Saturday, 2020-10-31

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RPgah, can't sleep :(00:27
zeddiimoto-timo: is still on the zoom call! :D00:27
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moto-timozeddii: yep00:27
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RPmoto-timo: I was tiring ages ago sadly00:32
RPkanavin_home: fix looks like its worked, thanks again!00:33
moto-timoRP: me too about 11am my time I was #done00:36
moto-timoRP: zeddii: but I caught me second or third wind and this point00:36
zeddiiindeed. I decided to keep myself awake by finishing 5.10 kernel work, and ended up porting aufs to it, and have now booted / fixed all architectures. Assuming ppc finishes and boots.00:37
zeddiiand now, I want to see if it works .. so I'm getting tired while I watch it build.00:37
moto-timoFriday night lights!00:37
denixyou all are crazy!00:38
zeddiithat and I want to finish the cloud-init effort that moto-timo goaded me into :D00:38
moto-timoI certainly am00:38
zeddiibut not tonight for that.00:38
moto-timozeddii: thank you for cloud-init whether it happens soon or not00:38
zeddiiI have it "done", but the config for it is *crazy*, so I'm trying to sort that out. got lost in the docs, will let it mull a bit and finish it next week.00:39
zeddiiit's worse now, then when I did it the first time .. years ago now.00:39
* RP has managed to get master moving forward again, lots of upgrades00:42
RPwith any luck the next batch of patches might turn out ok this time00:42
* RP reads another update-alternatives patch and things we need a new mechanism for this mess00:44
moto-timozeddii: can't talk on the zoom neener neener00:48
zeddiiback to my cursed mac00:48
moto-timo`too bad zeddi can't tell us what he told me about meta-python in San Diego in 201600:53
* zeddii starts meta-c00:53
* moto-timo starts meta-cobol00:53
zeddiithe most important thing about an application, is the language it is written in!!!!!00:53
moto-timozeddii: meta-dual-carbuerator-tuning00:59
RPmoto-timo: only dual?!01:00
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RPmoto-timo: but my four carbs are on a v4? :)01:00
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RPmoto-timo: the photos of motorcycle on facebook really are off a v4 with four carbs I'll need to balance01:02
moto-timoRP: :) good times... I remember attempting to balance the carbs on my VW camper van01:02
moto-timocalifornia law required us to strip off the centrifugal advance distributor and the single carbuerator and replace it with the much less efficient original equipment01:03
moto-timo"for pollution reasons"01:03
moto-timo? more polution?01:04
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RPmoto-timo: conversely, fixing my re-imported ex-Californian MGB started by removing most of the pollution stuff that was already half disconnected or falling apart01:05
RPsadly that car isn't well now :(01:05
moto-timoElvis has left the building and the zoom call is over01:12
moto-timoRP: you still have an MGB?01:12
moto-timoRP: I'll come visit and redo the entire electrical system01:12
RPmoto-timo: technically. The electrical system isn't the problem, that, I fixed as a 13 year old ;-)01:13
moto-timoRP: I once had my Dad's MGB up on two wheels ...01:13
moto-timoRP: lol01:13
moto-timoRP: I was transporting the (now illegal in California) vehicle to Nevada but the belt on the generator was loose01:14
moto-timoRP: so battery only power gets you... > this < far01:14
RPNot sure I've had the MGB off the ground. Which is odd as I've managed all the wheels on I think every other vehicle I've owned01:15
moto-timoRP: mind you it had expired tags and I'm not even sure it was insured so being on the road with the station chief of the highway patrol behind you as a teenager01:15
moto-timo... not a great life experience I want to repeat01:15
RPmoto-timo: character building? :)01:15
moto-timoRP: indeed01:15
moto-timoRP: reasons why my headset not working 30 seconds before my talk on Thursday is not stressful01:16
moto-timo#2020 what else you got01:16
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