Thursday, 2020-07-16

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rabbit9911Can you d.getVar for variables set in your machine config?05:44
rabbit9911from anonymous python functions05:44
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rabbit9911for old kernels I need to modify the do_configure[depends]. First thought was to check the version in python() {} in the recipe but the version is empty..05:46
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OutBackDingo[init] Using Kubernetes version: v1.18.606:55
OutBackDingo[preflight] Running pre-flight checks06:55
OutBackDingo[preflight] WARNING: Couldn't create the interface used for talking to the container runtime: crictl is required for container runtime: exec: "crictl": executable file not found in $PATH06:55
OutBackDingoerror execution phase preflight: [preflight] Some fatal errors occurred:06:55
OutBackDingo[ERROR FileExisting-crictl]: crictl not found in system path06:55
OutBackDingois it that crictl is not installed with cri-o from meta-virtualization06:55
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OutBackDingoLOL there isnt even a recipe for it06:58
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freeircnodehello everyone09:17
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freeircnodeDoes someone know that if I disable x11 and wayland, does it automatically use eglfs?09:19
freeircnodebecause I disabled x11 and wayland and it seems there is no window manager present at all now?09:20
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LetoThe2ndfreeircnode: well what is  that "it" that you refer to?09:22
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freeircnodeI get the message "Available platform plugins are: minimal, offscreen, vnc, xcb." and it doesn't include eglfs09:24
LetoThe2ndwhen doing what? i mean, my platform is neither using x11 nor wayland, but i don't get that message either.09:24
LetoThe2ndyou are probably leaving out some essential part of your situation.09:25
freeircnodeSo I want to run my basic qt hello world application on my rpi target, I've disabled x11 and wayland09:26
freeircnodewhenever I try to run my application on the rpi I get that message stating available platform plugins are ...09:26
LetoThe2ndhehe. so you've mentioned neither qt nor the rpi so far. for qt i'm out, sorry.09:27
freeircnodeis it qt specific problem?09:27
freeircnodebecause it needs eglfs and yocto doesn't state that eglfs is present09:27
LetoThe2ndmaybe one has to enable eglfs?09:27
freeircnodeso my guess is that someway along the build eglfs is not present09:28
freeircnodeok thanx anyway09:28
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rickandgordyLetoThe2nd  "my platform" doesn't really help either when explaining things09:30
rickandgordywhat kind of platform do you mean?09:30
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LetoThe2ndrickandgordy: that shouldn't be taken verbatim. it was just meant to illustrate that essential pieces of the question were missing: mainly "it" being q qt application.09:33
rickandgordyLetoThe2nd agreed, but if you want the juniors to be verbally clear then we as seniors should provide a good example by being verbally clear as well. Nothing personal :)09:34
LetoThe2ndrickandgordy: point taken, but disagreed :)09:34
rickandgordy(y)  Ok09:35
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qschulzrickandgordy: you're probably missing opengl in DISTRO_FEATURES inyour distro and/or a egl, eglfs, opengl, whatever PACKAGECONFIG in your recipe?09:37
rickandgordyqschulz well then lets give it a try !09:56
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OutBackDingowheres zeddii when you need him :)10:07
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OutBackDingorickandgordy: id consider  "my platform" being irrelevent in his question anyway, as its simply a build / environment issue from my perspective10:34
OutBackDingoi would say some "juniors" might not have a good handle on the "words" phases being used around yocto yet either :)10:35
OutBackDingoalot of us are still learning as we go every day :)10:35
OutBackDingoeven if we have been using yocto for years.....10:36
OutBackDingoalwats something new around here10:36
LetoThe2ndyeah, theres always new opportunities to mess up and waste time.10:37
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: its a curiosity of mine why meta-virtualization10:41
OutBackDingohas a recipe for cri-o but not crictl10:42
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LetoThe2ndlots of possible reasons.10:42
paulbarkerOutBackDingo: Likely the reason is no-one has contributed a recipe for it yet10:42
OutBackDingoits basically saying if you want to deploy k8s you have to use docker10:42
OutBackDingocant use cri-o10:42
OutBackDingopaulbarker: yeah patches coming if i can get it working10:43
paulbarkerOutBackDingo: Excellent. Being able to use something other than docker is a plus10:44
LetoThe2ndthats another possible reason, that its just hard to package.10:44
paulbarkerThough I have a feeling that using kubernetes in a Yocto-built image is a small niche10:44
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: nope.10:44
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: about every single talk i've heard at my last iOT conf was basically: "we're building this with yocto and deploying through some k8s..."10:45
paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: I'm just not down with the cool kids any more. k8s seems like using a steamroller to crack a nut10:45
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: i'm not saying it is good or bad, i totally cannot judge that. but i have evidence that it is way beyond just being "niche"10:46
OutBackDingoyeah, this is also me strolling through meta-overc and finding some deficiencies imho ... like k8s with cri-o among other things i encounter10:46
OutBackDingothough its more a meta-virtualization issue10:47
OutBackDingoyocto based k8s is surely beyond niche now ....10:48
OutBackDingodoubtful windriver would have gone the path if it wasnt viable10:48
rickandgordy=D ;D (y)10:59
paulbarkerI'm still of the opinion that k8s is the wrong tool unless you're at Google scale. I'll stick with my stone tools and my cave, don't need any of this new-fangled nonsense11:00
LetoThe2ndlike i said, cannot judge for lack of expertise. from our project pov, people are asking for it and if it works it is good.11:01
qschulzpaulbarker: "It was better before" :)11:04
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i was around before, and i can prove that this is not ture.11:05
LetoThe2ndthe good olde times were primarily old, but not necessarily good.11:05
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paulbarkerI remember how many times x11 crashed on my laptop in the early 2000s. Definitely not better before11:06
paulbarkerJust feels like we've moved sideways trading one set of issues for another11:09
LetoThe2ndseriously, i am working on a triple 4k machine running windows, remote developing on a linux box, while listening to metal, having all communications up, not needing an external hw telephone, and i can take that box, shut it and take it away with me.11:09
LetoThe2ndfrom the tech power at dev fingertips standpoint, life has never been better.11:09
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paulbarkerCan't argue with that11:13
qschulzStill waiting for the year of Linux desktop though. But it's daily useable now. Though.. I'm wondering if one's acquired knowledge debugging those kind of issues aren't actually making said person unaware that the bug are still there (because it's so easy to fix, or one time fixes)11:14
LetoThe2ndI have to be honest, I do not care in the least about Linux an the desktop.11:15
qschulzbut overall, it was just the usual joke about people complaining about new stuff that brings new features and ease many things but aren't perfect11:15
qschulz(not targetting people specifically, I also use "it was better before eh" often :) )11:16
PaowZ"while listening to metal" <= you got it, man !11:16
LetoThe2ndI have used it primarily for about 10 years now, but that doesnt mean its the best choice. Its the choice that worked for me, for various reasons. And at the moment, I'm even testing to move back to windows, as new reasons have emerged while old ones have faded.11:16
LetoThe2ndI use the tool that supports my workflow best. No more, no less.11:16
qschulzanything that has a GUI is bad anyway. The realest people use CLI only. </troll>11:18
PaowZ..everything with ncurses lib..11:20
qschulzPaowZ: the best stuff <311:20
rburtonLetoThe2nd: in case you care, one revert from autoconf git and core-image-sato is building with new autoconf11:21
LetoThe2ndrburton: "caring" is a bit too much, but i'm generally interested in the state of things there. thanks for the heads up!11:22
rburtona few months back i rebased the bulk of our patches and sent a few more upstream, so we're carrying less than we used to at least11:24
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LetoThe2ndrburton: upstream accepted?11:26
rburtona couple11:26
rburtonthe list isn't exactly a hive of activity11:26
LetoThe2ndwell without meaning any implications, the autotools suite basically quilifies as a "mature" project so thats of little surprise.11:27
rburton'mature' my arse11:29
rburtonthe faults are known, i guess11:29
rburtonbut it has had many years of development upstream and no release11:30
icewolfrburton: I guess, the devs look at the patches nd think: "it was better before" :P11:33
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icewolfI asked the question before but no one online had an answer so I'm trying again hoping someone knows: Is there an easy way to create a recipe that takes some other recipes outputs nd pack them in a tar.gz without all the support stuff like init, user accounts, etc.?11:43
rburtonyou want the contents of a number of packages in a tarball?11:45
rburtonsounds a lot like an image :)11:45
LetoThe2ndicewolf: basically just what this does:
LetoThe2ndicewolf: give or take a little, but essentiall the PAYLOAD_* variable is just what you described.11:45
icewolfrburton: Tried that, but could not get rid of the system stuff in an easy way.11:48
rburtondefine system stuff11:48
LetoThe2ndrburton: "everything i don't need"11:48
rburtonwhat LetoThe2nd did should purge enough bits11:49
icewolfThe init system, libc, kernel, the runtime11:49
rburtonso you don't want dependencies followed11:49
LetoThe2ndnow that again soulds either weird or stupid.11:49
rburtonthis is why people should explain what they*actually* want11:49
LetoThe2ndlike, you can just take the packages that are produced.11:50
LetoThe2ndrburton: yup, this is an x-y question for sure.11:50
