Wednesday, 2020-07-15

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srijan_rootI have successfully compiled openjdk-8 with a zeus build. I have also addedPACKAGECONFIG_remove += "x11 cups alsa pulseaudio"06:26
srijan_rootPACKAGECONFIG += "headless soundless"06:27
srijan_rootBut now it give me a warning06:27
srijan_rootWARNING: openjdk-8-242-r0 do_configure: QA Issue: openjdk-8: invalid PACKAGECONFIG: headless [invalid-packageconfig]06:27
srijan_rootWARNING: openjdk-8-242-r0 do_configure: QA Issue: openjdk-8: invalid PACKAGECONFIG: soundless [invalid-packageconfig]06:27
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PaowZsrijan_root: what if you try PACKAGECONFIG_append = " headless soundless" ?06:39
srijan_rootPaowZ: Let me give that a try06:39
srijan_rootPaowZ: I got the same warning06:41
srijan_rootWARNING: openjdk-8-242-r0 do_configure: QA Issue: openjdk-8: invalid PACKAGECONFIG: headless [invalid-packageconfig]06:41
mihai-srijan_root: it looks like those configs are not actually defined, instead there's a python function checking if they were chosen06:41
srijan_rootmihai- Ok. Basically I wanted to compile openjdk-8 headless. I presume PACKAGECONFIG_remove += "x11 cups alsa pulseaudio" will do the trick.06:43
mihai-srijan_root: that might be the reason of the warnings, but to be sure you can check if the options get passed along to `make`06:43
PaowZmihai-: I cant see those packages in , indeed06:43
srijan_rootmihai-: They are defined in openjdk-8-common.inc06:44
mihai-srijan_root: not really, you still need to leave those, there's the recipe defined function that looks for them06:44
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srijan_rootmihai-: I guess PACKAGECONFIG_remove += "x11 cups alsa pulseaudio" will make openjdk-8 headless and soundless06:45
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mihai-srijan_root: it seems so: if not option_headless and not with_x11: option_headless = True, if not option_soundless and not with_pulseaudio: option_soundless = True06:48
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mihai-srijan_root: so yes, removing those should result in headless and soundless06:50
srijan_rootmihai-: I got confused with the 'and'06:50
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mihai-srijan_root: me too :)06:53
srijan_rootmihai-: Thank you06:53
mihai-srijan_root: you're welcome06:54
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yannI'm a bit loss about what to expect of yocto-check-layer: poky/meta/ itself does not pass, with "Can't be DISTRO and BSP type at the same time" - how can we check further ?08:36
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mihai-yann: what that basically means is that you provide machine and distro configuration in the same layer, apparently the same is true for poky/meta08:49
yannmihai-: that much I did gather :)08:50
yanni'd expect that core layer to show us how good practice look like, but that failing test prevents any other tests to be run, that's pretty annoying08:52
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yannwhere i'm coming from: tells me yocto-check-layer should report BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST misuse; so I tried to run it on vendor's meta-rockchip to see how it reports it (more context in
yannFirst surprise: i'm not warned of anything. But then, meta-rockchip's maint points out that COMMON_LICENSE_DIR references COREBASE, with the latter in BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST and the former not. So I'm trying to run the check on poky/meta itself to see what it says, and bum.08:57
mihai-yann: I guess that it gets confused by distro/defaultsetup.conf, treats it as distro08:59
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yannBut I just discovered that tool, and I'm probably not using it right.  Especially, when I'm trying to run it on our OS layer (after splitting the BSP part out because of that same problem <sigh>) I'm getting told the sole dependency of that layer (qt5-layer) cannot be found, which I can't help finding to be just false (even double-checked my bblayer.conf)09:02
yannmihai-: yes, that seems to be so09:02
yannmaybe defaultsetup.conf should not be treated as making the layer a BSP layer09:04
mihai-yann: actually it might simpler than that, just looks if distro and machine directories exist09:06
yannthat's what it's doing, and this is obviously a problem09:07
mihai-on the layer dependency, it could be looking for qt5 layer in LAYERDEPENDS_your-layer with no relation to what's in your bblayers.conf09:07
yannIf I add meta-qt5 on the commandline, to the list to be checked, it has less problems09:10
