Tuesday, 2020-07-14

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khembantu: we use git submodules for yoe distro too, its hold nicely these days00:19
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OutBackDingois there a bitbake recipe for toaster ???02:44
smurrayOutBackDingo: it's part of the bitbake tree02:46
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moto-timoOutBackdingo: toaster is built into bitbake02:55
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OutBackDingosmurray: yes but it still has dependencies... i need to build a cotainer image for it with all the deps inside03:17
OutBackDingoSuccessfully installed Django-2.2.14 beautifulsoup4-4.9.1 soupsieve-2.0.1 sqlparse-0.3.103:17
OutBackDingoso python3 pip3 and these03:17
smurrayOutBackDingo: moto-timo is probably your go to, I suspect that might be something they did for the CROPS containers at one point03:18
OutBackDingosmurray: what is moto-timo ? never heard of it03:22
smurrayOutBackDingo: he's one of the other people on the channel, he replied to you earlier03:22
smurrayOutBackDingo: he works at Intel, their CROPS container image project provides images for acting as build hosts03:23
OutBackDingosmurray: thx03:26
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OutBackDingomoto-timo: github repo for a crops toaster image?03:26
OutBackDingoahh right... nevermind03:33
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OutBackDingois there a bitbake recipe for nvidia x11 nv / nouveau anyplace ?06:01
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calvin_hello, I am building the "myhello" example in the docs for a open embedded image (for RPi) and for some strange reason, my final image does not have "myhello" binary in /usr/bi07:41
calvin_hello, I am building the "myhello" example in the docs for a open embedded image (for RPi) and for some strange reason, my final image does not have "myhello" binary in /usr/bin07:41
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calvinxHow can I go about debugging this?07:42
mckoancalvinx: you likely forgot the install step07:43
mckoancalvinx: https://github.com/koansoftware/meta-training07:44
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qschulzhalstead: hello, is it possible to revert changes in a bugzilla entry? Someone took over one of my bug report and changed it to something completely different08:21
qschulzhalstead: see https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_activity.cgi?id=1386508:22
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OutBackDingomckoan: LOL... i see you use alot of toradex repos also08:26
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mckoanOutBackDingo: that was only a early try to get rid of Angstrom :-D but fortunately they decided to switch to Yocto08:28
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qschulzoi mate08:30
LetoThe2ndwazzup dudes?08:33
* LetoThe2nd buts on supersized basketball shirt and cap of other club in a weird angle08:33
* OutBackDingo needs an nv nouveau driver for X1108:47
OutBackDingomckoan: i worked for Toradex08:47
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LetoThe2ndany cool dirty secrets you wanna share? :P08:48
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mckoanOutBackDingo: cool! What's your name?08:51
OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: noooooo... :)08:52
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: boring!08:53
OutBackDingoive been called worse .... :)08:54
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LetoThe2ndthought maybe that all the ground coffee in the companys production floor was made of kangaroo poop, or such? you now, the really cool stories :P08:54
OutBackDingomckoan: your in Italy ?08:55
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OutBackDingoWe lived in Bra, Piedmont, Italy08:56
OutBackDingonow the Netherlands08:56
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PaowZhi there !08:58
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mckoanOutBackDingo: yes Bergamo, Italy09:23
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qschulztenzin: /me waves09:59
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tenzinah i am following LetoThe2nd10:02
tenzinany good book  recommended #yocto?10:03
PaowZwell.. I guess you have sufficient material to get started.. follow the manual, follow the jester and get your hands dirty..10:05
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LetoThe2ndtenzin: probably Chris Simmons' Mastering Embedded Linux Programming. The versions are a bit dated, but the general concepts should apply10:05
LetoThe2ndthe Embedded Linux Primer is currently in the refresh process, as far as I know.10:06
PaowZLetoThe2nd: interesting..  I got it and I observed some discrepancies with the current streams..10:08
LetoThe2ndPaowZ: like which for example?10:08
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Rob123Hi there, can someone show me the right direction on how to build a SDK containing libraries without debug symbols? I used the variable SDKIMAGE_FEATURES_append = " staticdev-pkgs" in my bb file.10:15
mckoantenzin: the *best* book about Yocto is from Rudolf Streif https://www.yoctoproject.org/learn/10:15
LetoThe2ndmckoan: but even more dated, AFAIK10:17
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mihai-is yp.org down?10:19
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LetoThe2ndmihai-: nope. https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/10:20
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tenzinthanks all10:23
tenzinlearning mode ;)10:23
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icewolftenzin: While learning I found yocto moved forward quite fast the last years. Docs are not always up-to-date, especially the wiki howtos. I would agree to PaowZ: Grab the official manual and first adapt an existing application recipe to a newer version or choose other configuration switches. Then implement your own recipe for an application from scratch, after that dive into kernel recipes and then into your own images.13:01
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icewolfAnd never be afraid to read the build logs and scripts if something goes awefully wrong.13:02
qschulzicewolf: wikis aren't really "official" and aren't even reviewed I think? But for sure, if there's any discrepency between reality and docs, it should be ideally fixed or at least reported13:07
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icewolfThe entries I had in mind had disclaimers like: This entry was written for yocto 1.12 and is currently updated to reflect current situation. So tha author knew it was outdated.13:19