icewolfOkay: The problem is: For end-of-line testing we want to seperate the firmware image from the test tools.11:50
icewolfrburton, already typing11:50
icewolfThe test tools are meant to go n external media. As yocto does not support vfat images, I thought tarball fits best.11:53
OutBackDingorburton: ive got some curiousities id like to inquire about, basci questions i cant find in certain docs... overc stuff.. i dont se eany mailing lists or other to ask on... maybe you have a suggestion?11:54
icewolfUntar it under Windows on an SD card, and you are good.11:54
LetoThe2ndicewolf: why not just make support for vfat images?11:55
rburtonOutBackDingo: anything virt specific to yocto i'd ask here and hope zeddii is awake11:57
rburtonicewolf: and you intend the tools to use the existing libc on the firmware image?11:57
icewolfLetoThe2nd: Because I'm the only one in my company with only a little but enough expertise to implement that, but also the one who is definitely not on the project to do it.11:58
rburtonyou could make a recipe that provides all the things you expect the other image to provide (like libc), and install that first in the image generation11:58
icewolfrburton exactly11:58
rburtoneg the sdk stuff has a dummy-perl as it assumes the host perl is good11:59
OutBackDingorburton: its more about useabilities.... as in builder is for wrlinux-x correct ? however wrlinux-x after a git checkout doesnt function11:59
* rburton shrugs12:00
icewolfrburton: DEPENDS on the real packages, RDEPENDS on the fake ones?12:00
rburtonyou'd have a dummy-os recipe that RPROVIDES libc, and then in the test-tools-image do IMAGE_INSTALL=dummy-os my-test-tool12:00
rburtonthe package manager should find that dummy-os provides the libc names that my-test-tool is expecting12:01
rburtonand it won't pull another libc into the image12:01
icewolfthanks alot, rburton and LetoThe2nd12:02
LetoThe2ndhave fun12:02
rburtongood luck :)12:02
rickandgordyis there an official repo to download rpm packages? There is of course the website
icewolfSo implementing vfat image support is my project for the next weekend and the dummy-os for the weekend after.12:04
LetoThe2ndrickandgordy: rpm packages for what use?12:05
LetoThe2ndicewolf: adding a new IMAGE_FSTYPE is not that hard, plenty of stuff in the image-fstypes.bbclass to directly rip off12:06
icewolfalready had a deep look into that one, LetoThe2nd12:07
icewolfbut as alwys I expect the devil in the detail12:08
LetoThe2ndicewolf: hum for vfat it would be the lack of owners/permissions probably, but i actually don't think it would be super hard.12:09
georgem_homealthough it's not very common in embedded it seem like having /usr or whatever on a different partition (thus different image) should be supported or at least doable.12:11
LetoThe2ndgeorgem_home: i think wic can do that?12:12
qschulzgeorgem_home: different partition != different image, but wic can do that as LetoThe2nd said12:13
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georgem_homeI've used wic quite a bit but don't think I've used it to span a single image across multiple partitions. if that's possible that's probably the best way for icewolf to handle his issue12:16
georgem_homefor everything I've worked on there is a one to one relationship between images and partitions12:17
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georgem_homeexcept when I have partitions which have no image like for overlaysfs upper r/w layer12:18
georgem_homeit is possible to invoke wic from a recipe FWIW. I have recipes that do this and I think they were inspired from some public layer (can't remember which now)12:20
icewolfgeorgem_home, I will try that too.12:26
georgem_homeyeah if you include everything in a single image but have the stuff going to the card installed to /mnt/card or something you should be able to get wic to spit out different image files one of which you can dd to the card12:26
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JPEWRP: mingw fix is on master-next. Feel free to ff master if I forget13:08
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RPJPEW: thanks!13:37
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RPJPEW: its included in the next build running now :)14:04
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dakhouyaHi, I'm running by build on warrior and have trouble crosscompiling my app using the sdk. I get and error while linking libstdc++fs. When building my recipe with bitbake, it works well.14:45
dakhouyaIs there any thing I should add to the recipe or the sdk? I build the app using cmake14:46
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dakhouyaI get this error /opt/mmwe/0.12.0RC0/sysroots/x86_64-sdk-linux/usr/libexec/arm-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-linux-gnueabi/8.3.0/real-ld: cannot find -lstdc++fs14:47
mckoandakhouya: it should work. You'd better descrive the error (pastebin)14:47
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mckoandakhouya: maybe this could help
fenrig Hi is this the right place to ask about meta-virtualization14:49
dakhouyamckoan I'll try that!14:50
mckoanfenrig: maybe :-)14:51
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fenrigI was wondering about the oci image output14:58
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fenrigit probably doesnt do (container) layers yet, are there any plans or wips on that topic?14:58
