Friday, 2020-05-08

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ayakaI have known how to use wic to create a image with my build target04:35
ayakabut the problem is I just want to create a ext4 image for the rootfs and a tar package for debugging rootfs04:35
ayakacan wic do that ? Or I should do it in the old way ?04:36
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kergothwic doesn't have anyting to do with that04:44
kergothyou can use wic as as a normal image fstype as you would any other image fstype04:44
kergothset WKS_FILE and add wic to IMAGE_FSTYPES04:44
kergothwhether you also build a tarball of it, or use the debug rootfs support is independent of that04:44
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ayakakergoth, but I think it is a common usage, it is better to create wks files for those purpose05:26
kergoththat doesn't make sense.05:26
kergoththe wks controls the creation of the .wic disk image only05:26
kergothwhether you're also building other things has nothing to do with what wic is doing05:26
ayakaif I submit those patches, will you accept it05:27
kergothand wic works independent of oe, whereas debug image construction is a specific oe feature05:27
ayakayou see, many developer would like to only flash its rootfs while keeping its data partition05:27
ayakaand debug its system05:27
kergothoe already has support for generating a parallel debug rootfs. whether you use wic to create the rootfs image doesn't matter05:28
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stuom1is it possible to have npm install dependency from private repository? I get host key verification failed, although it is in same repository than the git sources in the same recipe that use the same ssh key05:49
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LetoThe2ndstuom1: ssh key != key verification06:05
LetoThe2ndstuom1: in most cases, its rather that the host serving the code through https/gits is having a self-signed or ortherwise invalid certificate06:06
stuom1it says also npm ERR! Could not create directory '/home/root/.ssh'.06:10
stuom1basically i can do "npm install" on host but not in recipe do_install anymore because of this new package in private repository, and need to figure out why06:14
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angelo__hi, where could i find info on how to setup SRCREV_FORMAT ?09:10
angelo__on the manual i see "We need to document AUTOREV and SRCREV_FORMAT here." but maybe i am lookign the wrong place09:10
ayakakergoth: you mean add IMAGE_GEN_DEBUGFS=1 in local.conf09:12
angelo__ok, found it, sry09:12
ayakais it recommended way ?09:12
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PlinnieI hope this is the right place to ask this question, I'm trying to build a native SDK including protobuf compiler (protoc) and the grpc plugin (which is just an executable) for C++ (both in meta-oe/recipes-devtools).  Now, I do see the protoc in the SDK, and also the grpc libraries, but not the plugins for code generation, which would be essential09:37
Plinniefor the SDK including grpc. What could be the cause of this? Thanks in advance.09:37
PlinnieI have to say in advance, I'm using petalinux, so, it is not pure Yocto. But they couldn't help me there.09:38
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LetoThe2ndPlinnie: maybe the plugins are in a second package or recipe? no idea, jsut guessing - you'll have to look at the recipes.09:47
PlinnieThank Leto. not as far as I can see. Then again, I don't see a separate recipe for the protobuf-compiler either.  i don't know how bitbake determines which files end up in the sdk. Here is the protobuf recipe: and here the grpc recipe09:56
Plinnie Both extend the nativesdk class09:56
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angelo__well, using SRC_URI_append is bbappend to add a git repo from where getting some additional files (overlay), but seems this repo is totally replacing the .bb one. What may be wrong here ?09:59
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LetoThe2ndPlinnie: was just giving ideas, i have never used this, sorry.10:00
Plinnieok, that is fine. Thanks for your pointers10:00
PlinnieWould #oe be a more appropriate place for these questions?10:01
LetoThe2ndPlinnie: both are fine, but as you've already asked here probably everybody in #oe already knows anyways. :)10:02
Plinnieah, ok! :-)10:03
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PatrickEHi, i want to use D-Bus in yocto. Is these somebody who can recommend a C++ open source library?12:43
PatrickE This list looks very old :)12:43
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PatrickEOr should i switch to systemd and use the sdbus-c++ binding?12:47
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kroonPatrickE, use the plain C API ?12:51
PatrickEkroon yes. But that would mean that i would have to write the C++ abstraction. I would like to avoid using a mixture of C and C++ in the upper layers of my software12:53
kroonI don't see why one would need to add a C++ abstraction12:55
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mfe555I've had good results with the QtDbus API in the past.12:56
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PatrickEmfe555 yes it looked really mature. But i think the license would be an issue :)12:57
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aleblanchey good morning !/? , anyone ever had issue with pyro rootfs full host poisoning  ? I'm building within a docker container running ubuntu1604. Using a image that inherit from core-image and the distro is "somewhat" inspire from poky-tiny. the final image is expected to be a tar.gz file. All file on the rootfs are own by my user in docker.13:09
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mcfriskaleblanc: in those kind of cases with poky based distros the QA checks would fail the build early. Sounds like pseudo or something else is not working at all which can be because of pseudo missing some new syscalls for example. I would try to reproduce with a minimal image debug the steps..13:27
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buildbeefwhat's the process for submitting a recipe upstream to oe?13:32
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aleblancmcfrisk: I looked into the check rootfs_check_host_user_contaminated  , it look specifically for a /home/USER, as /home/root exist , the test pass. I'm not aware of any other test.  (feel free to tell if yo know any) . As for pseudo, running a "bitbake some package -c devshell" follow by doig a touch FILE show that the file does endup with user root. But will try with a minimal image an debug for13:32
