Wednesday, 2020-08-26

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RPkhem: The ide patch didn't work :(07:39
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osullivan99hello i have an issue while compiling u-boot 2020.0408:51
osullivan99ERROR: u-boot-tq-1_2020.04+git${SRCPV}-r0 do_populate_lic: QA Issue: u-boot-tq: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file:08:51
osullivan99u-boot-tq/1_2020.04+git${SRCPV}-r0/Licenses/README [license-checksum]08:52
osullivan99any suggestions?08:52
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: fixing the file and checksum, presumably?08:55
osullivan99LetoThe2nd: i think it has to do with checksum, yes08:57
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: hardly a surprise, given the error message. first step would be looking at the given file path, then verifying the checksum08:58
osullivan99file path doesn't exist08:59
osullivan99wait i have an idea09:02
osullivan99well, usual config in recipe is like that:09:15
osullivan99LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://license/README;md5=..."09:15
ndecLetoThe2nd: the vbox bug is ... ouch... they must have some pretty nasty things going on in windows for wsl2... ;)09:15
LetoThe2ndndec: ayup. took me much cursing to find out whats going on09:16
osullivan99but that path doesnt exist, so i changed to:09:16
osullivan99LetoThe2nd: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://license-destdir/u-boot-tq/generic_GPLv2;md5=801f80980d171dd6425610833a22dbe6"09:16
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osullivan99that does exist and seems to work09:17
osullivan99but then i receive another error09:17
osullivan99u-boot-tq/1_2020.04+git${SRCPV}-r0/temp/run.do_compile.99233' failed with exit code 1:09:18
osullivan99line 100: ${@bb.utils.filter('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'ld-is-gold', d)}: bad substitution09:18
osullivan99so maybe i didn't catch the problem itself?09:18
LetoThe2ndthe latter sounds like you are moving things between major versions, so some api mismatch hits you. but thats jsut guessing.09:20
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IRC-Source_56Hi guys, I have a technical issue working with beagle bone black and work with meta ti layer, I got a wifi dongle USB using mt7601u chipset and I wanted to integrate the driver and the firmware on core image minimal but the board cannot detect the dongle. I made the necessary kernel configurations but I got no result.09:38
LetoThe2ndwithout digging into the details: have you checked the "necessary" configuration actually made it into the image? -> /proc/config.gz09:39
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IRC-Source_56I got unread characters in the file ,opened it using vi command09:42
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IRC-Source_56ok I opened it using zcat all necessary kernel configs are done including usb and the support of the dongle and wifi configs09:47
LetoThe2ndthe usb port is working for something ese, like a thumb drive?09:49
IRC-Source_56While booting I got these message related to usb  :[    0.183344] 000: usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs09:53
IRC-Source_56[    0.183396] 000: usbcore: registered new interface driver hub09:53
IRC-Source_56[    0.183509] 000: usbcore: registered new device driver usb09:53
IRC-Source_56[    0.460008] 000: usbcore: registered new interface driver mt7601u09:53
IRC-Source_56[    0.460980] 000: usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_wdm09:53
IRC-Source_56for this configuration I made all config related to usb and the dongle included in the kernel not as modules09:57
IRC-Source_56any ideas?09:59
LetoThe2ndif all the things show up, for example under /sys/bus/usb, then i have no further advice at the moment. probably need to go digging why the interfaces do no appear, but i've no experience with such.10:01
IRC-Source_56it's under sys/bus/usb/drivers, thank u anyway10:03
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IRC-Source_56I'm open to any suggestion from any user who have some experience in this issue10:14
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mattsmIRC-Source_56 what does 'ip link show' say?12:32
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zeddiiRP: with the bump to meta-intel for perf. Do we have any variants still failing with -f-no-common ?12:44
RPzeddii: no :)12:45
zeddiiok. no one move near the house of cards.12:45
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JPEWRP: Ah, I was a little worried that diffoscope would get broken with all the upgrades. Need to write a known test case for it; is there any precedences for testcases that make sure -native recipes are doing what they are supposed to do?12:46
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zeddiiI'm going to look at some of the older reproducibility kernel issues I put on the shelf for a bit.  Since I can't think of a 5.8 burning issue at the moment.12:46
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RPzeddii: there was a new reproducibility kernel headers bug I filed12:46
