Saturday, 2021-01-09

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ant__RP: many thanks again, gn00:05
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tlwoernerdv: sorry, i only have experience with chromium-x11 on arm64 (i think it had 1GB of ram). give both a whirl; tell us what happens ;-)02:18
tlwoernerdv: i felt compelled to give the warning because the chromium build only fails after you've downloaded the sources for 4 hours, and compiled for 2 hours… *THEN* it tells says you don't have enough RAM on the build machine ;-)02:19
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EricWalterlearning linux from a Yocto perspective is hard05:20
EricWalteror at least if feels like that right now, does it get easier?05:20
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ant__khem, hi there07:10
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ant__I found one strange issue with CMake / mips07:11
ant__don't know if it is a regression or some bad setting in the distro files...07:11
ant__happens both ld and gold07:12
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ArivndhHello All,10:24
ArivndhI'm getting the following error - wic.filemap.Error: cannot get block size for '/yocto_build/build/tmp/work/intel_corei7_64-poky-linux/core-image-sato-sdk/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-sato-sdk-image-complete/core-image-sato-sdk-intel-corei7-64-20210109124118/tmp.wic.l13g_rze/boot.img': [Errno 22] Invalid argumentduring do_image_wic10:25
ArivndhThe error log link -
ArivndhRan the command "bitbake core-image-sato-sdk" . During the process name do_image_wic go the error -
ArivndhRequesting to guide me to solve this error10:31
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khemant__:  do not use gold with mips20:58
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RPhi khem, welcome back :)22:49
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