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mcfriskhmm, on zeus I got bitbake python3 process stuck reading "Running command ['stateForceShutdown']\n"09:48
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rburtonHas anyone written a rootfs post-process thing to delete the alternatives database, remove the update-alternatives binaries, and maybe even swap the symlinks for hardlinks?09:55
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mcfriskdidn't have zeus branches in sync between meta-oe and poky, but updating them fixed all issies in bitbake process startup.10:28
emriusHey all, I openend another SO question which you find here
emriusAs usual feel free to throw in your thoughts here if it might need clarification or discussion10:29
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mihai-emrius: that example might not be the best one, it seems you want to add the layer based on the override that it brings :)10:41
LetoThe2ndemrius: sounds like you want to look at BBLAYER_DYNAMIC or whatsitcalled10:41
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LetoThe2ndBBFILES_DYNAMIC it is10:42
emriusLetoThe2nd yes, that looks like it's about what I was looking for. I'll try to go down that road. Thanks yet again! `BEERCOUNT_append_LetoThe2nd = " 1"`10:44
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srijan_rootI am facing an issue with openssh_8.0p1....when installed it does not start and complains about missing /var/run/sshd directory.14:05
srijan_rootNow when I try to create the directory using install -d ${D}${localstatedir}/run/sshd in a openssh_%.bbappend file, it gives the following error:14:05
srijan_rootERROR: openssh-8.0p1-r0 do_package: QA Issue: openssh: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:14:05
srijan_root  /run14:05
srijan_root  /run/sshd14:05
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srijan_rootNor can I see the sshd.service under /lib/systemd/system14:07
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* rburton kicks a build with autoconf 2.70 beta and braces for impact14:24
zeddiithat's what I did yesterday with new libc-headers :D14:25
zeddiiI only just regained consciousness this morning14:25
mbulut_nameclashis there any gotchas related to "IndentationError: unexpected indent" when a recipe gets parsed?14:27
LetoThe2ndmbulut_nameclash: that usually happens when a function is being parsed as python (due to som class magic, maybe) and you've used spaces instead of tabs (or vice versa, don't remember offhand)14:28 insists that indentation is broken somewhere and I can't get around it14:28
LetoThe2ndin a nutshell, check the whitespacing in your recipes functions.14:28
mbulut_nameclashyeah, that's what I figured but even when I delete the line indicated at the error remains (pointing to some other line)14:29
LetoThe2nddelete all teh lines! ;-)14:29
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zeddiisome sort of chained error. like a missing bracket or quote ? I admit to removing huge chunks of recipes in the past and pasting them back in line, by line until I saw what I was missing.14:31
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mbulut_nameclashyeah I believe that's what I'll have to do also14:32
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LetoThe2ndrburton: hows the impact goign?14:35
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rburtonwell its building a compiler14:36
* zeddii thinks Conan_Kudo is having an identity crisis14:36
rburtonso that's a start14:36
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* LetoThe2nd feels very impacted today, too.14:37
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kergothugh, we really do need to improve the shell and python parsing syntax error handling, especially shell14:38
kergothpysh kind of sucks, but there aren't many alternatives sohrt of writing ourselvecs a shell parser14:38
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 689 tasks of which 367 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.14:58
rburtonthat was just m4, but that's a good start14:58
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RPrburton: very good start!15:02
RPkergoth: I wish you had some time to work on things like that, you'd do a much better job at it than I have I suspect :/15:03
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rburtonpaulbarker: when i add meta-kernel i get told 'WARNING: No bb files in default matched BBFILE_PATTERN_meta-kernel '^/home/ross/Yocto/meta-kernel/'', what am i doing wrong?15:14
rburtonkhem: glad you made binutils not autoreconf :)15:15
kergothRP: things like what? missed the context15:17
RPkergoth: your comments earlier about shell and python parsing error handling15:17