RPzeddii: it showed up again12:47
RPJPEW: test case would be idea12:47
zeddiiaha. I see that now, in my bugzilla filter. I'll have a look.12:47
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RPzeddii: going to merge the 5.8 bsp update even through there are those warnings, you'll have an update for that soonish, right? :)13:08
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zeddiiyah. I have two -stable updates for 5.4 and 5.8 + than one. I'm just doing build tests now. they'll be out in a few hours.13:10
IRC-Source_56mattsm: it only have eth0, lo13:11
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zeddiihah. cmake-native exploded during my build test.13:26
* zeddii looks13:26
zeddiiyah. and in my way to build test the kernel patches. hmmm.13:28
* zeddii reverts the cmake update to keep moving. fingers crossed that is it.13:29
RPzeddii: story of my life :/13:29
zeddiiI'll loop back and have a look at it once I get you those patches, if the revert does indeed fix it.13:30
zeddiiyah. ok, it built with the revert. I'll figure out what's up with cmake and curl later.13:30
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RPzeddii: thanks. Not seen that13:30
RPzeddii: gcc 10 change merged (and kernel bits in meta-yocto)13:35
* RP suspects some layers may have a rough time with some of the recent changes :(13:35
zeddiinice. some nice things to have into m3 (and hence the release).13:36
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RPzeddii: can we bump the bsp srcrevs too to catch the warning for beaglebone?14:05
zeddiiit should be covered. the bbappend only sets machine SRCREVs, they'll pickup my meta data bump automatically.14:06
zeddiibut I suppose I can bump them to 5.8.3, to match what I did for core. but that's a different question :D14:07
RPzeddii: ah, cool, good :)14:08
RPzeddii: I hadn't realised the rev wasn't overridden14:08
zeddiime either. until I looked :D I suppose it could be, but we'll leave that for another day!14:09
RPzeddii: right, its fine. I just thought we'd need another patch14:09
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khemRP: which patch meta-intel one ?14:19
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RPkhem: no, the meta_ide one. I've fixed it, needed $CONFIGURE_FLAGS adding14:21
RPkhem: gcc change is now in too since that and meta-intel are fixed14:22
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khemcool !14:47
khemwho thought one line change in gcc recipe would need so much of sweat and blood14:47
RPkhem: I dream of simple changes/fixes atm14:48
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Crofton|cloudHappy hour -
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dlsquires_safariI have a question about config fragments.  I have a custom layer over my SoM manufacturer's kernel layer.  That layer has a patch and two .cfg files.  The patch applies fine, but the kernel configuration isn't changed. The patch and config files are copied to build/tmp/work/<som>-pokey-linux/<PN>/<PV>.  I see the [...]/<PN>/<PV>/build/.config file16:44
dlsquires_safaridoesn't have the changes applied, but the source file in build/tmp/work-shared has the patch applied.  Any help would be appreciated.16:44
marexdlsquires_safari: is that using the scc ?16:47
marexyou likely need to include that .cfg file somewhere in some scc file or somesuch16:47
marexoh yeah, "kconf hardware foo.cfg" in the .scc file16:48
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dlsquires_safarimarex: The configs are only referenced in the .bbappend on my custom layer.  .scc files are something I just read about today, but I don't know where they fit in the process or hierarchy. yet.16:54
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marexdlsquires_safari: see the YoctoLinux documentation here :)17:00
RPCrofton|cloud: and I notice that now :/17:01
RPso busy trying to sort the docs out...17:01
Crofton|cloudWe didn't comaplin about you at all :)17:01
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RPCrofton|cloud: :D17:02
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zeddiiwhy on earth wouldn't curl-native's components get copied into cmake-natives recipe-sysroot-native .. and apparently just on my builder. Maybe I'll just rm -rf tmp and see if it comes back.17:29
dlsquires_safarimarex: Thanks for the link.  I only see one .scc file in my tree, which is in the meta-skeleton example layer.  It's not part of my kernel recipes That one actually only references a .patch file and not the .cfg file in the same directory.  The example file says that you can add "configuration additions" by referencing an .cfg17:34
dlsquires_safarifile directly.  It calls .scc files "feature additions".  The .scc file looks to me to be a collection of patches and config fragments to group all of them in one place.  I'd use an .scc in my a .bb(append) file by adding it to a SRC_URI line. Is that the right place?17:34
zeddiidlsquires_safari: depends if you kernel recipe inherits kernel-yocto, it adds the processing of the .scc files to the build flow.17:35