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dakhouyamckoan When adding TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append += "nativesdk-cmake libstdc++-staticdev" i'm getting Error:  Problem: conflicting requests  - package libstdc++-staticdev-8.3.0-r0.cortexa9t2hf_neon does not have a compatible architecture15:02
smurrayfenrig: zeddii (meta-virt maintainer) would be the person to ask, not sure if he's around15:02
dakhouyais it really a limitation of the arch or I'm just missing some configuration somewhere? Since the build with bitbake works, we sould be able to add this in the sdk15:03
JPEWRP: Do you want the build to fail or warn when that file shows up in the wrong path?15:03
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RPJPEW: lets go with fail, then we'll save the build dir15:16
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RPJPEW: if we could get a failed builddir I'm assuming it might have clues15:17
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moto-timoOutBackDingo: smurray:
moto-timoOutBackDingo: smurray: it needs some cleaning up before I create a PR and merge it to CROPS repo proper.16:07
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:22
rburtondakhouya: you want to add libstdcc to the target bit of the toolchain, not the host16:29
dakhouyarburton so it should be directly in the DEPENDS of the app recipe?16:31
rburtonwell if the app DEPENDS on it and you have the app in the image and you build a toolchain from that image then the library will be in the SDK already16:32
rburtonbut basically if you want to add a specific library directly to the sdk you want the *target* library obviously so add it to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK16:32
rburtonyou added it to _HOST_ which is for stuff you can run in the sdk16:32
rburtonlike in your example, cmake16:33
dakhouyaOk I see, well since the app depends on it should be the right thing to do. I didn't know about the TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK.16:34
dakhouyaWhen you guys are searching for a specific package within the layers. What's the best way to achive that. ack <package you search> or is theres more efficient way with some helper scripts. Like for this package I need libstdc++fs. libstdcc dont have any providers16:37
rburtonapparently part of gcc-runtime for some reason16:41
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dakhouyarburton Thanks for the tip, I'll try that16:51
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OutBackDingomoto-timo: useable now from that branch ?17:42
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LetoThe2ndjonmason: made my day: "gatestgarth"!19:17
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: did I have a spelling error in one of my patches?19:20
jonmasonah, in the comment.  Easy enough to fix19:21
LetoThe2ndjonmason: in the description, yes. albeit an extremely amusing one.19:21
LetoThe2ndjonmason: i mean, its not only gatesgarther than gatesgarth already is by itself - you're supported the gatestgarth(est) release ever!19:24
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jonmasononly the best!19:25
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LetoThe2ndjonmason: thats the spirit!19:28
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emriusGood evening, I posted yet another bitbake question on SO: Feel free to drop any thoughts :)19:40
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zeddiiRP: I finally fixed devsrc for v5.8+, I want to make sure that it doesn't break older kernels with an AB run. Which target execs the on-target module build tests ? I'm not seeing it in my searching. I'll keep muddling through and figure it out eventually, since I don't expect you are around now.19:46
zeddiiI'm guessing, just the oe-selftest will do it.19:47
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moto-timoOutBackDingo: yes, it is usable and passes all functional tests.20:09
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moto-timoOutBackDingo: proof it works
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RPzeddii: its done with testimage for large images like core-image-sato-sdk iirc21:03
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zeddiiah ok. I did a manual test here, and it looks ok. I knew that core-image-sato-sdk was used in the testing that has shown issues in the past, but I couldn't figure out how to map it to the build names.21:04
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RPzeddii: its built by each of the qemu* build targets21:10
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zeddiiah. I was clicking into some of them to try and figure it out :D21:11
RPzeddii: config.json in yocto-autobuilder-helper is your friend21:12
* zeddii writes that down21:13
xtopher@khem: is there any chance of a review of a couple of meta-raspberrypi PRs (683, and less urgent 684) as I have a few patches for meta-virtualization to submit if those rpi ones can go ahead21:19
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splatchgood evening21:46
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splatchI have question related to git and send patch. I see it is used pretty heavily and reffered in docs. All my mails are on google infra, is anyone here using git send-patch + gmail + xoauth2, without 2FA?23:25
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