kergothbut yeah, i wish i had more time to work on stuff outside of work in general, between work schedule constraints and a 5-year old, finding time is non-trivial15:18
kergothah, yes15:18
kergoththere are so many would-be-nice things that'd be nice to improve, but we barely have the resources to fight hte important fires first15:18
RPkergoth: I'm struggling to get beyond constant fire drills with breakages on the autobuilder :(15:18
zeddiiRP: is the a-quick buildbot target gone on the AB ? I'm not seeing it in the console view.15:19
zeddiiI'm probably just not looking at the right place, I always just click on yocto console view and find it from there.15:19
RPzeddii: its not, its just not had a build in the last X builds your console view is showing15:20
zeddiiI'll hunt it out then.15:20
RPzeddii: increase the number of builds showing in the settings or find it under Builders on the side menus15:20
zeddiiheh. just went there. thanks!15:21
zeddiiapparently I'm the only light weight tester! :D15:21
RPzeddii: I reran thud a lot today15:21
paulbarkerrburton: That's strange, there's definitely .bb files in there15:25
paulbarkerWhich commit of meta-kernel?15:27
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Ninic0c0Hi all, there is a simple to know wich recipe install some packages ? I want to remove python3 from the rootfs but I don't find with recipe install python3. Thx! :)15:38
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emriusHello again, this is an older one which I lost track off but now it strikes back: My regulatory wifi domain cannot be changed. It's basically described in this post of mine:
emriusThe two kernel modules are enabled as suggested in the first reply and `crda` as well as `wireless-regdb` are installed.15:47
emriusStill, when I try: `iw reg set JP`15:47
emriusand run `iw reg get`, I get15:47
emrius`country 00: DFS-UNSET`15:48
emriusWhat am I missing here to set the wireless reg domain?15:48
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dl9pfI'm puzzled. Fighting with  SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE . Aka if I want "/opt/foo" to be included in the native sysroot ...15:53
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dl9pfI gather i add it to SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE += "/opt"15:55
dl9pfbut it does not end-up there when I DEPEND on it in a package15:56
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emriusTurns out that the wireless-regdb recipe misses copying required files into /lib/firmware. Not sure why, though...16:15
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srijan_rootIt seems mongodb is missing the mongod.service, mongod.conf files..16:35
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manjaroi3_Hej did someone tried installing yocto under manjaro so far?17:13
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kergothHow does hashequiv interact with the pr server? If recipe C depends on B which depends on A, and I change A, and B starts to rebuild and realizes its output wasn't affected and halts the rebuild there, has B already had its PR incremented at that point? If so, would I be better off doing a reproducible+hashequiv build up front to populate equivalency, then a second build with PR server also enabled to increment the recipe A PR without incrementing B or C?17:53
fraywhen I checked it last (Zeus) the rebuilt DID trigger the PR service..17:56
fraythere was an issue where if PR service was enabled, the output (pre package) was equivalent, but hte packaging now had a different PR, so it was never equivalent.. (if I remember right)17:57
fraynot sure what the current behavior is, but I would expect the PR to have been incremented17:57
kergoththat's what i was thinking, B is probably already incremented at that point, we know it's equivalent too late to do anything about it, unless we could somehow instruct the pr server to revert the bump17:59
kergothbut then we'd likely have to hcange PKGR to the new value or something.. messy17:59
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has quit IRC17:59
kergothso if i want to avoid unnecessary PR/PKGR bumps with equivalency involved, i should probably do a two step build, first without pr server, second with17:59
* kergoth ponders18:00
kergoththanks fray18:00
frayMy belief is PR bumps don't matter things DON'T have to be incremental, just increasing..18:00
frayso if someone complains your PRs went from r0.1 to r0.12 "where did the middle ones go", my answer is always "they were internal builds that were not released"18:01