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zeddiibut yes, it's just like anything else, you'd add it to the SRC_URI17:36
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dlsquires_safarizeddii: I don't think my kernel recipe inherits kernel-yocto.  It pulls from my SoM manufacturer's git repo, which I think was forked from Freescale's.17:39
zeddiiso yah, you can't use the .scc files then. they leverage some enhanced functionality. if you are trying to change a config, use a defconfig in your layer and put it on the SRC_URI. if you are patching, just put the patch on the SRC_URI like any other recipe.17:40
zeddiiand literally call the file 'defconfig', so the kernel.bbclass processing will pick it up.17:40
zeddiibut check the kernel recipe from the manufacturers repo to make sure it isn't doing anything else/extra for configure task handling.17:40
dlsquires_safariThanks, I was starting to get that impression.17:41
dlsquires_safariThere is a do_copy_defconfig() function defined in the manufacturer's recipe.  That may be messing up the config fragment, as well.17:42
dlsquires_safariIs there a way to see a list of the tasks a recipe performs?17:43
zeddiibitbake -c listtasks <your recipe>17:45
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dlsquires_safariCan I see the order they will be performed during a build/bake?17:47
dlsquires_safariI'm sorry, I could have looked that up.  the order of tasks is in "<build_directory>/tmp/work/<machine_toolchain>/<package_name>/<package_version>/temp/log.task_order"17:55
dlsquires_safariIf the config fragment overlay is done (if it's done at all) in do_patch, my manufacturers do_copy_defconfig will overwrite it and my problem is with that task.  If the config fragments should be applied in do_(pre)configure(), then the config fragments aren't working with this recipe, because it's not a yocto style kernel?18:02
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zeddiiif it is a public recipe, send a pointer to it and I could take a quick look to confirm.18:03
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dlsquires_safariIt's here:
zeddiithe fragments in the yocto fragment flow generate their own .config and the kernel.bbclass knows to not clobber it with a defconfig.  The fragment tasks runs before patching, but that isn't a critical distinction, since the two don't interact.18:04
zeddiiso yah, that will copy the defconfig out of the kernel tree, and have it in place for the build.18:05
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zeddiiwhich is fine, that should run after patching, so you could patch changes into the defconfig, or you could delete the task and provide your own defconfig in your layer.18:07
dlsquires_safariOK, I think I can fix it from here.  I'll try your suggested approaches.  Thanks zeddii and marex for your help!18:12
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RPzeddii: green beaglebone builds now, thanks :)21:06
*** Konsgnx <Konsgnx!> has quit IRC21:06
RPjonmason, rburton: orange meta-arm still <stern stare> ;-)21:06
* zeddii waggles a finger at jonmason21:07
* zeddii won't say which one it is.21:07
zeddiitime for some food. be back later.21:07
jonmasonRP: rburton is back from vacation, and I happily threw that grenade in his lap :)21:09
jonmasonof course, he being so smart, he figured out the problem and found a patch internally21:09
jonmasonits a build race :(21:10
rburtonthe patch got pushed publically \o/21:10
rburtonit then broke other platforms /o\21:10
rburtona rollercoaster of emotion, you might say21:11
RPjonmason: I mean the kernel warnings, not the intermittent failure21:13
RPalthough fixing that is good too21:13
jonmasonI was not aware of any kernel wornsing, I guess I need to remove another 'q' from my build script21:14
rburtonhuh, the latest juno series was meant to make those disappear21:14
* rburton looks21:14
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC21:16
rburtonoh thats n1sdp, that's why the juno changes didn't help21:16
rburtonfiled a new ticket for the responsible people, sorry about that21:22
rburtonassumed it was the old problem, when we appear to have seamlessly swapped a warning in one bsp kernel for different warnings in another21:22
RPrburton: ok, I just keep seeing warnings :/21:24
jonmasonn1sdp should've been fixed by that patch21:27
jonmasonWe are talking about this?
rburtonn1sdp kernel configuration warnings21:32
rburton<cough> check slack ;)21:32
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RPsakoman: quite a funky mips backtrace. Might be worth saving the build off and seeing if we can spot anything more about the "killed" bit :/21:55
sakomanOK, will do.  Also a meta-intel failure this morning21:56
RPsakoman: yes, best mention that on the meta-intel list21:57
RPsakoman: anuj is pretty good about fixing things21:57
sakomanAlready having an email exchange with Intel folks21:57
sakomanSaved the build dir to /home/pokybuild/saved-qemumips20202608 on centos8-ty-222:05
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