashrburton, thanks a lot man14:30
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beat_hitachihello all! i'm having some trouble with systemd services not being enabled on a fresh boot of a yocto image. specifically, but not limited to systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved. i've added both to systemd's PACKAGECONFIG in a bbappend script. i've checked that SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is correctly set to 'enable' with bitbake -e. these services are14:40
beat_hitachilisted as 'disabled' but vendor preset 'enabled'. i've also been able to manually link services with a 'do_install_append', which does make them enabled on boot, but is not ideal of course when i should just be able to inherit systemd... any tips for what I could check to discover why almost no systemd services are enabled on first boot?14:40
beat_hitachithis is on the latest zeus btw14:40
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qschulzbeat_hitachi: stupid question, but you're setting SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE per package right? (e.g. SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_systemd-networkd)?15:36
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beat_hitachithank you for the response qschulz! at first, i was relying on the default enable from inherit, but I also tried per package in a bbappend file with no luck. right now i'm rebuilding from scratch after blowing away my build and sstate dirs, in case something is confused because of the move from warrior to zeus15:49
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qschulzbeat_hitachi: sstate isn't impacted by changes between major versions15:59
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beat_hitachiah! i suspected as much, but felt it wouldn't hurt. good to know16:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Not able to building scikit-learn on yocto build system <>16:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: wifi driver periodically drops all connected hosts and data <>17:40
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milloniis there a release date for dunfell yet? :)18:12
armpitnope. need to tidy up a few more things18:20
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RPmilloni: "soon", its been approved for release, we just need to sort the release notes18:42
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JaMazeddii: is warrior branch still maintained in meta-virtualization? - is it worth sending the hyperstart patch-fuzz QA issue fix there (the same one as master and zeus)? And any eta on branching dunfell in meta-virtualization (currently my last included layer still on master)19:12
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zeddiiI’ll definitely take the patch for warrior. I had been waiting for a few fixes to do the dunfell branch, but there’s no real reason to wait any longer. I can branch it tonight and just put fixes in master and then after I’ve done it.19:21
JaMazeddii: thanks, warrior patch sent19:25
zeddiibranch created and pushed:  * [new branch]      dunfell -> dunfell19:27
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milloniRP: nice! congrats19:36
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mischiefgonna pull my hair out trying to get backports to behave in yocto21:00
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dpIs there a quick way of checking what provides a certain virtual package? E.g. which libc am I using?21:29
dpI mean I can bitbake -f virtual/libc but that's a bit hacky heh21:31
RPzeddii: I just make master and dunfell track together for a while...21:34
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bluelightningdp: perhaps bitbake -e virtual/libc | grep ^PN=21:55
bluelightningnot very neat, but works21:56
bluelightningor | grep ^FILE= will give you the recipe file21:56
dpHmm ok thanks for the tip. I guess I can also use `oe-pkgdata find-path '/lib/*'`22:00
dpbitbake -e is probably cleaner, under the assumption I don't know what files a virtual package places22:00
dp(err, oe-pkgdata-util, rather)22:00
bluelightningright, oe-pkgdata-util will work if you want to start with the runtime context (and you've already built something to find)22:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto included cmake-project can't find stdio.h <> || How can I use yuicompressor with bitbake <>22:10
opelloi can't seem to figure out how files in /etc/systemd/system/ are getting created :/ i can't use systemd.bbclass but thought i'd gotten the postinst all copied (and added a dependency on systemd-systemctl-native that doesn't even seem to run for things in there that also inherit the systemd bbclass)22:18
opello(this is specifically during do_rootfs, postinst in general seems ok, but my recipe has to defer while others do not?)22:19
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khemread through sysemd.bbclass thats installing services either disabled/enabled based on SYSTEMD_SERVICE and SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE Settings23:17
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