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kergothI'm less worried about unncessary increments in general than a user having to download updates to components that didn't actually change. If I roll out a cve for a component,i'd hate to have to distribute updates to everything that depended on it18:03
kergothspecifically for stable releases like that18:03
kergothHuh, I wonder if would do a pysh alternative..18:04
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto18:04
kergothwonder if it can actually parse everyhthing we'd need it to18:04
* kergoth kicks off a bitbake-selftest with a bashlex.parse() thrown in, not using its output18:06
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kergothugh, bashlex is missing comment handling, empty line handling, patterns for case statements, etc19:18
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paulgshouldn't take but a couple hours for you to code that up...19:53
* paulg runs.19:53
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kergothcan always improve pysh, of course, but it has a number of annoyances. drops pyshtables around instead of in an isolated area, etc20:10
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RPkergoth: may be easier to fix the annoyances20:32
kergothit does seem that way. no better pure python options that i can find20:33
kergothshfmt is promising, but we'd have to call out to a binary or import a python extension to bridge to go to use it20:33
RPkergoth: that would be a significant performance problem :(20:35
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mcfriskhas anyone tried using pigz instead gzip when unpacking sstate cache files?21:18
paulgcan pigz fly?21:19
mcfriskah, the usual, decompression can't be parallelized. Just waiting for builds and seeing only 50% of CPUs loaded, 100gigs of RAM free, no IO going to disk...21:22
mcfriskand then image and populate_sdk() builds start, just 2-4 cores used and opkg doing it's thing for 10's of minutes.21:24
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emriusgood evening everyobdy, I'm still having an issue with wireless-regdb. The recipe in meta-oe refuses to move `regulatory.db` into `/lib/firmware`. The recipe (or rather the patch but anyway) is this one:
emriusSo, it seems like I rather need wireless-regdb-static to include the missing files but I'm not sure if I'm on the right track here...21:30
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bantuHmm. swupdate does not do ed25519 signatures.21:47
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RPmcfrisk: if you wanted to speed up the setscene part of the build, the next trick would be to pretest the depchecks and if we know we need the dependencies, move on to them whilst the original setscene task is running22:16
zeddiioh man. A world of hurt with on target module builds with v5.822:16
zeddiithree hours of kernel Makefile reading fun.22:16
RPmcfrisk: currently it does <decompress>, <decide on deps>, <decompress>, <decide on deps>22:16
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RPzeddii: sounds like fun. Upstream messing things around?22:17
zeddiiyah. new generated files, new timestamps and even using fixdep to compare the .config contants, one of which is the compiler22:17
*** abelal <abelal!~quassel@> has quit IRC22:17
zeddiiwhich changes from our cross build to on-target22:17
RPzeddii: sounds wonderful :/22:18
zeddiiI have periodically flailed and make it *not* run an oldconfig and prompt, but I can't get the incantation just right22:18
zeddiiand people wonder about the glory of hacking on the reference kernel :P sooooo much fun.22:18
*** abelal <abelal!~quassel@> has joined #yocto22:19
zeddiigah. what I thought would work, just didn't22:19
zeddiitime to wander away before a keyboard dies22:19
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RPJPEW: looks like we have incomming in -next for mingw22:29
fraylol, mentioned to IT, I use personal resources for building YP contributions and such.. they asked why "it's more powerful then my desktop", "how big?!"  "48 thread, 256 GB of ram".. "Ummm.. ohh ok.."22:38
frayI don't thin people realize how much time a good machine saves with doing complex OS builds22:38
paulghell, even just kernel builds -- if you do a treewide change, you *really* should do multi arch "allmodconfig" builds so you aren't risking handing out broken garbage.22:46
paulgno damn way do I want to be doing that on some 5y old quad core with a single spinning rust disk.22:46
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fraythey were more thinking modern 8 core with 32 GB of ram..22:52
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paulgstill probably just 4 core HT.23:53
paulgand maybe SSD instead of rust.23:54

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