Friday, 2021-01-08

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RPUnfortunately, the new qemu is hanging on 32 bit musl builds :(08:27
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qschulzv0n: are you sure you're talking about "encrypted" or rather "authenticated"?08:46
qschulz(i.e. signed and checked)08:47
qschulzif you have everything authenticated except the bootloader, replacing the bootloader on the medium storage or doing a side-channel attack and your system is NOT secure anymore. Secure boot is either all of it or none of it, compromises aren't really friends with security ;)08:48
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX09:08
mckoanLetoThe2nd: welcome back and happy new year \o/09:10
LetoThe2ndhowdy mckoan \o/09:10
LetoThe2ndhappy (relatively new) year to all of you too09:11
ad__happy new year Yoctos :)09:11
* qschulz waves09:20
LetoThe2ndyo qschulz09:24
LetoThe2ndalready properly selected your kernel? ;-)09:25
qschulzif you find out why 4.19 is preferred over 5.2 I'm all ears :)09:36
LetoThe2ndi don't care in the least :)09:37
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AshishmHi Yocto team10:06
AshishmCan we generate an TEMPFS + SELINUX10:06
Ashishmimage using Yocto10:06
LetoThe2ndtechically, probably yes. out of the box? probably not.10:13
AshishmAny pointers how can i try this10:15
Ashishmlike any doc / blog or discussion10:15
LetoThe2nd1) set up a standard build 2) make that into a tempfs build 3) add selinux?10:16
Ashishmwill try this10:16
LetoThe2nd(whatever a tempfs build is anywas :P )10:16
Ashishmthanks letothe2nd10:17
LetoThe2ndhave fun!10:21
gsalazarHello! Has anyone had issues with changing INITSCRIPTS_PARAMS under zeus? I am trying that for the openssh and keep getting: "Postinstall scriptlets of ['openssh-sshd'] have failed. If the intention is to defer them to first boot,10:21
gsalazarthen please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} ()."10:21
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qschulzgsalazar: what's your change?10:39
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dvabelloni, hi! I saw it. is it able to run on 512MB RAM + 4x1GZ cpu?10:41
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dvDid anybody try to run Firefox or Chrome at 512MB RAM/4x1 GZ cpu ?10:42
abelloniI guess the main question would be about the GPU, not the CPU10:42
gsalazarqschulz: I have the INITSCRIPT_PARAMS depending on the distro, and either removing it or keeping the original value10:54
gsalazarINITSCRIPT_PARAMS_${PN}-sshd = "${@oe.utils.ifelse(d.getVar('DISTRO') == 'distro-name','remove','defaults 9')}"10:55
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qschulzgsalazar: just use INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_${PN}-sshd_distro-name = "remove"10:55
qschulzmight not fix it but at least it is easier to read/debug10:57
gsalazarqschulz: I don't get the error anymore. Thanks! I'll test it and see if it is working10:58
qschulzgsalazar: you can check with bitbake -e openssh | grep -e "^INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_openssh-sshd=" (or maybe replace openssh with ${PN} don't remember if it's expanded or not in bitbake -e11:02
qschulzif it's the correct value for your distro, that's it :)11:02
gsalazarwrong value :(11:03
qschulzhave you selected the correct distro?11:03
qschulzhow's your distro named?11:04
gsalazaryes, its named nbox-distro. but running: bitbake -e openssh | grep -e "^DISTRO" I don't see the variable11:08
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qschulzgsalazar: what's the content of OVERRIDES in bitbake -e?11:18
qschulzor more specifically DISTROOVERRIDES11:18
qschulzwhere did you select your DISTRO also?11:18
qschulzand how?11:18
stuom1using devtool modify in dunfell causes ModuleNotfoundError no module named '_sysconfigdata'. Any hints what that is about, bug in my end or dunfell?11:19
gsalazarqschulz: DISTROOVERRIDES="fslc"11:19
gsalazarI set DISTRO = "nbox-distro"  in distro conf file11:20
gsalazarbut the other variables set in the same way (ie DISTRO_NAME) are present in bitbake -e11:22
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qschulzgsalazar: your DISTRO needs to be set in local.conf or passed from the environment (before bitbake)11:28
qschulzyocto will search in all layers' conf/distro/ a ${DISTRO}.conf file11:29
gsalazarIt is also set in local conf but with DISTRO ?=11:29
qschulzgsalazar: ok, look in bitbake -e | less and look for the line starting with DISTRO=11:30
qschulzread the lines above11:30
qschulzyou'll understand why ?= does not work for you11:30
qschulz(spoiler alert, someone else sets it for you with = or ?= but before local.conf is parsed)11:30
qschulzTry with DISTRO="nbox-distro" in your local.conf and if that still does not do it, you'll need to punch someone in the face probably11:31
qschulzvirtually, because social distancing... and we're non-violent11:32
gsalazarqschulz: Strange. There isn't a single line starting with DISTRO= in bitbake -e...11:34
qschulzgsalazar: I see `unset DISTRO`11:37
qschulzand it has the info I wanted to go for this :)11:37
gsalazarI do see unset DISTRO, I'll take a deeper look. Thanks11:38