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mcfriskaleblanc: you need to run the task scripts. in devshell temp/run.do_install for example. the tasks marked with fakeroot will be run with pseudo and should result in files with root. You cal also see file permissions from buildhistory btw. a custom image class may do mayhem as well.13:37
aleblancmcfrisk: ah ! ok will look into right away13:37
aleblancmcfrisk: btw , thank for the support13:38
aleblanc/ help13:38
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aleblancmcfrisk: hum interesting, still investigating but , when in devshell for my image, the rootfs show the correct ownership,  when not , it goes back to my owner14:17
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mcfriskaleblanc: that's pseudo doing it's job14:24
mcfriskthe tar ball needs to be generated as task inside bitbake with fakeroot, then the permissions will be correct.14:24
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aleblancmcfrisk: ah ! , weird, I would expect the tar ball recipe from image_types.bbclass to this by default ...14:32
opellowhen using rpm, should pkg_prerm be getting run via the preuninstall scriptlet during a package upgrade?  in my environment it doesn't seem to be :(14:33
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mcfriskaleblanc: I've been using rootfs tarballs generated by bitbake and yocto bbclasses, haven't seen any problems. root permissions are there. Rember to unpack as root or "fakeroot bash" to see the owners correctly.14:53
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mfe555buildbeef: much like other open source projects:
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aleblancmcfrisk: finally found my issue,  pseudo does not work outside for file outside the devshell environment, which is why I need to use sudo and not fakeroot to unpack my tar.  Many taks for you help.15:44
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mous16Hello everybody15:52
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mous16I'm trying to add cmake-format (a simple python app) to my SDK, so i generated the recipe with devtool, and added nativesdk-cmake-format to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK. That almost worked, but when I run cmake-format, interpreter is not able to find six (a dependency of the tool). Looking to the recipe generated by devtool I see that python3-six is listed in RDEPENDS. How can I make it available in SDK?15:57
kergothafaik it should be already, but you can always explicitly set RDEPENDS_${PN}_class-nativesdk = "nativesdk-python3-six" or whatever16:00
kergothto override the non-nativesdk one16:00
mous16kergoth: So, I'll first check if maybe the dependency is already there (and there is some other kind of problem), and the I'll try that trick. Thanks!16:01
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opelloseems like package_rpm.bbclass specifically wraps (wrap_uninstall) the prerm script with a test to only run if all versions were removed (so no run on upgrade) :(16:05
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khemRP: I have send some armv8 tuning additions also suitable for dunfell16:30
sakomankhem: in the future if you could tag those with [master][dunfell] when you send them it will help me to avoid missing them!16:43
sakomanIn general I'll wait for Richard to pull them into master before I'll take them (usually after 2 or 3 days of aging in master)16:44
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khemsakoman: Yes, I should do that, however I wanted to wait on dunfell pull for sometime thats why I did not17:03
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Crofton|roadhmmm, who let sakoman in18:08
sakomanCrofton|road: be nice!18:09
Crofton|roadHow are you doing?18:10
sakomanDoing well all things considered :-)18:10
sakomanHawaii hasn't been hit too bad by covid18:11
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khemsakoman: you should put a live webcam pointing towards beaches for people too remotely enjoy vacations in Hawaii18:27
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denixCrofton|road: you've been on the road for past 3 months if not longer - be nice to sakoman, we all depend on him! :)18:29
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Crofton|roadI take it you don't plan on hosting an on site developer meeting there :(18:31
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Crofton|roadI need to adjust the nick on this account18:31
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khemCrofton|road: that long on road you must be "tire"d18:40
*** Crofton|road is now known as Crofton|cloud18:42
denixuh-oh, Crofton is in/on the cloud now...18:44
Crofton|cloudthis plague is making you all loopy18:45
tgamblinthe singularity is here18:45
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sakomankhem: I don't have any sandy beaches nearby.  Its more like 200 foot cliffs on this side of the island18:48
sakomanCrofton|cloud: yeah, I'll pass on hosting any on site meetings ;-)18:49
Crofton|cloudPost vaccine though, we need to talk18:49
sakomanvaccines will make my autism flare up19:03
khempost vaccine will be 4 years+ as thats what is best we have done19:05
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Crofton|cloudthat makes my head explode19:30
Crofton|cloudWe are schduling an oe happy hour with a pacific friendly time19:31
sakomanCrofton|cloud: what is your definition of Pacific?  The time zone, or those of us in the middle of the similarly named ocean? ;-)19:39
Crofton|cloudmiddle of the ocean19:39
Crofton|cloudtrying to get into NZ19:39
Crofton|cloudpeople all sleeping at different times is inconvenient19:39
sakomanExcellent!  I hate these 4:30am meetings I have every week19:39
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RobertBerger@Crofton: postfuncs[vaccine]+="real_meeting"19:56
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JPEWRP: Are you waiting for something on or did it just get lost?20:34
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tlwoernerhalstead: i'd like to confirm that the YP has download mirrors in their infrastructure so if a download fails ( it should be found on a mirror (https://yp-infrastructure/oldproject-1.2.tar.gz)?23:35
halsteadtlwoerner, For most files yes. Which are you looking for?23:37
halsteadtlwoerner, Like the files at
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