icewolfBut yes, my statement was a bit ambiguous, the official documentation is very good. It just is sometimes to mighty and theoretical for an absolute beginner.13:21
qschulzicewolf: I think we can all agree the learning curve is steep at the beginning but once that knowledge threshold is passed, the manuals are absolute delights IMO.13:23
icewolfqschulz: Definitly13:24
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fullstopMost linux distributions ship pppd with a patch which adds "ifname" as a parameter, but yocto does not include this patch.  Is this something that is intentionally not included or is it something that would be a welcome inclusion?14:19
fullstopIt is not included upstream because not all platforms which can run pppd have the ability to rename interfaces.14:19
frayI don't think anyone has requested it.  Seems reasonable as a patch14:20
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qschulzhalstead: gentle ping about the rewritten bugzilla entry. I could manually undo each change but eh, if there's something more radical and cleaner, I'll take it :)14:39
qschulzhalstead: oopsie, might have been a dick about it, don't know which coast you're living, but PST is still very early in the morning. So... Sorry for the impatient ping :)14:41
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tlwoernerYPTM: trevor woerner is on14:56
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smurrayYPTM: Scott Murray is on15:01
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halsteadqschulz, No easy way to revert. I think I can undo the changes.15:03
bantusplatch: Thanks for the feedback. Not sure it's worth the added complexity, but I shall look into kas. Feel free to let me know how your Gitlab integration is going.15:04
bantukhem: I suppose I will give submodules a try just to see how it's behaving. Right now everything can be changed rather easily.15:05
qschulzhalstead: fortunately, only a few mail recipients and the topic was changed, so don't spend too much time on this if it's not a one liner ;)15:05
halsteadqschulz, I'll spend five minutes or so setting it back.15:06
halsteadqschulz, There will still be the unrelated comments.15:06
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bantuWhat are folks using for robust updates? is btrfs send-receive a thing yet? I briefly looked into mender. They seem to be using an A/B firmware approach. This seems to require at least 2x storage (for kernel/rootfs only though).15:10
tlwoernerRP: you can read the notes later ;-)15:11
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto15:11
TalleyHo@bantu swupdate is greatness  https://github.com/sbabic/swupdate - it can use a/b update, or download-apply-reboot method15:12
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qschulzhalstead: ugly but will do, thanks for doing it :)15:16
halsteadqschulz, It is ugly. I could blank the unwanted comments in the database but I don't think it's worth the time it would take.15:17
qschulzhalstead: definitely not ;)15:17
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qschulzpaulbarker: RP: I think we can close https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13865 since https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/meta/classes/base.bbclass?h=master&id=edbf8d3999126e3c271a47dada54d1724f59f573 is in master?15:20
paulbarkerqschulz: Not sure why that was assigned to me, not something I remember looking at15:23
TalleyHoHas anyone used meta-java w/ dunfell for aarch64?  fmacro-prefix-map seems to break it - introduced here https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?id=1bd04681e191dcd2f8e0bc0a70207cab7a61bfeb; but I'm way out of my league on how jdk is building15:24
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kergothkhem: any insight on where i'd have to look in the gcc build to fix/enable x32 standalone15:55
kergothhmm, maybe i'll just fix the toolchain-user and toolchain-system tests to also test the multilib configurations, but i'm not a unittest expert either15:57
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d__ep__thwhat is the meeting schedule16:09
d__ep__thfor yocto?16:09
JPEWd__ep__th: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/YoctoCalendar16:19
JPEWd__ep__th: And the OE calendar is https://www.openembedded.org/wiki/Calendar16:19
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khemkergoth: share the errors perhaps I can have some ideas16:31
d__ep__ththanks JPEW(y)16:35
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RPqschulz: I think it can be resolved as fixed17:14
RPrburton: "We are pleased to announce beta release 2.69b of GNU Autoconf."17:16
jpuhlmanUpdates to autoconf, always fun.17:23
khemheh new autoconf release - does it support AI/ML now ?17:29
khemoh it always did I see17:29
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rburtonRP: remind me of that tomorrow18:00
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emriushey, not 100% yocto related but I'm still wondering: My image lacks `/etc/hosts`. Is something wrong with my built or is it ok if I don't have that file?18:20
emrius... I mean everything seems to be running18:21
emrius... Finally :)  What a glorious day!18:21
emriusAnybody around to celebrate with me? =D18:21
paulgemrius, I would have expected some boiler plate lines for localhost in /etc/hosts and not an empty file, but I don't have an uninstalled image to check with.18:27
emriusOk, thanks for the feedback! I'll have a later look into it18:28
paulgprobably worthwhile checking out - in case it points to a bigger issue with your install.18:29
fullstopemrius: I have /etc/hosts18:29
emriusYes better to be on the save side. Damn... Okay probably I'll postpone the celebration to tomorrow18:30
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JPEWemrius: Good! I would celebrate, but It's too early for beer here...18:41
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fullstopJPEW: What time is it there?18:50
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JPEWfullstop: 13:4218:54
JPEWErr, 13:54. Not sure how 42 came out18:55
fullstopI was trying to figure out which time zone you could possibly be in... :-)18:55
JPEWIt's a really weird timezone, OK?18:55
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fullstopIn that case, beer is appropriate at all hours. ;-)18:55
JPEWfullstop: I'll just have some coffee instead19:04
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