qschulzif DISTRO = "nbox-distro" in local.conf does not work, please upload the few lines between # $DISTRO and unset DISTRO to a pastebin and give us the link so we can help further11:38
gsalazarIt did not help. Here it is:
qschulzyou did not set DISTRO = "nbox-distro" in local.conf11:42
qschulzyou set it to DISTRO ?= "nbox-distro"11:42
gsalazarI created the paste before, I can rerun it11:43
qschulzor you tried to pass it from the environment maybe? Don't know if that is supported (I do it for MACHINE, so expected it to work OOTB for DISTRO?)11:43
qschulzgsalazar: yes please11:43
stuom1how to write recipe for python3 package that has setup_requires? I get "ERROR: Do not try to fetch `my-python-app~=0.2.0' for building. Please add its native recipe to DEPENDS". So I made recipe for my-python-app and put it to DEPENDS, but error remains11:48
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stuom1oh nevermind, the keyword was "native" recipe11:50
qschulzgsalazar: can you send me the few lines above your ^INITSCRIPT_PARAMS line?11:59
qschulz(and check the output of DISTROOVERRIDES too while at it)12:00
qschulz(and also the few lines before DISTROOVERRIDES)12:00
gsalazarqschulz: I tried setting it from the environment and it still does not show up on the bitbake -e12:01
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gsalazarthe output from bitbake -e?12:01
qschulzyes, bitbake -e output for the lines above DISTROOVERRIDES= and INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_.*=12:05
gsalazarqschulz: what I find strange is that the initial error was not present in thud (I am upgrading from thud to zeus)12:11
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qschulzgsalazar: nothing standing out in the release notes :/12:17
qschulzcan you still send me the bitbake -e output?12:18
gsalazarqschulz: sure
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qschulztold you we were about to punch someone12:21
gsalazarsomething in meta-freescale is overriding the DISTRO?12:22
qschulzok, so can you set DISTROOVERRIDES = "nbox-distro" in your nbox-distro.conf file?12:22
qschulzstill confused as to why it works this way... since fslc distro isn't actually used... but maybe it being parsed fucks up everything else?12:23
gsalazarI tried it but the unset for the DISTRO is still present....12:24
gsalazarthis is anoying...12:24
gsalazarbut DISTROOVERRIDES was set to the proper value12:24
qschulzok, that's enough for us12:24
qschulzyeah, unset DISTRO is also there for me, i woyuldn't worry about it12:25
qschulzif DISTROOVERRIDES is now correctly set, your INITSCIPT_PARMAS_${PN}_nbox-distro will work12:25
qschulzminus all the typos :p12:26
gsalazar:P  thanks for all the help!12:29
qschulzmy pleasure, now I have a question for others :)12:38
qschulzgsalazar: wait12:40
qschulzwhat is the content of you distro configuration file (nbox-distro)?12:40
qschulzdo you happen to include or require another distro configuration file?12:40
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qschulzI'm pretty sure you included another distro or distro include configuration file that pulls this DISTROOVERRIDES12:53
qschulzso it makes sense, I just naively thought you were using a completely different distro than fslc but you probably based yours on that one12:53
qschulzso all good from Yocto's perspective :)12:54
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dvabelloni, GPU is very-very basic...12:58
gsalazarqschulz: yes, I require fslc-base13:08
qschulzgsalazar: there you have it :)13:10
qschulzeverything makes sense now :)13:10
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idadelHello everyone. Please I need help understanding the function of the TEMPDBGSRCMAPPING variable.14:21
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qschulzidadel: it's a variable that is added in RP's branch, so he'll be the only one able to help probably14:25
qschulzexcept if you have a more specific question and you put a bit of context, maybe Yocto veterans will be able to guide you (probably not me :) )14:26
RPidadel: its a temporary internal variable storing the information returned by oe.utils.multiprocess_launch(splitstaticdebuginfo, staticlibs, d, extraargs=(dvar, debugstaticdir, debugstaticlibdir, debugstaticappend, debugsrcdir, d))14:28
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qschulzidadel: BTW, you probably want to pass the licenses from the recipes through canonical_license() from license.bbclass, that would eliminate the false positive you have in your mail14:32
idadelRP: Got it14:38
idadelqschulz: Okay thanks.14:38
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qschulzidadel: might want to use license_ok() and pass the licenses from the file as dont_want and if it returns false, it means the license from your filee is in your package licenses14:49
qschulzanyway, meta/lib/oe/ and meta/classes/license.bbclass are worth a read for inspiration at least and avoid reiventing the wheel if you can (no idea what you're going for or if it's a good hint I'm giving you, so take with a grain of salt :) )14:49
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idadelqschulz: Thanks.14:55
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ant__qschulz, so there are around binutils_2.32 patches for gcc10 in these zeus-based distros15:17
ant__and fun enough I can't fix a silly .bbappend issue15:17
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ant__nativesdk-binutils won't find the patch..under /files15:18
ant__I am suing the usual tricks for suffixes/classes/overrides but here the prefix seems tricking me15:20
tlwoernerdv: be aware that building chromium takes an enormous amount of RAM for the final linking; 16GB or RAM is recommended15:22
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qschulzant__: the prefix?16:11
qschulzcan you give us more context on what you're trying to do and give us some recipe "code" and some bitbake -e output16:11
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rob_griesWhat is the best way to disable coredumps on yocto?16:44
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kanavinrob_gries: fix the code that produces them?17:40
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RPkanavin: found the weird musl qemu issue, or at least a much better understanding of it...17:47
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kanavinRP: cheers :) I'm on a holiday this week, and halstead still hasn't installed my new ssh key :-/18:16
kanavinRP: there was a progressive harddrive failure in typical SSD fashion18:16
kanavinI copied everything out to USB sticks when I realized what's about to happen18:17
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ant__RP: some magic for the .bbappend when extending BBCLASSEXTEND with nativesdk ?19:05
ant__btw the best ting would be to backport this in zeus (if it is really needed, both for native and cross?)19:06
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ant__(gcc10 fixes see  c41fe48f in dunfell)19:09
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rabbit9911When I set KBULD_DEFCONFIG this copies the config from arch/${ARCH}/configs/${KBULD_DEFCONFIG} to ${WORKDIR}/defconfig.  However in kernel-yocto.bbclass:341 if there is a defconfig it looks like it defaults to using "allnoconfig". Is this correct? Usually the kernel defconfigs assume default configs are enabled.19:42
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khemkanavin:   fonts in weston/wayland arent much different see
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khemroot@qemux86:~# opkg list-installed | grep liberation-fonts21:27
khemliberation-fonts - 1:2.00.1-r0.1021:27
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v0nDo people do stuffs like compiling two kernels with yocto, one minimal to kexec a second one?22:01
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JPEWI tried that a long time ago, but we gave up on it because the vendor kernel support for kexec (at the time) was a broken22:03
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v0nJPEW: ok. Ideally I would like to protect the kernel+dtb+initramfs, before switching root to the customer rootfs. Any idea how I can do that?22:06
v0nI was thinking about having kernel+dtb+initramfs in an encrypted partition that u-boot or barebox decrypt and boot from there, but I'm not even sure they can do that.22:07
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ant__v0n, well, we abused of kexec the other way around...the kexecboot-kernel could boot self-built images from various media22:17 circumvent the vendor bootloader-kernel...22:17
ant__indeed it was a solution for obsolete/crapped bootloaders22:18
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rabbit9911 Anyone using KBUILD_DEFCONFIG?22:32
rabbit9911Seems like it setup to not be a defconfig but a full config.22:32
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RPant__: I don't know how to parse that23:25
ant__WARNING: /oe/openpli-oe-core/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/ Unable to get checksum for nativesdk-binutils SRC_URI entry 0001-binutils-program-name-multiply-defined.patchfile: file could not be found23:25
ant__vs  $ cat ./binutils_2.32.bbappend23:26
ant__FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${BPN}:${THISDIR}/files:"23:26
ant__SRC_URI += "file://0001-binutils-program-name-multiply-defined.patch"23:26
dvtlwoerner, wow! 16GB for linking... impressive. What sbout Firefox? on PC I prefer Fox. But Which one will work better in ARM A7 4x1GZ + 512 MB ram?23:26
ant__the sad story is that thy are moving to gcc10 with one feet in zeus23:26
ant__RP: it was simple to fix -cross and -native23:27
RPant__: ".patchfile: " suggests a missing space somewhere23:27
ant__I've seen, think is the output23:28
RPkanavin: key should get sorted ;-)23:28
RPkanavin: ssd sounds painful :(23:28
ant__I've checked ${THISDIR} and it points to the binutil dir in the overlay, the search paths seem correct23:29
RPant__: humour me and add spaces around the file:// in the bbappend?23:36
RPant__: worst case it doesn't help ;-)23:37
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ant__omg..seems workin', let me reproduce23:38
ant__my bad then :)23:39
ant__many thanks for the pointers!23:39
ant__I should have converted the += in _append as I normally do23:41
ant__(now I don't tell you about the tons of _append += in these layers...)23:42
RPnp, I think I had faint memories of that patch23:42
ant__you have a crazy ram23:42
ant__nvram indeed23:42
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